Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Episode 13 - The Return Of Michael Carlotti

SCENE ONE - Stephanie Hotel Room in Chippequah

It's the dawn of a new day in Cedarville and Stephanie Blanton, Investigative Reporter for WCDR-TV Channel 4 is seen in her hotel room in nearby Chippequah talking to her boss on the phone.

"Can't you get someone else down here to cover it, like someone who lives here".

"Well geez Steph, you've been down there for so long, you're practically considered a resident there", Roger Clayborn, her boss at the station says to Stephanie over the phone.

"Har dee har har. Funny Roger", Stpehanie says

"Steph....Seriously....No joke. I really need you to cover this trial", Roger says "Besides, you know if it wasn't for you and the hard work you put into the investigation which lead to this trial, it wouldn't be happening in the first place", Roger says

Stephanie gives a look that basically says "I know Roger. You don't have to remind me."

"You don't want all that work flushed down the drain by a bunch of carefree penny-pinching lawyers, do you?", Roger asks

"Of course not", Stephanie says, resigning herself to the fact she may well be assigned by Roger to cover the trial "But I wasn't exactly expecting my sister to suddenly fall off the face of the earth for several months either"

"I know Steph. But life's rough. Life's tough> But I need someone down there to cover that trial and you know the power trip Channel 7 gets when either us or Channel 12 don't show up to cover stories", Roger says

"Of course. They're always quick to rub it in our faces as they prove yet again their tabloid approach to news leads to breaking stories even though we're tops and theiy're dead last in the ratings", Stephanie says

"Well then.....Unless you want to see another one of those ads, I trust you'll be at the courthouse this morning when court begins?", Roger asks

"Yeah I suppose", Stephanie says "Tell the live unit crew I'll meet 'em there", she adds

"That's the spirit", Roger said "See ya later", he added

"Yeah....Laters", Stephanie responds

"And Top O' The Morning to you too", she adds as she rolls her eyes and hangs up the phone just as the buzzer rings. Stephanie goes to answer the door where she finds David & Marcie standing. She lets them in

"Good Morning", David said

Stephanie looks at David as if she was wondering what tropical paradise island he and Marcie came from.

"It's a beautiful morning alright", Stephanie said "That is if you don't mind be reminded of a certain obligation better known as your job", she adds

Marcie, who entered the room with a cup of coffee, looks as though she's gagging on the stuff as she attempts to respond to Stephanie's last comment.

"We got 'reminded' of ours too", David says as Marcie catches her breath "In fact, we're going to have to head back to Cedarville if....and I quote we want to keep our jobs end quote", he added.

"Well, I just got roped into doing mine down here", Stephanie said "You know that big trial that's supposed to be getting underway today?", she added

"Yeah", Marcie said, now recouperated from her earlier incident.

"Guess who's covering it for Channel 4", Stephanie said

David tries not to laugh at Stephanie's predictament, but winds up letting out a little chuckle anyhow

SCENE TWO - Trish's Apartment

Trish is seen drinking some orange juice when the doorbell rings. She goes to answer it.

"Good Morning", Michael says as he smiles

"Same to you", Trish says as she smiles and opens the door so he can come in "Come on in"

"Thanks", Michael said "Same ol' beautiful place I see", he added

"Just couldn't find it in me to give it up", Trish says "Want some breakfast?, she asks

"Nah...I ate before leaving the hotel", Michael said "I'll take some coffee though", he added

"Comin' right up", Trish says, knowing just how Michael likes his coffee

"You know, there was so much left unsaid last night", Michael said

"Some things are best left that way", Trish says, handing Michael's cup of coffee to him

"Mmmm....Great coffee", Michael says, sipping the cup

"I fixed it just the way you've always loved it sweetie", Trish said

Michael looks as Trish as if to say she didn't have to such trouble.

"Maybe you're right. Some things are best left unsaid", Michael said "But I've been doing some thinking though", he added

Trish raises her eyebrows and smiles as she and Michael sit down on the sofa in the living room.

"I'm thinking of not leaving Cedarville once the conference is over", Michael said

Trish is taken aback by Michael's last comment and lets out a jolt as she puts her coffee cup to her lips which causes her to splatter some hot coffee onto her fingers and the table and momentarily choke on her coffee as she gasps for air.

SCENE THREE - Cedarville Court House

Greg has just arrived for the first day of the hearing in the divorce proceeding of him and his wife Courtney. He is quickly followed by Courtney and her entourage of lawyers.

"Ready for today Greg?", Mitchell, his lawyer, asks him

"Got the tapes", Greg asks

"Of course", Mitchell says

"Good. Let's set this court back on its ear then", Greg responds

"Tapes? What tapes", Andrea, one of Courtney's lawyers, asks

"Mitchell, now wait a minute, if you're going to pull a fast one....", Andrea says

"We're not going to do anything of the kind", Mitchell says, cutting Andrea off "We're just submitting evidence", Mitchell says

"Evidence of what?", Courtney says "Puh-leaze.....When are you going to give up that song and dance?", Courtney snidely asks

"It's no song and dance Courtney", Greg says "I take matter like this very seriously", he adds "And the evidence I have will nail you to the cross. Greg emphatically continues

SCENE FOUR - Trish's Apartment

"Not leaving Cedarville?", Trish asks, now recovered from her earlier shock "Michael, have you seriously thought this through?', she asks

"Yeah", Michael says "Ever since we ran into each other last night, I've been thinking more and more of how great it would be if we got back together again", he adds "I dunno. Maybe I'm just crazy", he continues

"No....I'm just a little surprised though", Trish said "I mean, what about your business?", she asks

"I can simply run that from here", Michael says

"Michael", Trish says, thinking he might be making too sudden a decision

"Truth is babe", Michael says "I've been thinking for a long time about coming back", he adds "Been thinking about it for weeks, if not months", he continues

Trish starts to cry

"Then when I knew about this conference being here", Michael said, "I just basically said 'This is it'. I'm coming back home to you, my sweet love"

"Michael", Trish says with a smile on her face, knowing it appears that her man has finally come home to stay

"I'd have bought you a boquet of roses, sorta ruined my surprise last night", Michael says

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry", Trish apologetically says with a bit of laughter and lots of joy

"Forget about it", Michael said "A boquet of roses would never do a beautiful woman like you justice", Michael adds with a smile

Trish reaches over and she and Michael embrace in a huge hug followed by several kisses

"God, I missed you", Michael said

"I missed you too", Trish said, smiling and looking passionately into his eyes as she strokes his face as if she was wondering if she dreaming or not

SCENE FIVE - Chippequah Court House

Channel 4 Investigative Reporter Stephanie Blanton, who broke the story that led to the scandal which subsequently led to the trial she's about to cover, has just arrived at the courthouse and spots the live remote unit waiting for her. She is also quickly joined by Mark Devereaux from rival station Channel 7, who is known for its tabloid-style approach to news and is dead last in the ratings as a result. She's also joined by fellow colleague and friend Tom Fenton from rival station Channel 12. Channel 12, unlike Channel 7, is more like Channel 4 in its news coverage, which is straightforward, simple and not known to be flashy. But nevertheless, the two stations sometimes clash while covering stories.

"Hey guys", Stephaie says as she walks up to the Channel 4 Action News crew that will be with her for the day

"What's up", photographer Dewayne Chapman asks

"Not much. You?", she responds as she takes the earpiece and mic that she'll need.

"Heard about your sster. Anything we can do?", Dewayne asks

"Nope", Stephanie says "Besides, who told you guys?", she curiously asks, knowing she didn't tell anyone at the station besides Roger.

"You don't know?", Dewayne asks

"Know what?", Stephanie asks in return

"See that guy with the Channel 7 crew?", Dewayne asks

"See him? I fuckin' know him", she says "But what does that have to do with the price of tea in China", Stephanie rhetorically asks

"Apparently he's got a source at the hospital", Dewayne says "He's been blabbering about it on camera ever since he got here".

"A source - here in Chippequah??", Stephanie asks, now with greater concern and wondering what Mark Devereaux and his crew could be up to.

Dewayne nods

"Apparently he's planning some big scoop for their 5:00 PM newscast tonight", Dewayne says

"Really? Well I'll give him a scoop alright - A scoop of my mind", Stephanie says "When are we to go on", she asks

"Ten minutes", Dewayne says just before he notices Stephanie wandering over to Mark's area "Where are you going?", Dewayne shouts out

"This won't take long. Be right back", Stephanie shouts back in response

As she walks over to Mark's area, she notices that he's on the air. Being the ethical journalist she is, she stands not far off camera until Mark is cleared of the airwaves. Meanwhile, Mark is just wrapping up his report.

"And that's the latest from here. We're live in Chippequah, Mark Devereaux, 7NEWS", Mark says as he signs off and hands it back to the studio

"And we're off", Mark's photographer says

"Good. Because I have a few things to say to you, Mr. Devereaux", Stephanie says

Mark turns to look at Stephanie, knowing he's been caught and now has some explaining to do

SCENE SIX - Cedarville PD Detective Squad Room

David & Marcie have just arrived when the captain spots them

"Ahh....Nice to see you two jailbirds actually had the consideration to come into work today", Captain Marshall sarcastically says

"Well, we weren't going to come in at all, but since you dragged us all the way back here, we figured it was the leastwe could do", Marcie sarcastically responds in her usual 'Top O' The Morning To You Too ASSHOLE' manner

"Well, in that case, I suppose you wouldn't mind working this one", Capt. Marshall says

"What is it", David asks as Marcie takes the file from the captain and opens it

"Apparently some woman is out there trying to claim that she is the mother of some child which she has claimed a number of guys in the military are/is the father of", Captain Marshall says

"Why do we have it then? Why is this not a matter for the feds?", David asks

"They're just as stumped as we are", Captain Marshall says

"They're investigating this too?", Marcie asks

"Yep", Capt. Marshall said "But they didn't get last night's little tip", he adds

"Last night's tip?", David asks

"Apparently this woman has been at this for the past several days, using public pay phones", Captain Marshall says "But last night, she apparently decided that using a pay phone wasn't going to work, so she decided to pay her next victim a personal visit", Capt. Marshall says "Got this plate number just last night", he adds, handing it to David "Ran it through DMV. Came back as being registered to a car rental agency. NCIC came back clean on it".

"So what angle are we investigating this from?", David asks

"A possible extortion angle", Capt. Marshall responds

"Wait a minute", Marcie says, noticing the address in the report from the night before "This isn't just some ordinary address", she continues

"You the two of you know one of the victims?", Capt. Marshall

"Yeah. A friend of ours", Marcie says, showing the file to David

"David, that's Stacy's house", Marcie says

"We'll look into it sir", David says

"Okay", Capt. Marshall confidently says "Glad to see the tweo of you back at work again, even if it's a Bunkel case", he continues "And oh yeah, hope your sister feels better soon", he adds

"Thanks", David says as he and Marcie prepare to leave "We'll be on the air", he adds as they grab a radio and leave.

SCENE SEVEN - Leo's Quarters, Baghdad, Iraq

As per ordered by Gen. Breyton in our last episode, Leo has been confined to quarters with MPs standing outside. As we pick up the scene, he is sitting in the room and reliving and recalling his entire day and his actions over the last several months. In addition, he's also fearful of what might happen next. He's also pacing the room floor from time to time.

Some several minutes later, one of his roommates, Sgt. Tyrone Walker approaches the MPs outside. Leo doesn't want to hear from Tyrone and tries to act as though he's sleeping, but Tyrone doesn't buy it.

"Yo dude....I know you ain't sleepin'. GET UP", Tyrone exclaims

Leo gets up ready for a fight, but knows he doesn't want one

"Don't tell me you're here to rub it in".

"Nope", Tyrone says "I'm here to get my shit", he continues "But before I do, we gonna have this out", he adds in a manner that leaves Leo wondering what he did to warrant such a comment from Tyrone, of all people.


* Brad joins the effort in helping Jennifer regain her memory. Will she remember their argument the day she disappeared?

* David & Marcie work the case of the mysterious extortionist. Could Cassandra be the person they're looking for or is her arrival in Cedarville and visit to Stacy's house just an untimely coincidence?

* Greg & Courtney's divorce proceedings kick into full swing

* Stephanie confronts Mark about his planned story on Jennifer

* Trish & Michael talk about their future - if the even have one

Don't miss the next exciting episode.

See you all next time. :-)

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