Friday, January 28, 2005

Episode 12 - Leo's Call To Stacy

SCENE ONE - Stacy & Leo McFadden's Home

When we checked in during last week's show, Stacy, who's now six months pregnant and living at home alone while her husband Leo is away in Iraq serving his country, she was in an altercation with Cassandra Whitmore, who flew into Cedarville from New York under the impression that Leo wasn't married. Shortly after telling Stacy that she is the mother of Leo's son Christopher, Cassandra has been told to leave. But Cassandra has thus far refused.

We pick up the scene now with Brad's arrival.....

"Brad, do me a favor & show this bitch the way off my property", Stacy demandingly asks. She then closes the door.

Cassandra blushes & looks flirtatiously at Brad

"Uhh....Sure", Brad says, still trying to figure out what's going on.

"Why Brad.....Mmmm.....What a name", Cassandra says, flirting with him.

"I'm still not quite sure what's goin on here, but I believe you've been told to leave and I've been asked to see to it that you do", Brad says in his usual down-to-earth self.

"Ohh....Well....Perhaps I could leave with you then", Cassandra says, still flirting with him.

"I don't even know you", Brad exclaims.

"That can change, you know", Cassandra says, still not getting what Brad is telling her.

"Whatever. Just leave", Brad says

"You know, for someone who doesn't even live here, you seem to have quite a lot of authority", Cassandra says, now realizing that flirting with Brad isn't going to work

"You know, for someone who not only doesn't even live here, but is also a total complete stranger around here, you lot a lot of nerve telling the one person who does live here what to do and how to talk", Brad says in response "You need to leave - NOW", he continues

"Look...I'm here to see Leo and I'm not leaving until I do", Cassandra threateningly says

Stacy, who is inside her home and has become increasingly annoyed and angry with the argument outside, storms across the living room, picks up the handset to her cordless phone, and heads for the door yet again.

"Okay, I'll put it this way. If you're off this porch in 30 seconds, I'm calling the police"

"Right. You don't even have a phone", Cassandra aroogantly says.

"He may not have a phone, but I do and I will use it", Stacy angrily says as she reopens the door and shows the handset to her cordless phone to Cassandra

SCENE TWO - The FonDuLac Hotel - Greg's Room

Greg McFadden is on the phone talking to Stephanie, who is in her hotel room in Chippequah.

"So when do you plan on coming back", Greg asks as he talks to Stephanie over the telephone.

"Probably tomorrow", Stephanie says from her hotel room in Chippequah on the other end of the line.

"Can't wait to see you babe", Greg says

"I can't wait either", Stepahnie says. "I can't wait till you're divorced from that wretched bitch of a wife of yours so we can get back together and start seeing each other again", she continues.

"Me either", Greg says as he notices a knock at the door. "Look, my lawyer's at the door", he continues

"At THIS hour?", Stephanie asks.

"You know....Business", Greg says "I'll call you tomorrow", he adds, answering the door to Mitchell, his lawyer, inside.

"Okay...Love you....Bye", Stephanie says

"Love you too sweetie. Bye", Greg responds. He then hangs up the phone after Stephanie hangs up on her end.

"Hello Mitchell. Sorry about being on the phone there", Greg says

"No problem. I'll just make things plain and simple by spelling it out to you", Mitchell says

"Talk to me", Greg says

"They're not settling for anything less than full custody of the kids and the yacht", Mitchell says

SCENE THREE - Stacy & Leo's Home

"You've got 60 seconds to leave - NOW", Stacy says, looking squarely at Cassandra

"Well....Since you put it that way......This isn't over", Cassandra says, looking squarely at Stacy "Not by a long shot Miss Goody Two Shoes", she continues.

"As far as I'm concerned, it is because there's nothing left to say", Stacy angrily responds as she stands toe-to-toe with Cassandra and looks at her squarely in the face. "If she doesn't leave Brad, call the police", Stacy continues.

Stacy hands Brad the phone, goes back inside and slams the door shut. Cassandra looks over at her car and then at Brad in the hopes of making one last quick hit on him.

"Well....What are you waiting for? Christmas?", Brad asks

"You've got me blocked in", Cassandra says as Brad prepares to join Stacy inside the house.

Brad then notices that his car is in Cassandra's way.

"Whatever....", Brad says, rolling his eyes and wondering why Cassandra put her vehicle in that position in the first place as he walks on over to his car door. Cassandra follows him.

"What are you doing?", Brad asks as Cassandra opens the passenger door to put Christopher in his car seat

"I am putting my child in his car seat and securing him", she responds "That bitch pretending to be Leo's wife may not give a damn about my child or what happens to him but I do.

"Make it quick, huh?", Brad responds back "Don't wanna be out here all night", he continues.

Brad jumps in his car, starts the engine, backs out of the driveway and pulls up to the front of the house. Cassandra then does the same, but before she can pull even with him, Brad then backs up to re-enter the driveway. Cassandra tries to back up to pull even with him, but is blocked by another car going down the street, a patrolling squad car from the Cedarville PD, whom Cassandra nearly backs into. Cassandra takes off before she really gives the police a reason to pull her over.

Brad then gets the attention of the officers in the squad car.

"See that car that just took off?", Brad asks

"Yeah", Joey, one of the officers in the squad car says

"The driver was over at my friend's place here and we had to threaten to call you guys to get her to leave", Brad says

"Is she drunk or unruly", Lisa, the other officer in the car says

"No. Just uninvited and not welcome", Brad says in response "Looks as though she may have a baby too", he continues

"Okay....We'll keep an eye out for her in case she returns.", Joey says

"Thanks", Brad says

Joey and Lisa resume their patrol while Brad pulls back into Stacy's driveway. Once inside, Stacy thanks Brad for all his help and for being there when she needed him and takes her phone back. Brad, figuring Stacy must be tired and wanting to go to bed, leaves himself.

SCENE FOUR - Military Communications Center - Baghdad, Iraq

"I'd like someplace where I call my wife in Cedarville please", Leo tells the officer on duty.

"Follow me", the officer says

Leo follows the officer to a terminal not in use.

"Thank you", Leo says

"Gonna finally tell your wife, eh", the officer asks. Leo gives him a None-Of-Your-Damn-Business look.

"That's okay", the officer tauntingly says "Between you and me, it's not only the base. It's all over the country. Even the Iraqi civilians are talking about it on the street - Hee Hee Hee", the officer says with a laugh

"Just leave me alone, okay", Leo says

"Ohh Sure. Glad I'm not you. Ha....Ha....Ha", the officer says, laughing out loud as he walks away "You in deep doo-doo now. Hee....Hee....Hee", he continues, laughing his head off until he sees Gen. Breyton in front of him. The officer salutes him as he passes by.

"Enjoy your cheap laughs while you still can, private", Gen. Breyton says.

"Uhh....Sir...Yes sir. At your service sir", the private comms officer says with a smile on his face.

"And wipe that smile off your face.", Gen. Breyton says "You're foaming at the lips", he continues.

"Yes sir", the private says as he returns to his post with Gen. Breyton non-chalantly looks around.

Meanwhile, back at the house in Cedarville, Stacy hears her computer signal that Leo is trying to call her using a VoIP client connected to the Internet. Stacy walks over to the computer and answers Leo's call.

"Hey babe", Leo says when he sees the connection.

"Hi Leo", Stacy says in her tired state.

"You look tired. I won't keep you though", Leo says

"Normally I would say okay, but....", Stacy says, her voice drifting and trailing off

"But what?", Leo asks

"Probably nothing. But nothing you need to be worried about", Stacy says.

"Heh", Leo says, brushing off Stacy's last comment "Well, what I wanted to call you about", Leo says, his voice trailing off as he looks for any sign of Gen. Breyton's prescence.

"That you love me? I know that. What else?", Stacy says

"Well....There's rumor going around that there's this woman claiming to be the mother of her child and that I'm supposedly the target", Leo says

Those words get quickly Stacy's attention.

"Was her name Cassandra Whitmore by any chance?", Stacy asks

Leo's throat drops into this stomach

"Ohh God....She's been there", Leo says, thinking he's talking to himself as he rolls his eyes

"So you know about her?", Stacy asks

"Babe...I just found out about this myself", Leo says "I'm shocked", he continues. "Listen babe, whatever she says, don't believe her", Leo pleadingly says "According to official sources.....You know....Military Intel.....She's a scam artist", Leo says "She supposedly has done this for quite a while".

"Leo, you're scaring me, you're saying the woman at our doorstep tonight was a scam artist?", Stacy asks, now rattled by what Leo just said "Hold on sweetie. Someone's at the door", she continues, hearing the knocking at the door

"If that's her, you hang up and call the police", Leo says as Stacy gets up to answer the door

SCENE FIVE - David & Marcie's Hotel Room

David and Marcie are in bed getting ready to go to sleep.

"You were right David", Marcie said "We shouldn't have gone after Jennifer like that", she continues

"You got that right", David said "Who knows what sort of damage was done as a result of that

The room phone rings. Brad is on the other end.

"Who could that be?", Marcie asks

"I dunno, but we'll find out", David says as he picks up the receiver "Hello", he says to Brad, who is on the other end

"David, it's me, Brad", Brad says "I've been doing some thinking. What can I do to help?"

"Well", David says with a surprised look on his face "You still got a key to Jen's place?", he asks

"Yeah. I think so", Brad says

"Good", David says "Here's what we need you to do tomorrow", he adds

"What is it?", Brad asks, fumbling for a pen and paper as he drives down the street, but finds none, so he turns on his laptop PC instead.

"We need you to dig up any pictures of all of us with her in them", David says

"All of them?", Brad asks, hoping he'd be able to leave out the pictures with him & Jennifer in them

"Well....okay, leave out the ones with you in them if you want", David says "Afterall, we wouldn't want to hurt your pride, now would we?", David sarcastically asks

"Okay, I'll dig 'em up, but I'm not delivering them to her though", Brad sarcastically responds

"That's okay because all you need to do is drop them off here and we'll do the rest", David says "You still got the name of the hotel and the address", he asks

"Yeah", Brad responds

"Cool. We'll see you tomorrow then", David says

"Alright. Laters", Brad says before hanging up the phone.

"Who was that?", Marcie asks

"Brad", David responds "I think he's coming to his senses now", he adds

SCENE SIX - Leo & Stacy's Home

"Can I help you?", Stacy asks Joey and Lisa, the two officers who passed by earlier

"Are you the resident who lives here", Lisa asks

"Yes. My name is Stacy McFadden. Is there something wrong", Stacy asks

"Ms. McFadden, I'm Officer Joey Scalia and this is my partner Officer Lisa Myers", Joey said "We received a report from someone claiming to be a friend of yours that you had an uninvited and unwelcome female guest here earlier this evening", Joey adds "We're doing a follow-up investigation"

"That would be my friend Brad that you're referring to", Stacy says "And the woman, well....yeah, you could say she was unwelcome", Stacy adds "She claimed to be the mother of my husband's baby or something", Stacy continues "I told her she had to leave and ultimately had to threaten to call you guys if she didn't", Stacy continues

"Where is your husband now, Ms. McFadden? Can we perhaps speak with him?", Lisa asks

"He's in Iraq serving our country, but he just called me and were in the middle of a conversation when you knocked", Stacy said "Would you like to talk to him?", she asks

"If at all possible, yes we would", Lisa says

"Sure. Hope you don't mind talking through a computer", Stacy said as she invited the officers in.

Joey and Lisa speak with Leo, who gives them the same story he gave to Stacy. Upon the end of their conversation with Leo, they thanked him and they are now ready to leave.

"Ms. McFadden, if this woman ever comes back, don't hesitate to call us", Lisa said as she and Joey hand Stacy a business card "These cards have our names and direct numbers on them. You can also page us too", Lisa continues "Our pager numbers are also on the cards we just gave you", she adds

"Thank you officers", she says as she prepares to show them out

"If you can't get a hold of us or if you're in a life threatening situation, no matter who or what is responsible, call 911", Joey says "And if that woman comes back and threatens you, call 911 without hesitation or return threats to make such a call", he adds.

"I will. Thanks again officers", Stacy said

"No. Thank you - and your husband", Joey says with his usual New York accent

"You got that right", Lisa says as Stacy unintentionally closes the door. Realizing she may have closed the door prematurely, she looks through the peephole, but finds Joey & Lisa heading back to their squad car.

Stacy returns to the computer.

"Listen sweetie, I'm tired and pooped", Stacy says "Was there anything else you wanted to say?", she asks

"Just that I love you", Leo said

"Love you too. Bye now", Stacy says

"Bye", Leo says as she disconnects

Meanwhile back in Baghdad....

"A scam artist, eh McFadden?", Gen. Breyton asks

Leo turns around and notices Gen. Breyton accompanied by two MPs.

"How many more lies are you going to tell?", Gen. Breyton asks

"But sir", Leo pleadingly says

"You told that story no only to your wife, but to a couple of civilian police officers as well", Gen. Breyton said "Congratulations McFadden! You not only guaranteed yourself a trip home to the states, but you also managed to practically guarantee yourself a dishonorable discharge for lying to the police

"But sir", Leo pleads even further

"McFadden, consider yourself confined to quarters", Gen. Breyton says "Get him out of here", he orders to the MPs

Leo begs and screams as the MPs escort him out.


* Greg & Courtney have another meeting, but this time with lawyers in tow. What will happen?

* Trish & Michael ponder the idea of getting back together again, but has time finally caught up with them? Has Trish really forgiven him for the events that lead to his departure nearly three years ago?

* Brad joins the effort in helping Jennifer regain her memory. Will she remember their argument the day she disappeared?

* Leo is fearful of what Gen. Breyton will do next.

Don't miss the next exciting episode.

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