Friday, February 25, 2005

Episode 17 - Cassandra Plots Her Next Move

SCENE ONE - Cedarville Police Department - Bunkel Division - Detective Squad Room

MARCIE: She called you?

STACY (Part sarcastic): Call me? Ohh yeah. I'd say she did. Left me a nice little voicemail.

DAVID (Half surprised someone would be so dumb): Wat a second. She left you a voicemail??

STACY: Yep! She said that she was the mother of Leo's child and that if I didn't fork over $400,000 she would go the media.

MARCIE: Do you still have the voicemail?

STACY: Yeah.

DAVID: You wouldn't happen to remember the phone number given, would you?

STACY: That's the reallystrange thing. There was no number. She must've used caller ID blocking or something.

MARCIE: Well....We can get that from the phone company. But we're going to need access to your phone. Home, cell, everything.

STACY (Not sure what Marcie has in mind but knows David & Marcie know what they're doing): Uhh....Yeah. Sure.

Captain Marshall walks in

CAPTAIN MARSHALL (To David & Marcie): Just got a few more complaints on that extortionist friend of yours. Ohh yeah, as if that wasn't enough, the mayor is now getting involved. So if I were you two leadbutts, I'd get on those two leads if I were you.

DAVID: We just got a third one.

CAPTAIN MARSHALL (Being his usual sarcastic self but not knowing how closely accurate his comment is): Yeah? How? Did it somehow manage to fly in here on a magic carpet?

MARCIE (Summarizing the captain's own words and smiling at David): You could say that.

DAVID (Before Captain Marshall can get a word in edgewise and smiling and winking back at Marcie): You're standing next to her.

Stacy, realizing who the man standing next to her must be, waves her hand as if to say "hello"

CAPTAIN MARSHALL (Noticing Stacy as he heads over to his office): Well....What are the two of you waiting for? The magic carpet to return? Get on it leadbutts.

Captain Marshall closes the door to his office as David & Marcie shake their heads as if to wonder what he thinks they've been doing all along.

SCENE TWO - Channel 4 Studios - Newscast Set & Weather Center

The 4:00 PM show is ending and the credits are rolling. Channel 4 Action News at 5:00 PM is about to go on the air. As we pick up the scene, Meteorologist Joe Weinstein is in the Weather Center and is preparing to go on the air. Meanwhile, Anchors Stan Morris and Lydia Marshall are on the set and are just seconds from going on the air with the preview and are about to give Joe his cue.

STAN (Reading the TelePrompter as music plays): Coming up next on Channel 4 Action News @ 5:00...

JOE (Reading the TelePrompter in the Weather Center as the same music plays): I'm Joe Weinstein in the Weather Center, a hurricane is on its way here to Cedarville. I'll have all the details.

LYDIA (Also reading the on set TelePrompter also as the same music plays): Plus a man once thought to have died in the recent New York Subway Bombing has been found alive. How did he survive? We'll have all the details & talk to some experts.

STAN: All this & more as Channel 4 Action News @ 5:00 starts RIGHT NOW.

The Channel 4 Action News theme music and graphics play for a few seconds as the voiceover announcer says the following.....

ANNOUNCER (Pre-recorded voiceover which only the viewers hear as the music is playing & graphics are being shown): You are watching Stan Morris, Lydia Marshall, Chief Meteorologist Joe Weinsten with Weather, and Jeff McGreggor on sports. This is Channel 4 Action News at 5:00.

LYDIA (As the camera focuses on her and Stan who is sitting to her right and as the theme music comes to a close): Good evening everyone. Welcome to this edition of Channel 4 Action News. I'm Lydia Marshall.

STAN: And I'm Stan Morris. We begin tonight with some Breaking News.

LYDIA: It appears as though as the next hurricane could be coming to a neighborhood near you as RIGHT NOW there is a hurricane off the coast of Cedarville.

STAN: That's right. And for all the details, we bring in our Chief Meteorologist Joe Weinsten who joins us LIVE tonight in the Weather Center. Joe, just how far out is this thing and how close is it to striking Cedarville?

JOE (In the Weather Center pointing at some monitors all throughout): Well guys, I'll put it this way. The National Hurricane Center in Miami has already posted warnings up and down the coast, but that's not the bad news though. The bad news is that if all projections hold up as they are now, Cedarville will be Ground Zero of what *may* be a Category 5 hurricane by the time it gets here. It's already a Category 3 and is rapidly intensifying. Now, the energy driving this thing is simple. Lots of WARM water out in the Atlantic Ocean and NO land in between it and us. That's why this is so bad. Now that said of course, it doesn't neccessarily mean it *will* be a Category 5 when it arrives, but to be honest with you guys Stan & Lydia, it doesn't look good. As for the rest of our weather, I'll have that a little later on in the newscast. Meanwhile Stan & Lydia, back to you guys in the studio.

LYDIA: Joe, should people start boarding up and moving inland now or when should we start this process?

JOE: Lydia, as I said before, the warnings have already been posted. So people should already be beginning the process of boarding up and carrying out evacuation plans. If they don't, there'll eventually be a time when it'll be way too little way too late. Stan....Lydia?

STAN (To Joe): Alright Joe thanks a bunch. (To the viewers) Our Chief Meterologist Joe Weinsten LIVE from the Weather Center for us tonight.

SCENE THREE - The FonDuLac Hotel - Cassandra's Hotel Room

Cassandra Whitmore is in her hotel room watching TV. What is on the TV is Channel 7's 5:00 PM newscast, which is in the middle of reporting its daily capsule of big major stories from around the world. Baby Christopher is sound asleep in the bedroom.

7NEWS ANCHOR #1 (On TV): Also covering the world tonight, a man once believed to have died in the recent bombing of the New York City Subway system has apparently been found alive.

7NEWS ANCHOR #2 (Also On TV): The man had apparently been taken to a psychatric care facility and was registered as a "John Doe". Apparently when a friend of the man's family, a reporter for one of the local TV stations had learned of this "John Doe", she went to interview the doctors. When the reporter recognized the man and told doctors, she started contacting members of his family. At this hour, he is reportedly in the care of family. What a miracle.

7NEWS ANCHOR #1: What a miracle indeed. But we have a miracle of our own right here in Cedarville.

The newscast goes into Mark Devereaux's interview with Jennifer. Meanwhile, Cassandra opens up her laptop and logs on to the Channel 7 website. She knows of some friends who lost loved ones and is checking to see if the man is one of them. It is not. She then logs off and closes her laptop, but not before jotting down the 7NEWS Tip Line. She then picks up the phone in her room and dials the number. On the other end, a phone is ringing at the Channel 7 studio.

At the Channel 7 studio

STAFF MEMBER #1 (Hearing the phone and sees no one answering it, but is on the other side of the room and unable to answer it himself): Will somebody get that?

No one makes an attempt to answer the phone.

STAFF MEMBER #1 (Frustrated & rolling his eyes in the back of his head as he walks over to the phone): Jesus peoples. Has everyone suddenly gone deaf or something? The phone can't answer itself, ya know.

He then picks up the receiver.

STAFF MEMBER #1 (Talking to Cassandra, who's at the other end, on the phone): Hello....7NEWS Tip Line.

CASSANDRA (Talking to the Channel 7 staff member on the phone and not knowing just exactly how to word her question): Hello, is this the number to call in to report potential news stories?

STAFF MEMBER #1 (Trying not to make Cassandra sound dumb but still pointing out that she dialed the right number): Uhh....Well this is the 7NEWS Tip Line, Ma'am.

CASSANDRA: Great. Because I have a story for you.

SCENE FOUR - Channel 4 Studios - Satellite Center

Channel 4 Action News Reporter Stephanie Blanton is in the satellite center watching Channel 7's newscast on one of the monitors. Most in particular, she's watching, with much anguish and frustration, Mark Devereaux's interview with Jennifer. As we pick up the scene, she's brooding over how Mark Devereaux managed to get his story on Jennifer and be able to get it to air without even so much as a sanction from the local Journalistic Ethics Council.

STEPHANIE (To no one but herself and in frustration): Ohh Jen, why did you even commit to this interview?

Fellow ReporterValerie Wyndham walks in and notices Stephanie's brooding.

VALERIE: Still upset about that interview, eh?

STEPHANIE (Answering Valerie's question): Ohh Val, you have no idea how frustrated I am right now.

Valerie takes a close look at the monitor.

VALERIE: Well Steph, you did consult with a lawyer and the Ethics Council.

STEPHANIE: Yeah and look what it got me. An "I can't do anything" from the lawyer and a "There's nothing wrong here" from that joke of an "Ethics Council. You do know that the vast majority of those clueless morons are either current or former Channel 7 staffers, right?

VALERIE: You did what you could.

STEPHANIE (Referring to how Jennifer's face looks on camera): My god, look at this. If there was a face that has EXPLOITED stamped all over it, this would be it. They make her look awful.

VALERIE: You know what I think you need?

STEPHANIE (Sarcastic and thinking wishfully): Mark Devereaux's head on a fuckin' platter? Not to worry, I'm gonna have that. And gloat gleefully as I do.

VALERIE (Thinking she knows what Stephanie really needs): I think you need to go out and have some fun.

Wally Mashburn, one of the many interns working at the station, walks in.

WALLY: Hi Ms. Wyndham. Ms. Blanton, you have a visitor waiting for you down in the lobby.

Valerie smiles at this news

STEPHANIE: Ohh...Thanks Wally.

VALERIE (Trying to be nosy and playfully acting as though she's just caught Stephanie and knowing it couldn't possibly be Reporter Tom Fenton that's down in the lobby as he can be seen on live television on one of the other monitors in the room): Aha...So you and he *are* getting back together, aren't you?

STEPHANIE (Responding just as playfully): I'm not going to tell you. Besides, knowing you like I do, it'd be enough for you to start up that rumor factory of yours.

Valerie is widely known around town as being somewhat of a "Rumor Factory". Nothing bad. But definately very inquisitive and gossipy.

VALERIE (Trying to act as though she doesn't have a clue as to what Stephanie is talking about): Rumor Factory? What rumor factory?

STEPHANIE: You know what I mean. You're not the Hollywood Gossip Reporter around here for nothing you know.

VALERIE: Ohh....You think I might try to make a story out of it or something. Why would I do that?

STEPHANIE (Trying to tease Valerie): Ohh I don't know. Maybe it's because Brad Pitt turned you down again for like what....the umpteenth time now?

VALERIE (Admitting she'd been caught and sighing): Touche.

STEPHANIE: You know, maybe you ought to give that up.

VALERIE (Feeling insulted but yet determined): What? No way girl. You watch. I'm gonna land that hunk even if it's the last thing I do.

STEPHANIE (Not very hopeful at Valerie's chances): Good luck. You're gonna need it.

Stephanie starts to go back to what she was doing.

VALERIE (Reminding Stephanie of the visitor waiting for her in the lobby): Don't you have a visitor waiting for you downstairs in the lobby?

STEPHANIE: Ohh boy, you're right.

Stephanie leaves the room, leaving Valerie all to herself.

SCENE FIVE - Cedarville Police Department - Bunkel Division - Detective's Squad Room

David & Marcie Grant have just heard the message left in Stacy's voicemail box as Stacy dialed up her voicemail number using Marcie's desk phone and entered all the pertinent information. As we pick up the scene, David is winding up his conversation with the phone company that provides the voicemail box for Stacy as David & Marcie try to arrange to get a copy of the message left by the mysterious person onto tape or disc.

DAVID (To the person on the phone): Alright, thanks a bunch.

MARCIE (To David as he hangs up the phone): So, what do we have to do now? Go down and get it?

DAVID: No, actually they're sending a copy of it and all the neccessary paperwork to us via courier.

STACY: So, I guess this means I'll have to sign my life away I suppose....

DAVID: Naah. Not really. It's just a standard form they have to have. You know, so they won't get sued...

STACY (Sarcastically): Yeah right. Like I'm gonna sue them? I want this person out of my life. Anything they can do to expedite the process is fine by me.

MARCIE: Well, it ain't like they haven't been sued before.

STACY: Yeah, you're probably right.

DAVID (Looking like a man deep in thought): I've been thinking. Why don't we change our tactics?


DAVID: Why not sweet talk the captain into letting us borrow $400,000 and we do exactly as this person wants. Put it out there and see if they pick it up.

MARCIE: Do you honestly think Captain Leadbutt will let us borrow $400,000 from the Department's General Fund to set up a trap to nab an extortionist? You must be crazy.

DAVID: Well if the Mayor is giving him lip service as he says he is, I can't think of a better or faster way to get him off the captain's back.

CAPTAIN MARSHALL (Overhearing their conversation from his office): Neither can I. Set it up. I'll get the money. But if you two birds lose it, I'll turn those two badges of yours into saucer places and have both of your heads on a platter. Got it?

DAVID (Surprised yet also ecstatic): Yes sir.

David & Marcie look at each other with stunned looks on their faces as Captain Marshall closes the office.door.

SCENE SIX - Baghdad, Iraq

It's now 0600 & the dawn of a new day in Baghdad. Tony & Tyrone are looking for Leo at Baghdad International Airport to see if he has reported to the transport plane, which is on the tarmac waiting for him, as per Gen. Breyton's orders. As they expected, they learn that he's nowhere in sight. As we pick up the scene now, they are now just outside his quarters where Leo is sleeping. Along with them is the Iraqi Taxi cab driver they met the day before, who has just pulled up. They also have a few other soldiers, mostly buck privates who are all chomping at the bits to pull what they think is a good practical joke on one of their superiors. But as we're about to find out, the cab dirver has a few ideas.of his own.

TYRONE (To the cab driver as he stands outside the driver's door): Good, you're here. Listen, we're just about to go in and get him. When we do, we'll put him and one of us in the back seat and you'll take over from there. Got it?

IRAQI CAB DRIVER (Speaking in English as though he was speaking to one of his customers): Yes sir.

Tony, Tyrone and the rest of the gang go inside Leo's Quarters to roust him out of bed. Meanwhile, the cab driver waits till all of them are inside and out of sight and then picks up his cell phone and dials a number.

IRAQI CAB DRIVER (In Arabic to the person at the other end of the line): I'm on site. The Americans have just gone inside to get my passenger.

MYSTERY VOICE (In Arabic to the cab driver): Do they suspect anything?

IRAQI CAB DRIVER (In Arabic): No. They do not. They have no idea what is about to hit them.

MYSTERY ARABIC VOICE: Alright. Make it look as though you are complying with their wishes. But do not take them to the terminal. Park the car in an adjacent parking lot. I'll have men waiting.

IRAQI CAB DRIVER (In Arabic): Yes sir.

The commotion inside really begins to heat up as Leo has been awakened.

MYSTERY ARABIC VOICE: The trial starts in two hours. It's imperative to get the American and whomever else you can get here within the hour so they can be prepared.

IRAQI CAB DRIVER (In Arabic & noticing the soldiers emerge from Leo's Quarters with Leo kicking and screaming): Not to worry sir. They will be. I have to go now.

The cab driver quickly hangs up his phone just as they arrive with Leo, who is immediately placed in the back seat via the driver's side. Tony gets in on the passenger side. Tyrone & friends are laughing.

TONY (Trying to control his laughter): Tally ho driver. Take us to Baghdad International Airport.

Leo is struggling to figure out what just happened while the driver takes off.


* Leo & Tony realize they are in trouble. Will they be able to get out before its too late?

* David & Marcie spring the trap which they hope will nab the extortionist. But the surprise could be on them. What is it?

* Jennifer is transferred to Cedarville Memorial. Will her care there help to bring back her memory?

* Trish & Michael have their romantic dinner date. But will it end with a night of love and romance?

* Everyone makes preparations for the hurricane.

All this & more on The NEXT Edition Of AGAINST THE STORM. Don't miss it.

See you all next time. :-)

Against The Storm is Copyright 2005 Pat Cook & Jeeper One Media - All Rights Reserved.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Episode 16 - Jennifer's TV Interview

SCENE ONE - Architect's Conference - The FonDuLac Hotel

Michael Carlotti is attending the Architect's Conference which brought him to Cedarville. As we pick up the scene, Michael is now seen with his lover Trish Martin, who thought she could lure him away for lunch and arrived with picnic basket in hand. He's also seen with Steve Farley, who was married to Diane until her death (which everyone in Cedarville believes Steve is solely responsible for) some three years ago and has just accused Michael of killing Diane.

MICHAEL (unimpressed with and not surprised by Steve's accusation): Still sticking to that same old story, eh Farley?

TRISH (fearing Michael & Steve may be causing a scene): Michael, please. He's not worth it.

STEVE (To Michael): Yes I am. Especially when you consider that the murder weapon had your fingerprints on it.

MICHAEL (countering): Ohh really? And just how do you suppose I would manage to knock myself out then? If memory serves me right, I was unconscious when the police arrived and the first thing I remember seeing was Dr. Pendleton giving me a complete examination in the ER of Cedarville Memorial.

TRISH (noticing the crowd getting bigger): Michael, let's just get out of here.

STEVE: (To Michael): You mean that's what you want to remember.

MICHAEL: And what about the gloves?

TRISH (Trying to drag Michael away from the scene): Michael....

MICHAEL (To Trish rather adamantly but stern): No Trish. If I'm gonna move back to Cedarville, I'm gonna have to start learning to address my demons. And apparently (turning back to look at Steve squarely in the eye) that starts right now. Now, shall I repeat the question?

STEVE: What gloves?

MICHAEL: The gloves you wore when you shot & killed Diane.

STEVE (Adamant): I didn't wear any gloves. Didn't have a need to.

MICHAEL (Just as adamant): Yes you did. How else could my fingerprints get on that weapon and not yours, yet it was me who was knocked senselessly to the floor?! Given this, I couldn't have possibly shot Diane and you know it.

Michelle Monroe, owner of the hotel, sees the confrontation in the hallway and works her way to the scene

STEVE (Accusingly): You KILLED my wife. You SHOT her. And you know what the best part is Trish, he STILL loves her to this day.

Michael clenches a fist and reaches back as though he's gonna throw a punch, but Rob suddenly grabs him from behind and restrains him. Trish meanwhile frantically gets out of the way just as Michelle approaches

MICHELLE: Is there a problem here?

Michelle then sees Steve in back of her as Michael strugles and groans to free himself of Rob's grasp

MICHELLE (looking at Steve rather suspiciously): Nevermind. I just answered my own question.

Steve looks at Michelle as if he's not to blame.

Cue ATS standard open & close

MICHELLE: Alright Farley, what are you trying to do this time?

MICHAEL (before Steve can respond): Trying to pick a fight with me. What else?

MICHELLE: Yeah....I figured that much.

STEVE: I heard Michael was in town. So I figured I'd inform him of my plans. Plans to seek justice for Diane's death.

MICHAEL: Well if you want to do that, why don't you just simply haul you ass down to the police station? I'm sure David & Marcie would just LOVE to hear your story.

STEVE: I have. And a jury of my own peers believed me.

MICHAEL: You mean you bought the jury off.

MICHELLE: Look, I could give a fuckin' rats ass about who said what to whom or where or why. All I want is for this scene to stop. And that starts with you Steve. (Pointing to the door) See the door behind you? Go through it - NOW

STEVE: And if I don't?

MICHELLE: (rephrasing her command): Let me put it like this. To the best of my knowledge, David & Marcie are still somewhere in the hotel. If they are, it wouldn't take much for me to page them.

Just then David & Marcie can be seen exiting the elevators after having visited Cassandra Whitmore's room

MARCIE: So what do we do now genius?

DAVID: Talk to some of the other complaintants and.....

David & Marcie see the incident near the main lobby door which involves Steve, Michael, Michelle & Rob

DAVID (asking as if Marcie knew the answer even though he knows she doesn't): What the hell is going on here?

MARCIE (just as puzzled, but determined to find out): I don't know. But I don't like it.

David & Marcie approach the scene. As they do, Michelle can be heard telling Steve to leave. Both quickly recognize the parties involved

DAVID (looking at Steve and being sarcastic): Need us to help take out some of the trash Michelle? Or should we just simply throw it in the back of a squad car?

SCENE TWO - Cedarville Courthouse - Just outside court

The judge has just rendered his decision regarding custody of Greg & Courtney's children and dismissed the case for the day

COURTNEY: I will never surrender the children to you.

GREG: You don't have a choice. Either your surrender the kids or I'll do everything in my power to have you locked up. It'll only take a phone call.

COURTNEY'S ATTORNEY: Courtney, we have to do this.

COURTNEY (acting as though she has a quick solution to her dilemna): No we don't. I can just simply take the kids and go into hiding.

COURTNEY'S ATTORNEY: You know that's not an option.

COURTNEY (looking more vindictive than ever): Like hell it isn't.

GREG: Do you honestly expect me to believe you can do this? Show me the kids - NOW.

Courtney's attorney leaves to get the kids. Courtney turns around and looks at Greg, who looks at her as if to say that she isn't going to get away with doing anything to keep him away from the kids

COURTNEY (To Greg): I will get those kids back. That is a promise.

Greg looks at her non-chalantly as if to say "Blah...Blah. Whatever".

SCENE THREE - Chippequah Courthouse

Channel 4 Action News Reporter Stephanie Blanton and rival Channel 12 Reporter Tom Fenton, a long time friend of Stephanie's, are both eager to head off to lunch. as we pick up the scene, Tom Fenton is just wrapping up a report for the midday newscast.

TOM (looking into the camera): That's the latest from here. We're live in Chippequah, Tom Fenton, NEWS12

After a brief pause, Tom is told he is free to go.

STEPHANIE (waving and almost whispering): Hey there

TOM (remembering his date): Ahh, my lunch date.

STEPHANIE (in the mood for some exotic food): So, where is this nice little trendy restaurant you mentioned earlier? I'm up for some exotic food. You?

TOM: Funny you should mention that because the restaurant specializes in exotic food.

STEPHANIE (feeling hungry and imagining the thought of such food): Ugh. Let's go then

Stephanie and Tom start walking towards the restaurant

TOM: Still trying to find a way to put pressure on Channel 7 to not air a story on Jennifer?

STEPHANIE: Tom, you know as well as I do that once Mark Devereaux gets his dirty little hands on Jennifer, he'll never let up.

TOM: It's quite obvious you and I don't see Mark in the same light.

SCENE FOUR - Architect's Conference - The FonDuLac Hotel

STEVE (Looking sqaurely at Michael and not even taking his eyes off of him, but talking directly to David & Marcie): No need to resort to such drastic measures. I'll leave on my accord. Besides, I'd like to talk to the two of you outside.

MICHAEL (Angrily responding): Yeah....So you can try to sell your fake bill of goods onto them yet again just like you tried to do all those years ago.

Steve steps forward toward Michael as Trish begs Michael to not make the scene bigger than it already is

MARCIE (Not wanting to arrest Michael, but willing to do so in order to diffuse the situation): Michael, we can just as easily put you in the back of a squad car too, you know.

TRISH (Now begging and pleading with Michael): Michael....PLEASE.

DAVID (Tapping Steve on the shoulder): Yo....That doesn't look like a door to me.

STEVE (Still looking squarely at Michael and not taking his eyes off of him and again directing his comments at David): You're right David. I'm not looking at a door.

Marcie fingers the handcuffs in back of her and looking at Steve as though she's going to put them on him and arrest him if he makes another move toward Michael. Rob & Michelle try to clear the area of spectators before leaving themselves

STEVE (continuing, now talking to Michael): This isn't over yet. Not by a long shot.

MARCIE (Before Michael can get a word in edgewise and still fingering her handcuffs): Alright Farley, you've ended it. Now let's go - NOW.

Marcie points to the door and looks at Steve as if she's a mother telling her child which direction she wants it to walk next.

MICHAEL (Just as Steve begins to walk away, but looking squarely at him, not taking his eyes off of him): As far as I'm concerned, it is.

Steve walks away with David & Marcie not far behind. They all walk outside and prepare to leave the hotel. The scene continues outside

DAVID (To Steve): Now, just what is it you'd like to talk to us about.

STEVE: I'd like you to re-open the case of Diane's death.

MARCIE: Come on Steve. It's not going to reveal anything different. I think we all know who killed her. (Sarcastically) And it certainly wasn't David. Problem is, officially I can't prove it.

STEVE: I'm convinced you'll find something.

DAVID: Steve, how many times must we go down the same ol' path with you? Re-opening the case won't reveal a damn thing that's not already in the case file. You know that.

STEVE (Adamant): What I know is that Diane's killer is still at large. What's more is that he's in that hotel right now and you won't do a damn thing about it. That's what I'd like to see.

DAVID (Now frustrated): What I'd like to see is you walking away because you're not telling us anything that's not already in the case file. Not only that, you're annoying me and you're beginning to bore me now.

MARCIE (To David rather snidely with a slight chuckle): Beginning to bore you? (To Steve, waving her hand as David gets in the car) Bye.

STEVE (shaking his head): All those tax dollars on this police force in this one horse crappy town.

MARCIE (Handing Steve a business card with her badge no. as well as David's as she fastens her seat belt) : Farley, if you're not happy, file a fuckin' complaint, not that they'll take you seriously anyway. But either way, start walkin' NOW or I'll stuff you in the back seat

Steve walks off as David & Marcie drive off themselves

SCENE FIVE - Cedarville Press Club

Stephanie & Tom have made their way back to Cedarville and are now at the press club where all the media and press people hang out and socialize. As we pick up the scene, the two of them are talking about their day when Mitchell Endicott enters and is approached by club personnel.

TOM: Ugh. What a day. Was a nice lunch we had today.

STEPHANIE: Yeah it was.

Stephanie now notices Mitchell and his problems getting past security.

STEPHANIE (continuing): Ohh...There's my company now.

Stephanie rushes over to help Mitchell get past security.

STEPHANIE (To the security people): It's okay. He's with me.

The club security people finally lets Mitchell through.

MITCHELL (Sarcastic): Whew...With security people like that, you certainly won't have any problem with terrorists.

STEPHANIE: Well....I'll admit, it's not as public as the FonDuLac. Anyway, I'm glad you're here. I could really use your help.

MITCHELL: Yeah. I figured that much when I got your message.

Stephanie's cell phone rings

STEPHANIE: Hold on. (Answering the phone) Hello?

MARCIE (On the phone at the police station): Hey there. Saw that you left several messages. What's up? What's with all the messages?

STEPHANIE (To Marcie on the phone): We got a problem.


STEPHANIE: You know Mark Devereaux from Channel 7?

MARCIE: Yeah. But what's he got to do with the price of tea in China?

STEPHANIE: There's no other way to tell you this. He's planning to do an expose' on Jennifer for the 5:00 PM news.

MARCIE (In shock): WHAT???

STEPHANIE (Trying to be reassuring): Not to worry though. I've got Mitchell with me right now and I was just about to discuss this with him to see what he could do.

DAVID (Who's also at the police station): Stephanie, it's David. We're on the speaker right now. What does Mitchell have to say on the matter?

STEPHANIE: Well I don't know because he just got here when you called.

MARCIE: Well I for one can't believe Mark Devereaux would stoop so low. Then again, yes he can. Afterall, he works for sleazy Channel 7. They make even the Hollywood tabloids look small time. Steph, hand the phone to Mitchell so he can weigh in on this.

STEPHANIE: David & Marcie want to talk to you.

Stephanie hands the phone to Mitchell.

SCENE SIX - Stacy's car

Stacy has just finished with an appointment with her gynecologist and is on her way back home. While en route, she checks her messages in her cell phone voice mail

VOICEMAIL: You have seven new messages. First message, left today at 10:00 AM. I have some news about Leo you don't really want to know. He is the father of my child. If you don't follow my instructions to the letter, I'll go straight to the media. I want you to leave $400,000 in unmarked bills in a trash bag. Leave the bag at the corner of Cimerron & Princeton. Be sure you're alone as I will be watching. Remember, if you fail to comply or go to the police, I will expose your husband.

Stacy immediately hangs up the phone

STACY (Terrified): Ohh my god. That sounds like......that woman I talked to last night.

Stacy sees the police station and frantically merges into the left lane so she can walk in to tell David & Marcie.

SCENE SEVEN - Channel 4 Action News Room - Weather Center

Channel 4 Action News Chief Meteorologist Joe Weinstein is seen chatting on the phone with the Director of the National Hurricane Center in Miami, as he and they look at radar screens as they look at what appears to be a Hurricane on the horizon. As we pick up the scene, Joe is just winding up his conversation.

JOE: Yeah, I thought that had all the makings of a hurricane. Thanks Max.

Joe hangs up the phone just as Roger walks in.

ROGER: The meeting to plan the 5:00 PM newscast is in 15 minutes. Heard you got something.

JOE: Ohh yeah, I got something alright. Joe points to the radar screen A hurricane. Figures to be at least a Category 5 by the time it gets here.

ROGER (Not immediately getting Joe's definition of the word "here"): Ugh. I feel sorry for those in the path of that monster.

JOE: That would be us as WE are in the path of this monster.

ROGER (Now realizing what Joe was saying): You mean that thing is headed here?

JOE: Yep. If all the projections hold up, Cedarville will be ground zero for what could be a catastrophe of cataclismic proportions.

ROGER (To Himself): There goes my idea for the lead story.

JOE: How so?

ROGER: We're leading off with this hurricane. Think you can get some info. together for the start of the top of the show?

JOE: Sure. Don't see why not.

Roger leaves the Weather Center, leaving Joe to work on what is now the lead story for the 5:00 PM newscast.

SCENE EIGHT - Chippequah Memorial Hospital - Jennifer's Room

Channel 7 Reporter Mark Devereaux is in Jennifer's Room and preparing for his planned interview with Jennifer. With him is Dr. Mathieson, her current doctor along with Dr. Judy Endicott, a psychologist from Cedarville Memorial Hospital who will be Jennifer's doctor when she returns to Cedarville. As we pick up the scene, they are just about to start taping.

MARK (To Jennifer): I'm going to ask you some questions. I'd like you to do everything you can to answer them. Okay?

JENNIFER (Responding to Mark): Okay. I'll do my best.

MARK: That's all I expect of you.

Mark signals the cameraman to start rolling. The cameraman complies, making sure the lens is looking squarely at Jennifer.

CAMERAMAN: You're on.

MARK (To Jennifer, not exactly knowing where to start): What do you remember about the accident?

JENNIFER (Trying to respond as best as she can): Not much. It's all a blur. It's as if everything scrambled and all jumbled together. It's as if several things were happening all at once. I don't know what to make of it.

Jennifer goes into as mcuh detail as she could as to what led up to her accident as outlined in Episode 6, and answers the rest of Mark's questions as best as she can, but she eventually wears down to the point where she can't really focus anymore. At some point during the interview, Dr. Mathieson & Dr. Endicott leave the room, leaving Jennifer all alone with the Channel 7 news crew. Mark eventually tells the cameraman to stop rolling

MARK: Well...Thank you very much Jennifer. I can assure you that when people back in Cedarville see this, they'll have nothing but compassion and best wishes for you. Of course, they'll also know you're in the best care possible.

JENNIFER: Thank you.

MARK (To the cameraman, whispering): We'll talk to the doctor next.

The cameraman acknowledges Mark's comment. Just as they were packing up, Brad abruptly walks in and is taken aback by the sight of the Channel 7 news crew

BRAD (In total shock): What the hell is going on here?

SCENE NINE - Cedarville Press Club & Cedarville Police Station

MITCHELL (Taking the phone from Stephanie): Hello? To whom am I speaking to

DAVID (On the phone at the police station): Mitchell, it's me, David Grant along with my wife Marcie. What, if anything, can you do about this situation?

MITCHELL: Well, to be quite honest, I'm not sure there's anything I can do.

MARCIE (With David at the police station): What do you mean?

MITCHELL: Well, unless Jennifer's in a position where she can't make her own decisions, I don't think there's much I can do.

STEPHANIE: Mitchell, she doesn't have a memory. As such, she's in no condition to be making decisions for herself.

MITCHELL: Not neccessarily true.

MARCIE (Puzzled): How do you figure?

MITCHELL: I've represented lots of people who've suffered from some form of amnesia. Typically, even though they don't have a memory of their past, most people in Jennifer's situation are perfectly capable of making decisions affecting the present and the future.

STEPHANIE: So what you're saying is even though she doesn't have a memory of her past, she can still make decisions for herself?

MITCHELL: Essentially, yes.

DAVID: Mitch, is there any kind of clinical and/or legal proof of this?

MITCHELL: There's all kinds of clinical and legal proof David. On top of that, there's a mountain of case law supporting it.

MARCIE: But it's possible that if her judgement is influenced by umm...."outside sources", her judgement can be clouded, can it?

MITCHELL: Yes, but the same can be said for any of us.

DAVID (wanting to get to the point): Alright....Alright.....Alright. What are our chances of stopping this thing from airing at all Mitch?

MITCHELL: On the surface, I'd have to say slim and none with slim halfway out the door.

MARCIE (Not happy at the news she's hearing): Alright look, let's do it this way. Mitch, you and Stephanie iron this thing out from where the two of you are. We know you'll do what's best. Keep us posted though.

MITHCELL: They want us to handle it and keep them posted.

Mitchell hands the phone back to Stephanie

STEPHANIE: Yeah guys, will do.....

Stephanie hangs up the phone.

Meanwhile back at the police station....

MARCIE: I'm sure Mitchell & Stephanie will work something out.

Marcie suddenly has a chilling thought

MARCIE: Ohh my god.

DAVID (Noticing how terrified Marcie is looking): What?

MARCIE: BRAD. He's down there. Someone needs to tell HIM.

DAVID (Realizing the magnitude of the new problem and getting a nauseating feeling): Ohh brother.

Marcie starts to pick up the phone when Stacy frantically walks in. David & Marcie notice her and are a little surprised to see her.

STACY (To David & Marcie, almost scared): She called me.

MARCIE (To Stacy) Who called you?

STACY: That extortionist. I think I may recognize the voice.

DAVID (To Stacy): Who's voice do you think it is?

STACY: The woman who came to visit me last night.

David & Marcie look at each other as if a HUGE break in the case just dropped in their laps.



* Stacy got a call from someone who wants money from her. Is it Cassandra as David & Marcie suspect?

* More on the Hurricane headed for Cedarville

* Tony & Tyrone prepare to drag Leo to the airport.

* Cassandra plots her next move.

Cue ATS Short Open & Close

See you all next time :-)

This time is Copyright 2005 Pat Cook & Jeeper One Media - All Rights Reserved

Friday, February 11, 2005

Episode 15 - Steve Farley's Bombshell

SCENE ONE - The FonDuLac Hotel - Cassandra's Room

Detectives David & Marcie Grant from the Cedarville Police Department are busy working the case of the (apparent) woman who's been harrassing people by claiming that she is the mother of a child fathered by men who are overseas serving in the military. Based on a tip in the form of a license plate no. provided to them by two uniformed officers, they have identified Cassandra as the renter of the vehicle to which the number is registered to. As such, she has now become the primary focus of their investingation.

As we pick up the scene, we see David & Marcie at Cassandra's Hotel Room door as she (Cassandra) looks on in shock.

CASSANDRA (still trying to figure out what's going on): I don't quite understand. (oepns door) Sure I guess

David & Marcie walk into the room.

CASSANDRA (continuing): What is this all about?

MARCIE: We are investigating a case of a woman who's allegedly calling wives of military service personnel up on the phone or visiting their homes claiming that they are the mother of a child fathered by their husband.

CASSANDRA (realizing how chilllingly close that is to her own situation): Oh my god. (curiously) But what does that have to do with me?

DAVID: Do you have a rental car?

CASSANDRA (still wanting an answer to her second question): Yeah.

DAVID: It wouldn't happen to be a 2005 Mazda XLS, would it?

CASSANDRA: I suppose so. I'm not good when it comes to the makes of cars.

DAVID: It wouldn't happen to have this license plate number on it, would it?

David shows her a slip of paper that has the license plate number of her rental car

CASSANDRA: I suppose so. It's not like I go looking for that when I rent or buy a car. (getting back to her earlier question) Again, what does your case have to do with me?

MARCIE: Your car was seen leaving the home of one of the apparent victims last night.

CASSANDRA (shocked): What? That can't be. That can't possibly be me.

MARCIE: How long have you been in town?

CASSANDRA: Since last night.

DAVID: When did you get in?

CASSANDRA: Ohh....I don't know. About 8:00 or 8:30 PM I suppose.

MARCIE: And where did you go after you left the car rental parking lot?

CASSANDRA: I went to see Leo.


CASSANDRA: Yes. He's in the military and we served in Baghdad together for awhile until he left. Then I found out I was pregnant with my son Christopher and then I left.

MARCIE: Was Leo there?

CASSANDRA: I was told no, but I encountered this bitch who said she was his wife or some such deal like that. Hell, I don't know. I didn't know who the fuck she was. I kept insisting on seeing Leo, but she and this other guy who I didn't even know from a fuckin' hole in the ground kept telling me I had to leave. They even threatened to call the police on me. I told them that Leo is Christopher's father and that I was there to introduce Christopher to Leo as Leo has a right to know he has a kid. For all I know, that bitch and that other guy could be having an affair behind Leo's back if she's even married to Leo. Why don't you ask that bitch I talked to last night. Maybe she's the one you're after.

David & Marcie look at each other as if to think they've found the suspect they're looking for. Open and shut case.

SCENE TWO - Leo's Quarters - Baghdad, Iraq

An angry and irate Gen. Breyton has just walked in on a fight involving Leo. As we pick up the scene, he is seen looking at Leo with an angry look on his face as he approaches him and grinds his teeth to get to the point of his visit

LEO (shaking and knowing he just got caught slugging Tony Romano): Sir?

GEN. BREYTON (To Tony & Tyrone): You two stand back.

Tony, still smarting from Leo's punch and checking for blood, steps back as does Tyrone

GEN. BREYTON (To Leo): I should add ASSAULT to what I'm about to tell you. But I'll be generous this time. Mostly because I don't want to go through any more paperwork, though even that is up to Lt. Romano. So I'll get right to the point McFadden.

Leo breaths a sigh of relief but is looking for the other shoe to drop

GEN. BREYTON (continuing): There's a transport plane due to arrive here at 0600 tomorrow morning. You will be on that plane. That means you will be at Baghdad International NO LATER than 0545. If you are not at the airport when that plane arrives, I will see to it that you are thrown onto that airplane even if I thave to thrown you on there myself. Do I make myself clear McFadden?

LEO (in a low voice): Yes sir

GEN. BREYTON (like a drill seargent): I can't hear you

LEO (almost yelling): Sir yes sir

GEN. BREYTON: That's more like it

Gen. Breyton now turns to address what he has recommended as disciplinary action for Leo

GEN. BREYTON: Now as to what, if any, disciplinary action, I am recommending that you be given a General Discharge. Though subject to the review board's discretion. I should have you court matialed for lying to the the last line of defense against terrorists when you lied to the Cedarville PD. But it just so happens I got word from Washington that they, along with the Cedarville PD, are investigating such a case. I might add that this investigation was not initiated by Military Intelligence.

TONY: Who initiated it then Sir?

GEN. BREYTON: The Cedarville PD. (looking at Leo) Count yourself lucky McFadden. Damn lucky.

LEO (breathing another sigh of relief): I do sir. I do.

SCENE THREE: Outside The Chippequah Courthouse

Channel 4 Action News Investigative Reporter Stephanie Blanton is just wrapping up one of her live reports when an old friend of her, Ton Fenton, who is covering the trial for rival station Channel 12 walks up

STEPHANIE (looking into the camera and holding a Channel 4 microphone): And that's the latest from here. We're live in Chippequah, Stephanie Blanton, Channel 4 Action News. Guys back to you.

DEWAYNE (after a couple seconds): And we're off.

Stephanie lets the top of her mic drop as looks over at Tom

STEPHANIE (sounding like she normally does when greeting her friends): Heyyyy.

TOM (flirtatiously and smiling like he normally does): Hey yourself gorgeous.

STEPHANIE (curious): So, what brings you down here?

TOM: The same thing the brought you over from the hospital (Tom already knew Stephanie was in town to visit Jennifer at the hospital).

STEPHANIE (chuckling): Figures.

TOM: Heard about the story Mark from Channel 7 has planned involving your sister Jennifer.

STEPHANIE (fearful and suspicious): Don't tell you're planning to do a follow-up.

TOM: Well....No. But i also heard that you plan to try to stop it though.

STEPHANIE (seeing another argument coming and rolling her eyes in the back of her head): Ohh no. Not you too.....

TOM (now trying to plead Mark's case): No, but you've got to admit that if what Mark says is true and that Jennifer can make her own decisions, then don't you think you ought to let him air the story?

STEPHANIE (adamantly): No. She has NO MEMORY For Pete's Sake She's in NO condition to be making decisions for herself. to say nothing of the fact that the hospital released information about Jennifer to Mark and that Mark spoke to her doctor without the consent or knowledge of myself, her other sister Marcie or her husband. No, there's no fuckin' way that story's going to air unless Channel 7 wants to fork over lots of $$$ in legal costs.

TOM: How do you even know she can't make decisions for herself?

STEPHANIE: Tom, if you had seen my sister in the condition she was in when I saw her last night, there's no fuckin' way she could make that kind of decision for herself.

TOM: Well obviously that's news to her doctor then.

STEPHANIE: Did Mark send you over here to plead his case?

TOM: In a way.


TOM: I also came over to find out what you were planning for lunch today.

STEPHANIE (somewhat flirtatiously and smiling rather flatteringly): Well that I think we can discuss without me raising my voice or calling a prticular someone else who just happens to be on live TV a bunch of undesirable names

TOM: Well, okay. I'm told there's this nice little trendy restaurant just up the street.

STEPHANIE: Ohh really?

TOM: Yeah. I'm also told it just opened up too.

STEPHANIE: Well then....Sounds like you've got yourself a date.

TOM: Great. (Hearing the call from his photographer) Uhh...oh. Sounds like they're calling me.

STEPHANIE (very flirtatiously): How 'bout 11:30 then?

TOM (being equally flirtatious in return): Jot it down. Laters.


Tom walks back to his live remote unit where he prepares to go on the air

SCENE FOUR: Cedarville Courthouse

The judge in Greg & Courtney's case has just called court back into session

BAILIFF (yelling as he sees the judge open the door to his chambers): ALL RISE

Everyone not already on their feet stands up

JUDGE: Be seated. Court is now back in session (bang of gavel). To say these tapes don't show a threat to the safety and well-being of the McFadden children by Mrs. McFadden would be blasphemous. To say they are authentic would also be blasphemous. Either way you look at it, this case is going to result in one nasty, ugly custody battle. And this divorce will be anything but a walk in the park.

The judge turns to Courtney McFadden

JUDGE: Ms. McFadden, based on what I saw on those tapes even at their unestablished face value, I am legally obligated to turn over custody of your children over to your husband. As such, ths court hereby orders that custody of the children in question will therefore be transferred to Mr. McFadden.

Greg lets out a silent cheer

COURTNEY'S ATTORNEY (interrupting the judge): Objection your honor

JUDGE: Noted, but if you'd let me finish what I was saying.....

Courtney's attorney sits down

JUDGE (continuing): Furthermore, due to the nature of the case, the court will hereby appoint an attorney to represent the children and their best interests. (now turning to Greg McFadden) Mr McFadden, don't think this will somehow be walk in the park for you either. The court will also refer the matter over to Social Services. That means that a Social Worker will visit your home regularly and will closely monitor how you interact with your children. Said Social Worker will also file a report with the court and will be subject to oral and/or depositional testimony. Furthermore, the tapes which the court acquired from you which I saw in my chambers will be subject to examination by a court-appointed authentication expert. IF these tapes can't be authenticated or, worse, are found to be forgeries, you don't want that. You do not want to be on my bad side as I will not hesitate to revert custody back to your wife and throw you in jail. Is that clear?

GREG: Yes your honor.

JUDGE (facing both Greg & Courtney): Furthermore, Ms. McFadden will have NO visitation rights whatsoever.

COURTNEY (suddenly gets up and hollering as she's crying): Your honor

JUDGE (To Courtney): Ms. McFadden, you are doing well by my deciding not to throw you in jail today. Don't give me a reason to change my mind.

Courtney reluctantly sits back down as her attorney gets up

COURTNEY'S ATTORNEY: We apologize your honor, however we do object on the issue of visitation and will appeal that ruling.

JUDGE: Apology accepted. You have ten days to file your appeal counsel.

COURTNEY'S ATTORNEY: We also want to be heard on the matter your honor.

JUDGE: Denied. You can let yourself be heard in appeals.

Courtney looks across the room at Greg with a face of hatred

SCENE FIVE: Jennifer's Room - Chippequah Memorial Hospital

It's now later in the day and Brad has just arrived for a visit. As we pick up the scene now, Jennifer is seen lying in bed reading a book

DR. MATHIESON (Upon entering Jennifer's room): Jennifer?


DR. MATHIESON: You have a visitor.

JENNIFER: Is it that TV reporter?

DR. MATHIESON: No. Not him. He says he's a friend of yours. Shall I let him in?

JENNIFER (feeling a little unsure of herself): Sure. I guess.

DR. MATHIESON: If you'd rather not see him, I'll send him away.

JENNIFER: No. That's fine. Send him in.


Dr. Mathieson leaves. A minute later, Brad cautiously opens the door, not knowing what to expect.

BRAD: Hey there gorgeous.

JENNIFER (not remembering Brad at all): Do I know you?

BRAD (feeling awkward and answering the only way he knows how): Yeah. My name's Brad.

JENNIFER (feeling as though she's meeting Brad for the first time): Hi. I'm Jennifer.

BRAD: I know.

JENNIFER (getting a strange feeling which she can't quite comphrehend in her present condition): You do?

BRAD: Yeah. (feeling really awkward) Look, I feel rather awkward about this. Maybe this was a bad idea.

Brad starts to leave

JENNIFER (catchinjg Brad just before he leaves): No wait.

Brad turns around.

JENNIFER: Dr. Mathieson said you were a friend of mine. I want to know my past. Are you a part of it?

Brad just stands at the door looking at Jennifer, but doesn't have a clue how to answer her question

SCENE SIX - Leo Quarters - Baghdad, Iraq

Gen. Breyton prepares to leave, but notices Tyrone's porn DVD collection and gets and uses it to pop an idea. He picks up one of the DVD covers and looks at it.

GEN. BREYTON (To Tyrone rather chastisingly): You know Davis, you ought to put these away (showing him one of the covers). You might scare the ladies off.

TYRONE (trying not to laugh, but smiling): Yes sir.

Tony walks over and picks up one of the DVDs

TONY: Whoa....Mind if I borrow this one dude? I think I've got every one of them in this particular collection but this one.

TYRONE (non-chalantly): I don't care.

GEN. BREYTON (To Leo): You could something like this yourself, McFadden. At least it'd keep you out of trouble.

LEO (smiling): Yeah, but it doesn't beat the real thing though.

GEN. BREYTON: I know. That's what got you in trouble. (To Tony and Tyrone) Before you put those away Davis, I wanna talk to talk to the both of you.

Tony & Tyrone look at each other rather puzzlingly and shrug their shoulders

GEN. BREYTON (continuing): Let's take a walk.

Gen. Breyton leaves followed by Tony & Tyrone, who are still wondering what he has in mind

GEN BREYTON (now outside with Tony & Tyrone): My gut instinct tells me he has no intention of showing up at the airport tomorrow. I'd like to the two of you to lead the charge of rousting him out of bed or anywhere else on base and dragging his butt onto that plane.

TONY (surprised): Sir?

GEN. BREYTON: The two of you are his best buddies, right?

TYRONE: Yeah, but....

GEN. BREYTON: You'll think of something. Grab as many people as you'll need.

TONY: What about the MPs?

GEN. BREYTON: Grab them too. In fact, I think they'll take great joy in it. It'll give 'em a few laughs.

Tony & Tyrone both chuckle

TONY (still chuckling): Sir, what if he should get away or go AWOL or something?

GEN. BREYTON: Trust me. Doing either is not in his best interests. If he does, the assault against you alone would be enough to get him court martialed.

TONY (who'd love to get even with Leo for the punch he threw): Yes sir.

Gen. Breyton walks off. Just as Tony & Tyrone start to head back, an Iraqi man overhearing the conversation offers them a cab ride to the airport with Leo in tow tomorrow and drives a hard bargain, making it hard for Tyrone to refuse. Upon discussing the matter, he and Tony agree to use the man in their plan and tell him when to meet them.

SCENE SEVEN: Architect's Conference - The FonDuLac Hotel

It's now lunchtime and Trish has arrived with a picnic basket, hoping to lure Michael away

TRISH (just as Michael arrives): Hey there sweetie.

MICHAEL: Hey yourself babe.

The two exchange a little kiss

TRISH (swooning and smiling): I was kinda hoping I'd lure you away.

MICHAEL: Honey, I'd love to. But we have this speaker coming up. And lunch is provided.

Trish looks somewhat rejected

MICHAEL (reaching a compromise): Look, tell you what. Picture this. You. Me. The Solar Room at The FonDuLac under the stars

TRISH (realizing how romantic that would be and smiling): Dinner?

MICHAEL (also smiling): Yeah.

TRISH: I'd love it.

MICHAEL: Good. Pick you up at 8:00 then?

TRISH (smiling and swooning): It's a date.

Steve Farley apporaches

STEVE (sarcastically): Care to take me out too? Surely you must remember me.

MICHAEL: How can I not? You were the reason I left town in the first place.

STEVE: Could've fooled me. Especially considering that you're Diane's ex and you were the one who KILLED her.


* Steve's just accused Michael of Diane's murder. How will Michael react?

* David & Marcie visit Stacy as they continue their investigation.

* Courtney vows revenge to get custody of the kids once again.

* Stephanie continues to confront Mark about his planned story on Jennifer for Channel 7 and tries to make plans to stop it from airing.

* Cassandra plots her next move.

* Tony & Tyrone prepare to drag Leo to the airport.

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Friday, February 4, 2005

Episode 14 - Leo Loses His Temper

SCENE ONE - Leo's Quarters - Baghdad, Iraq

Tyrone had just came in to get his stuff, but decided he's make a last ditch effort to get through to Leo by trying the only thing he hadn't yet - Getting in his face.

LEO (beginning to feel threatened): What the hell do you mean by that?

TYRONE (adamant but explaining himself): You know just exactly what I mean by that.

Tyrone walks over to his stuff where a picture of his wife Julia is. He picks it up and shows it to Leo

TYRONE: See the picture of this girl?

LEO: How I can not? She looks gorgeous.

TYRONE: Yeah she does. No one knows that better than me. But you see man, unlike you, I know I'm going home to my wife.

LEO: You came here just to say that?

TYRONE: Naah man. I came here to show you what you've blown

Leo looks as though he thinks he's about to endure yet another round of torture

SCENE TWO - Outside The Chippequah Courthouse

Stephanie has just wandered over to where Channel 7 reporter Mark Devereaux, who had just ended a live report, is standing after learning that he plans to air a follow-up story on Jennifer

MARK (acting cheerful): Well....Top O' The Morning Stephanie.

STEPHANIE (not the least bit amused or in the mood): Don't patronize me Mark. You know why I'm here.

MARK (trying to act stumped and clueless): Really?

STEPHANIE: Yes. Does your planned story with my sister Jennifer ring a few bells?

MARK (acting as though his memory was just jogged): Ohh....That little thing.

STEPHANIE (sarcastically mocking him): Yes....That little thing.

DEWAYNE (yelling at Stephanie from the remote unit): Stephanie.....Eight minutes.

MARK (hearing Dewayne's call and wanting to avoid a confrontation): Shouldn't you be getting ready to go on the air?

STEPHANIE (not falling for Mark's trick): That can wait.

MARK: Look Stephanie....

STEPHANIE (getting to the point): Who the fuckin' hell do you think you are? Who's your source at the hospital? And just what right do you think you fuckin' have to get information on my sister? Neither I nor my sister or my brother signed anything to allow the hospital to release information on Jennifer.

MARK: Jennifer did.

STEPHANIE (looking shocked and wondering what he's talking about): What??

MARK: Her doctor tells me that despite her obvious condition, she's perfectly capable of making her own decisions.

STEPHANIE (looking really surprised & pissed now): Mark....HELLO.....She has amnesia for God's sake. She's in no condition to be exploited especially by someone the likes of you.

DEWAYNE (again yelling from the remote unit): Steph....Five minutes.

Stephanie ignores Dewayne even though she hears him

MARK (looking surpised): Exploited? Stephanie, the only way I plan to spin this is as a human interest story.

DEWAYNE (sounding really worried now): Steph...Four minutes. C'mon. You'd better get over here.

STEPHANIE (knowing she has to go): I have to go, but this isn't over yet. Not by a long shot.

MARK: As far as I'm concerned, it is. Her doctor says she's perfectly capable of making her own decisions and she's agreed to do an interview. And since she signed the release herself, I really don't see the problem with it. Now, you tell me where the ethics issue is.

DEWAYNE: Steph.....

STEPHANIE (frustrated at Mark): You're disgusting.

Stephanie walks back to the Channel 4 live remote unit and prepares to go on the air as Mark shakes his head.

SCENE THREE - Cedarville International Airport - Acme Car Rental Agency

Detectives David & Marcie Grant from the Cedarville PD are investigating the various reports the PD has received about a female claiming to be the mother of a child fathered by someone in the Armed Forces in Iraq


DAVID (flashing his badge as Marcie does the same): We're here on official business.

CLERK: I'll do what I can to help. What do you need?

MARCIE: Do you have a 2005 Mazda XLS with this licence plate number?

Marcie shows the number to the clerk.

CLERK: I wouldn't know, but I'll look it up though.

The clerk enters the number into her computer and retrieves the record she has.

CLERK: It appears we do, but I show that it's currently rented.

DAVID: We need to know who the renter is.

CLERK (looking disappointed): I'm afraid I can't give you that information without a warrant of some kind.

DAVID (pulling out a $20 in an effort to emprovise by trying to make a score): Would this help?

The clerk is tempted to accept it, but decides the better of it

CLERK: I'm not that cheap.

DAVID (disappointed, but not surprised): Well then, I guess we'll just have to return with a warrant then.

CLERK (candidly): I guess you will.

CLERK (continued): Anything else I can help you with?

DAVID (dsappointed): Nope. We'll be back.

David & Marcie leave the counter

SCENE FOUR - Cedarville Courthouse

Greg & Courtney's divorce hearing has just begun and Greg's attorney, Mitchell Rogers, is trying to introduce Greg's videotapes into court as evidence

COURTNEY'S ATTORNEY: Look Your Honor, they've tried this before. They've tried painting my client as an unfit mother. And look what it got 'em. They wound up leaving the courtroom with their tails tucked between their legs.

MITCHELL: Your Honor, this is new evidence. It has never been introduced before. We have a right to be heard on this.

JUDGE: Approach the bench.

Mitchell and Courtney's attorney both comply with the judge's request

JUDGE: Alright Mr. Rogers, just what is this new evidence.

MITCHELL: They're videotapes Your Honor.

Courtney's attorney rolls his eyes into the back of his head

COURTNEY'S ATTORNEY (acting as though he's reminding the judge): Your Honor, tapes can be doctored.

JUDGE: I'm well aware of that counselor. However if these tapes provide any evidentary proof of Defense Council's accusations, this court would be remiss if it didn't consider it.


JUDGE: As such, I will view these tapes in my chambers and return with my decision.

COURTNEY'S ATTORNEY: You can't be serious....

The judge looks at Courtney's attorney as if to say he is serious

COURTNEY'S ATTORNEY (throwing his arms up in the air, but convinced the tapes are doctored): Okay....

JUDGE: When we end this, court will stand in recess pending my return. Mr. Rogers, I expect you to hand the tapes over to the court clerk who will then in turn bring them to me.

MITCHELL: No problem sir. We have the tapes here.

JUDGE: Good. In that case, step back.

The two lawyers comply

JUDGE: Defense Council is instructed to turn over the evidence they wish to introduce to the court. I will then view it in the privacy of my chambers where I will make my decision as to whether or not the tapes are admissable.

COURTNEY'S ATTORNEY (standing up): Your Honor....Objection.

JUDGE: Noted Council

Courtney's attorney sits back down.

JUDGE: If there's no other objection, court stands in recess.

The judge waits for a few seconds, but hears nothing. He then bangs the gavel to signal the call to recess

BAILIFF: All rise.

Everyone rises as the judge leaves

SCENE FIVE - Leo's Quarters - Baghdad, Iraq

LEO: Look....I don't need you starting in on me too. It's bad enough I got Gen. Breyton on my back

TYRONE: Me starting in on you is exactly what you need man.

LEO: What's that supposed to mean?

TYRONE: You're a damn coward. You can't even tell your wife the truth. You don't even have any fuckin' clue what you're doin' to your wife. I feel sorry for her. And on top of that, you lied to her and the cops.

Leo looks surprised as he wonders how Tyrone found out about the incident at the Comm. Center

TYRONE (continuing): Whoa. You don't think I don't know what happened at the Comm. Center?

LEO (knowing the whole base must know by now and uttering to himself): Ohh fuckin' shit.

TYRONE: It's all over base dude.

LEO (thinking he's talking to himself): That private couldn't keep his fuckin' shut, could he? He just had to blabber it all over base.

TYRONE: Yeah. I suppose you could blame it on on him. Whatever. But still, you don't get it, do you?

Lt. Anthony (e.g. Tony) Romano walks in

TONY: Ohh....Sorry. Just came in to get my stuff. I'll come back.

TYRONE: 'Tis okay man. Just talkin' to Leo dude.

TONY: Why do you even bother man? Talkin' to him is like talkin' to a brick wall.

LEO (To Tony): C'mon man.

TONY (walking up to his face): No, make that a lying, cheating, scheming, son of a bitch brick wall who's more afraid of his wife than he is of bullets and mortar fire.

Leo punches Tony in the face just as Gen. Breyton walks in. Tony falls to the floor

GEN. BREYTON (To Leo): That will be enough.

Tony gets up, smarting from the punch he got from Leo

SCENE SIX - Brad's Apartment

Brad is seen watching the morning news on Channel 4 as he prepares for his trip to Jennifer's apartment when he gets a knock on the door. On the other side of the door is Trish & Michael, who, at Trish's insistence, have been making the rounds as Trish re-introduces everyone to Michael

BRAD: Hey.

TRISH: Hey yourself. Good morning. Headed out?

BRAD (scratching his head): Uhh...I'm about to. Come on in.

TRISH: Thanks

Trish & Michael walk inside Brad's apartment

TRISH: We'll only be a few minutes. I'd like you meet someone.

BRAD (pointing to Michael): Him?

Trish smiles

TRISH: Do you remember Michael Carlotti?

BRAD (feeling as though he just got surprised): Holy fuckin' shit. You're Michael?

MICHAEL (scratching his head): Uhh....Last time I checked. Yes.

BRAD (shaking Michael's hand and still feeling surrpised): How long has it been? Y...Y....You've changed.

MICHAEL (trying to downplay the whole thing): Uhh....It's been awhile. And yes, I've changed. But looking at you, you've changed too. Last time I saw you, you were School. Weren't you?

BRAD: Uhh....Something like that. Wanna beer? Got a few.

MICHAEL: Uhh....Well no. Actually I have a meeting I need to be getting to in a few minutes. Can I take a rain check?

BRAD: Here ya go.

Brad hands Michael a blank piece of paper

MICHAEL (chuckling): Uhh....Looks like rubber to me. But yeah, I'll take it.

TRISH: Say hey....Have you heard anything from David, Marcie, or Stephanie on Jennifer yet?

BRAD: Spoke with David last night. I assume Marcie was with him As for Stephanie.....

Brad, Trish and Michael turn to the TV where Stephanie can be seen reporting from Chippequah

SCENE SEVEN - The FonDuLac Hotel

David & Marcie got the warrant to get the information they needed from the Car Rental agency and are now about to confront Cassandra

HOTEL CLERK: Can I help you?

MARCIE: We're here on official police business

David & Marcie flash their badges

HOTEL CLERK: Uhh....Okay. How can I help you?

DAVID: Do you have a Cassandra Whitmore registered here?

HOTEL CLERK: Lemme look it up.

The clerk looks up Cassandra's name on the computer and finds the information he needs

HOTEL CLERK (continues): Yes we do.

MARCIE: Great What's her room number

The clerk looks reluctant to divulge that information, but David brandishes a warrant addressed to the hotel

DAVID: We have a warrant if you need assistance.

David hands the warrant to the clerk

HOTEL CLERK: Uhh....Just a minute.

The clerk places a phone call summoning his supervisor to the front desk

HOTEL CLERK (To His Supervisor): Uhh...These people handed me this warrant and are seeking the room number of one of our guests.

The Supervisor examines the warrant and discovers it's valid and instructs the clerk to provide them with any requested information.

HOTEL CLERK: The room number is 613. You can take these elevators (pointing to the main elevators).

DAVID: Thank you.

Meanwhile in Cassandra's room, Cassandra has just finished changing Christopher's diaper and has just sat back down on the sofa when the there's a knock on the door. She gets up to answer it, but is a little surprised since she's not expecting anyone

CASSANDRA (opening the door just enough to see David & Marcie on the other side): Yes. Can I help you?

MARCIE: Are you Cassandra Whitmore?

CASSANDRA (curious): Who's asking?

MARCIE: I'm Lt. Marcie Grant and this is my partner Lt. David Grant. We're from the Cedarville Police Department. May we come in?

David & Marcie show their badges as Cassandra is shocked and surprised and left wondering what she did to get the attention of the police


* Brad joins the effort in helping Jennifer regain her memory. Will she remember their argument the day she disappeared?

* David & Marcie confront Casandra about her visit to Stacy's house

* The judge finishes reviewing the tapes. Is Courtney's goose cooked or does Greg even have a case?

* Stephanie continues to confront Mark about his planned story on Jennifer for Channel 7 and tries to make plans to stop it from airing.

* Steve gets wind that Michael is back in town and reminds him of the past.

* Gen. Breyton lowers the boom on Leo.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Episode 13 - The Return Of Michael Carlotti

SCENE ONE - Stephanie Hotel Room in Chippequah

It's the dawn of a new day in Cedarville and Stephanie Blanton, Investigative Reporter for WCDR-TV Channel 4 is seen in her hotel room in nearby Chippequah talking to her boss on the phone.

"Can't you get someone else down here to cover it, like someone who lives here".

"Well geez Steph, you've been down there for so long, you're practically considered a resident there", Roger Clayborn, her boss at the station says to Stephanie over the phone.

"Har dee har har. Funny Roger", Stpehanie says

"Steph....Seriously....No joke. I really need you to cover this trial", Roger says "Besides, you know if it wasn't for you and the hard work you put into the investigation which lead to this trial, it wouldn't be happening in the first place", Roger says

Stephanie gives a look that basically says "I know Roger. You don't have to remind me."

"You don't want all that work flushed down the drain by a bunch of carefree penny-pinching lawyers, do you?", Roger asks

"Of course not", Stephanie says, resigning herself to the fact she may well be assigned by Roger to cover the trial "But I wasn't exactly expecting my sister to suddenly fall off the face of the earth for several months either"

"I know Steph. But life's rough. Life's tough> But I need someone down there to cover that trial and you know the power trip Channel 7 gets when either us or Channel 12 don't show up to cover stories", Roger says

"Of course. They're always quick to rub it in our faces as they prove yet again their tabloid approach to news leads to breaking stories even though we're tops and theiy're dead last in the ratings", Stephanie says

"Well then.....Unless you want to see another one of those ads, I trust you'll be at the courthouse this morning when court begins?", Roger asks

"Yeah I suppose", Stephanie says "Tell the live unit crew I'll meet 'em there", she adds

"That's the spirit", Roger said "See ya later", he added

"Yeah....Laters", Stephanie responds

"And Top O' The Morning to you too", she adds as she rolls her eyes and hangs up the phone just as the buzzer rings. Stephanie goes to answer the door where she finds David & Marcie standing. She lets them in

"Good Morning", David said

Stephanie looks at David as if she was wondering what tropical paradise island he and Marcie came from.

"It's a beautiful morning alright", Stephanie said "That is if you don't mind be reminded of a certain obligation better known as your job", she adds

Marcie, who entered the room with a cup of coffee, looks as though she's gagging on the stuff as she attempts to respond to Stephanie's last comment.

"We got 'reminded' of ours too", David says as Marcie catches her breath "In fact, we're going to have to head back to Cedarville if....and I quote we want to keep our jobs end quote", he added.

"Well, I just got roped into doing mine down here", Stephanie said "You know that big trial that's supposed to be getting underway today?", she added

"Yeah", Marcie said, now recouperated from her earlier incident.

"Guess who's covering it for Channel 4", Stephanie said

David tries not to laugh at Stephanie's predictament, but winds up letting out a little chuckle anyhow

SCENE TWO - Trish's Apartment

Trish is seen drinking some orange juice when the doorbell rings. She goes to answer it.

"Good Morning", Michael says as he smiles

"Same to you", Trish says as she smiles and opens the door so he can come in "Come on in"

"Thanks", Michael said "Same ol' beautiful place I see", he added

"Just couldn't find it in me to give it up", Trish says "Want some breakfast?, she asks

"Nah...I ate before leaving the hotel", Michael said "I'll take some coffee though", he added

"Comin' right up", Trish says, knowing just how Michael likes his coffee

"You know, there was so much left unsaid last night", Michael said

"Some things are best left that way", Trish says, handing Michael's cup of coffee to him

"Mmmm....Great coffee", Michael says, sipping the cup

"I fixed it just the way you've always loved it sweetie", Trish said

Michael looks as Trish as if to say she didn't have to such trouble.

"Maybe you're right. Some things are best left unsaid", Michael said "But I've been doing some thinking though", he added

Trish raises her eyebrows and smiles as she and Michael sit down on the sofa in the living room.

"I'm thinking of not leaving Cedarville once the conference is over", Michael said

Trish is taken aback by Michael's last comment and lets out a jolt as she puts her coffee cup to her lips which causes her to splatter some hot coffee onto her fingers and the table and momentarily choke on her coffee as she gasps for air.

SCENE THREE - Cedarville Court House

Greg has just arrived for the first day of the hearing in the divorce proceeding of him and his wife Courtney. He is quickly followed by Courtney and her entourage of lawyers.

"Ready for today Greg?", Mitchell, his lawyer, asks him

"Got the tapes", Greg asks

"Of course", Mitchell says

"Good. Let's set this court back on its ear then", Greg responds

"Tapes? What tapes", Andrea, one of Courtney's lawyers, asks

"Mitchell, now wait a minute, if you're going to pull a fast one....", Andrea says

"We're not going to do anything of the kind", Mitchell says, cutting Andrea off "We're just submitting evidence", Mitchell says

"Evidence of what?", Courtney says "Puh-leaze.....When are you going to give up that song and dance?", Courtney snidely asks

"It's no song and dance Courtney", Greg says "I take matter like this very seriously", he adds "And the evidence I have will nail you to the cross. Greg emphatically continues

SCENE FOUR - Trish's Apartment

"Not leaving Cedarville?", Trish asks, now recovered from her earlier shock "Michael, have you seriously thought this through?', she asks

"Yeah", Michael says "Ever since we ran into each other last night, I've been thinking more and more of how great it would be if we got back together again", he adds "I dunno. Maybe I'm just crazy", he continues

"No....I'm just a little surprised though", Trish said "I mean, what about your business?", she asks

"I can simply run that from here", Michael says

"Michael", Trish says, thinking he might be making too sudden a decision

"Truth is babe", Michael says "I've been thinking for a long time about coming back", he adds "Been thinking about it for weeks, if not months", he continues

Trish starts to cry

"Then when I knew about this conference being here", Michael said, "I just basically said 'This is it'. I'm coming back home to you, my sweet love"

"Michael", Trish says with a smile on her face, knowing it appears that her man has finally come home to stay

"I'd have bought you a boquet of roses, sorta ruined my surprise last night", Michael says

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry", Trish apologetically says with a bit of laughter and lots of joy

"Forget about it", Michael said "A boquet of roses would never do a beautiful woman like you justice", Michael adds with a smile

Trish reaches over and she and Michael embrace in a huge hug followed by several kisses

"God, I missed you", Michael said

"I missed you too", Trish said, smiling and looking passionately into his eyes as she strokes his face as if she was wondering if she dreaming or not

SCENE FIVE - Chippequah Court House

Channel 4 Investigative Reporter Stephanie Blanton, who broke the story that led to the scandal which subsequently led to the trial she's about to cover, has just arrived at the courthouse and spots the live remote unit waiting for her. She is also quickly joined by Mark Devereaux from rival station Channel 7, who is known for its tabloid-style approach to news and is dead last in the ratings as a result. She's also joined by fellow colleague and friend Tom Fenton from rival station Channel 12. Channel 12, unlike Channel 7, is more like Channel 4 in its news coverage, which is straightforward, simple and not known to be flashy. But nevertheless, the two stations sometimes clash while covering stories.

"Hey guys", Stephaie says as she walks up to the Channel 4 Action News crew that will be with her for the day

"What's up", photographer Dewayne Chapman asks

"Not much. You?", she responds as she takes the earpiece and mic that she'll need.

"Heard about your sster. Anything we can do?", Dewayne asks

"Nope", Stephanie says "Besides, who told you guys?", she curiously asks, knowing she didn't tell anyone at the station besides Roger.

"You don't know?", Dewayne asks

"Know what?", Stephanie asks in return

"See that guy with the Channel 7 crew?", Dewayne asks

"See him? I fuckin' know him", she says "But what does that have to do with the price of tea in China", Stephanie rhetorically asks

"Apparently he's got a source at the hospital", Dewayne says "He's been blabbering about it on camera ever since he got here".

"A source - here in Chippequah??", Stephanie asks, now with greater concern and wondering what Mark Devereaux and his crew could be up to.

Dewayne nods

"Apparently he's planning some big scoop for their 5:00 PM newscast tonight", Dewayne says

"Really? Well I'll give him a scoop alright - A scoop of my mind", Stephanie says "When are we to go on", she asks

"Ten minutes", Dewayne says just before he notices Stephanie wandering over to Mark's area "Where are you going?", Dewayne shouts out

"This won't take long. Be right back", Stephanie shouts back in response

As she walks over to Mark's area, she notices that he's on the air. Being the ethical journalist she is, she stands not far off camera until Mark is cleared of the airwaves. Meanwhile, Mark is just wrapping up his report.

"And that's the latest from here. We're live in Chippequah, Mark Devereaux, 7NEWS", Mark says as he signs off and hands it back to the studio

"And we're off", Mark's photographer says

"Good. Because I have a few things to say to you, Mr. Devereaux", Stephanie says

Mark turns to look at Stephanie, knowing he's been caught and now has some explaining to do

SCENE SIX - Cedarville PD Detective Squad Room

David & Marcie have just arrived when the captain spots them

"Ahh....Nice to see you two jailbirds actually had the consideration to come into work today", Captain Marshall sarcastically says

"Well, we weren't going to come in at all, but since you dragged us all the way back here, we figured it was the leastwe could do", Marcie sarcastically responds in her usual 'Top O' The Morning To You Too ASSHOLE' manner

"Well, in that case, I suppose you wouldn't mind working this one", Capt. Marshall says

"What is it", David asks as Marcie takes the file from the captain and opens it

"Apparently some woman is out there trying to claim that she is the mother of some child which she has claimed a number of guys in the military are/is the father of", Captain Marshall says

"Why do we have it then? Why is this not a matter for the feds?", David asks

"They're just as stumped as we are", Captain Marshall says

"They're investigating this too?", Marcie asks

"Yep", Capt. Marshall said "But they didn't get last night's little tip", he adds

"Last night's tip?", David asks

"Apparently this woman has been at this for the past several days, using public pay phones", Captain Marshall says "But last night, she apparently decided that using a pay phone wasn't going to work, so she decided to pay her next victim a personal visit", Capt. Marshall says "Got this plate number just last night", he adds, handing it to David "Ran it through DMV. Came back as being registered to a car rental agency. NCIC came back clean on it".

"So what angle are we investigating this from?", David asks

"A possible extortion angle", Capt. Marshall responds

"Wait a minute", Marcie says, noticing the address in the report from the night before "This isn't just some ordinary address", she continues

"You the two of you know one of the victims?", Capt. Marshall

"Yeah. A friend of ours", Marcie says, showing the file to David

"David, that's Stacy's house", Marcie says

"We'll look into it sir", David says

"Okay", Capt. Marshall confidently says "Glad to see the tweo of you back at work again, even if it's a Bunkel case", he continues "And oh yeah, hope your sister feels better soon", he adds

"Thanks", David says as he and Marcie prepare to leave "We'll be on the air", he adds as they grab a radio and leave.

SCENE SEVEN - Leo's Quarters, Baghdad, Iraq

As per ordered by Gen. Breyton in our last episode, Leo has been confined to quarters with MPs standing outside. As we pick up the scene, he is sitting in the room and reliving and recalling his entire day and his actions over the last several months. In addition, he's also fearful of what might happen next. He's also pacing the room floor from time to time.

Some several minutes later, one of his roommates, Sgt. Tyrone Walker approaches the MPs outside. Leo doesn't want to hear from Tyrone and tries to act as though he's sleeping, but Tyrone doesn't buy it.

"Yo dude....I know you ain't sleepin'. GET UP", Tyrone exclaims

Leo gets up ready for a fight, but knows he doesn't want one

"Don't tell me you're here to rub it in".

"Nope", Tyrone says "I'm here to get my shit", he continues "But before I do, we gonna have this out", he adds in a manner that leaves Leo wondering what he did to warrant such a comment from Tyrone, of all people.


* Brad joins the effort in helping Jennifer regain her memory. Will she remember their argument the day she disappeared?

* David & Marcie work the case of the mysterious extortionist. Could Cassandra be the person they're looking for or is her arrival in Cedarville and visit to Stacy's house just an untimely coincidence?

* Greg & Courtney's divorce proceedings kick into full swing

* Stephanie confronts Mark about his planned story on Jennifer

* Trish & Michael talk about their future - if the even have one

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This time is Copyright 2005 Pat Cook & Jeeper One Media - All Rights Reserved