Friday, February 18, 2005

Episode 16 - Jennifer's TV Interview

SCENE ONE - Architect's Conference - The FonDuLac Hotel

Michael Carlotti is attending the Architect's Conference which brought him to Cedarville. As we pick up the scene, Michael is now seen with his lover Trish Martin, who thought she could lure him away for lunch and arrived with picnic basket in hand. He's also seen with Steve Farley, who was married to Diane until her death (which everyone in Cedarville believes Steve is solely responsible for) some three years ago and has just accused Michael of killing Diane.

MICHAEL (unimpressed with and not surprised by Steve's accusation): Still sticking to that same old story, eh Farley?

TRISH (fearing Michael & Steve may be causing a scene): Michael, please. He's not worth it.

STEVE (To Michael): Yes I am. Especially when you consider that the murder weapon had your fingerprints on it.

MICHAEL (countering): Ohh really? And just how do you suppose I would manage to knock myself out then? If memory serves me right, I was unconscious when the police arrived and the first thing I remember seeing was Dr. Pendleton giving me a complete examination in the ER of Cedarville Memorial.

TRISH (noticing the crowd getting bigger): Michael, let's just get out of here.

STEVE: (To Michael): You mean that's what you want to remember.

MICHAEL: And what about the gloves?

TRISH (Trying to drag Michael away from the scene): Michael....

MICHAEL (To Trish rather adamantly but stern): No Trish. If I'm gonna move back to Cedarville, I'm gonna have to start learning to address my demons. And apparently (turning back to look at Steve squarely in the eye) that starts right now. Now, shall I repeat the question?

STEVE: What gloves?

MICHAEL: The gloves you wore when you shot & killed Diane.

STEVE (Adamant): I didn't wear any gloves. Didn't have a need to.

MICHAEL (Just as adamant): Yes you did. How else could my fingerprints get on that weapon and not yours, yet it was me who was knocked senselessly to the floor?! Given this, I couldn't have possibly shot Diane and you know it.

Michelle Monroe, owner of the hotel, sees the confrontation in the hallway and works her way to the scene

STEVE (Accusingly): You KILLED my wife. You SHOT her. And you know what the best part is Trish, he STILL loves her to this day.

Michael clenches a fist and reaches back as though he's gonna throw a punch, but Rob suddenly grabs him from behind and restrains him. Trish meanwhile frantically gets out of the way just as Michelle approaches

MICHELLE: Is there a problem here?

Michelle then sees Steve in back of her as Michael strugles and groans to free himself of Rob's grasp

MICHELLE (looking at Steve rather suspiciously): Nevermind. I just answered my own question.

Steve looks at Michelle as if he's not to blame.

Cue ATS standard open & close

MICHELLE: Alright Farley, what are you trying to do this time?

MICHAEL (before Steve can respond): Trying to pick a fight with me. What else?

MICHELLE: Yeah....I figured that much.

STEVE: I heard Michael was in town. So I figured I'd inform him of my plans. Plans to seek justice for Diane's death.

MICHAEL: Well if you want to do that, why don't you just simply haul you ass down to the police station? I'm sure David & Marcie would just LOVE to hear your story.

STEVE: I have. And a jury of my own peers believed me.

MICHAEL: You mean you bought the jury off.

MICHELLE: Look, I could give a fuckin' rats ass about who said what to whom or where or why. All I want is for this scene to stop. And that starts with you Steve. (Pointing to the door) See the door behind you? Go through it - NOW

STEVE: And if I don't?

MICHELLE: (rephrasing her command): Let me put it like this. To the best of my knowledge, David & Marcie are still somewhere in the hotel. If they are, it wouldn't take much for me to page them.

Just then David & Marcie can be seen exiting the elevators after having visited Cassandra Whitmore's room

MARCIE: So what do we do now genius?

DAVID: Talk to some of the other complaintants and.....

David & Marcie see the incident near the main lobby door which involves Steve, Michael, Michelle & Rob

DAVID (asking as if Marcie knew the answer even though he knows she doesn't): What the hell is going on here?

MARCIE (just as puzzled, but determined to find out): I don't know. But I don't like it.

David & Marcie approach the scene. As they do, Michelle can be heard telling Steve to leave. Both quickly recognize the parties involved

DAVID (looking at Steve and being sarcastic): Need us to help take out some of the trash Michelle? Or should we just simply throw it in the back of a squad car?

SCENE TWO - Cedarville Courthouse - Just outside court

The judge has just rendered his decision regarding custody of Greg & Courtney's children and dismissed the case for the day

COURTNEY: I will never surrender the children to you.

GREG: You don't have a choice. Either your surrender the kids or I'll do everything in my power to have you locked up. It'll only take a phone call.

COURTNEY'S ATTORNEY: Courtney, we have to do this.

COURTNEY (acting as though she has a quick solution to her dilemna): No we don't. I can just simply take the kids and go into hiding.

COURTNEY'S ATTORNEY: You know that's not an option.

COURTNEY (looking more vindictive than ever): Like hell it isn't.

GREG: Do you honestly expect me to believe you can do this? Show me the kids - NOW.

Courtney's attorney leaves to get the kids. Courtney turns around and looks at Greg, who looks at her as if to say that she isn't going to get away with doing anything to keep him away from the kids

COURTNEY (To Greg): I will get those kids back. That is a promise.

Greg looks at her non-chalantly as if to say "Blah...Blah. Whatever".

SCENE THREE - Chippequah Courthouse

Channel 4 Action News Reporter Stephanie Blanton and rival Channel 12 Reporter Tom Fenton, a long time friend of Stephanie's, are both eager to head off to lunch. as we pick up the scene, Tom Fenton is just wrapping up a report for the midday newscast.

TOM (looking into the camera): That's the latest from here. We're live in Chippequah, Tom Fenton, NEWS12

After a brief pause, Tom is told he is free to go.

STEPHANIE (waving and almost whispering): Hey there

TOM (remembering his date): Ahh, my lunch date.

STEPHANIE (in the mood for some exotic food): So, where is this nice little trendy restaurant you mentioned earlier? I'm up for some exotic food. You?

TOM: Funny you should mention that because the restaurant specializes in exotic food.

STEPHANIE (feeling hungry and imagining the thought of such food): Ugh. Let's go then

Stephanie and Tom start walking towards the restaurant

TOM: Still trying to find a way to put pressure on Channel 7 to not air a story on Jennifer?

STEPHANIE: Tom, you know as well as I do that once Mark Devereaux gets his dirty little hands on Jennifer, he'll never let up.

TOM: It's quite obvious you and I don't see Mark in the same light.

SCENE FOUR - Architect's Conference - The FonDuLac Hotel

STEVE (Looking sqaurely at Michael and not even taking his eyes off of him, but talking directly to David & Marcie): No need to resort to such drastic measures. I'll leave on my accord. Besides, I'd like to talk to the two of you outside.

MICHAEL (Angrily responding): Yeah....So you can try to sell your fake bill of goods onto them yet again just like you tried to do all those years ago.

Steve steps forward toward Michael as Trish begs Michael to not make the scene bigger than it already is

MARCIE (Not wanting to arrest Michael, but willing to do so in order to diffuse the situation): Michael, we can just as easily put you in the back of a squad car too, you know.

TRISH (Now begging and pleading with Michael): Michael....PLEASE.

DAVID (Tapping Steve on the shoulder): Yo....That doesn't look like a door to me.

STEVE (Still looking squarely at Michael and not taking his eyes off of him and again directing his comments at David): You're right David. I'm not looking at a door.

Marcie fingers the handcuffs in back of her and looking at Steve as though she's going to put them on him and arrest him if he makes another move toward Michael. Rob & Michelle try to clear the area of spectators before leaving themselves

STEVE (continuing, now talking to Michael): This isn't over yet. Not by a long shot.

MARCIE (Before Michael can get a word in edgewise and still fingering her handcuffs): Alright Farley, you've ended it. Now let's go - NOW.

Marcie points to the door and looks at Steve as if she's a mother telling her child which direction she wants it to walk next.

MICHAEL (Just as Steve begins to walk away, but looking squarely at him, not taking his eyes off of him): As far as I'm concerned, it is.

Steve walks away with David & Marcie not far behind. They all walk outside and prepare to leave the hotel. The scene continues outside

DAVID (To Steve): Now, just what is it you'd like to talk to us about.

STEVE: I'd like you to re-open the case of Diane's death.

MARCIE: Come on Steve. It's not going to reveal anything different. I think we all know who killed her. (Sarcastically) And it certainly wasn't David. Problem is, officially I can't prove it.

STEVE: I'm convinced you'll find something.

DAVID: Steve, how many times must we go down the same ol' path with you? Re-opening the case won't reveal a damn thing that's not already in the case file. You know that.

STEVE (Adamant): What I know is that Diane's killer is still at large. What's more is that he's in that hotel right now and you won't do a damn thing about it. That's what I'd like to see.

DAVID (Now frustrated): What I'd like to see is you walking away because you're not telling us anything that's not already in the case file. Not only that, you're annoying me and you're beginning to bore me now.

MARCIE (To David rather snidely with a slight chuckle): Beginning to bore you? (To Steve, waving her hand as David gets in the car) Bye.

STEVE (shaking his head): All those tax dollars on this police force in this one horse crappy town.

MARCIE (Handing Steve a business card with her badge no. as well as David's as she fastens her seat belt) : Farley, if you're not happy, file a fuckin' complaint, not that they'll take you seriously anyway. But either way, start walkin' NOW or I'll stuff you in the back seat

Steve walks off as David & Marcie drive off themselves

SCENE FIVE - Cedarville Press Club

Stephanie & Tom have made their way back to Cedarville and are now at the press club where all the media and press people hang out and socialize. As we pick up the scene, the two of them are talking about their day when Mitchell Endicott enters and is approached by club personnel.

TOM: Ugh. What a day. Was a nice lunch we had today.

STEPHANIE: Yeah it was.

Stephanie now notices Mitchell and his problems getting past security.

STEPHANIE (continuing): Ohh...There's my company now.

Stephanie rushes over to help Mitchell get past security.

STEPHANIE (To the security people): It's okay. He's with me.

The club security people finally lets Mitchell through.

MITCHELL (Sarcastic): Whew...With security people like that, you certainly won't have any problem with terrorists.

STEPHANIE: Well....I'll admit, it's not as public as the FonDuLac. Anyway, I'm glad you're here. I could really use your help.

MITCHELL: Yeah. I figured that much when I got your message.

Stephanie's cell phone rings

STEPHANIE: Hold on. (Answering the phone) Hello?

MARCIE (On the phone at the police station): Hey there. Saw that you left several messages. What's up? What's with all the messages?

STEPHANIE (To Marcie on the phone): We got a problem.


STEPHANIE: You know Mark Devereaux from Channel 7?

MARCIE: Yeah. But what's he got to do with the price of tea in China?

STEPHANIE: There's no other way to tell you this. He's planning to do an expose' on Jennifer for the 5:00 PM news.

MARCIE (In shock): WHAT???

STEPHANIE (Trying to be reassuring): Not to worry though. I've got Mitchell with me right now and I was just about to discuss this with him to see what he could do.

DAVID (Who's also at the police station): Stephanie, it's David. We're on the speaker right now. What does Mitchell have to say on the matter?

STEPHANIE: Well I don't know because he just got here when you called.

MARCIE: Well I for one can't believe Mark Devereaux would stoop so low. Then again, yes he can. Afterall, he works for sleazy Channel 7. They make even the Hollywood tabloids look small time. Steph, hand the phone to Mitchell so he can weigh in on this.

STEPHANIE: David & Marcie want to talk to you.

Stephanie hands the phone to Mitchell.

SCENE SIX - Stacy's car

Stacy has just finished with an appointment with her gynecologist and is on her way back home. While en route, she checks her messages in her cell phone voice mail

VOICEMAIL: You have seven new messages. First message, left today at 10:00 AM. I have some news about Leo you don't really want to know. He is the father of my child. If you don't follow my instructions to the letter, I'll go straight to the media. I want you to leave $400,000 in unmarked bills in a trash bag. Leave the bag at the corner of Cimerron & Princeton. Be sure you're alone as I will be watching. Remember, if you fail to comply or go to the police, I will expose your husband.

Stacy immediately hangs up the phone

STACY (Terrified): Ohh my god. That sounds like......that woman I talked to last night.

Stacy sees the police station and frantically merges into the left lane so she can walk in to tell David & Marcie.

SCENE SEVEN - Channel 4 Action News Room - Weather Center

Channel 4 Action News Chief Meteorologist Joe Weinstein is seen chatting on the phone with the Director of the National Hurricane Center in Miami, as he and they look at radar screens as they look at what appears to be a Hurricane on the horizon. As we pick up the scene, Joe is just winding up his conversation.

JOE: Yeah, I thought that had all the makings of a hurricane. Thanks Max.

Joe hangs up the phone just as Roger walks in.

ROGER: The meeting to plan the 5:00 PM newscast is in 15 minutes. Heard you got something.

JOE: Ohh yeah, I got something alright. Joe points to the radar screen A hurricane. Figures to be at least a Category 5 by the time it gets here.

ROGER (Not immediately getting Joe's definition of the word "here"): Ugh. I feel sorry for those in the path of that monster.

JOE: That would be us as WE are in the path of this monster.

ROGER (Now realizing what Joe was saying): You mean that thing is headed here?

JOE: Yep. If all the projections hold up, Cedarville will be ground zero for what could be a catastrophe of cataclismic proportions.

ROGER (To Himself): There goes my idea for the lead story.

JOE: How so?

ROGER: We're leading off with this hurricane. Think you can get some info. together for the start of the top of the show?

JOE: Sure. Don't see why not.

Roger leaves the Weather Center, leaving Joe to work on what is now the lead story for the 5:00 PM newscast.

SCENE EIGHT - Chippequah Memorial Hospital - Jennifer's Room

Channel 7 Reporter Mark Devereaux is in Jennifer's Room and preparing for his planned interview with Jennifer. With him is Dr. Mathieson, her current doctor along with Dr. Judy Endicott, a psychologist from Cedarville Memorial Hospital who will be Jennifer's doctor when she returns to Cedarville. As we pick up the scene, they are just about to start taping.

MARK (To Jennifer): I'm going to ask you some questions. I'd like you to do everything you can to answer them. Okay?

JENNIFER (Responding to Mark): Okay. I'll do my best.

MARK: That's all I expect of you.

Mark signals the cameraman to start rolling. The cameraman complies, making sure the lens is looking squarely at Jennifer.

CAMERAMAN: You're on.

MARK (To Jennifer, not exactly knowing where to start): What do you remember about the accident?

JENNIFER (Trying to respond as best as she can): Not much. It's all a blur. It's as if everything scrambled and all jumbled together. It's as if several things were happening all at once. I don't know what to make of it.

Jennifer goes into as mcuh detail as she could as to what led up to her accident as outlined in Episode 6, and answers the rest of Mark's questions as best as she can, but she eventually wears down to the point where she can't really focus anymore. At some point during the interview, Dr. Mathieson & Dr. Endicott leave the room, leaving Jennifer all alone with the Channel 7 news crew. Mark eventually tells the cameraman to stop rolling

MARK: Well...Thank you very much Jennifer. I can assure you that when people back in Cedarville see this, they'll have nothing but compassion and best wishes for you. Of course, they'll also know you're in the best care possible.

JENNIFER: Thank you.

MARK (To the cameraman, whispering): We'll talk to the doctor next.

The cameraman acknowledges Mark's comment. Just as they were packing up, Brad abruptly walks in and is taken aback by the sight of the Channel 7 news crew

BRAD (In total shock): What the hell is going on here?

SCENE NINE - Cedarville Press Club & Cedarville Police Station

MITCHELL (Taking the phone from Stephanie): Hello? To whom am I speaking to

DAVID (On the phone at the police station): Mitchell, it's me, David Grant along with my wife Marcie. What, if anything, can you do about this situation?

MITCHELL: Well, to be quite honest, I'm not sure there's anything I can do.

MARCIE (With David at the police station): What do you mean?

MITCHELL: Well, unless Jennifer's in a position where she can't make her own decisions, I don't think there's much I can do.

STEPHANIE: Mitchell, she doesn't have a memory. As such, she's in no condition to be making decisions for herself.

MITCHELL: Not neccessarily true.

MARCIE (Puzzled): How do you figure?

MITCHELL: I've represented lots of people who've suffered from some form of amnesia. Typically, even though they don't have a memory of their past, most people in Jennifer's situation are perfectly capable of making decisions affecting the present and the future.

STEPHANIE: So what you're saying is even though she doesn't have a memory of her past, she can still make decisions for herself?

MITCHELL: Essentially, yes.

DAVID: Mitch, is there any kind of clinical and/or legal proof of this?

MITCHELL: There's all kinds of clinical and legal proof David. On top of that, there's a mountain of case law supporting it.

MARCIE: But it's possible that if her judgement is influenced by umm...."outside sources", her judgement can be clouded, can it?

MITCHELL: Yes, but the same can be said for any of us.

DAVID (wanting to get to the point): Alright....Alright.....Alright. What are our chances of stopping this thing from airing at all Mitch?

MITCHELL: On the surface, I'd have to say slim and none with slim halfway out the door.

MARCIE (Not happy at the news she's hearing): Alright look, let's do it this way. Mitch, you and Stephanie iron this thing out from where the two of you are. We know you'll do what's best. Keep us posted though.

MITHCELL: They want us to handle it and keep them posted.

Mitchell hands the phone back to Stephanie

STEPHANIE: Yeah guys, will do.....

Stephanie hangs up the phone.

Meanwhile back at the police station....

MARCIE: I'm sure Mitchell & Stephanie will work something out.

Marcie suddenly has a chilling thought

MARCIE: Ohh my god.

DAVID (Noticing how terrified Marcie is looking): What?

MARCIE: BRAD. He's down there. Someone needs to tell HIM.

DAVID (Realizing the magnitude of the new problem and getting a nauseating feeling): Ohh brother.

Marcie starts to pick up the phone when Stacy frantically walks in. David & Marcie notice her and are a little surprised to see her.

STACY (To David & Marcie, almost scared): She called me.

MARCIE (To Stacy) Who called you?

STACY: That extortionist. I think I may recognize the voice.

DAVID (To Stacy): Who's voice do you think it is?

STACY: The woman who came to visit me last night.

David & Marcie look at each other as if a HUGE break in the case just dropped in their laps.



* Stacy got a call from someone who wants money from her. Is it Cassandra as David & Marcie suspect?

* More on the Hurricane headed for Cedarville

* Tony & Tyrone prepare to drag Leo to the airport.

* Cassandra plots her next move.

Cue ATS Short Open & Close

See you all next time :-)

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