Friday, January 28, 2005

Episode 12 - Leo's Call To Stacy

SCENE ONE - Stacy & Leo McFadden's Home

When we checked in during last week's show, Stacy, who's now six months pregnant and living at home alone while her husband Leo is away in Iraq serving his country, she was in an altercation with Cassandra Whitmore, who flew into Cedarville from New York under the impression that Leo wasn't married. Shortly after telling Stacy that she is the mother of Leo's son Christopher, Cassandra has been told to leave. But Cassandra has thus far refused.

We pick up the scene now with Brad's arrival.....

"Brad, do me a favor & show this bitch the way off my property", Stacy demandingly asks. She then closes the door.

Cassandra blushes & looks flirtatiously at Brad

"Uhh....Sure", Brad says, still trying to figure out what's going on.

"Why Brad.....Mmmm.....What a name", Cassandra says, flirting with him.

"I'm still not quite sure what's goin on here, but I believe you've been told to leave and I've been asked to see to it that you do", Brad says in his usual down-to-earth self.

"Ohh....Well....Perhaps I could leave with you then", Cassandra says, still flirting with him.

"I don't even know you", Brad exclaims.

"That can change, you know", Cassandra says, still not getting what Brad is telling her.

"Whatever. Just leave", Brad says

"You know, for someone who doesn't even live here, you seem to have quite a lot of authority", Cassandra says, now realizing that flirting with Brad isn't going to work

"You know, for someone who not only doesn't even live here, but is also a total complete stranger around here, you lot a lot of nerve telling the one person who does live here what to do and how to talk", Brad says in response "You need to leave - NOW", he continues

"Look...I'm here to see Leo and I'm not leaving until I do", Cassandra threateningly says

Stacy, who is inside her home and has become increasingly annoyed and angry with the argument outside, storms across the living room, picks up the handset to her cordless phone, and heads for the door yet again.

"Okay, I'll put it this way. If you're off this porch in 30 seconds, I'm calling the police"

"Right. You don't even have a phone", Cassandra aroogantly says.

"He may not have a phone, but I do and I will use it", Stacy angrily says as she reopens the door and shows the handset to her cordless phone to Cassandra

SCENE TWO - The FonDuLac Hotel - Greg's Room

Greg McFadden is on the phone talking to Stephanie, who is in her hotel room in Chippequah.

"So when do you plan on coming back", Greg asks as he talks to Stephanie over the telephone.

"Probably tomorrow", Stephanie says from her hotel room in Chippequah on the other end of the line.

"Can't wait to see you babe", Greg says

"I can't wait either", Stepahnie says. "I can't wait till you're divorced from that wretched bitch of a wife of yours so we can get back together and start seeing each other again", she continues.

"Me either", Greg says as he notices a knock at the door. "Look, my lawyer's at the door", he continues

"At THIS hour?", Stephanie asks.

"You know....Business", Greg says "I'll call you tomorrow", he adds, answering the door to Mitchell, his lawyer, inside.

"Okay...Love you....Bye", Stephanie says

"Love you too sweetie. Bye", Greg responds. He then hangs up the phone after Stephanie hangs up on her end.

"Hello Mitchell. Sorry about being on the phone there", Greg says

"No problem. I'll just make things plain and simple by spelling it out to you", Mitchell says

"Talk to me", Greg says

"They're not settling for anything less than full custody of the kids and the yacht", Mitchell says

SCENE THREE - Stacy & Leo's Home

"You've got 60 seconds to leave - NOW", Stacy says, looking squarely at Cassandra

"Well....Since you put it that way......This isn't over", Cassandra says, looking squarely at Stacy "Not by a long shot Miss Goody Two Shoes", she continues.

"As far as I'm concerned, it is because there's nothing left to say", Stacy angrily responds as she stands toe-to-toe with Cassandra and looks at her squarely in the face. "If she doesn't leave Brad, call the police", Stacy continues.

Stacy hands Brad the phone, goes back inside and slams the door shut. Cassandra looks over at her car and then at Brad in the hopes of making one last quick hit on him.

"Well....What are you waiting for? Christmas?", Brad asks

"You've got me blocked in", Cassandra says as Brad prepares to join Stacy inside the house.

Brad then notices that his car is in Cassandra's way.

"Whatever....", Brad says, rolling his eyes and wondering why Cassandra put her vehicle in that position in the first place as he walks on over to his car door. Cassandra follows him.

"What are you doing?", Brad asks as Cassandra opens the passenger door to put Christopher in his car seat

"I am putting my child in his car seat and securing him", she responds "That bitch pretending to be Leo's wife may not give a damn about my child or what happens to him but I do.

"Make it quick, huh?", Brad responds back "Don't wanna be out here all night", he continues.

Brad jumps in his car, starts the engine, backs out of the driveway and pulls up to the front of the house. Cassandra then does the same, but before she can pull even with him, Brad then backs up to re-enter the driveway. Cassandra tries to back up to pull even with him, but is blocked by another car going down the street, a patrolling squad car from the Cedarville PD, whom Cassandra nearly backs into. Cassandra takes off before she really gives the police a reason to pull her over.

Brad then gets the attention of the officers in the squad car.

"See that car that just took off?", Brad asks

"Yeah", Joey, one of the officers in the squad car says

"The driver was over at my friend's place here and we had to threaten to call you guys to get her to leave", Brad says

"Is she drunk or unruly", Lisa, the other officer in the car says

"No. Just uninvited and not welcome", Brad says in response "Looks as though she may have a baby too", he continues

"Okay....We'll keep an eye out for her in case she returns.", Joey says

"Thanks", Brad says

Joey and Lisa resume their patrol while Brad pulls back into Stacy's driveway. Once inside, Stacy thanks Brad for all his help and for being there when she needed him and takes her phone back. Brad, figuring Stacy must be tired and wanting to go to bed, leaves himself.

SCENE FOUR - Military Communications Center - Baghdad, Iraq

"I'd like someplace where I call my wife in Cedarville please", Leo tells the officer on duty.

"Follow me", the officer says

Leo follows the officer to a terminal not in use.

"Thank you", Leo says

"Gonna finally tell your wife, eh", the officer asks. Leo gives him a None-Of-Your-Damn-Business look.

"That's okay", the officer tauntingly says "Between you and me, it's not only the base. It's all over the country. Even the Iraqi civilians are talking about it on the street - Hee Hee Hee", the officer says with a laugh

"Just leave me alone, okay", Leo says

"Ohh Sure. Glad I'm not you. Ha....Ha....Ha", the officer says, laughing out loud as he walks away "You in deep doo-doo now. Hee....Hee....Hee", he continues, laughing his head off until he sees Gen. Breyton in front of him. The officer salutes him as he passes by.

"Enjoy your cheap laughs while you still can, private", Gen. Breyton says.

"Uhh....Sir...Yes sir. At your service sir", the private comms officer says with a smile on his face.

"And wipe that smile off your face.", Gen. Breyton says "You're foaming at the lips", he continues.

"Yes sir", the private says as he returns to his post with Gen. Breyton non-chalantly looks around.

Meanwhile, back at the house in Cedarville, Stacy hears her computer signal that Leo is trying to call her using a VoIP client connected to the Internet. Stacy walks over to the computer and answers Leo's call.

"Hey babe", Leo says when he sees the connection.

"Hi Leo", Stacy says in her tired state.

"You look tired. I won't keep you though", Leo says

"Normally I would say okay, but....", Stacy says, her voice drifting and trailing off

"But what?", Leo asks

"Probably nothing. But nothing you need to be worried about", Stacy says.

"Heh", Leo says, brushing off Stacy's last comment "Well, what I wanted to call you about", Leo says, his voice trailing off as he looks for any sign of Gen. Breyton's prescence.

"That you love me? I know that. What else?", Stacy says

"Well....There's rumor going around that there's this woman claiming to be the mother of her child and that I'm supposedly the target", Leo says

Those words get quickly Stacy's attention.

"Was her name Cassandra Whitmore by any chance?", Stacy asks

Leo's throat drops into this stomach

"Ohh God....She's been there", Leo says, thinking he's talking to himself as he rolls his eyes

"So you know about her?", Stacy asks

"Babe...I just found out about this myself", Leo says "I'm shocked", he continues. "Listen babe, whatever she says, don't believe her", Leo pleadingly says "According to official sources.....You know....Military Intel.....She's a scam artist", Leo says "She supposedly has done this for quite a while".

"Leo, you're scaring me, you're saying the woman at our doorstep tonight was a scam artist?", Stacy asks, now rattled by what Leo just said "Hold on sweetie. Someone's at the door", she continues, hearing the knocking at the door

"If that's her, you hang up and call the police", Leo says as Stacy gets up to answer the door

SCENE FIVE - David & Marcie's Hotel Room

David and Marcie are in bed getting ready to go to sleep.

"You were right David", Marcie said "We shouldn't have gone after Jennifer like that", she continues

"You got that right", David said "Who knows what sort of damage was done as a result of that

The room phone rings. Brad is on the other end.

"Who could that be?", Marcie asks

"I dunno, but we'll find out", David says as he picks up the receiver "Hello", he says to Brad, who is on the other end

"David, it's me, Brad", Brad says "I've been doing some thinking. What can I do to help?"

"Well", David says with a surprised look on his face "You still got a key to Jen's place?", he asks

"Yeah. I think so", Brad says

"Good", David says "Here's what we need you to do tomorrow", he adds

"What is it?", Brad asks, fumbling for a pen and paper as he drives down the street, but finds none, so he turns on his laptop PC instead.

"We need you to dig up any pictures of all of us with her in them", David says

"All of them?", Brad asks, hoping he'd be able to leave out the pictures with him & Jennifer in them

"Well....okay, leave out the ones with you in them if you want", David says "Afterall, we wouldn't want to hurt your pride, now would we?", David sarcastically asks

"Okay, I'll dig 'em up, but I'm not delivering them to her though", Brad sarcastically responds

"That's okay because all you need to do is drop them off here and we'll do the rest", David says "You still got the name of the hotel and the address", he asks

"Yeah", Brad responds

"Cool. We'll see you tomorrow then", David says

"Alright. Laters", Brad says before hanging up the phone.

"Who was that?", Marcie asks

"Brad", David responds "I think he's coming to his senses now", he adds

SCENE SIX - Leo & Stacy's Home

"Can I help you?", Stacy asks Joey and Lisa, the two officers who passed by earlier

"Are you the resident who lives here", Lisa asks

"Yes. My name is Stacy McFadden. Is there something wrong", Stacy asks

"Ms. McFadden, I'm Officer Joey Scalia and this is my partner Officer Lisa Myers", Joey said "We received a report from someone claiming to be a friend of yours that you had an uninvited and unwelcome female guest here earlier this evening", Joey adds "We're doing a follow-up investigation"

"That would be my friend Brad that you're referring to", Stacy says "And the woman, well....yeah, you could say she was unwelcome", Stacy adds "She claimed to be the mother of my husband's baby or something", Stacy continues "I told her she had to leave and ultimately had to threaten to call you guys if she didn't", Stacy continues

"Where is your husband now, Ms. McFadden? Can we perhaps speak with him?", Lisa asks

"He's in Iraq serving our country, but he just called me and were in the middle of a conversation when you knocked", Stacy said "Would you like to talk to him?", she asks

"If at all possible, yes we would", Lisa says

"Sure. Hope you don't mind talking through a computer", Stacy said as she invited the officers in.

Joey and Lisa speak with Leo, who gives them the same story he gave to Stacy. Upon the end of their conversation with Leo, they thanked him and they are now ready to leave.

"Ms. McFadden, if this woman ever comes back, don't hesitate to call us", Lisa said as she and Joey hand Stacy a business card "These cards have our names and direct numbers on them. You can also page us too", Lisa continues "Our pager numbers are also on the cards we just gave you", she adds

"Thank you officers", she says as she prepares to show them out

"If you can't get a hold of us or if you're in a life threatening situation, no matter who or what is responsible, call 911", Joey says "And if that woman comes back and threatens you, call 911 without hesitation or return threats to make such a call", he adds.

"I will. Thanks again officers", Stacy said

"No. Thank you - and your husband", Joey says with his usual New York accent

"You got that right", Lisa says as Stacy unintentionally closes the door. Realizing she may have closed the door prematurely, she looks through the peephole, but finds Joey & Lisa heading back to their squad car.

Stacy returns to the computer.

"Listen sweetie, I'm tired and pooped", Stacy says "Was there anything else you wanted to say?", she asks

"Just that I love you", Leo said

"Love you too. Bye now", Stacy says

"Bye", Leo says as she disconnects

Meanwhile back in Baghdad....

"A scam artist, eh McFadden?", Gen. Breyton asks

Leo turns around and notices Gen. Breyton accompanied by two MPs.

"How many more lies are you going to tell?", Gen. Breyton asks

"But sir", Leo pleadingly says

"You told that story no only to your wife, but to a couple of civilian police officers as well", Gen. Breyton said "Congratulations McFadden! You not only guaranteed yourself a trip home to the states, but you also managed to practically guarantee yourself a dishonorable discharge for lying to the police

"But sir", Leo pleads even further

"McFadden, consider yourself confined to quarters", Gen. Breyton says "Get him out of here", he orders to the MPs

Leo begs and screams as the MPs escort him out.


* Greg & Courtney have another meeting, but this time with lawyers in tow. What will happen?

* Trish & Michael ponder the idea of getting back together again, but has time finally caught up with them? Has Trish really forgiven him for the events that lead to his departure nearly three years ago?

* Brad joins the effort in helping Jennifer regain her memory. Will she remember their argument the day she disappeared?

* Leo is fearful of what Gen. Breyton will do next.

Don't miss the next exciting episode.

See you all next time. :-)

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Friday, January 21, 2005

Episode 11 - Auld Acquaintences Be Remembered

SCENE ONE - Stacy & Leo's Home

As we ended our last episode, Cassandra Whitmore, the woman whom Leo has been seen with while the two were serving our country in the Middle East, and who claims to be the mother of Leo's child Christopher, has arrived at what she thinks is just Leo's house for a surprise visit (and shocks the hell out of Leo's wife, Stacy, in the process), but as you're about to witness, the surprise is on her. Read on....

"Excuse me?", Stacy says, still reeling from the bombshell Cassandra just dealt to her

"What part of my previous statement did you not understand?", Cassandra asks, wondering who the woman in front of her thinks she is

"Leo, the father of your child?", Stacy asks "Ohh no....You are sadly mistaken lady", she adds before Cassandra can respond. "Who the fuck are you?", she asks, again before Cassandra could get a word in edgewise and thinking she must be a con artist (if not a complete wacko).

"I told you my name is Cassandra Whitmore", Cassandra responds. "Who the fuck are you?", she returns

"I'm his wife" Stacy snaps in response.

Cassandra now looks as though she has been punched in the gut.

SCENE TWO - The FonDu Lac Restaurant

Trish is seen sitting at the bar when she realizes she sees an old acquaintance sitting not far from her. After spending several minutes debating with herself as to whether the man is or isn't her long lost lover Michael Carlotti, who left town after divorcing his wife Diane instead of going back to Trish nearly three years ago, Trish gingerly, yet almost excitedly walks up to the man whom she thinks is her long lost lover.

"Michael? Michael Carlotti?" she asks in an attempt to get the man's attention

"Trish?", the man asks with a shocked and surprised look on his face. Trish responds by smiling and showing him a ring that she's wearing which the man now recalls giving to her before.

"Oh my gosh", Michael says, still reeling from the surprise "I don't believe it", he said

Trish nods in a positive manner as she smiles. The two exchange hugs.

"I'm not interrupting anything, am I?", Trish asks

"Not a thing", Michael said "Sit down. Have a seat", he adds "I would've though you would've ditched that ring and gotten married by now", he continues, noticing she still has the ring he gave her, which is part of the symbol of their love.

"Whoa....Ditch the ring which you, the one man I almost married (not to mention the one man who made me like the happiest woman on earth) gave to me?", Trish asks "I don't think so", she adds. "Too many fond and happy memories", she continues as she looks at the ring.

"Well....For what it's worth, I still have mine", Michael says, showing his hand to her.

Trish and Michael look into each other's eyes and they skiddishly and nervously put the two rings together side by side as they remember the love they had for each other.

"The two rings still form the symbol of our love", Michael adds.

"I remember when you gave this to me", Trish said "You said no matter where we were, we'd still be together as long as we wore the ring", she adds, trying to fight back tears of joy and happiness "I suppose that's why I never got married", she adds. "You were my guardian angel", she says, filled with emotion and still fighting off tears of joy and happiness.

A waiter stops by, but can obviously tell Michael isn't ready to order. He then moves on.

Meanwhile, at the front door, Rob & Michelle look over at the obvious conversation Trish and Michael are having at his table.

"Who's that guy with Trish", Rob asks out of suspicion

"Dunno", Michelle said "But whoever he is, Trish spotted him as she was sitting over at the bar", she adds

"Think he might be hitting on her?", Rob asks, still suspicious of what's going on at his table

"The two of them seemed to be in a rather intense and emotional conversation when I stopped to take their order", said the waiter who was at Michael's table a few moments earlier

"Maybe we ought to ask him to leave then", Rob cluelessly says

"Whoa....Wait a minute cowboy!", Michelle exclaims "Suppose she and him are having a happy conversation", she hypothetically adds. "Moreover, suppose they're business partners discussing business", she again hypothetically adds. "Do you really want to be the one to tell him he has to leave?", she continues, thinking Rob really wouldn't be stupid enough to put himself in that position.

"No", Rob said. "But people usually aren't around here this late discussing business though", he adds

"Well then you my dear handsome prince, haven't been noticing some of the activity that usually goes on around here", Michelle says with a tone of experience in her voice as she walks away.

SCENE THREE - Gen. Breyton's Office - Baghdad, Iraq

"As such, I think you should tell your wife the truth", Gen. Breyton says, continuing his earlier comment from our last episode

"Sir, I can't", Leo says

"Can't or won't", Gen. Breyton responds

"Sir, do you have any clue what you're asking me to do", Leo asks, almost crying

"I'm saying you should come clean and tell the truth", Gen. Breyton said.

"I may as well tell her that I'm divorcing her because that's exactly what she'll do", Leo insistently says

"Then that's what she does", Gen. Breyton said "You'll just have to deal with it", he adds "But I will not have a man under my command who's pre-occupied with his own personal war to fight the one we were sent here for", Gen. Breyton adamantly says.

"As such, I am ordering you to head over to the Communications Center where you will call your wife and tell her the truth", Gen. Breyton continues

"But sir", Leo says "I can't", he adds.

"Can't or won't, Lieutenant?", Gen. Breyton asks

Leo is at a loss for words as he looks as though he's begging for sympathy from Gen. Breyton, who is offering no such thing.

"I almost find it amazing that this is the same man who just a couple of months ago stood up to gunfire, mortal shells and even grenades, to rescue three of his own buddies in a military rescue operation which earned him three purple hearts I might add. But when it comes to dealing with his own wife, his ducks, cringes, and cries like a baby.

"I've even heard you have a reputation of being a real Johnnie Appleseed around here", Gen. Breyton continued "Didn't really put much stock in it till now", he adds. "But when it came down to that reputation being tested - YOU FAILED", ge. Breyton adds, rubbing salt into Leo's situational wound

"Sir....Is there anything else?", Leo asks, wanting to end this otherwise one-way conversation

"I used to be like you myself", Ge. Breyton said "Looking back on my own experience, I was just as brash, bold, brazen, and Johnnie Appleseedish as are you are - or at least were", Gen. Breyton recalls "But then I got married all that changed", Gen. Breyton continues "Except for the Johnnie Appleseed part", he continues with his lecture

"Then one time while in Vietnam, I too had an affair with another woman while serving my country", he continues "It came back to haunt me", Gen. Breyton said

Leo suddenly becomes more relaxed now that he knows he's not alone

"I didn't tell my wife till after I came back home in '75", Gen. Breyton recalls

"What happened?", Leo asks

"By the time I got back from 'Nam, my wife not only divorced me ex-parte', she also took my kids and my home", Gen. Breyton said. "Had to live on base till I could find a more suitable place to live", he recalls. "On top of that, my C/O at the time had found out about my marital situation since it affected my wages as a military officer, and you know what he told me?", Gen. Breyton asked

"No, what?", Leo responded

"He told me he tried to get me on the next transport plane out", Gen. Breyton said "You see, I too learned of the pregnancy of the woman who I'd been having an affair with while in the middle of a warzone", Gen. Breyton said "And, like you, I quickly became pre-occupied, even obsessed with the situation", Gen. Breyton continues "And I was waging war with myself too".

As a result of the whole thing, I told myself if I ever got someone under my command like that, I'd do exactly what my C/O tried to do.

Leo's mouth instantly turns into a runway for flies at the sound of those words as the thought of being sent home on a transport plane from Iraq sends shivers up and down his spine.

SCENE FOUR - Stacy & Leo's Home

"No....No.....That can't be", Cassandra said "Leo told me he wasn't married", she adds

"Well obviously your intel is wrong as I have the ring and the certificate to prove it", Stacy said

"Look....I don't who the fuck you think you are, but I want to see Leo NOW", Cassandra adamantly says "I DEMAND that you to let me see him", Cassandra demands.

"Well first of all, my husband is in the Middle East serving his country", Stacy responds "And secondly, last time I checked, this is still MY property", she adds "so you are in NO POSITION WHATSOVER  to be telling me to do shit, Miss Goody Two Shoes", Stacy continues

"So you can take your Miss High-And-Mighty attitude and SHOVE IT UP YOUR FUCKIN' ASS along with your claim of my husband being the father of your child. You are UNAMERICAN, you fuckin' bitch", Stacy responds "Now, if you don't mind, I have a friend stopping by. You know, someone I'm supposed to know. So GET THE FUCK OFF MY PROPERTY YOU FUCKIN' BITCH", she adds as she sees Brad into the driveway and feeling stressed out and the baby kicking inside her.

"You know....For someone who's obviously about to become a mother herself, you seem to be rather liberal with the potty mouth", Cassandra sarcastically says "I don't appreciate people using that kind of language around my child", she adds "Might I offer you a bar of soap", Cassandra asks as she convienently whips out a bar of soap and offers it to Stacy as if Stacy was accepting charity

"You are UNAMERICAN", Stacy says, now seething with anger, her eyes bulging and shooting fire from their sockets and with a look of K I L L on her face, but she stops short of doing anything or saying anything else as Brad walks up, disturbed by what he heard as he was getting out of the car (and now seeing Stacy in the state she's in) and notices Cassandra, whom he knows is a total stranger to him and Stacy.

"You okay Stace", Brad asks as Stacy looks at Cassandra as if she's daring her to do or say anything else. Brad notices this and looks at Cassandra.

"Who are you?", Brad asks, not knowing Cassandra from a hole in the ground

SCENE FIVE - Just outside The FonDuLac Restaurant

Trish & Michael have just had dinner and are taking a stroll outside as they prepare to leave.

"You know, in a fit of rage, I almost took the ring off when I heard you left town after divorcing Diane", Trish confesses

"There was a point where I thought I'd never see you again either", Michael responded "And I almost took it off myself", he admitted

"You and I have such wonderful memories, lierally growing up together", Trish said

"I know", Michael said "How I wish things would've worked out differently", he adds

"They still can", Trish affectionately says "Remember.....As long as we still have the rings, the symbol of our love, we will always be together", she reminds him.

"Yeah....You're right", Michael admitted "Hate it when you are", he adds with a chuckle

Trish responds with a soft giggle

"It's not like I'm married", Michael adds "And even if I were, our love is stronger than any marriage", he adds

"It sure is", Trish says

Michael smiles

"You know, with all the commotion, you never said why you came back to Cedarville", Trish recalls "So, old friend and dearest lover, what brought you back to town", she curiously asks

"Business I'm afraid", Michael responds "Have a business conference to attend this week", he adds

"Ohh...", Trish says.

"Last time I recall, you said you were going into business yourself", Michael recalls

"Yep", Trish responds. "Real Estate Investor & Interior Decorator", she adds

"Two professions rolled into one, eh?", Michael asked

"Yeah", Trish responds

"Must keep you busy", Michael said

"Sometimes", Trish said.

The two continue their stroll.....

SCENE SIX - Gen. Breyton's Office - Baghdad, Iraq

"You're going to put me on a transport plane back to the states?", Leo asks

"Damn straight I am", Gen. Breyton responds

"But....But.....But sir, I....I....I can keep this in check", Leo said, pleading his case

"McFadden, what part of my story did you not understand?", Gen. Breyton asks

"B...B....But sir....", Leo says

"No buts McFadden. It's done", Gen. Breyton said

"I don't understand", Leo said

"McFadden....With you getting those purple hearts, the people back in Cedarville think of you as a hero", Gen. Breyton said "I even hear the mayor is planning to have a parade upon your return", he adds "How do you think most people will react if they learn that you committed adultery while over here?", he asks "You better think about that", he continues

"Sir....With all due respect, I will not board that plane", Leo said

"Oh yes you will", Gen. Breyton said "You'll be on that plane even if I have to throw you on there myself", he adds

"Now you haul your ass over to the Communications Center and you get on the horn with your wife", Gen. Breyton said "Dismissed Lieutenant", he added.

"Under extreme duress....Sir, yes sir", Leo said

Leo walks out of Gen. Breyton's office.


* Leo calls Stacy as per orders from General Breyton. What will he say to her when asked about Cassandra?

* Trish & Michael ponder the idea of getting back together again, but has time finally caught up with them? Has Trish really forgiven him for the events that lead to his departure nearly three years ago?

* Will Brad rethink his position on Jennifer? We he try to help her regain her memory?

* Greg & Courtney have another meeting, but this time with lawyers in tow. What will happen?

Don't miss the next exciting episode.

See you all next time. :-)

This time is Copyright 2005 Pat Cook & Jeeper One Media - All Rights Reserved

Friday, January 14, 2005

Episode 10 - Leo Gets Caught

SCENE ONE - Gen. Breyton's office - Baghdad, Iraq

As we open this episode, we see General Breyton in his office doing some paperwork when his phone rings.

"Gen. Breyton here", he announces to the person on the other end of the line.

"Sir, there's a Lieutenant Leo McFadden here to see you", Melinda, his secretary, exclaims.

"Huh?", Gen. Breyton says, not immediately remembering he had ordered Leo to stop by his office after breakfast.

"He says you ordered you ordered him to stop by", Melinda says

"Uhhh....Ohhh...YES...Yes....Yes. I remember now", Gen. Breyton says, now remembering his earlier conversation with Leo. "Send him in", he orders.

"Yes sir. Right away sir", Melinda responds.

Gen. Breyton hangs up the phone. A few seconds later, Leo walks in.

"You wanted to see me sir?", Leo asks.

"Close the door", Gen. Breyton says.

"Yes sir", Leo says as he closes the door behind him.

"Do you have any idea WHY I asked you to see me?", Gen. Breyton asks, thinking Leo has some idea. "Any clue at all?", he continues.

"Because you ordered me too?" Leo asks, looking and sounding as though he might be missing the point.

"Lt., would it be safe to say that you're umm....shall we", Gen. Breyton asks.

Leo looks dumbfounded and totally lost

"I'm not sure I know what you mean sir", Leo responds

"I mean sexually", Gen. Breyton says, getting to the point

Leo struggles not to laugh in front of Gen. Breyton, but can't help himself as he sort of smiles and lets out a few chuckles.

"Sir, off the record?", Leo asks as he composes himself and assuming their conversation was somehow being recorded as per usual military protocol.

"We're not even on the record Lieutenant - yet", Gen. Breyton responds.

"Okay then.....Sir, no disrespect meant, but I don't think that's any of your business", Leo exclaims, stopping short of getting personal with Gen. Breyton.

"When it comes to the men and women on this battlefield and where their minds are focused, believe me, IT IS my business", Gen. Breyton exclaims in response

"Umm....Okay", Leo says, still trying to figure out where Gen. Breyton is taking the conversation.

"Now....Umm....I see a lot of things on this base", Gen. Breyton says. "I also HEAR a lot of things too", Gen. Breyton continues before Leo could respond if he so chose

"Much of what I hear is just stuff for the rumor mill", he continues.

"But what's NOT destined for the rumor mill is what I've been hearing about two soldiers of equal rank IN MY COMMAND having sex while in the back of an Apache Helicopter.

"Well I should think that would be a pretty serious offense sir", Leo says "But I fail to see what that has to do with me sir", Leo continues.

"Well, that's a bit of a surprise", Gen. Breyton says "Because EACH & EVERY time someone on base brings up the subject within my earshot, YOUR NAME IS THE FIRST ONE THAT COMES UP!", Gen. Breyton exclaims

This sends a jolt through Leo as he thinks of all the potatoes he will be stuck peeling for the next week for the mess hall cooks.

SCENE TWO - Waiting Room - Chippequah Memorial Hospital

"I've got an idea", Marcie says

"What's that?", Stephanie asks

"Let's test her memory loss", Marcie says

"How will we do that", Stephanie asks

"Easy", Marcie says. "Be blunt with her", she continues.

David looks up from the magazine he was reading and looks at Marcie as though she herself has lost her mind

"Are you crazy?", David asks "You saw how she reacted", he continues

"David, what have we got to lose?", Stephanie asks. "Afterall, we are dealing with Jennifer, you know", she continues

"Yeah, but even so, did either of you notice that dazed look on her face", David asks. "Not even she is capable of faking something like that and make it look real", he continues "We're total strangers to her", David exclaims "She doesn't remember us", David says

"Either that or she doesn't want to", Stephanie says with a bit of cynicism.

"Right", Marcie says. "But we won't know that until we test her", she continues

"I think you're both insane, but I'll go along with it", David says "Somebody has to be there to do damage control", he continues

"Great then. Let's go.", Marcie says "We've only got 10 more minutes until visiting hours are over for the day", she continues as she grabs her stuff and heads for Jennifer's room. David relunctantly follows as Stephanie follows Marcie.

SCENE THREE - Gen. Breyton's Office - Baghdad, Iraq

"Now then, I can't do anything about the past or things which aren't reported to me", Gen. Breyton says, knowing he has Leo's full and undivided attention "But I can do something about now and the future and things which I have knowledge of".

Gen. Breyton's secretary Melinda sticks her head in the door.

"Sir....Gen. Fulcher is on line 3", Melinda says.

"Not now Melinda", Gen. Breyton says "Take a message", he orders.

"Sir, if you have a phone call.....", Leo says, getting Melinda's attention just as she acknowledges the order and starts to close the door. He then starts to make a leave, knowing he doesn't want to hear what Gen. Breyton may have in mind.

"ATTENTION", Gen. Breyton barks out, getting both Melinda, even though she's a civilian support worker, and Leo to react and respond to authority.

"First off....", Gen. Breyton says, noticing the scene he's caused "Melinda....While I admire your respect for military protocol, you're not military. Therefore, you do not need to stand at attention", he adds

Melinda resumes normal civilian stance and exhales breath as though she was intentionally holding it in during her attempt at standing a full military attention.

"On top of that, you are dismissed and have your orders. Carry them out", he says.

She closes the door as she leaves.

"Now as for you McFadden....", the Gen. continues "You wouldn't happen to know a woman named Cassandra Whitmore, would you?"

"Sir, yes sir", Leo answers in a tone of regret, but still at full military attention

"She's the second name that came up", Gen. Breyton says. "From what I hear, the two of you had quite a romp in the back of that helicopter", the Gen. adds.

"Sir, yes sir", Leo says, still in the same regretful tone

"Well...I would imagine you've been told by now that she was sent home due to pregnancy", Gen. Breyton says.

"Sir, yes sir", Leo says in a bit more normal voice

"It's also my understanding that you're married, correct?", Gen. Breyton asks

"Sir, yes sir", Leo repeats, this time knowing he's been caught

"Does your wife know about your "tryst' with Lt. Whitmore?", Gen. Breyton asks

"Sir, off the record?", Leo requests.

"Okay, but at ease now", Gen. Breyton responds

"It's none of your business sir", Leo exclaims

"As I said before McFadden, when it comes to the men and women under my command in this battlefield, whatever personal matters they are pre-occupied with IS my business", Gen. Breyton responds.

Leo now knows he's at the mercy of Gen. Breyton and looks as if he's begging for it.

SCENE FOUR - Chippequah Memorial Hospital

"Girls....Lemme call Brad first", David says

"Do you honestly think Brad is going to want any part of Jennifer?", Stephanie says

"Won't know unless we ask", David says as he whips out his cell phone.

"You're probably right. But Brad's probably still at The FonDu Lac working", Stephanie says, anxious to see Jennifer again

"We don't have much time sweetie", Marcie says as David dials up the number to The FonDuLac Hotel, where Brad works as Manager.

"Hello?", Brad says

"Hey Brad, it's me", David says

"David, what's up? Did you guys find Jennifer?", Brad asks

"Yeah we did, but there's a problem", David says

"Oh yeah, what could that be?", Brad sarcastically asks

"She has no memory", David tells Brad

"Sweetie, time's a wastin", Marcie whispers in David's ear. David brushes her off.

"Yeah....Just like her", Brad sarcastically says "That's what she wants you to believe", he adds

"Yeah....Well for what it might be worth to you, we're here at Chippequah Memorial Hospital and Marcie, Stephanie and I are about to test her memory loss. Marcie's idea. If you can bring yourself to come on down and help us out, it'd be much appreciated", David says

"Yeah....Well no offense dude, but if she's down in Chippequah, she can stay there for all I care as I'm through with her", Brad exclaims.

Before David can get another word in edgewise, we hear a clicking sound coming out of David's phone that's indicative of Brad hanging up on David.

"Now can we go in and try things MY way?", Marcie asks

"Yeah", David says "So much for a Plan B", he adds.

We now find Jennifer in her room laying down when David, Marcie & Stephanie walk in. Stephanie and Marcie have skeptical looks on their faces. David is emotionless.

"Hello again", Jane/Jennifer says "I'm afraid I still don't know who you are", she adds.

"You can cut the crap now Jennifer", Marcie exclaims

Jane/Jennifer has a look of surprise on her face.

"What? Excuse me?" she says

"Do you have any idea how many people who were worried about you Jennifer?", Stephanie angrily asks "ANY idea at all?", she continues

"I don't know what you're talking about", Jennifer/Jane says, now fearful of what might happen next

"We're talking about the accident", Marcie says "Was it an accident or did you try to kill yourself?" she continues "Do you have ANY clue as to the harm to our family you've caused?", she adds

"We've been worried sick over you", Stephanie says "We didn't know where you were", she continues "Why didn't you call? Why didn't you have someone here at the hospital here call us?" she adds

"I swear I don't know you", Jane/Jennifer says, now crying "I don't know....", she says as she's breaks down in tears.

Dr. Mathieson walks in and sees Jane/Jennifer in tears.

"You need to leave - NOW", Dr. Mathieson commands

"We were only testing her memory loss", Marcie says

"She has a history of lying, doctor", Stephanie says "We had to put her through this to find out if she's lying to us or not", she adds

"I could've told you that myself", Dr. Mathieson angrily responds "I thought I made myself perfectly clear to you when I said she had no memory", he continues "Now, please leave before I call security", he adds

"Of course", David says, dragging the two ladies out with him.

"Well....That went worse than I thought it would" David sarcastically says, rubbing things in even further as he, Stephanie and Marcie stand outside Jennifer's room looking in as Dr. Mathieson comforts Jennifer "Are you happy now?", David asks, looking mostly at his trembling wife Marcie. Stephanie is in tears too.

"Please David....Just shaddup. Just shut the fuck up", Marcie says, pleading with him to not rub things in further as she wipes away her tears.

"Let's just get out of here and go back to the hotel. Okay?", Stephanie pleads

"We should've done that in the first place while we were ahead", David says. "Let's go", he adds as the three of them look for the elevators.

SCENE FIVE - Leo & Stacy's Home

Stacy is seen sitting in her rocking chair with the remote control to the TV in her hand. She's channel-surfing in ann attempt to find something good to watch, but is getting frustrated with every channel change she makes.

"Ugh....There's NOTHING good on TV tonight", Stacy says to herself as she presses the OFF button on the Remote Control "Maybe I'll pop in a DVD or something", she says.

Suddenly the phone rings.

Rrrrriiiinnnngggg.....Rrrriiiinnnngggg the phone shrieks in its high pitched pulse tone as Stacy walks over to pick up the receiver.

"Hello?", she says

"Hey Stace, it's me, Brad", Brad says on the other end of the line, calling from the hotel where he works

"Ohh...Hi Brad. What's up?", Stacy asks

"Ohh...Not much", Brad says in response. "What's up with you?", he curiously asks

"Not much. Bored as hell. Nothin' on TV. Was just gonna pop in a DVD when you called", she says

"Well...How 'bout I stop on by then know.....just talk? You know....Just bullshit", Brad offers "I'm off in about 30 minutes, so do you suppose I could see you in 45?", he asks.

"Sure." she says. "I don't see anything wrong with that", she continues.

"Great. See you then", Brad says

"Sure. Come on over.", Stacy says.

She hangs up the phone after Brad disconnects on his end and just gets sat down again when the doorbell rings.

Ding Dong, the doorbell cheerfully sounds. Stacy goes over to answer the door.

"That can't possibly be Brad", she says to herself. "Oh well...Maybe it's Trish", she continues as she reaches the door.

She then looks through the peephole, only to find it's a woman she doesn't know with what appears to be a baby. Stacy tentatively opens the door.

"May I help you?", Stacy asks

"Is this Leo McFadden's house?", Cassandra asks with a surprised look on her face.

"Who are you?", Stacy asks, demanding an answer

"I'm Cassandra Whitmore", Cassandra says "I'm the mother of his son".

She then brings Baby Christopher out.

"This our little boy Christopher. Doesn't he look just like Leo?" Cassandra asks batting her eyebrows and smiling as Stacy looks down at Christopher, wanting to deny the looks, but unable to do so.

As the episode closes, Stacy looks as though she's been punched in the gut as Cassandra continues to smile and rapidly bat her eyebrows.


* Stacy confronts Leo about Cassandra. What will he say? What will Gen. Breyton do now that Leo's caught?

* Will Brad rethink his position on Jennifer? We he try to help her regain her memory?

* Greg & Courtney have another meeting, but this time with lawyers in tow. What will happen?

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Friday, January 7, 2005

Episode 09 - Cassandra Arrives In Cedarville

SCENE ONE - Jennifer's Room - Chippequah Memorial Hospital

Jennifer wanders around her bed as she stretches her legs. She is dressed in standard hospital garment and also has a huge bandage wrapped around her head. She looks on in a daze as Dr. Mathieson enters.

"Excuse me Jane, but there are some people here to see you", Dr. Mathieson says.

"People? To see ME?", Jane (a.k.a Jennifer) asks with a puzzled look on her face as she struggles to remember who might want to visit her.

"Yes. They claim to know you", Dr. Mathieson responds. "I believe they do.", he continued.

Jennifer/Jane still has a puzzled look on her face.

"In fact, I think they might be able to help you jog your memory. I really think you should see them", he continues even further.

"Well....Alright. If you think they'll help", Jennifer/Jane says, wanting to follow Dr. Mathieson's advice.

Dr. Mathieson exits. About a minute later, David, Marcie & Stephanie enter Jennifer/Jane's room, each with a nervous, yet excited look on their faces as if they think Jennifer will just embrace them upon sight. Jennifer/Jane faces them, but doesn't move and struggles to remember their faces and fumbles for words to greet them.

"Jennifer? Don't you remember me?", Stephanie asks, taking the initiative to introduce herself and inquire why Jennifer didn't embrace her and figuring it might be best to start one at a time.

"I'm your big sister Stephanie", Stephanie says, now in fear that Jennifer/Jane really doesn't remember any of them. David & Marcie look on with the same concern.

"Who are you? Why are you here? How do you know me?", Jennifer/Jane asks her visitors as Dr. Mathieson looks in through the window from outside.

"Well...As I said", Stephanie says "I'm you big sister Stephanie. You DO remember me, don't you?".

A long pause fills the room as Jennifer/Jane looks puzzled and tries to remember the people who've just entered her room claiming to be loved ones of hers.

"No", Jennifer/Jane says "I don't remember any of you. Honestly, I don't....", Jennifer/Jane says as her voice trails off at the end. David tries to hold Marcie up as begins to sob. Stephanie looks devastated.

"I'm sorry", Jennifer/Jane says. "I didn't want to make you cry", she continues "I just don't remember" she adds as she begins to cry.

"It's okay Jennifer. It's okay", David says, trying to hold everyone, including himself, up and trying to remain strong. "It's okay. It's not your fault. It's not your fault".

SCENE TWO - The FonDuLac Restaurant

Greg is sitting at a table as Courtney approaches.

"Honestly, I don't know what the hell this will accomplish, but suffice to say, I'm here Greg. So let's get started", Courtney says as she walks up and sits down across the table in front of him.

"What the hell do you want?", Courtney snappingly asks

"I prefer to think of this as a meeting of the minds", says Greg Courtney gives a look that leaves her mouth open and her toungue a runway for flies as she tries to figure out just what Greg meant by his statement

"A meeting of the minds........Okay.....", she finally says after a long pause.

"Yes" says Greg "Because you see....If this goes to court and once the words CHILD ABUSE are uttered and YOU are the one stamped with the label (which you will be), the media will have a field day". he continues. "I'm hoping that, for the sake of our children, you and I can reach an amicable solution our this little problem before it gets out of hand" he adds.

Courtney looks as though she's still trying to figure out why she's even partaking in this conversation with Greg.

"You might consider it PR Damage Control" he adds.

"For YOU, maybe" Courtney counters. "But there's one thing you seem to forget", she continues. "You already have one strike against you." she says. "Yes Greg, I remember the preliminary hearing quite well. You tried to hit me up with child abuse charges and look what it got you", she adds.

"A smirk from the judge and a one way ticket out of the courtroom with your head tucked between your legs", she laughingly says.

"I may have lost the battle, but the war is far from over", Greg responds "Unless of course you give me what I want", he continues. "Then, it'll all go away", he adds.

"Just like that, huh?", Courtney asks as she snaps her fingers "What kind of fool do you play me for Gregory?"

"I don't play you for a fool because I know you're not one", he responds.

"Well...I was a fool in at least one respect", she said "Thinking we could actually sit down at a public restaurant and have a civil conversation", she adds. "We can't even do that anymore", she continues.

Greg looks unfazed.

"So unless you actually have something earthshatteringly important me what I want....which I already know isn't going to happen and then some, I have a life....not to mention OUR KIDS.....I need to get back to", Courtney says as she gets up from her chair. "Anything beyond that, you can have your lawyer call mine - Assuming they have the phone number and something earthshatteringly important that is. I'd hate to have my lawyer's life interrupted too by your senseless little mind games", she adds. Courtney leaves as Michelle approaches.

"And a fine how-do-you-do to you too, Miss Goody Two Shoes", Michelle says in Courtney's direction before turning to Greg.

"I assume you won't be ordering anything now, am I correct Greg?", Michelle asks

"No, I think I'll salvage a little something out of this by ordering dinner for myself", Greg says.

SCENE THREE - The FonDuLac Restaurant

Stacy is seen walking inside and is shown to a table by one of the waiters. She sits down and orders a glass of water. A minute later, Trish walks in and approaches Stacy's table.

"Hey....", Stacy says as she spots Trish and greets her like the friend she is.

"May I sit down or are you expecting someone?, Trish asks as she approaches the table

"Not anyone in particular if that's what you mean, but yeah...Make yourself at home", Stacy says

"So what brings you by here?", Trish asks as she sits down

"Ohh....Just wanted to get out for awhile. You?", Stacy responds

The waiter returns with Stacy's water and asks Trish if she'd like anything. Trish orders a club soda. The waiter rushes off to get Trish's club soda.

"Business", Trish responds "Brian Waterman is bringing some stuff by for me to see. Nothing you'd be interested in though"

"Ohh...", Stacy says.

"So...Has Leo called you today?", Trish asks knowing exactly where she's going with the question.

"Nope", Stacy says

"So when are you finally going to tell him about that", Trish asks, pointing to Stacy's bulging belly "You know Leo is going to figure it out sooner or later", Trish adds

"Trish, I know alright?", Stacy says, tired of everyone nagging her about the matter and talking about it

"Okaaaayyy", Trish says, knowing it's a `Hot Button' issue with Stacy and she just contributed to it yet again

SCENE FOUR - Breakfast line - Baghdad, Iraq - Two hours later

Leo and his roommates walk in. Gen. Breyton approaches

"Lt. McFadden, I want you in my office as soon as you're through eating", Gen. Breyton orders as his roommates salute him

"Sir Yes Sir", Leo quietly but properly responds as he salutes the General.

"Johnny Appleseed is in the doghouse now" one of the cooks tauntingly says as his roommates laugh in agreement and look at Leo

"Just give me my fuckin' food", Leo commands

"Whoa....What side of the bed did you get up on this morning", the cook asks

"The same one I always do. The right", Leo responds "Now are you gonna give me my fuckin' food or are you gonna make me like fuckin' starve all damn day?", he sarcastically adds

"Keep your shirt on bro. Was only messin' with ya. Here ya go", the cook says as he hands Leo the portion of the meal he's assigned to dish out. Leo moves on to the next portion.

"You know man, you're gonna have to tell you-know-who about you-know-who", Tony says as Leo rolls his eyes and contorts his face.

"Can I at least get my fuckin' breakfast down my fuckin' throat before you guys start in with the fuckin' Cassandra bullshit - DAMN", Leo says as shakes his head he gives Tony a look of KILL

"I swear I can't go ANYWHERE without hearing this crap come up" Leo says to himself while grinding his teeth

"Excuuuse me", Tony says

SCENE FIVE - Acme Airlines Flight #499 - Mid-Air

Cassandra is nursing Christopher while other children with another traveler are behaving in their usual child-like manner. The two women engage in a conversation.

"He sure is handsome", the woman with the children across from Cassandra says

"He's more than handsome", Cassandra says "He's my bundle of joy. The one reason I get up in the morning", she adds

"Wait a couple of years", the woman says, drawing from her obvious experience "Then there won't be a thing safe enough to keep away from him"

"I'm actually looking forward to that, and so much more", Cassandra says

The woman looks shocked

"Girl...What sort of magic powers do you have that I don't know about?", the woman asks as she spots one of her children trying to climb into Cassandra's lap "Get away from her", the woman to says to her child, admonishing and scolding the little boy

"I'm so sorry. My children are climbers", the woman apologetically says

"Ohh...Don't worry. He didn't bother me. Looks like you have a load", Cassandra said as she counted the children

"Ohh....TELL ME ABOUT IT", the woman says as she rolls her eyes and laughs a little.

"Ladies & gentlemen....This is your captain speaking. We are on final approach to Cedarville International Airport", the captain interrupts through the plane's PA system. He then proceeds to give the usual requests made of passengers and flight crew during this phase of any flight and thanks the passengers for flying Acme Airlines. The NO SMOKING and FASTEN SEAT BELT lights are turned on as the flight attendants make their way up and down the row of seats to ensure compliance with the captain's requests. One of the flight attendants helps the woman with the children in securing them before the woman finally fastens her own seat belt. By this time, Cassandra has already fastened her seat belt and has done everything else asked of her by the captain except securing Christopher.

"I'm sorry ma'am, but you'll need to secure the baby", one of the flight attendants says

"But I'm brerast feeding him right now", Cassandra says

"Can it wait till we land?", the attendant asks

"I suppose so. He's probably had enough for right now", Cassandra says as she gently nudges Christopher away from her nipple

"If it's a health issue, I can allow you to continue, but you'll have to hang on to him a little tighter than you normally would.

"Are we in for a rough landing", Cassandra asks with concern

"", the attendant says "It's just it's much safer if the baby is properly secured. That's all", the attendant adds.

"Ohh...okay", Cassandra says, feeling relieved. "Well....My child won't be a problem because I'm going to secure him now". she adds.

"Very well", the attendant says and then leaves

"Roundin' the home stretch" the woman with the now-secured children says

"Yep. Homeward bound", Cassandra says *You've got that right sister*, Cassandra thinks to herself as the plane starts its downward descent.


* Now that Cassandra is in Cedarville, can Leo prevent a marital disaster in time by telling Stacy about Cassandra? Will he confess his infidelities to Stacy? What (if any) influence will Gen. Breyton have on Leo's decision?

* Marcie & Stephanie decide to put Jennifer's memory loss to a test which David isn't happy about. What will this "test" be? How will Jennifer's react?

* Will Stacy FINALLY tell Leo about the baby SHE is carrying or will her insecurities get the best of her once again?

* Brad gets the news on Jennifer's whereabouts. Will he help her or continue to wash his hands of her?



All of us here at AGAINST THE STORM would like to take time out to wish ALL mothers in cyberspace a VERY HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.

See you all next time. :-)

This show is Copyright 2005 Pat Cook & Jeeper One Media - All Rights Reserved.