Monday, December 26, 2005

Episode 22 - Racism Hits Cedarville

SCENE ONE - Cedarville High School - 3rd Floor Hallway

Aruba is walking down the hallway en route to his next class when he is approached by a bunch of fellow students who he knows have been trying to racially bully and taunt him. While he's managed to avoid conflict with them to this point, he's found it increasingly hard to keep doing so each& every time he runs into them. Mostly because they keep rattling his cage just a little harder every chance they get

BULLY #1 (As Aruba approaches the group and tauntingly) - Where do you think you are going?

ARUBA (Responding to the question, but wanting to avoid conflict) - I'm heading to class. Excuse me.

BULLY #1 (Chuckling with sarcasm) Ohh really? (Now laughing) Listen to this. This towel head thinks he's gonna go to class here?? Hahahaha! Why don't you go back to that wee little Third World Middle Eastern crawl space you came from and get your education there??? Hahahaha!

The other student bullies also laugh and call Aruba names. Aruba tries to look disinterested and unamused, yet wanting to just simply get to his next class before the tardy bell rings

Meanwhile at Clarita's Fancy Furniture store, we find Detectives David & Marcie Grant on the case of what appears to be a case of burglary and vandalism. Damaged and destroyed furniture can be seen everywhere. They suspect the motive might be brought on by hate.

DAVID (To Clarita) - And you don't know of anybody who would do this?

CLARITA - Of course not. We are good people. We wish no one any harm. I go out to lunch and come back to this.

DAVID - Where did you go for lunch?

CLARITA - There's a little restaurant just up the street.

DAVID - Does anyone man the store while you're out?

CLARITA (Thinking she understood David's question) - No one.

DAVID - I see.

Just as David was getting ready to ask another question, Marcie calls out.

MARCIE (Calling out from an adjacent room) - DAVID...

DAVID (To Clarita) - Just a minute. I'll be back.

(David then rushes to where Marcie is)

DAVID (To Marcie) - What have you got?

MARCIE (Referring to a bed with graffiti sprayed on the head board) - Looks like this confirms our theory.

The graffiti on the head board says DEATH TO TOWELS and is sprayed with red paint and made to look like blood when spattered on a wall or other vertically displayed surface. There is also a bath towel with red paint spattered on it hanging on the head board.

DAVID (In response to the grusome discovery) - Better get the Feds.


As we fade to black to roll credits, we see the graffitied head board as a dramatic musical lead-in emerges from the background.

CUE ATS STANDARD OPEN (Windows Media Player link)

Back at Cedarville High School, we pick up the scene with Aruba being confronted by a gang of students who are trying to bully him into missing his next class by taunting him and trying to entice a physical confrontation

ARUBA (Trying to be polite) - Excuse me. I'm trying to get to class.

BULLY #1 - And I say you ain't goin'.

ARUBA - Please. I don't want to have to physically move you out of the way.

Bully #1, who's real name is Ted Jr., sarcastically mocks Aruba

BULLY #2 (Referring to Aruba's backpack and doing so sarcastically) - Say hey, you ain't got no bomb in there, do you?

BULLY #1/TED JR. - Naah....He ain't got no bomb. He can't blow nothin' up.

ARUBA (Gettinmg frustrated but trying to remain polite) - Look, all I wanna do is get to class.

Bully #4 sarcastically mocks Aruba as the tardy bell rings

ARUBA - See? Now I'm late and I don't even have a pass.

The gang of students act as though they feel sorry for him, when in reality they don't

BULLY #3 - Ohh...We feel soo sorry for you. Here....Let me help you carry your books. Afterall, we don't want you to get into trouble, now do we boys?

All the students respond as though they can see what's about to happen next

BULLY #3 - There now.

Just as Aruba feels that he will finally get safe passage to his next class, to which he is already tardy for, Bully #3 intentionally drops the small stack of books and notepad that Aruba had been carrying just moments earlier. As a result, papers scatter on the floor everywhere.

Aruba's eyes start to bulge with anger and the students each laugh at him in a taunting manner. Just then, John Beasley, the school' s principal, sees the confrontation and attempts to put a stop to it.

JOHN (As he appoaches the group) - Alright....Alright. Break it up. Break it up.

BULLY #5 (Pointing at Aruba as he attempts to put the blame on Aruba) - The towel started it. He always does.

BULLY #6 (Reitering what Bully #5 just said) - Yeah. He's a fuckin' troublemaker.

The rest of the group all simultaneously say the same thing

JOHN (Not caring who did what) - Well I don't care who did what to who or why. All I want is for this to be broken up (Noticing Aruba's pepers on the floor). And for these papers to be picked up. I don't care how it gets done.

The group complies with Principal Beasley's request and disperses, leaving Aruba to pick up the papers himself.

JOHN (Continuing as Aruba picks up his papers) - Aruba, we've been down this road before ya know.

ARUBA (Non-chalantly, knowing he can't seem to convince Mr. Beasley of their lies) - They're lying. They started it.

JOHN - Well, I think you might wanna speak to your counselor.

ARUBA (Emphatic) - I don't need to speak to no counselor.

JOHN - I think you should.

ARUBA (Looking at Mr. Beasley as if to say "KISS OFF", having picked up the papers that were on the floor) - I need to get to class. I'm late as it is.

Mr. Beasley shakes his head in concern for Aruba and lets him go knowing that he'll see him again in the office anyway since he'll need to get a pass for being late to class

SCENE TWO - Stanley Finch's Office

When we left off, our kniving Cassandra Whitmore had just presented her case to attorney Stanley A. Finch, who is skeptical over her having a winnable case. As we pick up the scene now, the two of them are just winding down their meeting.

STANLEY (Trying to end the meeting) - Well thank you Ms. Whitmore. I'll review what you've told me so far and see what I can do.

CASSANDRA (Feeling confident that her case is in good hands) - Well then, I think you'll find you can do quite a lot.

STANLEY - I hope so.

Cassandra heads for the door

STANLEY (Wanting to see politely Cassandra out the door) - Here, let me get that.

Cassandra walks out the door into the lobby as Stanley holds it open and peeks his head out and tells his secretary that he's ready for his next appointment. Just as Cassandra opens the door leading to the hallway, she finds Debbie on the outside about to walk in

CASSANDRA (Shocked and surprised) - Ohh great. What the fuck are you doing here?

DEBBIE (Batting her eyes like Ms. Goody Two Shoes) - Funny. I was just about to ask the same thing of you.

CASSANDRA (Copping an attitude as she wonders why Debbie is at Stanley's office) - What the hell do you want?

DEBBIE (Detecting Cassandra's pompance and arrogance) - Well...Nothing from you. What the hell are you doing here?

CASSANDRA (Referring to the sign on the outside) - Well, last time I checked, this is an attorney's office.

DEBBIE (Sarcastic) - Since when did you need an attorney?

Debbie then sees Stanley emerge from his office and notices his good looks.

DEBBIE (Continuing with pangs of jealousy and referring to Stanley) - I see you dug your claws into another one.

CASSANDRA (Perplexed) - What the hell are you talking about?

DEBBIE (Sarcastically quizzing Cassandra) - Stanley A. Finch?

CASSANDRA (Clueless as to what Debbie is driving at) - So...What if he is?

DEBBIE - Hymph....A man with those looks can't possibly be single. I pity his wife.

CASSANDRA (Still perplexed) - I still don't know what the hell you're talking about. Then again, you never do.

DEBBIE - How long have you been in bed with him? How often? You sure know how to pick 'em. Then again, sluts like you always do.

CASSANDRA - We just met. Besides, my love life isn't any of your fuckin' business anyway.

DEBBIE - Except when it affects mine.

CASSANDRA - Well, for what it may be worth to you, our relationship is strictly professional.

DEBBIE - For now. But I'd be willing to bet that before long, you'll have him in bed all curled up next to you just like you did with Leo.

CASSANDRA - Yeah. Well in case you've forgotten, WE BOTH had Leo in our grasp. So you're no innocent angel either.

DEBBIE - Maybe not. But if you think I'm gonna let you get your slutty hands on Leo's estate, YOU HAVE ANOTHER THOUGHT COMING MISSY.

CASSANDRA - Well, for your information, this attorney is spoken for. If you want to pursue a case for your own interests, you'll have to hire another attorney.

DEBBIE (Thumbs her nose up) - Hymph...That's obvious. Well okay. If I must hire another another attorney, then so be it. Ohh well. I tried.

CASSANDRA - I'm so sorry I beat you to your "dream attorney". I really am.

DEBBIE (Sarcastically) - Right. Whatever you say.

Debbie leaves Stanley's office. Cassandra exits the office and heads down the hallway in the opposite direction as the scene ends.

SCENE THREE - Clarita's Fancy Furniture

The FBI has now arrived and is now asking the same questions David & Marcie were. Just then, Clarita's husband Khalil, whom Clarita also called, has just arrived.

KHALIL (Rushing inside to comfort Clarita) - Darling, I got your message and came here as fast as I could.

FBI AGENT #1 (Not knowing that Khalil is Clarita's husband) - Excuse me sir, you'll have to leave.

CLARITA (Vouching for Khalil) - It's okay. He's my husband.

FBI Agent #1 returns to his work. But David turns to question Khalil.

DAVID - Mr. Al Faheed?

KHALIL (To David) Yes...

KHALIL (Doubtful of his ability to offer any more information than Clarita already has) - I doubt I could offer anything more than what my wife has already given you.

DAVID (Insisting on questioning Khalil) - Well then you won't if I ask the same questions of you then...

KHALIL (Reluctant but willing) - If you insist.

DAVID - Good. Let's step over here.

David & Khalil step over towards the front door to talk amongst themselves. David again whips out his pen & notepad. This time to take Khalil's statement.

DAVID - Do you know of anyone who would do this?

KHALIL - Not at all.

DAVID - Have you and/or your wife been the recipients of such things as death threats, prank calls, things of that nature?


DAVID - Would you happen to know who mans the store when your wife is out?

KHALIL - She has an assistant. But that person is Arabic as well.

David momentarily looks stunned since Clarita told him just a few minutes earlier that she didn't have an assistant, but doesn't mention it to Khalil

DAVID (Continuing his current line of questioning even though he think one of them may be mistaken about the assistant) - Would the assistant know of anyone capable of doing anything like this?

KHALIL - I wouldn't know.

DAVID - What sort of work do you do?

KHALIL (wondering what that has to do with Clarita's business being vandalized) - I'm in the construction business. I run a construction company. Why?

DAVID - Would anyone that you've hired be capable or know of someone who is capable of doing this?

KHALIL (Mildly vehement, but understanding as to why David would ask such a question) - No. Absolutely not. I do not hire people who who do not treat Muslims the same way they themselves would like to be treated.

DAVID - Have you ever had to fire anybody?

KHALIL - No. Fortunately not.

DAVID - Has your wife?

KHALIL - No. Not to my knowledge. The only assistant she's ever had is the one that's apparently not here today.

DAVID - Did she tell you where she thought her assistant might be?

KHALIL - She mentioned something about her being out sick. I don't know. I don't really keep tabs on my wife.

DAVID - Okay. Finally....Out of curiosity, why does your wife have an assistant.

KHALIL - The answer to that is self-explainatory. My wife and her assistant look after one another during the course of the business day. I'm sure as you can well understand considering the circumstances the world is in, being Muslims in America is quite problematic at best.

DAVID - Yes of course. Well thank you. Do stick around though. The FBI may have some questions for you.

KHALIL - Of course. I have no intention of going anywhere.

DAVID - Good.

David walks off in a hunt for Clarita while Khalil tries to find a place to sit down and make himself as comfortable as can be in all the mess

SCENE FOUR - Stacy's House - Bedroom

When we last left these two, they were wildly making love in the living room. Well, now they've somehow made their way to the bedroom where they are about to consummate the relationship neither knew they really had.

STACY (Staring into Brad's eyes and whispering lustfully as Brad caresses her cheeks) - I love you.

BRAD - (Feeling relieved to hear those words from Stacy as he stares into her eyes and caresses her cheeks and lustfully whispering) - Ohh god. You don't know how much I've been wanting you to say those words to me. How long I have waited for you.

STACY (Lustful whisper) - Yeah I do. FAR too long. Make love to me.

BRAD (Lustful whisper) - I've always wanted you. Admired your beauty. Admired everything about you. You're like my princess. My royal princess. And I'm the peasant.

BRAD (Lustful whisper and shaking her head somewhat) - No you're not. You're the prince I've been looking for. I give myself to you. Make love to me.

Stacy begins to unbutton Brad's shirt as Brad's knees turn to rubber. He responds by lifting her blouse and her bra. They next resort to kissing passionately and eventually fall onto the bed. As the music track STILL by Allan Richard Feliciano (Windows Media Player link) begins, Brad falls forward as he holds Stacy's head from behind. Stacy falls backwards as she holds her arms out and up as though she's pulling him down on top of her. Both are lustfully and passionately staring into each other's they fall. They then start their lovemaking affair on the bed

You can find the work of Allan Richard Feliciano on the PodSafe Music Network simply by clicking here

As the music plays, we see Brad & Stacy at various times in reminiscing fashion. Some memories as recent as during Leo's last deployment while others going as far back as their High School days when the two of them couldn't be any more incompatible as Brad just loved to drive Stacy up the walls with his joking around and being the class show-off, though deep down inside, she really had a crush on him, but she would never admit it. Between each momory clip, we see the two of them kissing, making love, and now even having sex as both are in their own little world of paradise all to themselves. As the music ends, Brad & Stacy just stare at each other and smile as they climb down from their joint personal high and return tgo Earth. Brad, now exhausted, then rolls over on the bed next to Stacy and takes a HUGE breath as his head hits the pillow.

SCENE FIVE - Mr. Gamble's Corner Grocery Store

As indicated in Episode 20, Trish & Michael are planning an evening together. But while Michael was at work, she discovers that the couple needs a few basic items for their nightcap and the morning after. As we pick up the scene, we see she has run an errand to address these needs by heading to the corner grocery store near their apartment. As we join in, she is at the store now

MR. GAMBLE (Noticing the fine wine she is purchasing) - Ahh...1957. Good year.

TRISH - I thought so. You've always been a good wine expert.

MR. GAMBLE (Trying to be nosy) - You two....Umm...Goin' out tonight by any chance?

Trish blushingly looks at Mr. Gamble and giggles as if to say "That's none of your business"

MR. GAMBLE (Sensing he's right, but getting the obvious underlying message) - Well then...I've got just the thing.

Just as Mr. Gamble goes towards the back of the store, three suspicious looking men enter. All three look like thugs and are casing the place. Mr. Gamble then returns.

MR GAMBLE (Thinking the three men are simply more customers) - I'll be with you guys in a minute.

None of them look as though they are paying any attention to Mr. Gamble, but one of them has his eyes on Trish as he gazes at her rather sexually

MR. GAMBLE (Returning to serve Trish and holding up what appears to be a pre-cooked roasted duck) - Pre-cooked roasted duck.

TRISH (Feeling grossed out and looking it) - Umm....Ehh....We're going out.

MR. GAMBLE (Disappointed, but not neccessarily feeling rejected) - Well okay....Just tryin' to help.

TRISH (Trying to find a polite way to say "THANKS, BUT NO THANKS") - Thanks, but I think I'll just get the milk and eggs and be moving right along. I see you've moved things around again. Where'd you say the dairy aisle was?

MR. GAMBLE (Giving directions to Trish) - As you turn around, it's the far aisle on your right. Right up against the wall.

One of the thugs closest to the counter stalls for time by acting as though he's on the phone. In doing so, he keeps his eye on Trish. Once Trish has opened the case where the eggs, he ends the bogus phone call by closing the flap on his phone

MR. GAMBLE (Noticing the man is off the phone and with the duck still on the counter) - Sorry 'bout that. Can I help you now?

THUG #1 (Noticing the duck as he walks up to the counter as he approaches) - Yeah. I'll take that roasted duck - (Whipping out a .45 caliber pistol) AND YOUR MONEY This is a stick up

Mr Gamble looks aghast at what is happening in front of him. Meanwhile, Trish drops the carton of eggs she was holding at the sheer horror of what she just heard, though neither of the thugs hear the carton hit the floor. Trying to remain calm through her now-obvious frantic state, but trying not to panic, she quietly tries sneaking out the front door, keeping her eyes transfixed on the action at the counter as she does so, but one of the other thugs comes at her from the blindside and catches her just as she was leaving

THUG #2 (To Trish as he gazes up and down admiringly as Trish's body figure and devilishly grinning from ear to ear) - Goin' somewhere sweetie?

Trish stares back at Thug #2 in horror, knowing she's been caught at escaping, but not knowing what will happen next


* Trish is in danger. But will Michael even notice?

* Khalil & Clarita meet with Principal Beasley to discuss Aruba's problems in school

* Cassandra gets some news that will affect her next move. What is it?

* A parent of one of the bullies proves to be anything BUT parental. Could this be the lead David & Marcie are looking for?


Cue instrumentals of "STILL" by Allan Richard Felicano as we see, this time from a ceiling vantage point, Brad & Stacy in yet another round of lovemaking while credits roll

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