Friday, February 11, 2005

Episode 15 - Steve Farley's Bombshell

SCENE ONE - The FonDuLac Hotel - Cassandra's Room

Detectives David & Marcie Grant from the Cedarville Police Department are busy working the case of the (apparent) woman who's been harrassing people by claiming that she is the mother of a child fathered by men who are overseas serving in the military. Based on a tip in the form of a license plate no. provided to them by two uniformed officers, they have identified Cassandra as the renter of the vehicle to which the number is registered to. As such, she has now become the primary focus of their investingation.

As we pick up the scene, we see David & Marcie at Cassandra's Hotel Room door as she (Cassandra) looks on in shock.

CASSANDRA (still trying to figure out what's going on): I don't quite understand. (oepns door) Sure I guess

David & Marcie walk into the room.

CASSANDRA (continuing): What is this all about?

MARCIE: We are investigating a case of a woman who's allegedly calling wives of military service personnel up on the phone or visiting their homes claiming that they are the mother of a child fathered by their husband.

CASSANDRA (realizing how chilllingly close that is to her own situation): Oh my god. (curiously) But what does that have to do with me?

DAVID: Do you have a rental car?

CASSANDRA (still wanting an answer to her second question): Yeah.

DAVID: It wouldn't happen to be a 2005 Mazda XLS, would it?

CASSANDRA: I suppose so. I'm not good when it comes to the makes of cars.

DAVID: It wouldn't happen to have this license plate number on it, would it?

David shows her a slip of paper that has the license plate number of her rental car

CASSANDRA: I suppose so. It's not like I go looking for that when I rent or buy a car. (getting back to her earlier question) Again, what does your case have to do with me?

MARCIE: Your car was seen leaving the home of one of the apparent victims last night.

CASSANDRA (shocked): What? That can't be. That can't possibly be me.

MARCIE: How long have you been in town?

CASSANDRA: Since last night.

DAVID: When did you get in?

CASSANDRA: Ohh....I don't know. About 8:00 or 8:30 PM I suppose.

MARCIE: And where did you go after you left the car rental parking lot?

CASSANDRA: I went to see Leo.


CASSANDRA: Yes. He's in the military and we served in Baghdad together for awhile until he left. Then I found out I was pregnant with my son Christopher and then I left.

MARCIE: Was Leo there?

CASSANDRA: I was told no, but I encountered this bitch who said she was his wife or some such deal like that. Hell, I don't know. I didn't know who the fuck she was. I kept insisting on seeing Leo, but she and this other guy who I didn't even know from a fuckin' hole in the ground kept telling me I had to leave. They even threatened to call the police on me. I told them that Leo is Christopher's father and that I was there to introduce Christopher to Leo as Leo has a right to know he has a kid. For all I know, that bitch and that other guy could be having an affair behind Leo's back if she's even married to Leo. Why don't you ask that bitch I talked to last night. Maybe she's the one you're after.

David & Marcie look at each other as if to think they've found the suspect they're looking for. Open and shut case.

SCENE TWO - Leo's Quarters - Baghdad, Iraq

An angry and irate Gen. Breyton has just walked in on a fight involving Leo. As we pick up the scene, he is seen looking at Leo with an angry look on his face as he approaches him and grinds his teeth to get to the point of his visit

LEO (shaking and knowing he just got caught slugging Tony Romano): Sir?

GEN. BREYTON (To Tony & Tyrone): You two stand back.

Tony, still smarting from Leo's punch and checking for blood, steps back as does Tyrone

GEN. BREYTON (To Leo): I should add ASSAULT to what I'm about to tell you. But I'll be generous this time. Mostly because I don't want to go through any more paperwork, though even that is up to Lt. Romano. So I'll get right to the point McFadden.

Leo breaths a sigh of relief but is looking for the other shoe to drop

GEN. BREYTON (continuing): There's a transport plane due to arrive here at 0600 tomorrow morning. You will be on that plane. That means you will be at Baghdad International NO LATER than 0545. If you are not at the airport when that plane arrives, I will see to it that you are thrown onto that airplane even if I thave to thrown you on there myself. Do I make myself clear McFadden?

LEO (in a low voice): Yes sir

GEN. BREYTON (like a drill seargent): I can't hear you

LEO (almost yelling): Sir yes sir

GEN. BREYTON: That's more like it

Gen. Breyton now turns to address what he has recommended as disciplinary action for Leo

GEN. BREYTON: Now as to what, if any, disciplinary action, I am recommending that you be given a General Discharge. Though subject to the review board's discretion. I should have you court matialed for lying to the the last line of defense against terrorists when you lied to the Cedarville PD. But it just so happens I got word from Washington that they, along with the Cedarville PD, are investigating such a case. I might add that this investigation was not initiated by Military Intelligence.

TONY: Who initiated it then Sir?

GEN. BREYTON: The Cedarville PD. (looking at Leo) Count yourself lucky McFadden. Damn lucky.

LEO (breathing another sigh of relief): I do sir. I do.

SCENE THREE: Outside The Chippequah Courthouse

Channel 4 Action News Investigative Reporter Stephanie Blanton is just wrapping up one of her live reports when an old friend of her, Ton Fenton, who is covering the trial for rival station Channel 12 walks up

STEPHANIE (looking into the camera and holding a Channel 4 microphone): And that's the latest from here. We're live in Chippequah, Stephanie Blanton, Channel 4 Action News. Guys back to you.

DEWAYNE (after a couple seconds): And we're off.

Stephanie lets the top of her mic drop as looks over at Tom

STEPHANIE (sounding like she normally does when greeting her friends): Heyyyy.

TOM (flirtatiously and smiling like he normally does): Hey yourself gorgeous.

STEPHANIE (curious): So, what brings you down here?

TOM: The same thing the brought you over from the hospital (Tom already knew Stephanie was in town to visit Jennifer at the hospital).

STEPHANIE (chuckling): Figures.

TOM: Heard about the story Mark from Channel 7 has planned involving your sister Jennifer.

STEPHANIE (fearful and suspicious): Don't tell you're planning to do a follow-up.

TOM: Well....No. But i also heard that you plan to try to stop it though.

STEPHANIE (seeing another argument coming and rolling her eyes in the back of her head): Ohh no. Not you too.....

TOM (now trying to plead Mark's case): No, but you've got to admit that if what Mark says is true and that Jennifer can make her own decisions, then don't you think you ought to let him air the story?

STEPHANIE (adamantly): No. She has NO MEMORY For Pete's Sake She's in NO condition to be making decisions for herself. to say nothing of the fact that the hospital released information about Jennifer to Mark and that Mark spoke to her doctor without the consent or knowledge of myself, her other sister Marcie or her husband. No, there's no fuckin' way that story's going to air unless Channel 7 wants to fork over lots of $$$ in legal costs.

TOM: How do you even know she can't make decisions for herself?

STEPHANIE: Tom, if you had seen my sister in the condition she was in when I saw her last night, there's no fuckin' way she could make that kind of decision for herself.

TOM: Well obviously that's news to her doctor then.

STEPHANIE: Did Mark send you over here to plead his case?

TOM: In a way.


TOM: I also came over to find out what you were planning for lunch today.

STEPHANIE (somewhat flirtatiously and smiling rather flatteringly): Well that I think we can discuss without me raising my voice or calling a prticular someone else who just happens to be on live TV a bunch of undesirable names

TOM: Well, okay. I'm told there's this nice little trendy restaurant just up the street.

STEPHANIE: Ohh really?

TOM: Yeah. I'm also told it just opened up too.

STEPHANIE: Well then....Sounds like you've got yourself a date.

TOM: Great. (Hearing the call from his photographer) Uhh...oh. Sounds like they're calling me.

STEPHANIE (very flirtatiously): How 'bout 11:30 then?

TOM (being equally flirtatious in return): Jot it down. Laters.


Tom walks back to his live remote unit where he prepares to go on the air

SCENE FOUR: Cedarville Courthouse

The judge in Greg & Courtney's case has just called court back into session

BAILIFF (yelling as he sees the judge open the door to his chambers): ALL RISE

Everyone not already on their feet stands up

JUDGE: Be seated. Court is now back in session (bang of gavel). To say these tapes don't show a threat to the safety and well-being of the McFadden children by Mrs. McFadden would be blasphemous. To say they are authentic would also be blasphemous. Either way you look at it, this case is going to result in one nasty, ugly custody battle. And this divorce will be anything but a walk in the park.

The judge turns to Courtney McFadden

JUDGE: Ms. McFadden, based on what I saw on those tapes even at their unestablished face value, I am legally obligated to turn over custody of your children over to your husband. As such, ths court hereby orders that custody of the children in question will therefore be transferred to Mr. McFadden.

Greg lets out a silent cheer

COURTNEY'S ATTORNEY (interrupting the judge): Objection your honor

JUDGE: Noted, but if you'd let me finish what I was saying.....

Courtney's attorney sits down

JUDGE (continuing): Furthermore, due to the nature of the case, the court will hereby appoint an attorney to represent the children and their best interests. (now turning to Greg McFadden) Mr McFadden, don't think this will somehow be walk in the park for you either. The court will also refer the matter over to Social Services. That means that a Social Worker will visit your home regularly and will closely monitor how you interact with your children. Said Social Worker will also file a report with the court and will be subject to oral and/or depositional testimony. Furthermore, the tapes which the court acquired from you which I saw in my chambers will be subject to examination by a court-appointed authentication expert. IF these tapes can't be authenticated or, worse, are found to be forgeries, you don't want that. You do not want to be on my bad side as I will not hesitate to revert custody back to your wife and throw you in jail. Is that clear?

GREG: Yes your honor.

JUDGE (facing both Greg & Courtney): Furthermore, Ms. McFadden will have NO visitation rights whatsoever.

COURTNEY (suddenly gets up and hollering as she's crying): Your honor

JUDGE (To Courtney): Ms. McFadden, you are doing well by my deciding not to throw you in jail today. Don't give me a reason to change my mind.

Courtney reluctantly sits back down as her attorney gets up

COURTNEY'S ATTORNEY: We apologize your honor, however we do object on the issue of visitation and will appeal that ruling.

JUDGE: Apology accepted. You have ten days to file your appeal counsel.

COURTNEY'S ATTORNEY: We also want to be heard on the matter your honor.

JUDGE: Denied. You can let yourself be heard in appeals.

Courtney looks across the room at Greg with a face of hatred

SCENE FIVE: Jennifer's Room - Chippequah Memorial Hospital

It's now later in the day and Brad has just arrived for a visit. As we pick up the scene now, Jennifer is seen lying in bed reading a book

DR. MATHIESON (Upon entering Jennifer's room): Jennifer?


DR. MATHIESON: You have a visitor.

JENNIFER: Is it that TV reporter?

DR. MATHIESON: No. Not him. He says he's a friend of yours. Shall I let him in?

JENNIFER (feeling a little unsure of herself): Sure. I guess.

DR. MATHIESON: If you'd rather not see him, I'll send him away.

JENNIFER: No. That's fine. Send him in.


Dr. Mathieson leaves. A minute later, Brad cautiously opens the door, not knowing what to expect.

BRAD: Hey there gorgeous.

JENNIFER (not remembering Brad at all): Do I know you?

BRAD (feeling awkward and answering the only way he knows how): Yeah. My name's Brad.

JENNIFER (feeling as though she's meeting Brad for the first time): Hi. I'm Jennifer.

BRAD: I know.

JENNIFER (getting a strange feeling which she can't quite comphrehend in her present condition): You do?

BRAD: Yeah. (feeling really awkward) Look, I feel rather awkward about this. Maybe this was a bad idea.

Brad starts to leave

JENNIFER (catchinjg Brad just before he leaves): No wait.

Brad turns around.

JENNIFER: Dr. Mathieson said you were a friend of mine. I want to know my past. Are you a part of it?

Brad just stands at the door looking at Jennifer, but doesn't have a clue how to answer her question

SCENE SIX - Leo Quarters - Baghdad, Iraq

Gen. Breyton prepares to leave, but notices Tyrone's porn DVD collection and gets and uses it to pop an idea. He picks up one of the DVD covers and looks at it.

GEN. BREYTON (To Tyrone rather chastisingly): You know Davis, you ought to put these away (showing him one of the covers). You might scare the ladies off.

TYRONE (trying not to laugh, but smiling): Yes sir.

Tony walks over and picks up one of the DVDs

TONY: Whoa....Mind if I borrow this one dude? I think I've got every one of them in this particular collection but this one.

TYRONE (non-chalantly): I don't care.

GEN. BREYTON (To Leo): You could something like this yourself, McFadden. At least it'd keep you out of trouble.

LEO (smiling): Yeah, but it doesn't beat the real thing though.

GEN. BREYTON: I know. That's what got you in trouble. (To Tony and Tyrone) Before you put those away Davis, I wanna talk to talk to the both of you.

Tony & Tyrone look at each other rather puzzlingly and shrug their shoulders

GEN. BREYTON (continuing): Let's take a walk.

Gen. Breyton leaves followed by Tony & Tyrone, who are still wondering what he has in mind

GEN BREYTON (now outside with Tony & Tyrone): My gut instinct tells me he has no intention of showing up at the airport tomorrow. I'd like to the two of you to lead the charge of rousting him out of bed or anywhere else on base and dragging his butt onto that plane.

TONY (surprised): Sir?

GEN. BREYTON: The two of you are his best buddies, right?

TYRONE: Yeah, but....

GEN. BREYTON: You'll think of something. Grab as many people as you'll need.

TONY: What about the MPs?

GEN. BREYTON: Grab them too. In fact, I think they'll take great joy in it. It'll give 'em a few laughs.

Tony & Tyrone both chuckle

TONY (still chuckling): Sir, what if he should get away or go AWOL or something?

GEN. BREYTON: Trust me. Doing either is not in his best interests. If he does, the assault against you alone would be enough to get him court martialed.

TONY (who'd love to get even with Leo for the punch he threw): Yes sir.

Gen. Breyton walks off. Just as Tony & Tyrone start to head back, an Iraqi man overhearing the conversation offers them a cab ride to the airport with Leo in tow tomorrow and drives a hard bargain, making it hard for Tyrone to refuse. Upon discussing the matter, he and Tony agree to use the man in their plan and tell him when to meet them.

SCENE SEVEN: Architect's Conference - The FonDuLac Hotel

It's now lunchtime and Trish has arrived with a picnic basket, hoping to lure Michael away

TRISH (just as Michael arrives): Hey there sweetie.

MICHAEL: Hey yourself babe.

The two exchange a little kiss

TRISH (swooning and smiling): I was kinda hoping I'd lure you away.

MICHAEL: Honey, I'd love to. But we have this speaker coming up. And lunch is provided.

Trish looks somewhat rejected

MICHAEL (reaching a compromise): Look, tell you what. Picture this. You. Me. The Solar Room at The FonDuLac under the stars

TRISH (realizing how romantic that would be and smiling): Dinner?

MICHAEL (also smiling): Yeah.

TRISH: I'd love it.

MICHAEL: Good. Pick you up at 8:00 then?

TRISH (smiling and swooning): It's a date.

Steve Farley apporaches

STEVE (sarcastically): Care to take me out too? Surely you must remember me.

MICHAEL: How can I not? You were the reason I left town in the first place.

STEVE: Could've fooled me. Especially considering that you're Diane's ex and you were the one who KILLED her.


* Steve's just accused Michael of Diane's murder. How will Michael react?

* David & Marcie visit Stacy as they continue their investigation.

* Courtney vows revenge to get custody of the kids once again.

* Stephanie continues to confront Mark about his planned story on Jennifer for Channel 7 and tries to make plans to stop it from airing.

* Cassandra plots her next move.

* Tony & Tyrone prepare to drag Leo to the airport.

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