Monday, December 26, 2005

Episode 22 - Racism Hits Cedarville

SCENE ONE - Cedarville High School - 3rd Floor Hallway

Aruba is walking down the hallway en route to his next class when he is approached by a bunch of fellow students who he knows have been trying to racially bully and taunt him. While he's managed to avoid conflict with them to this point, he's found it increasingly hard to keep doing so each& every time he runs into them. Mostly because they keep rattling his cage just a little harder every chance they get

BULLY #1 (As Aruba approaches the group and tauntingly) - Where do you think you are going?

ARUBA (Responding to the question, but wanting to avoid conflict) - I'm heading to class. Excuse me.

BULLY #1 (Chuckling with sarcasm) Ohh really? (Now laughing) Listen to this. This towel head thinks he's gonna go to class here?? Hahahaha! Why don't you go back to that wee little Third World Middle Eastern crawl space you came from and get your education there??? Hahahaha!

The other student bullies also laugh and call Aruba names. Aruba tries to look disinterested and unamused, yet wanting to just simply get to his next class before the tardy bell rings

Meanwhile at Clarita's Fancy Furniture store, we find Detectives David & Marcie Grant on the case of what appears to be a case of burglary and vandalism. Damaged and destroyed furniture can be seen everywhere. They suspect the motive might be brought on by hate.

DAVID (To Clarita) - And you don't know of anybody who would do this?

CLARITA - Of course not. We are good people. We wish no one any harm. I go out to lunch and come back to this.

DAVID - Where did you go for lunch?

CLARITA - There's a little restaurant just up the street.

DAVID - Does anyone man the store while you're out?

CLARITA (Thinking she understood David's question) - No one.

DAVID - I see.

Just as David was getting ready to ask another question, Marcie calls out.

MARCIE (Calling out from an adjacent room) - DAVID...

DAVID (To Clarita) - Just a minute. I'll be back.

(David then rushes to where Marcie is)

DAVID (To Marcie) - What have you got?

MARCIE (Referring to a bed with graffiti sprayed on the head board) - Looks like this confirms our theory.

The graffiti on the head board says DEATH TO TOWELS and is sprayed with red paint and made to look like blood when spattered on a wall or other vertically displayed surface. There is also a bath towel with red paint spattered on it hanging on the head board.

DAVID (In response to the grusome discovery) - Better get the Feds.


As we fade to black to roll credits, we see the graffitied head board as a dramatic musical lead-in emerges from the background.

CUE ATS STANDARD OPEN (Windows Media Player link)

Back at Cedarville High School, we pick up the scene with Aruba being confronted by a gang of students who are trying to bully him into missing his next class by taunting him and trying to entice a physical confrontation

ARUBA (Trying to be polite) - Excuse me. I'm trying to get to class.

BULLY #1 - And I say you ain't goin'.

ARUBA - Please. I don't want to have to physically move you out of the way.

Bully #1, who's real name is Ted Jr., sarcastically mocks Aruba

BULLY #2 (Referring to Aruba's backpack and doing so sarcastically) - Say hey, you ain't got no bomb in there, do you?

BULLY #1/TED JR. - Naah....He ain't got no bomb. He can't blow nothin' up.

ARUBA (Gettinmg frustrated but trying to remain polite) - Look, all I wanna do is get to class.

Bully #4 sarcastically mocks Aruba as the tardy bell rings

ARUBA - See? Now I'm late and I don't even have a pass.

The gang of students act as though they feel sorry for him, when in reality they don't

BULLY #3 - Ohh...We feel soo sorry for you. Here....Let me help you carry your books. Afterall, we don't want you to get into trouble, now do we boys?

All the students respond as though they can see what's about to happen next

BULLY #3 - There now.

Just as Aruba feels that he will finally get safe passage to his next class, to which he is already tardy for, Bully #3 intentionally drops the small stack of books and notepad that Aruba had been carrying just moments earlier. As a result, papers scatter on the floor everywhere.

Aruba's eyes start to bulge with anger and the students each laugh at him in a taunting manner. Just then, John Beasley, the school' s principal, sees the confrontation and attempts to put a stop to it.

JOHN (As he appoaches the group) - Alright....Alright. Break it up. Break it up.

BULLY #5 (Pointing at Aruba as he attempts to put the blame on Aruba) - The towel started it. He always does.

BULLY #6 (Reitering what Bully #5 just said) - Yeah. He's a fuckin' troublemaker.

The rest of the group all simultaneously say the same thing

JOHN (Not caring who did what) - Well I don't care who did what to who or why. All I want is for this to be broken up (Noticing Aruba's pepers on the floor). And for these papers to be picked up. I don't care how it gets done.

The group complies with Principal Beasley's request and disperses, leaving Aruba to pick up the papers himself.

JOHN (Continuing as Aruba picks up his papers) - Aruba, we've been down this road before ya know.

ARUBA (Non-chalantly, knowing he can't seem to convince Mr. Beasley of their lies) - They're lying. They started it.

JOHN - Well, I think you might wanna speak to your counselor.

ARUBA (Emphatic) - I don't need to speak to no counselor.

JOHN - I think you should.

ARUBA (Looking at Mr. Beasley as if to say "KISS OFF", having picked up the papers that were on the floor) - I need to get to class. I'm late as it is.

Mr. Beasley shakes his head in concern for Aruba and lets him go knowing that he'll see him again in the office anyway since he'll need to get a pass for being late to class

SCENE TWO - Stanley Finch's Office

When we left off, our kniving Cassandra Whitmore had just presented her case to attorney Stanley A. Finch, who is skeptical over her having a winnable case. As we pick up the scene now, the two of them are just winding down their meeting.

STANLEY (Trying to end the meeting) - Well thank you Ms. Whitmore. I'll review what you've told me so far and see what I can do.

CASSANDRA (Feeling confident that her case is in good hands) - Well then, I think you'll find you can do quite a lot.

STANLEY - I hope so.

Cassandra heads for the door

STANLEY (Wanting to see politely Cassandra out the door) - Here, let me get that.

Cassandra walks out the door into the lobby as Stanley holds it open and peeks his head out and tells his secretary that he's ready for his next appointment. Just as Cassandra opens the door leading to the hallway, she finds Debbie on the outside about to walk in

CASSANDRA (Shocked and surprised) - Ohh great. What the fuck are you doing here?

DEBBIE (Batting her eyes like Ms. Goody Two Shoes) - Funny. I was just about to ask the same thing of you.

CASSANDRA (Copping an attitude as she wonders why Debbie is at Stanley's office) - What the hell do you want?

DEBBIE (Detecting Cassandra's pompance and arrogance) - Well...Nothing from you. What the hell are you doing here?

CASSANDRA (Referring to the sign on the outside) - Well, last time I checked, this is an attorney's office.

DEBBIE (Sarcastic) - Since when did you need an attorney?

Debbie then sees Stanley emerge from his office and notices his good looks.

DEBBIE (Continuing with pangs of jealousy and referring to Stanley) - I see you dug your claws into another one.

CASSANDRA (Perplexed) - What the hell are you talking about?

DEBBIE (Sarcastically quizzing Cassandra) - Stanley A. Finch?

CASSANDRA (Clueless as to what Debbie is driving at) - So...What if he is?

DEBBIE - Hymph....A man with those looks can't possibly be single. I pity his wife.

CASSANDRA (Still perplexed) - I still don't know what the hell you're talking about. Then again, you never do.

DEBBIE - How long have you been in bed with him? How often? You sure know how to pick 'em. Then again, sluts like you always do.

CASSANDRA - We just met. Besides, my love life isn't any of your fuckin' business anyway.

DEBBIE - Except when it affects mine.

CASSANDRA - Well, for what it may be worth to you, our relationship is strictly professional.

DEBBIE - For now. But I'd be willing to bet that before long, you'll have him in bed all curled up next to you just like you did with Leo.

CASSANDRA - Yeah. Well in case you've forgotten, WE BOTH had Leo in our grasp. So you're no innocent angel either.

DEBBIE - Maybe not. But if you think I'm gonna let you get your slutty hands on Leo's estate, YOU HAVE ANOTHER THOUGHT COMING MISSY.

CASSANDRA - Well, for your information, this attorney is spoken for. If you want to pursue a case for your own interests, you'll have to hire another attorney.

DEBBIE (Thumbs her nose up) - Hymph...That's obvious. Well okay. If I must hire another another attorney, then so be it. Ohh well. I tried.

CASSANDRA - I'm so sorry I beat you to your "dream attorney". I really am.

DEBBIE (Sarcastically) - Right. Whatever you say.

Debbie leaves Stanley's office. Cassandra exits the office and heads down the hallway in the opposite direction as the scene ends.

SCENE THREE - Clarita's Fancy Furniture

The FBI has now arrived and is now asking the same questions David & Marcie were. Just then, Clarita's husband Khalil, whom Clarita also called, has just arrived.

KHALIL (Rushing inside to comfort Clarita) - Darling, I got your message and came here as fast as I could.

FBI AGENT #1 (Not knowing that Khalil is Clarita's husband) - Excuse me sir, you'll have to leave.

CLARITA (Vouching for Khalil) - It's okay. He's my husband.

FBI Agent #1 returns to his work. But David turns to question Khalil.

DAVID - Mr. Al Faheed?

KHALIL (To David) Yes...

KHALIL (Doubtful of his ability to offer any more information than Clarita already has) - I doubt I could offer anything more than what my wife has already given you.

DAVID (Insisting on questioning Khalil) - Well then you won't if I ask the same questions of you then...

KHALIL (Reluctant but willing) - If you insist.

DAVID - Good. Let's step over here.

David & Khalil step over towards the front door to talk amongst themselves. David again whips out his pen & notepad. This time to take Khalil's statement.

DAVID - Do you know of anyone who would do this?

KHALIL - Not at all.

DAVID - Have you and/or your wife been the recipients of such things as death threats, prank calls, things of that nature?


DAVID - Would you happen to know who mans the store when your wife is out?

KHALIL - She has an assistant. But that person is Arabic as well.

David momentarily looks stunned since Clarita told him just a few minutes earlier that she didn't have an assistant, but doesn't mention it to Khalil

DAVID (Continuing his current line of questioning even though he think one of them may be mistaken about the assistant) - Would the assistant know of anyone capable of doing anything like this?

KHALIL - I wouldn't know.

DAVID - What sort of work do you do?

KHALIL (wondering what that has to do with Clarita's business being vandalized) - I'm in the construction business. I run a construction company. Why?

DAVID - Would anyone that you've hired be capable or know of someone who is capable of doing this?

KHALIL (Mildly vehement, but understanding as to why David would ask such a question) - No. Absolutely not. I do not hire people who who do not treat Muslims the same way they themselves would like to be treated.

DAVID - Have you ever had to fire anybody?

KHALIL - No. Fortunately not.

DAVID - Has your wife?

KHALIL - No. Not to my knowledge. The only assistant she's ever had is the one that's apparently not here today.

DAVID - Did she tell you where she thought her assistant might be?

KHALIL - She mentioned something about her being out sick. I don't know. I don't really keep tabs on my wife.

DAVID - Okay. Finally....Out of curiosity, why does your wife have an assistant.

KHALIL - The answer to that is self-explainatory. My wife and her assistant look after one another during the course of the business day. I'm sure as you can well understand considering the circumstances the world is in, being Muslims in America is quite problematic at best.

DAVID - Yes of course. Well thank you. Do stick around though. The FBI may have some questions for you.

KHALIL - Of course. I have no intention of going anywhere.

DAVID - Good.

David walks off in a hunt for Clarita while Khalil tries to find a place to sit down and make himself as comfortable as can be in all the mess

SCENE FOUR - Stacy's House - Bedroom

When we last left these two, they were wildly making love in the living room. Well, now they've somehow made their way to the bedroom where they are about to consummate the relationship neither knew they really had.

STACY (Staring into Brad's eyes and whispering lustfully as Brad caresses her cheeks) - I love you.

BRAD - (Feeling relieved to hear those words from Stacy as he stares into her eyes and caresses her cheeks and lustfully whispering) - Ohh god. You don't know how much I've been wanting you to say those words to me. How long I have waited for you.

STACY (Lustful whisper) - Yeah I do. FAR too long. Make love to me.

BRAD (Lustful whisper) - I've always wanted you. Admired your beauty. Admired everything about you. You're like my princess. My royal princess. And I'm the peasant.

BRAD (Lustful whisper and shaking her head somewhat) - No you're not. You're the prince I've been looking for. I give myself to you. Make love to me.

Stacy begins to unbutton Brad's shirt as Brad's knees turn to rubber. He responds by lifting her blouse and her bra. They next resort to kissing passionately and eventually fall onto the bed. As the music track STILL by Allan Richard Feliciano (Windows Media Player link) begins, Brad falls forward as he holds Stacy's head from behind. Stacy falls backwards as she holds her arms out and up as though she's pulling him down on top of her. Both are lustfully and passionately staring into each other's they fall. They then start their lovemaking affair on the bed

You can find the work of Allan Richard Feliciano on the PodSafe Music Network simply by clicking here

As the music plays, we see Brad & Stacy at various times in reminiscing fashion. Some memories as recent as during Leo's last deployment while others going as far back as their High School days when the two of them couldn't be any more incompatible as Brad just loved to drive Stacy up the walls with his joking around and being the class show-off, though deep down inside, she really had a crush on him, but she would never admit it. Between each momory clip, we see the two of them kissing, making love, and now even having sex as both are in their own little world of paradise all to themselves. As the music ends, Brad & Stacy just stare at each other and smile as they climb down from their joint personal high and return tgo Earth. Brad, now exhausted, then rolls over on the bed next to Stacy and takes a HUGE breath as his head hits the pillow.

SCENE FIVE - Mr. Gamble's Corner Grocery Store

As indicated in Episode 20, Trish & Michael are planning an evening together. But while Michael was at work, she discovers that the couple needs a few basic items for their nightcap and the morning after. As we pick up the scene, we see she has run an errand to address these needs by heading to the corner grocery store near their apartment. As we join in, she is at the store now

MR. GAMBLE (Noticing the fine wine she is purchasing) - Ahh...1957. Good year.

TRISH - I thought so. You've always been a good wine expert.

MR. GAMBLE (Trying to be nosy) - You two....Umm...Goin' out tonight by any chance?

Trish blushingly looks at Mr. Gamble and giggles as if to say "That's none of your business"

MR. GAMBLE (Sensing he's right, but getting the obvious underlying message) - Well then...I've got just the thing.

Just as Mr. Gamble goes towards the back of the store, three suspicious looking men enter. All three look like thugs and are casing the place. Mr. Gamble then returns.

MR GAMBLE (Thinking the three men are simply more customers) - I'll be with you guys in a minute.

None of them look as though they are paying any attention to Mr. Gamble, but one of them has his eyes on Trish as he gazes at her rather sexually

MR. GAMBLE (Returning to serve Trish and holding up what appears to be a pre-cooked roasted duck) - Pre-cooked roasted duck.

TRISH (Feeling grossed out and looking it) - Umm....Ehh....We're going out.

MR. GAMBLE (Disappointed, but not neccessarily feeling rejected) - Well okay....Just tryin' to help.

TRISH (Trying to find a polite way to say "THANKS, BUT NO THANKS") - Thanks, but I think I'll just get the milk and eggs and be moving right along. I see you've moved things around again. Where'd you say the dairy aisle was?

MR. GAMBLE (Giving directions to Trish) - As you turn around, it's the far aisle on your right. Right up against the wall.

One of the thugs closest to the counter stalls for time by acting as though he's on the phone. In doing so, he keeps his eye on Trish. Once Trish has opened the case where the eggs, he ends the bogus phone call by closing the flap on his phone

MR. GAMBLE (Noticing the man is off the phone and with the duck still on the counter) - Sorry 'bout that. Can I help you now?

THUG #1 (Noticing the duck as he walks up to the counter as he approaches) - Yeah. I'll take that roasted duck - (Whipping out a .45 caliber pistol) AND YOUR MONEY This is a stick up

Mr Gamble looks aghast at what is happening in front of him. Meanwhile, Trish drops the carton of eggs she was holding at the sheer horror of what she just heard, though neither of the thugs hear the carton hit the floor. Trying to remain calm through her now-obvious frantic state, but trying not to panic, she quietly tries sneaking out the front door, keeping her eyes transfixed on the action at the counter as she does so, but one of the other thugs comes at her from the blindside and catches her just as she was leaving

THUG #2 (To Trish as he gazes up and down admiringly as Trish's body figure and devilishly grinning from ear to ear) - Goin' somewhere sweetie?

Trish stares back at Thug #2 in horror, knowing she's been caught at escaping, but not knowing what will happen next


* Trish is in danger. But will Michael even notice?

* Khalil & Clarita meet with Principal Beasley to discuss Aruba's problems in school

* Cassandra gets some news that will affect her next move. What is it?

* A parent of one of the bullies proves to be anything BUT parental. Could this be the lead David & Marcie are looking for?


Cue instrumentals of "STILL" by Allan Richard Felicano as we see, this time from a ceiling vantage point, Brad & Stacy in yet another round of lovemaking while credits roll

Monday, December 19, 2005

Episode 21 - Confessions

SCENE ONE - Just outside Fort Cedar

In our last Episode, Stacy had just came across a group of women trying to organize a protest rally to protest the war. As we pick up the scene, Stacy has just been asked to join in. Let's read...

STACY (In shock at what she's seeing) - This is absolutely insane.

MONICA - No it's not.

SARAH (With a shocked look on her face) - You, of all people, should know that the government is covering up the real reason why our husbands and children were sent over there. I'm shocked.

STACY (Shocked & Disgusted) - I'm shocked that you guys are even attempting this. Talk about spitting on their graves.

KELLY (Stunned at Stacy's comment) - Stace, our husbands fought and died to give us the chance to hang onto the right to hold this rally. How is THAT spitting on their graves?

STACY - It just is.

TAMARA (Arriving out of the blue, taking Stacy by surprise) - Stacy, you and I both know that the reasons why the war in Iraq were all bogus to begin with. Now, look at the end result. Iraq had NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the attack on this country, yet our government insists they played a role. I say prove it. THAT is why we're here holding this rally. It's
time to bring our troops home. It's time to bring our husbands home. WAY....WAY too many of our loved ones have died already.

STACY (Shaking her head and looking at Tamara with a feeling of self-centeredness and disgust on her face) - That is so self-centered. You all disgust me. Our government is telling us the truth.

Stacy begins to walk away even though she begins to wonder about that last statement and Monica sees it.

MONICA - (Shouting out at Stacy in the hopes she gets through to her) - You're in a state of denial if you believe that.

Stacy stops dead in her tracks knowing she had been caught saying something she didn't completely believe, but wasn't completely convinced otherwise. She eventually turns around to kook at Monica.

KELLY - Care to join us now Stacy?

Just then, another woman, Debbie, enters the scene. Tamara sees her and attempts to introduce her to Stacy.

DEBBIE - Hey girls. (Noticing Stacy) - Well...Who do we have here?

TAMARA (Looking halfway at Stacy, halfway at Debbie) - Hopefully a new member of our group. Debbie, I'd like you to meet Stacy. Stacy....Debbie.

DEBBIE (Cheerfully & with a smile as she shakes Stacy's hand) - Hi.

STACY (Non-Chalantly and without hardly any emotion at all as she shakes Debbie's hand) - Hi.

TAMARA - Well....I'll leave the two of you alone to get acquainted. Turning and now looking at Debbie - I've got some signs to finish putting together.

Tamara waves at Stacy as she leaves to tend to the signs laying on the ground not far from her.

DEBBIE (Smiling at Tamara as she leaves and in her usual soft nearly squealy voice) - Okay. (Turning back to Stacy) - So....You're the newbie everyone back in support group has been talking about....

STACY - (Feeling dubiously honored, yet otherwise not very special and shrugging her shoulders, flailing her arms in the air) - Live and in person...

KELLY - She's not convinced that what we're doing is the right thing.

Stacy looks at Kelly as if to say "Thank you very much, now mind your own fuckin' business...." Kelly reponds by going back to what she was doing.

DEBBIE (Shocked) - You're not?? Why??

STACY - I just think you guys are spitting on your husband's graves - MY husband's grave - by doing this. I mean if Leo were here....

DEBBIE (Intentionally interrupting Stacy) - He'd SUPPORT it. Why? Because he would know it's how we feel.

STACY - (Shaking her head but not surprised by Debbie's comment about Leo's possible thoughts on the pending rally) - You don't know Leo then.

DEBBIE (Making Stacy an offer) - Well then, maybe the two of us should go have a cup of coffee somewhere so we can discuss this and hopefully convince you to join us. How 'bout it?

STACY (Shaking her head with a smirk on her face) - I honestly don't know why I'm doing this...

DEBBIE - Trust me. You won't be making a mistake. (To Kelly) - Kelly, you and the rest of the girls make sure Stacy has a sign. Even if you have to use one of the extras.

KELLY (Acknowledging Debbie's comments despite not even looking at her) - Got it chief.

DEBBIE (Back to Stacy) - C'mon. The Star Burst Coffee House is just right down the street. Let's go in there for our cup of coffee. Then we'll talk...

STACY (Still wondering why she's even bothering to go with Debbie and still shaking her head with a smirk on her face) - Like I said....I don't know why I'm even doing this....I must be losing it...

Debbie & Stacy walk away from the rest of the group.

SCENE TWO - Crime Scene At Liquor Store

Cedarville PD Detectives David & Marcie Grant have just arrived at a crime scene involving the robbery of a liquor store resulting in the serious injury of the store owner. As we pick up the scene, David & Marcie are exiting their vehicle just as the injured owner is being placed into a waiting ambulance.

DAVID (To one of the patrol officers who took a statement) - What have we got here?

PATROLMAN (Responding to David's question) - We got a robbery. Took the cash. Cleaned out the ATM. The whole nine yards.

MARCIE - We saw someone being put in an ambulance. Any witnesses? How'd it all go down?

PATROLMAN - Yeah. The guy in the ambulance is the store owner. Was beaten up pretty badly. Other than that, he's okay though. Got one witness, but she ain't talkin' You know HEAR No Evil....SEE No Evil if ya know what I mean.

The patrolman acts as though he's giving out a hint that the witness isn't a very cooperative one.

DAVID - (Rolling his eyes in the back of his head and sighs with a smirk on his face) - Uhh....Huh. WON-DER-FUL. Anything else?

PATROLMAN - Like I said, she ain't talkin'.

MARCIE - Determined to talk to the witness - Ohh really?? We'll just see about that. Point her out to me.

DAVID - Anything else?

PATROLMAN (To Marcie) - Be my guest. My partner and I have been trying to get her to talk for the last 10 to 15 minutes. (To David) - Aside from that, just your usual convienence store robbery.

DAVID - Thanks.

PATROLMAN - You bet. Anytime.

The patrolman points out the witness to David & Marcie. It is someone they know very well from all the run-ins with the law that the person has had with them. The witness is dressed as a prostitute and is a WELL known "Regular Resident Visitor" to the Cedarville PD & City Jail. As Marcie rapidly approaches the witness with David not far behind in tow, we hear the witness say that she was just simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, though is thankful the robbers presumably never saw her

MARCIE (As she & David shows her badge & approaches the witness and talking sarcastically) - Well....Well....Well....If it isn't the city tramp herself, Shannon Westbrook...What happened Shannon? Did you get lost on your way home somehow? Or did that pimp of yours finally get tired of you and decide to dump you?

SHANNON (Recognizing David, who ultimately shows his badge, & Marcie & knowing that she's on her way to jail now for the way she's dressed as she grumbles to herself) - Ohh No...I wish you would...

DAVID - Shannon, we understand you were a witness in this robbery.

SHANNON (In her usual street-smart attitude) - Yeah, so what if I was?

MARCIE - So how 'bout you stop with the attitude and tell us what went down...

SHANNON (Continuing on in her street-smart attitude and looking at Marcie from the ground up as she thumbs her nose at Marcie) - Forget you bitch. I ain't tellin' you pigs nothin'

As Shannon tries to walk away by walking across the street in the middle of it, Marcie slams Shannon against the hood of a parked car and threatens to handcuff Shannon by holding both of her writsts. The left one behind her back while the right one is on the hood of the car with Marcie's hand wrapped around it as Marcie leans forward and just off to the right facing Shannon's right ear.

MARCIE (Almost yelling given the close proximity of her mouth to Shannon's right ear) - You've got a choice missy. You can either tell us what we want to know RIGHT HERE & NOW or we'll haul your ass in and charge you with prostitution. (Now sarcastic and waving her head in several directions) - Ohh yeah, while we're at it, we'll also ticket you with a moving violation and tack on the charge of hindering a police investigation as well - just for grins. YOUR choice missy.

Shannon looks over to her right to see Marcie sarcastically grinning from ear to ear. Meanwhile David just looks at Shannon and smiles almost laughingly at her predictament.

SHANNON (Stunned & shocked as she questions the legality of Marcie being able to carry out her threat and being responding to the allegations in in (again!) her street-smart attitude) - Prostitution? Moving violation? Hinder a Pig Investigation? Gimme a fuckin' break. (To the people around her) - Did anybody here see me solicit anyone for sex or violate a move OR hinder a cop investigation?

No one bothers to pay attention, much less answer her question, as everyone is watching the unfolding scene down the street back at the store.

SHANNON (Noticing the response to her three-part question after only a few seconds and in her usual street-smart attitude) - Nope. Don't look like it to me.

DAVID - You did try to cross the street while in the middle of it Shannon. You're also a known prostitute. Hell, you even look the part. Just look at yourself. Even Actress Lindsey Lohan owns less skimpier and provocative outfits than the one you've got on.

Marcie lets up on Shannon after frisking her, putting everyting she pulls out of Shannon's pockets onto the hood of the car and then back in once the pocket is cleared of all objects and no illegal contraband has been revealed, but she and David continue to keep Shannon cornered just in case she tries to bolt again.

MARCIE - One of these days....YOU ARE GOING TO GET HURT - OR WORSE KILLED. How many times have we told you this now? Fifty? Sixty? Seventy? How many times Shannon?

SHANNON (Knowing she's been told so many timess that she doesn't even remember anymore) - More times than I care to remember.

DAVID - Yeah? How do you think that looks on your rap sheet, huh?

MARCIE (Continuing her lecture to Shannon) - And given that attitude of yours, you become less believable and credible every day. And to think you wonder why David & I don't come to you when we're looking for CI's....

David shakes his head as he just looks at Shannon.

DAVID (Walking up to Shannon's left side) - One of these days Shannon, we're find YOUR CORPSE in a dumpster. Now, how do you think your loved ones are going to react when we tell them that you were killed because you were a hooker who's also a known small-time junkie?

Shannon looks at Marcie for a sympathetic look, but doesn't get one. In fact, Marcie looks at her as if to say "Don't look at me".

SHANNON (Getting agitated & feeling harrassed) - Man...I thought you two wanted to talk to me about the robbery.

DAVID (With a smirk on the left side of his face and raising his eyebrows) - Yeah we do.

MARCIE - So start talkin'

David & Marcie are all ears as David prepares to write down what Shannon says while he and Marcie continue to ask questions, but Shannon has other ideas.

SCENE THREE - Cedarville High School - 2nd Floor Hallway

It is now over an hour later and 2nd period classes have just finished. As we pick up the scene, Aruba Al Faheed is at his locker swapping books and other stuff needed for his next class when he is approached by some of his friends, who are trying to get him involved with some school activities. Among them is his girlfriend Ashleigh Wright, who's been hoping that Aruba would ask her out to the school prom. Meanwhile, some other students, who many believe to be "outcasts" amongst the school's student population, have taken a more discreet, if not "clandestine"
approach as they look on nearby and wonder if Aruba is just as loyal to THEM as he is to his other, more "normal" friends.

ASHLEIGH (Smiling at Aruba, who is her boyfriend, as she approaches) - Hey there sweetie.

ARUBA (Responding in a depressed & uncheerful manner as he continues to sort his books) - Hey babe.

ASHLEIGH - (Noticing Aruba's obvious depressed look) - What's up? I can tell what isn't

ARUBA - Still depressed & uncheerful - Not much.

ASHLEIGH (Being intentionally nosy to get to the bottom of Aruba's troubles) - Did you have another fight with your parents?

ARUBA (Adamant & wanting Ashleigh to stop bugging him) - I don't wanna talk about it.

ASHLEIGH (Getting the message & backing off) - Okay....Okay. Sorry I asked...

ARUBA (Apologizing for yelling at the girl he loves so deeply) - No. I'm sorry babe. It's just this....'thing'.

ASHLEIGH - (Now not even knowing what Aruba's even talking about) - What "thing'? She shakes her head Aruba....What are you talking about?

ARUBA - (Trying to brush it off as insignificant) - 'Tis nothing.

ASHLEIGH - Well obviously it has to be something or you wouldn't be so....."down" about it.

ARUBA - Told ya it's nothin'.

ASHLEIGH (Knowing that something is up, but realizes she and Aruba must get out of the hallway before the Hall Monitors catch them) - Tell ya what, why don't we skip this class and go into the cafeteria and talk about it.

ARUBA (Who would love nothing more than to skip his next class as its one he's had dozens of times before and knows the teacher generally doesn't mind if students skip out on class on occasion) - The cafeteria??? We'll most assuredly be caught there.

ASHLEIGH (Knowing that Aruba's right) - Ooo...You're right. Tell ya what. Meet me outside by the oak tree.

ARUBA - Why?

ASHLEIGH (Getting closer and intimate & smiling as she speaks in a soft-tone voice) - Well...I thought I would take your mind off whatever is troubling you and talk about more pleasant things. Like the prom.

Aruba feels Ashleigh working her hands up and down his body and beginning to feel aroused.

ARUBA (Smiling & knowing just EXACTLY what Ashleigh wants and knowing it's something he's been wanting to do with her ever since they first met) - Yeah. All right. Meet ya there.

Ashleigh & Aruba part ways. Meanwhile, some of Aruba's friends, who have and share the lockers around him, all joke around with him as they gather their books and head for class.

SCENE FOUR - The Law Offices of Stanley A. Finch

Cassandra Whitmore has gone to see attorney Stanley A. Finch. But what for? As we pick up the scene, she is just arriving for her appointment.

CASSANDRA (To the receptionist) - Excuse me, I'm here to see a Mr. Finch.

RECEPTIONIST (Thumbing through the appointment book) - And your name is...

CASSANDRA - Whitmore. Cassandra Whitmore.

RECEPTIONIST (Looking for Cassandra's name in the book & mumbling to herself in a whisper) - Whitmore....Whit...Ohh yes...Here it is. Have a seat.

Cassandra thanks the receptionist and takes a seat in the waiting room. Just as she does & as the receptionist was going to call Mr. Finch to inform him of Cassandra's arrival, he emerges from his office with a client as they finish their conversation.

RECEPTIONIST (Just catching Mr. Finch before he closed the door) - Excuse me Mr. Finch, but your 11 o' clock is here.

STANLEY - Send 'em in.

The receptionist directs Cassandra into Stanley's office and closes the door behind Cassandra as she leaves the two alone.

STANLEY - What can I do you for, Ms....

CASSANDRA (Answering his question by introducing herself) - Whitmore. Cassandra Whitmore. (Inquisitively in the hopes of jogging Stanley's moemory) I believe we spoke on the phone this morning?

STANLEY - Ahh yes. I remember now. You want to stake a claim towards someone else's estate. Correct?



CASSANDRA (Fumbling for an answer out of embarrassment over what she did that involved the person who's name is on the estate) - Well....You see, it's because the deceased is the biological father of my son.

STANLEY - Ohh...I see. And how do you know this?

CASSANDRA - Well...You could say that I was fortunate enough to stumble across a "sympathetic ear" as it were in the personnel lab on base.

Stanley is taking copious notes on his legal pad.

STANLEY - Uhh huh. And this person with a "sympathetic ear" as you put it fits in HOW? What did you say or do? Did you threaten him or her?

CASSANDRA - I didn't threaten her. I just simply told her my story and what I planned to do once I got stateside. After I was done, she was all to eager to give it to me.

STANLEY - Give what to you?

CASSANDRA - A sample of his DNA.

Stanley is shocked and rolls his eyes in the back of his head in disgust at Cassandra's stupidity as he now knows that if he takes her case, he'll have to contend with privacy issues.

STANLEY (Fearing she may have done the worst) - PLEASE tell me you didn't accept it.

She nods in a manner indicative that she did accept it.

STANLEY (Collecting himself) - Okay...Putting aside for a second how this DNA sample was obtained, I have but three questions to ask. 1). Whose DNA is it 2). Who gave you the DNA sample and 3). Can this person be counted on as a reliable witness?

CASSANDRA (Trying to answer Stanley's question, but also trying to keep the identity of her "friend" a secret until she has enough confidence in revealing it to him) - Well, I'll put this way. I think by the time you get through talking to the person who gave me the DNA sample, you'll find that the person whose name is on the estate was a real Johnny Appleseed.

STANLEY - That doesn't answer my questions, Ms. Whitmore.

CASSANDRA - Well...Since you put it that way....The DNA sample is from Leo McFadden. The person who gave me the DNA sample is on this piece of paper. (She hands him a sheet of paper containing the name, address, and phone number of Deborah Stevens) I promised her I wouldn't give it out unless I felt it could benefit the both of us.

Stanley examines the piece of paper with a bit of cynicism and a smirk on his face.

STANLEY - And you believe her to be credible.

CASSANDRA - Yes sir, I do.

Meanwhile...We now pick up the scene at The Commissary pub on Fort Cedar, where we see Deborah enjoying a drink after the protest and rally she attended on base.

SCENE FIVE - Fort Cedar - Commisary Pub

As we pick up the scene in earnest, Monica has approached Debbie (who was the woman alluded to as the woman Cassandra Whitmore got the DNA sample from while working for the base personnel lab in Iraq) to chat with her about her chat with Stacy at the Star Burst.

MONICA - I see you talked her into attending the rally. She was quite the trooper out there.

DEBBIE - Yeah, but to be honest with you, I wasn't very comfortable about doing it, ya know. I was kinda hoping that one of you other girls would've done it instead.

MONICA - Ohh...I see. You mean so you wouldn't have to tell her about that little "tiltilating tryst" that you and Leo had?

DEBBIE - Ohh...You mean that little "tryst" as you put it that conceived my little daughter Tess? I couldn't tell her that. I couldn't bring myself to do it.

MONICA (Being blint) - Well what about your husband? I mean, sooner or later, he's gonna put two and two together and quickly realize that little Tess doesn't look anywhere like him.
And when he does, he's gonna have some questions to which you had better have answers to because it's not like you had kids before you met Doug, ya know.

DEBBIE (Feeling threatened) - Well let him ask them!
I don't need you breaking the news to him. And I also don't need you bugging me about it either.

MONICA - Well I am gonna keep bugging you about it because both of you are my friends and right now, you're hurting him. And i don't like that.

DEBBIE (Not wanting to deal with Monica's interrogation anymore) - Butt out. Just BUTT OUT.

MONICA (Being blunt) - I can't butt out. As I just said, I consider the both of you my friends. And I'll be damned if I'm gonna just sit idly by as you rip his heart out 'cause that's
EXACTLY what're doing. Ripping his heart out. And I won't stand for it.

DEBBIE (Feeling threatened) - Are you threatening me? 'Cause if you are, it ain't working.

MONICA (Being blunt) - I'm not threatening you. I'm just telling it like it is.

DEBBIE - Well I don't see how it's any of your business. So BUTT OUT.

Debbie storms out of the bar

SCENE SIX - Detective Squad Room - Cedarville PD

When we last saw David & Marcie, they were getting a statement from an uncooperative eyewitness to the robbery of a liquor store (and somehow manage to get it). David then asks her (In the only way he knew how to ask such a witness like the one he had before him) if she could identify the perpetrator(s) and wouldn't mind coming down to the police station to identify him/her/them in mug shot books. As we pick up the scene, Shannon (the witness) is still being flippant with the lips as she along with David & Marcie, who just wish she would shut up and stop her blabbering, are about to enter the Detective Squad Room.

DAVID (Tired of listening to Shannon's blabbering) - Blah...Blah...Blah. Yadda.....Yadda....Yadda. C'mon, sit down and shut up.

One of the other detectives walks in and notices Shannon sitting at Marcie's desk

DETECTIVE (Being Sarcastic) - Well.....Well....Well. Look what the cat dragged in.

SHANNON (Being Equally Sarcastic as well as pompant and arrogant) - Ohh...No. Whatever...

DETECTIVE - What'd you do this time? Lemme take a guess. You offered to bang someone who turned out to be an undercover cop. Right?

Shannon looks at the detective as though she was telling him he didn't know what he was talking about and to mind his own business.

CAPTAIN SANCHEZ (Walking into the room & seeing the detective harrassing Shannon) - How 'bout you doing something that these two (Referring to David & Marcie) are trying to do. That is YOUR JOB??

MARCIE - Captain, this is the lone witness in the roberry.

CAPTAIN SANCHEZ - Okay. Come here for a second.

David & Marcie huddle up with the Captain

CAPTAIN SANCHEZ - Did anyone do a background check on her?

DAVID - Near as we could tell...No. Then again, we didn't ask.

CAPTAIN SANCHEZ - Did you do a background check on her?

MARCIE - Well we tried to, but NCIC was down.


DAVID - But Captain, she's our only witness.

CAPTAIN SANCHEZ - Consider it eliminating the obvious.

DAVID - Okay...

SCENE SEVEN - Stacy's House

Stacy McFadden has just returned home from the rally and protest at Fort Cedar and is busy with the house cleaning she had planned to do earlier. As we pick up the scene, she is seen dusting off a floor cabinet in the living room where she has some flowers. She is dusting the area where one of the flower vases was when the doorbell rings.

*DOORBELL* Ding dong

STACY (To whomever is on the other side of the door) - Coming. Just a minute.

Stacy moves the vase that had covered the area she had just dusted and then goes to answer the door. Meanwhile, the doorbell rings again.

*DOORBELL* Ding dong

STACY (A little aggrevated and wondering who it is who would want to see her so urgently as she walks briskly to the door) - Keep your shirt on, I'm coming.

She opens the door and finds Brad on the other side

STACY (Somewhat surprised) - Brad.

BRAD (Feeling nervous and wondering what Stacy is thinking) - Hello Stacy. Can I come in? We need to talk.

STACY (Feeling uncomfortable, but knowing she's eventually gonna have to address the issue of a future with Brad anyway) - Umm...Yeah....Sure. Come on in.

Brad walks inside. Stacy shuts the door behind him.

BRAD - Ya know, I just wanted to come over to....umm...apologize know....umm....set things straight. You know....Between us.

STACY - Brad, what on earth for?

BRAD - For blurting out that I loved you when I knew you weren't ready.

STACY - Well I appreciate that Brad, but you really didn't have to.

BRAD - Yeah I did.

STACY - You were just simply telling me how you felt. You should NEVER apologize for that or feel you have a need to. In fact, if ANYONE needs to apologize, it should be ME. I
should've been a little more sensitive.

BRAD - Stace, you were going through hell. I couldn't possibly expect you to accept my love confession.

STACY - But I'm not going through hell now. And I do accept your love confession. And I've been doing some thinking lately. I've been thinking that maybe I love you too.

BRAD (Somewhat surprised) - Really?

STACY - Yeah.

BRAD - What made you change your mind? I mean...Don't get me wrong....I'm glad you changed your mind. I'm just wondering what made you do it?

STACY - I got to thinking of all the times we were seeing each other - going out on dates, and the great times we had when Leo was alive and in Iraq over the holidays.

BRAD (Reminiscing) - Yeah. Those were fun times.

STACY - And then it hit me that I'd be fool if I were to let it all go to waste.

BRAD - What we had back then could never go to waste.

STACY - I know that now. But simple fact is Brad that it almost did and I shouldn't have let it get that far.

BRAD - Forget about it. The main thing is we're back together. We are back together, are we?

STACY (Reservedly, but with a smile) - Yeah.

BRAD (Somewhat surprised at the tone in which Stacy answered his question and detecting her reservation) - You say that with some reservation.

STACY - It's not that. It's just that I don't want to go too fast. I don't want to go too slow either. I think the latter is what almost killed what we had.

BRAD (Looking passionately into Stacy's eyes) - Yeah. I know. I guess what we really had wasn't just a friendship. But a relationship instead.

STACY ILooking passionately into Brad's eyes) - If it was, it was beautiful.

BRAD (Looking even more passionately into Stacy's eyes as he begins to move closer and talking in a near-whisper) - Maybe we can rekindle the magic.

STACY (Looking even more passionately into Brad's eyes as she begins to move closer and also talking in a near-whisper) - Maybe we can.

Brad & Stacy look passionately into each others eyes as they meet for the embrace and ensuing kiss. The first kiss being just a small one as the two of them take one more look into each others eyes, Stacy looking into Brad's eyes as if to say "YES, THIS FEELS RIGHT". Brad, sensing Stacy's desire, starts kissing her passionately

BRAD (Letting up from his kissing and whispering as he looks passionately into Stacy's eyes as he holds and caresses her cheeks as if she was a 1950s movie star while she looks at him passionately) - You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this moment to come.

STACY (Looking at Brad just as passionately and whispering back lustfully) - Yeah I do. It's been too long.

The two of them start kissing with an almost feverish manner. When the two let up, they both look down, then at each other again passionately. And then Brad starts kissing other parts of Stacy's body. Stacy looks up at the ceiling and is completely lost in delirious ecstasy.


* Trish & Michael have made plans for the evening, but something will happen that could change their lives FOREVER. What is it?

* Cassandra quickly discovers that she and Debbie aren't THE ONLY ones whom Leo has had an affair with. Will a cat fight ensue or will she they all band together
to gang up on Stacy?

* David & Marcie get some not-so-surprising information on Shannon that could damage what little credibility she has left as a witness. What is it?



Trish & Michael May Think They're Going On Another One Of Their Many Evening Dates.

But This Time, Something's About To Happen That Could Change Their Lives FOREVER.

Coming soon....

Monday, December 12, 2005

Episode 20 - Dawn Of A New Day

SCENE ONE - Stacy's Support Group Meeting

It's almost New Year's and the talk around Cedarville is how everyone hopes the New Year will be better than this past one. As we pick up the scene, we see Stacy's support group meeting, which she's gone to almost religiously since she finally admitted barely a month ago that she was having problems coping with his death, is winding down and she and her newly found friend Tamara are at the group snack table

TAMARA (Talking as we pick things up in mid-discussion): Trust me Stacy, it doesn't any easier.

STACY: I wish it did. Hopefully the New Year will change things.

TAMARA: The more things change, the more they stay the same. There's no escaping it. Even today, there are times I wish John were still alive. But he's not. He died serving our country. And for that, I'll never forget him.

STACY (Not even hearing Tamara's last two comments and thinking misinterpreting her comments to be "high & mighty"): Well at least John wasn't executed by a gang of thugging terrorists like Leo was. Ohh, but I suppose that would change things, wouldn't it?

Tamara has a look on her face that says "Excuse Me?"

TAMARA (Wondering where Stacy's comments were coming from, yet remaining calm): No he wasn't. But it doesn't make his death any less significant. They both died doing what they loved the most outside of us - serving their country by sacrificing themselves for our freedom. We should never forget that sis.

Tamara strolls off as Stacy shakes her head wishing everyone in the group would stop calling her "sis" or referring to her as their "sister"

SCENE TWO - The Al Faheed Household - Kitchen

Khalil al Faheed runs a construction business while his wife Clarita is the owner of a fancy furniture store specializing in Middle Eastern furniture. While his parents are the hard-working Arabs who have fled their homeland because of all the violence, their teenage son Aruba, on the other hand, is hell bent on joining a terrorist cell instead of joining the fighting forces who are fighting the very violence the Al Faheed's fled from. As we pick up the scene, it is the next day and Khalil and his family are all at the breakfast table talking as they consume the first meal of the day before heading out the door.

CLARITA (Trying to make conversation): Got a busy day today?

KHALIL (Responding while still chewing his food): Of course. It's busy every day.

CLARITA (Turning to her son): I hope you have some plans for today Aruba.

ARUBA: Yeah. I've got plans

KHALIL (Looking at Aruba as if to remind him of what he thinks of what Aruba has in mind): Not those plans.

ARUBA (Adamant and acting as though he thinks anything he does shouldn't be any of his parents' business) Yeah. Those plans

CLARITA (Worried & concerned): Ohh....But Aruba. You know how your father and I feel about the matter.

KHALIL (Before Aruba can respond): We disapprove & don't want you seeing those people again.

ARUBA (Rebellious): Yeah? Well I don't care what you approve or disapprove of father. They are my friends and I'll see them anytime I damn well please.

Khalil gets angry, goes around the table as Clarita pleads with him in an effort to keep the peace. Khalil simply goes around her and gets to Aruba, whom he picks up and holds in a threatening manner

KHALIL (Still grasping Aruba's shirt in a threatening manner as Aruba looks at him, almost fearful as Khalil grinds his teeth, shakely looks Aruba squarely in the eye and says the following): Now you listen to me. While you are living in our house - under our roof - You will follow our rules. Do I make myself clear?

ARUBA (His father still holding his shirt with both men seething): Go to hell traitor. Go to hell.

Aruba shoves Khalil in a manner that forces him to let go. Khalil and Clarita look at each other with fear (In Clarita's case), anger (In Khalil's case) and utter shock (Both of them) as Aruba storms out of the house, making certain he slams the door as he leaves.

Cue ATS Standard Open

SCENE THREE - Star Burst Coffee House

Brad is reading the paper when Claudia walks up.

CLAUDIA: Good Morning. Can I get you anything?

BRAD: No, I'm fine. Thanks.

CLAUDIA (Remembering him from the other day): Hopeless romantic huh?

BRAD (A little surprised): Excuse me?

CLAUDIA (Acting as though she's casually flirting with him): Been there myself. Know all the classic symptoms. Trust me, you've got 'em.

BRAD (Testing Claudia's knowledge): Well okay genius. Figure this one out. I'm in love with this woman who just lost her husband. Yet when I try to tell her, I just clam up. It's as though if I tell her, I run the risk of ruining the friendship we have and if I don't tell her, then I be left wondering what if. Ya know?

CLAUDIA: Yeah. But what does she think?

BRAD: Well...Every time we get together and talk, I try to subtlely nudge the conversation over to where I can put myself in a position to tell her. But every time I do, she backs away.


BRAD (Continuing): So one night, I just blurted it out. It wasn't subtle. It wasn't non-chalant. It just came out. It's as though I said it with no emotion. I've been trying to say it with emotion ever since, but she won't even let me get near her now. It's as if we're not on speaking terms now.

CLAUDIA: Well Brad, I think even you have to kind of admit that you took her by surprise.

BRAD: Yeah, but the thing is, it's been weeks since it happened. Until her husband was killed, we were pretty close - And getting closer.

CLAUDIA (Realizing who she & Brad are talking about): Wait a minute. We're not talking about Stacy here, are we?

BRAD (Curious as to why Claudia is acting the way she is): Yeah. What about it?

CLAUDIA (Rolling her eyes and shaking her head): Ohh my god Brad....Ohh my god...

Brad looks on with a stunned look on his face as if he's missing something.

SCENE FOUR - Trish & Michael's Place

Trish & Michael have also awakened and are also eating breakfast and making plans for the day when Michael's cell phone rings. As we pick up the scene, Michael has just picked up the phone and is about to answer it.NOTE: We only hear one end of the conversation

MICHAEL (To the person on the phone):Hello....Yeah....Didn't my office fax those over to you? They should've.

By this time, Trish, who's in a lovemaking mood, moves over to where Michael is and starts to give him a massage until Michael pauses his conversation with his client on the phone

MICHAEL (Annoyed at Trish's untimely massage): Excuse me please. (Now looking at Trish) Babe...Please....Later?

TRISH (Flirtatiously persuasive and leaning on his right shoulder): Mmmm....But I just wanna skip working today and spend the whole day with you my dear lover.

MICHAEL: You know I can't. You know I've got a couple big meetings today.

Trish remains unimpressed with Michael's excuse

MICHAEL (Hoping for forgiveness): Rain check?

TRISH: On one condition.

MICHAEL: What's that?

TRISH (Being very flirtatious now): That we have dinner by candlelight at The Fon DuLac and I'm all yours the whole night.

MICHAEL: Mmm...Baby. You got yourself a deal.

Silence enters the room till it's broken by the tiny squeal of the voice on the phone saying "hello". Michael hears it and realizes he must get back to his conversation

MICHAEL (Turning back to the person on the phone as Trish walks away): Umm....Yes. I'm still here. Yes.....Yes.....I think we can do that.....Who?.....Uhh...Yeah....I thought Al Faheed Construction would be ideal for this....In fact, I called and left them a message.....They should be calling me back sometime today.....Okay cool....Listen...Why don't I get with the construction company and give you a call back....Sound good?....Okay bye.

SCENE FIVE - Clarita's Fancy Furniture

It's now a couple hours later and Clarita has just opened her little shop for the day's business and is busy arranging newly-arrived furniture when Stephanie walks in. She has never been to Clarita's shop or met Clarita before.

CLARITA (Immediately hearing the bells attached to her door ring and noticing Stephanie aimlessly looking around): Can I help you?

STEPHANIE (Responding): Wow. I...I...I've never seen this shop here before. Are you new to the neighborhood?

CLARITA: Uhh...Yes. I just opened up a few months ago. Can I help you find something?

STEPHANIE: Umm....Not really. Just happened to be out for my walk around the neighborhood and noticed your shop here. Strange I haven't noticed it before.

CLARITA: (Trying to give Stephanie a possible reason why she hasn't noticed her shop till now): Well....This is kind of a big neighborhood. Are you sure I can't help you find anything?

STEPHANIE (Trying to dismiss Clarita): Ohh...No. I'll just be looking around.

CLARITA: Okay. Holler if you need me.

With that Clarita goes back to arranging the newly-arrived furniture as Stephanie looks at and picks up a few items in passive fashion much like a shopper would normally behave.

SCENE SIX - Just Outside Fort Cedar

Stacy is outside Fort Cedar as she at her monthly support group meeting when she notices by a small group of women who appear to be trying to organize an anit-war protest, but seem to lack some leadership and organization. Curious though, she nonetheless approaches the women

STACY (Curious) Hello.

MONICA (One of the women in the group): Hello Stacy. Wanna join?

STACY (Knowing that what she sees is not normal): Join? What is this? What's going on here? What's with all these signs?

KELLY (One of the other women): We're holding a protest rally. Wanna join?

STACY (Perplexed): Protest rally? For what?

SARAH (Another one of the women in the group): The war. Why else would we be here holding a protest rally?

Stacy looks perplexed & confused as she really doesn't know how to feel or react to or about the situation

SCENE SEVEN - Just Outside The Cedarville High School Campus

Aruba has just arrived for school. But before he goes into his first hour class, he has a brief meeting with his "friends". The very same ones that are trying to recruit him into a terrorist cell and the very people his parents want him to stay away from

JUAQUENTO: Right on time Aruba. A good sign.

ARUBA (Fearful his father may be watching and is looking around): Can we just get this over with?

JUAQUENDO: Sure. Wouldn't want you to miss class. So, are you in or not? I need an answer NOW Aruba. No more putting it off.

ARUBA: If I say yes, what happens?

JUAQUENDO: Plans will move forward as originally outlined and you will be highly regarded as a warrior hero.

ARUBA: And if not?

JUAQUENDO: Well....It'd be a major disappointment. However, we will not think any less of you. That said though, I cannot guarantee you will not become a casualty once the plan is executed. In short, you will be considered by some in the cell as a traitor to the Almight one and to your own people. The weapons are non-discriminatory.

ARUBA (Feeling excited and inspired): I have never felt more ready in my entire life. Train me. I will not fail. I will not let you down.



* Aruba starts his training, but can his father convince him he's making the biggest mistake of his life? Will Aruba even listen to him?

* Will Brad FINALLY profess his love to Stacy or will he continue to chicken out and deny his true feelings? Will Stacy admit HER feelings for Brad or will SHE continue to deny hers as well?

* Stacy joins the protesters at Fort Cedar, but they want her to LEAD it. Will she do it or will she remain loyal to Leo's legacy?

* A blast from Cedarville's most recent past returns. How much trouble will she cause THIS time?

* Trish & Michael make plans for an evening date, but something else could change their lives FOREVER. What is it?

All this & more on the NEXT edition of AGAINST THE STORM.

Cue ATS Standard Close.

Monday, December 5, 2005

Episode 19 - Holiday Show 2005

SCENE ONE - Star Burst Coffee House

Brad is seen typing on his laptop as Rob walks in and walks up to the bar where Brad is sitting. Brad, who has been up all night, is working on an email to a "Dear Abby" like newspaper columnist, but is struggling to find the words to put in the body of the message.

ROB (Trying to be cheerful): Good Morning. Merry Christmas.

BRAD (Sounding kinda tired and depressed): Maybe for you.

Brad has felt rather depressed ever since Leo's death (see my post here on the EpiGuide for more info.). He's got one girl (Jennifer) chasing him, but he on the other hand is interested in Stacy. But he has also developed a close friendship with Jennifer & is wrestling with whom he loves he loves the most. He's also having to deal with Stacy's desire and wish to not be "rushed" into a relationship, but is having a hard time hiding his feelings for her.

ROB (Unchagrined): Still living that fantasy of yours, eh? (Noticing the screen of Brad's laptop on the other side of Brad's lattee) Ohh....What's this?? Dear Eppy.......

BRAD (Snapping the screen of his laptop from Rob's view): None of your damn business!

ROB (Concerned about Brad's mental state): Dude, you need help.

CLAUDIA (Owner of the Coffee House who just happens to see Rob & Brad talking): Hey guys. Merry Christmas. What can I get you Rob?

ROB (Noticing Brad's lattee): I'll have what he's having.

CLAUDIA (To her helpers in the back): One lattee.

Rob hands her a $10 to cover the cost. Claudia returns with his change.

BRAD: I'm writing one of those advice columists, Rob.

ROB (Cynical): Heh...You think somebody from the newspaper is going to help sort out your love life? Dude, I think I know the answer. It ain't rocket science. Jennifer's got the hots for you. Stacy's got baggage - And now a kid and....

BRAD (Interrupting): ....You don't think I've got a chance in hell with Stacy despite everything we've done together. Is that it?

ROB: I didn't say that...

BRAD: You didn't have to.

(Claudia returns with Rob's lattee)

CLAUDIA: Sorry I took so long. Here's your lattee Rob.

ROB (To Claudia): Thanks.

SCENE TWO (Part One) - Stacy's House

Stacy and Trish are sitting at the kitchen table talking over cups of coffee as Trish is trying to talk Stacy into getting out and not being so anti-social (which Stacy denies being). Two of the things being discussed are the big Annual Christmas Banquet at The FonDuLac benefitting the homeless in Cedarville and the Annual Christmas Party for the Cedarville's underprivleged and disadvantaged children, also at The FonDuLac. As we pick up the scene, Trish just popped the idea her going to help out at the Christmas Party for the kids.

STACY (adamant): C'mon....There is no way I am going to that event.

TRISH (Begging): Why not? Think of all the fun you'll have.

STACY (With a look of shock on her face & sarcastic): FUN?!?!?!? Ohh yeah I can see it now. Don't mind me kid. My daughter just lost her daddy. But glad to see you have your daddy here though.

TRISH: It doesn't have to be that way.

STACY: Well I'm sorry Trish, but it is.

Trish shakes her head as Stacy storms out of the kitchen.

Cue ATS Alternate Open as camera focuses on at Trish's somewhat surprised look

SCENE TWO (Part Two) - Stacy's House
TRISH (Talking to herself): I've got to get her involved in something.

(Trish's cell phone rings)

TRISH: Hello.....Ohh hi Michelle. Boy am I glad you called. I think I know of someone who can be of a lot of help to you over the next few days. Can we get together?

SCENE THREE - Stephanie's House

Stephanie & Greg have had yet another night's worth of passionate lovemaking. As we pick up the scene, Greg is seen in the kitchen as he finishes cooking breakfast for Stephanie, who is just waking up. Little does she know she's about to receive breakfast in bed. Greg is surprised to see Stephanie awake when he walks in with the tray.

GREG: Good Morning Sunshine.

STEPHANIE (Smiling as she sees the tray): Well is this a pleasant surprise. Good morning.

GREG: Figured you'd want to have breakfast in bed for a change.

STEPHANIE: Aww....You shouldn't have.

GREG: 'Tis no problem at all. Besides, it gives me an excuse to see that beautiful smile of yours.

STEPHANIE (Smiling rather flirtatiously at Greg's remark): You're just saying that because we....ummm.....did it for the first time since.....when???

GREG: Too long ago for me to even remember.

STEPHANIE (Looking at Greg and still smiling at him): I think it lifetime ago.

GREG (Now looking down at Stephanie, who is laying down on the bed with Greg on & the tray set aside): I know it was another lifetime ago.

As the two of them put the tray aside, the look as though they want to resume their lovemaking.

SCENE FOUR - Star Burst Coffee House

Jennifer (pictured above), along with Deidre, Danielle, and Sharon, all friends of Jennifer's and students at Cedarville University, are at the Star Burst Coffee House, which is not far from campus and is the only WiFi HotSpot that is anywhere near campus. As we pick up the scene, the girls are seen talking about Jennifer and her dilemna with her desires to go after Brad, totally unaware that he's just across the room sitting at the bar.

DEIDRE: The two of you will never make it Jen. Remember what happened last time?

JENNIFER: Yeah, but I'm a little more wiser now.

(Deidre, Danielle & Jennifer notice Sharon pulling out her laptop)

DANIELLE (To Sharon): What are you doing? I thought we were on Christmas vacation.

Danielle is one of those people who are cynical about the Internet in general and, as such, is not knowledgeable that The Star Burst Coffee House is a HotSpot for Wireless Internet access or how to get on it if she knew how or wanted to.

SHARON (Responding to Danielle's question but totally forgetting Danielle's lack of knowledge of the Internet): I'm going shopping.

JENNIFER (Not sure of what Sharon is talking about): Ehhh....What are you talking about? You're logging onto your computer. Not going into a store.

DEIDRE (Who is just as knowlegeable about the Internet as Sharon is): Ahh....But you can shop on the Internet just as easily as you can in a mall.

Sharon nods as she winks at Jennifer & Danielle as they notice Brad at the bar

DANIELLE (Still cynical): Ohh...Just how are you going to "pay" for your "purchases", pre tell?

SHARON (Whipping out one of her many credit cards): With PLASTIC. How else?

DEIDRE (To Jennifer): Don't look now, but guess who's here....

SCENE FIVE - The FonDu Lac Hotel - Grand Ballroom

Michelle is in the Grand Ballroom of the hotel making final preparations for the Annual Christmas Party for underprivleged children, an event that, along with the Annual Christmas Banquet, is a tradition in Cedarville that is almost considered sacriligious to miss. As we pick up the scene, she is seen directing the staff in the setup and configuration of the Grand Ballroom.

MICHELLE (Pointing to one of the staff members and the direction of where she wants them to go): Over there. Yeah.

Michelle continues to direct people until Trish enters with Stacy childishly in tow.

STACY (Acting childish as Trish is dragging her inside): I'm telling you for the last time, I'm not doing this.

Michelle stops what she is doing when Trish & Stacy enter

MICHELLE (To Trish & Stacy): Hey guys. Glad you could help.

Stacy looks and acts as though this will be THE WORST Christmas she's ever had while Trish prepares to help pitch in

STACY: I'm not the one helping.

TRISH (Insistingly but playful): Ohh yes you are.

Trish hands Stacy an elf's uniform as she tries to come up with excuses as to why she shouldn't be helping out at all and tries to come up with more when Trish tosses her the uniform.

TRISH: You need more socialization. In other words, you need to get out more.

Michelle nods in agreement with Trish

STACY (Having reached the boiling point): No. What I really need is for two of my best friends to leave me the fuck alone.

Stacy causes a scene as she slams the uniform down to the floor and storms out of the room, leaving Trish & Michelle scratching their heads and worrying more about Stacy

SCENE SIX - Stephanie's House

Greg & Stephanie have just finished their breakfast and another round of lovemaking. As we pick up the scene, the two of them are in the bedroom talking.

STEPHANIE (Admiring the amount of lovemaking she and Greg did): I didn't think I missed being with you that much. WOW.

GREG (Also admiring the lovemaking he and Stephanie did): I know the feeling. (Now looking at Stephanie) It's been way too long baby. I want you. I need you.

STEPHANIE: I need you too. But I know I can't have you if you're married to Courtney.

GREG: I know, which is why I have a proposal.

STEPHANIE (Raising her eyebrows and smiling somewhat in perked excitement): Mmm....

GREG: We elope as soon as my divorce is final.

Stephanie laughs at the suggestion in complete surprise

STEPHANIE (A little, but pleasantly, surprised by the suggestion and even chuckes at it): You're kidding.

GREG: Nope. I'm not Steph. I love you. I want to be with you. I want to have kids and grow old with you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

STEPHANIE: I want to do all those things too. But now is just not the time.

GREG (Reitering that he knows he can't marry Stephanie until his divorce with Courtney is final): I know that. Which is why I want to wait till my divorce with Courtney is final before we proceed with any plans of our own babe.

Greg exits the bedroom and goes into the bathroom

STEPHANIE (Thinking to herself, but smiling nonetheless as she sips her cup of coffee): He's only kidding. He's got to be. Ahh...But I suppose there's no harm in being a hopeless romantic. Then again, getting married to him before his divorce with Courtney would be sweet revenge considering the fact the bitch stole from me in the first place. Hmmm.....

SCENE SEVEN - Sun Burst Coffee House

In our last scene here, Jennifer (pictured) & her friends Deidre, Danielle and Sharon walked into the coffee house and took a table. In the middle of their conversation, Jennifer spots Brad sitting at the bar. As we pick up the scene, Jennifer begins to act like a High School teenager rather than the mature college student that she is.

DANIELLE (Puzzled and perplexed at what Jennifer is doing): Jennifer, what are you doing?

JENNIFER (Trying to slide under the table but failing): Cover for me. Don't let him see me. It's important

SHARON (Feeling Jennifer's feet around her own across): Ohh don't be silly. And get your feet away from me. (Sharon is sitting across the table from Jennifer).

JENNIFER: I don't want Brad seeing me. He knows I love him.

The other three girls are left scratching their heads as another one of their friends, Matty, who works at the coffee house as a waitress, walks up to their table to take their order

MATTY: Hey guys. Can I take your order?


* Will Brad confront Stacy about his feelings for her?

* Will Jennifer confront Brad about her feelings for him or will she chicken out once again?

* Cedarvillians "re-discover" the power of mistletoe and later the power of dating on New Years Eve.

All this & more on the NEXT edition of AGAINST THE STORM.

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See you all next time. :-)

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