Monday, January 2, 2006

Episode 23 - Trish's Kidnapping & Rape

Due to extreme violence, adult language & graphic descriptions in and of some scenes and/or scene segments which may be offensive or sensitive for some some readers, Reader Discretion is advised.

SCENE ONE - Trish & Michael's Apartment

As we pick up this portion of the scene, Michael has just walked in the door and has put his coat down on the couch. He then sees a note left by Trish on the coffee table.

MICHAEL (Picking up the note & reading it aloud) - Out running an errand. Meet me at the Fon DuLac. Reservations are for 7:00 PM. See ya then. Love always, Trish

MICHAEL (Reacting to the note as he puts it down) - Okay.

Michael grabs a quick drink from the bar, sits down, grabs the remote and turns on the news as he begins preparations for his evening.

Meanwhile at Mr. Gamble's Grocery Store

Trish was running a quick errand to Mr. Gamble's Grocery store. But when trouble arrived in a form of a robbery, Trish tried to escape by sneaking out the front door, but was caught in the process. As we pick up the scene now, Trish is trying to talk her way out of the pickle she's now in.

TRISH (Sounding & Looking Desperate) - I.....I....I won't tell anyone. I promise.

THUG #2 (Laughing Comically) - You must think I'm stupid! You ain't goin' nowhere baby.

Trish now has the look of fear as she stares at him right in the eyes as we fade to black for the opening.

CUE ATS STANDARD OPEN (Windows Media Player Link)

CONTINUING WITH SCENE ONE - Mr Gamble's Grocery Store

As we pick up the scene, Trish is seen staring at Thug #2 begging for mercy, but gets none

TRISH (Desperate) - Please.

Thug #2 just laughs

THUG #2 (To Thug #1) - Get over here.

Thug #2 grabs Trish's arm and walks her over to where his buddy, Thug #1 is and gets his attention

THUG #2 (To Thug #1) - Hey. Caught this chick trying to sneak out on us.

Thug #1 turns and notices Trish

THUG #1 (Admiring Trish's beautiful figure and devilishly grinning from ear to ear) - Well....Well....Well. Look what we have here. Heheheheh.

MR. GAMBLE (Attempting to get the attention away from Trish) - Why don't you leave her alone.

THUG #1 (Turning back to Mr. Gamble and pulling his gun as well) - Why don't you go back to putting that money in that duffle bag. Better yet, pop the safe open too.

MR. GAMBLE - The safe is time locked. If I open that, why.....

Thug #1 cocks his gun and points it at Mr Gamble.

MR. GAMBLE (Seeing the gun) - Yes sir. Right away sir.

Mr. Gamble bends down to do something. Meanwhile as the scene changes, we see Trish frantically, yet silently, trying to look for a way out.

SCENE TWO - The Al Faheed Family House

It is twenty minutes later. The Al Faheed's are sitting at the kitchen table and enjoying their dinner as they talk about their day

KHALIL (To Aruba) - So, how was your day today Aruba.

ARUBA (Responding to the question) - Those kids. They were at it again. I'm tellin' you, I don't know what I'm gonna do.

CLARITA - Aruba, you can't let them get to you like that.

KHALIL - Your mother's right. Not all Americans are like that.

ARUBA - I know. I know. No one around here knows that better than me.

CLARITA (Chuckling a little over Aruba's stretched imagination) - Well, I wouldn't quite THAT far now.

KHALIL - Take that girl for example. What's her name? She seems like a nice girl.

ARUBA - You mean Ash? Yeah. She's cool. Thinking of taking her out to Homecoming Night.

CLARITA - Well that sounds wonderful.

ARUBA (Trying to brush it off as if it's no big deal) - Yeah. I guess.

CLARITA - Well, what are you waiting for?

ARUBA - The right time.

Aruba begins to feel a little embarrassed about his social life being the topic of conversation

ARUBA - Can we change the subject?

Just then, a loud breaking of the glass is heard from an adjacent room which sounds the burglar alarm. Almost immediately, Khalil can see a small crowd outside chanting TOWELS....TOWELS....TOWELS. Soon, the alarm company is on the phone with Clarita, who tells them what had happened. She is put on hold while the alarm company representative calls the Cedarville PD

ARUBA - I can see I'm not the only one who's had problems with these people.

KHALIL - We'll talk about this later Aruba.

SCENE THREE - Mr. Gamble's Grocery Store

Mr. Gamble has just popped the safe to his little grocery store open as requested by one of the two robbers who also have Trish, who was in the store before the robbery while on an errand.

MR. GAMBLE (Not seeing what's coming as he gets up) - There's the safe. It's open.

ROBBER/THUG #1 - Thank you.

Robber/Thug #1 pulls his gun out, which has a silencer on the barrel, points it at Mr. Gamble and pulls the trigger several times. Mr. Gamble falls in a pile of heap as Trish looks on in horror. As Robber/Thug #1 climbs over the counter to grab the money, Trish feels something sticking her in the back as well.

ROBBER/THUG #2 (Who's also fondling Trish) - That can just as easily be you baby if you try anything stupid.

As Robber/Thug #1 is grabbing the money, he sees a blinking red light inside the safe

ROBBER/THUG #1 - Ohh shit. The fucker activated the alarm. We gotta get the fuck outta here.

Just then, a Cedarville PD patrol car rounds the corner and heads up the street, unbeknownst there's a robbery going on inside Mr. Gamble's store and the alarm has been activated.

ROBBER/THUG #2 - Got the money?

ROBBER/THUG #1 - Yeah. (Pointing to Trish) Grab her

TRISH (Pleading with the two men to let her go) - PLEASE. I won't tell anybody.

ROBBER/THUG #2 (As he pushes Trish toward the back entrance of the store) - SHUT UP!

ROBBER/THUG #1 - Of course you won't be telling anybody. That's because you're coming with us.

Trish tries pleading with them. Then as they exit the store into an alley, a getaway van pulls up. Trish tries to resist using physcal force and by screaming, yet the two of them manage to get her in the van anyway, but not before dealing her a blow that almost knocks her senseless.

GETAWAY DRIVER (Seeing Trish in the back with the two robbers) - Who's she?

ROBBER #2 (To Getaway Driver) - Just drive will you. Get us the fuck outta here. This place is gonna be swarming with cops in the next few seconds.

At this point, sirens can be heard wailing off in the distance. With that, the van takes off

ROBBER #1 - You sure we won't get caught with this thing?

GETAWAY DRIVER - Are you kidding? It's my own vehicle.

Trish begins to come to.

ROBBER #2 - Do us a favor man - Hit the Interstate


ROBBER #1 - The line

GETAWAY DRIVER (Smiling, yet also somewhat envious of his two buddies in the rear of the van) - Ohh...I can tell what you guys have in mind. Interstate - HERE WE COME!!!

The Getaway Driver decides to put on some music from his iPod (Windows Media Player Link if you care), which he has mounted inside the car stereo system holder.

GETAWAY DRIVER (Shouting over the loud music) - Hope you guys don't mind a little music.

ROBBER #1 - Are you kidding? That's just the thing we need (Winking at Robber #2 as they both begin to undo their pants)

As we end the scene, Both men squat down on both knees sitting on boh sides of Trish's head as she swivels from one side to the other in sheer horror as she sees their penises. She knows that at this point, there's only one thing (other than killing her) they'd love nothing more to do to her - RAPE HER

TRISH (Rotating from one man to the other as she begs for mercy) - Please no. PLEASE GOD NO.

The Getaway Driver is smiling as he gently jerks off his own penis as he turns onto the Interstate

SCENE FOUR - Just Outside The Al Faheed Family Home

A small, yet raucous crowd has gathered outside. As we pick up the scene, Officers Joey Scalia and Lisa Jenkins are on the scene and have called for backup and a riot squad as they attempt to bring order to chaos.

JOEY - None of you are doing yourselves any good by doing this.

HECKLER #1 - Get out of the way pig.

Just then, David, Marcie & Captain Scott Goldman arrive

DAVID (To Joey) - What have we got?

JOEY (Responding to David's question) - Your classic neighborhood riot.

Captain Goldman steps up to where Joey is and grabs a bullhorn handed to him by Lisa as she advises him on the ETA of the arrival of the riot squad

CAPTAIN GOLDMAN (To the crowd through the bullhorn) - Okay folks, you have five minutes to clear out of here before the riot squad arrives. If you're still here when they arrive, you will be hauled Downtown and charged with criminal trespass, disturbing the peace and I anything else we and the DA can think of.

HECKLER #2 - What about the towels in that house? Whatcha gonna do about them???

The crowd responds with a collective "Yeah....What about them?" or similar talk.

CAPTAIN GOLDMAN - They aren't out here breaking any laws. They're not out here disturbing the peace. They're not out here causing a raucous and making all kinds of unneccessary noise. As such, I'll damned if you folks get anywhere near that house simply out of pure hatred of the people who may live there. How would you like it if they did the same thing to you? Huh? I bet you wouldn't like that too well, would you?

HECKLER #3 - Well at least we don't go toppling their building by using planes filled with people as guided missles and killing innocent American people who have nothing whatsoever to do with their goddamned wars.

The crowd erupts in a collective "YEAH!" just as a Channel 4 news van pulls up with Stephanie Blanton inside

CAPTAIN GOLDMAN (Getting desperate to get through to these people) - Hey, I hear you! But not all "towels" as you put it are bad.

HECKLER #5 You've got your head up your ass if you believe that.

LISA (To her partner as she notices the TV crew) - Ohh no. TV.

Joey rolls his eyes in the back of his eyes as he rushes up to tell the captain. Seeing this, David rushes up to take the Captain's place

DAVID - Will you folks just LISTEN TO YOURSELVES??? You disgust me. Absolutely disgusting.

HECKLER #6 - Nobody asked for your opinion pig.

The crowd responds with another collective "YEAH"

DAVID - Well nobody asked you all to come out here and raise a big raucous either. My partner & I went inside to talk to them and they were eating dinner.

HECKLER #7 - Well if you and your partner went inside, why didn't you bring them out and arrest them for the terrorists they are?

The crowd erupts in yet another collective "YEAH"

MARCIE - First off, we had no legal basis to take action or grounds to arrest them on anything. Secondly...No one - And I mean NO ONE here has any proof that these people ARE terrorists. If someone here DOES have such proof, THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO PRESENT IT.--

HECKLER #8 - Is THIS your idea of "securing our borders?

CAPTAIN GOLDMAN - No. It's our idea of legally ENFORCING THE LAW. Speaking of which, we will do just that if you do not disperse by the time the riot patrol gets here in the next TWO MINUTES.

Captain Goldman then instructs the officers on scene to arrest anyone they see still on scene when the riot squad arrives. Meanwhile, Channel 4 Action News Reporter Stephanie Blanton has been patiently waiting for someone to talk to for either notes to mention on a live report or a live interview, but isn't getting anything. As if that weren't enough, the crowd is getting more raucous and starting to feel even bolder

LISA - Well Captain...What are we gonna do in the meantime?

CAPTAIN GOLDMAN (Noticing the increased boldness in the crowd) - Simple. Wait it out. In the meantime, keep your riot gear handy.

SCENE FIVE - Getaway Van

It has been over 30 minutes since Trish was kidnapped. Now she's in even a worse position. Not only has she been physically assaulted and thrown in the back of the getaway van of the robbers who robbed Mr. Gamble's grocery store and ultimately killing him, but she's now facing sexual assault as the two thugs have been ripping away at her clothes and talking dirty to her by saying how worthless she is and how much of a whore she is, etc....etc. Before long, she's turned over on her left side, Trish, still somewhat woozy from the blow she got, can't do much to resist, though she does try, but all that does is make matters worse and the thug at her legs has now managed to slip his penis inside of her, turning him now into a rapist as well as he hollers out in pleasure and Trish silently whimpers in pain. The other thug meanwhile takes advantage of Trish's gaping mouth to slip his penis inside for some oral work. Of course when Trish realizes this, Trish lets up on it, but the second thug, now the second rapist, puts her mouth right back down on it. All this is going on while the music from the getaway driver's iPod is playing (Windows Media Player Link if you care to listen)

RAPIST #2 - That's it you fuckin' whore. SWALLOW THAT THING. Fuckin' bitch.

While Rapist #2 is busy getting oral and jacking off, Rapist #1 is frantically banging away with his penis buried deep inside Trish's vagina as she whipers in pain while trying to please the other rapist since she now knows that the only way to stay alive is to give in and take whatever they dish out - And hope, in all likelihood against hope, that neither of them ejaculates inside of her. As minutes turn to hours and feet turn to miles, each of them take turns raping Trish in every position imaginable. Their favorite is having Trish on her left side as one of them bangs away inside of her while the other squats down on both knees behind her head jacking off as they both continue to talk dirty and as Trish continues to silently whimper in (sometimes) excruciating pain. Then suddenly, almost without warning, Rapist #1 feels he's about to ejaculate inside Trish's vagina. He makes one last thrust as he plunges his penis deep inside Trish's vagina, penetrating her womb in the process.

RAPIST #1 (Whispering aloud as he feels his penis grow larger and feels his sperm preparing to sear out) - Ohh God...I'm gonna cum. Ohh YYYYYYEEEEAAAEAHHHHH.....

Rapist #2 has to close his eyes and stick his nose up in an effort to mentally block out his buddy's pleasure screams so as to avoid blowing his own wad as he lightly strokes it. Meanwhile Trish silently cries out as she feels the white hot cream which came from the penis of Rapist #1 searing and burning inside of her. The getaway driver continues to smile knowing that he will soon get his chance as Rapist #1 winks at him in a positive manner

SCENE SIX - Just Outside The Al Faheed Home

Meanwhile back at the Al Faheed Residence, everything is pretty much status quo, though now the heat is going to be turned up as the riot squad has arrived - And just in the nick of time too as we now pick up the scene with some guy attempting to throw a cherry bomb stashed in a wine bottle and set on fire at the house, but Lisa tackes him before he can get the throw off, shattering the bottle on the ground, causing the fire to come increasingly closer and closer as he's placed in handuffs and taken into custody by the Cedarville PD

CAPTAIN GOLDMAN - Any of you wanna try something stupid NOW Feel free to be our guest - As we haul your ass off to the slammer.

Suddenly one of the hecker's wives shows up to talk some sense into her husband

HECKLER'S WIFE (Desperately begging her husband) - Honey...PLEASE don't do this. It's not worth it . It's not worth going to jail over.

HECKLER (Responding to his wife's pleas) - Shut up woman.

JOEY (Taking exception to the man's treatment of his own wife) - Hey, why don't you listen to her?

HECKLER (Snidely responding to Joey's comment) - Why don't shut the fuck up - Fuckin' Traitor pig

Joey responds by taking exception to that comment by wrestling the heckler to the ground and, with help from his fellow officers, manages to slap handcuffs on him despite pleas from his wife. Her pleas border on interference

JOEY (To the heckler's wife) - Ma'am - If you don't back off - And i mean NOW, I'm gonna have your ass hauled off for interference.

DAVID (Trying to calm Joey down) - Whoa....Whoa....Whoa Let's cool our jets here. Television is here.

Joey gets the hint and calms down.

JOEY - Alright. I'm still taking this guy into custody though.

DAVID - Fine. Just don't get all worked up over it. Okay.

JOEY - You're right. I shouldn't.

David continues to make his prescence known as things begin to clear out. Additional arrests are made, but about 30 minutes later, things begin to settle down

MARCIE (Calling out to David from the car) - David

David hears her call and comes racing over to her. Captain Goldman also runs over

DAVID (As he approaches the car) - What's up?

MARCIE - We gotta leave.

DAVID - What for?

MARCIE - There's been a convience store robbery not far from here. Officers on scene found a body. Probably the owner.

DAVID - Any chance it might be connected to the string of robberies we've been working on.

MARCIE - Not sure. That's why they called us.

CAPTAIN GOLDMAN - You two get on it. I'll take care of wrapping up this mess.

DAVID (As he goes over to the passenger side of the car) - Got it chief. We're outta here.

After David gets in the car and puts the cherry light on the roof, Marcie drives off


* Trish's traumatic nightmarish ordeal continues. How will Michael react once he hears WHY his girlfriend and lover, who Rob & Michelle both thought stood him up, wasn't able to show up?

* Stephanie does a story on bigotry against muslims. Can the Al Faheeds be talked into doing an interview with her?

* Stephanie goes to the doctor after a case of morning sickness. What will happen?


As the credits roll and the song Driving Blind (Windows Media Player Link if you care to listen) by the group Sideline is playing, we see the van pulled over to the side of the road as Rapist #1 and the getaway driver switch positions.

After the exchange and the van is on the move again, the Getaway driver squats down behind Trish's head and guides it where he can put his penis into Trish's mouth for oral stimulation. He also holds her head by a clump of hair from the bottom as he bobs her head up and down his massive manhood. Meanwhile, Rapist #2 sticks his massive manhood inside Trish's vagina as she lays on her left side. The two are seen talking loudly and enjoying themselves, obviously at Trish's expense as she continues to wince, moan, and even silently cry as she begs for mercy and prays that this ordeal will soon end and that she'll survive it.

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