Friday, February 4, 2005

Episode 14 - Leo Loses His Temper

SCENE ONE - Leo's Quarters - Baghdad, Iraq

Tyrone had just came in to get his stuff, but decided he's make a last ditch effort to get through to Leo by trying the only thing he hadn't yet - Getting in his face.

LEO (beginning to feel threatened): What the hell do you mean by that?

TYRONE (adamant but explaining himself): You know just exactly what I mean by that.

Tyrone walks over to his stuff where a picture of his wife Julia is. He picks it up and shows it to Leo

TYRONE: See the picture of this girl?

LEO: How I can not? She looks gorgeous.

TYRONE: Yeah she does. No one knows that better than me. But you see man, unlike you, I know I'm going home to my wife.

LEO: You came here just to say that?

TYRONE: Naah man. I came here to show you what you've blown

Leo looks as though he thinks he's about to endure yet another round of torture

SCENE TWO - Outside The Chippequah Courthouse

Stephanie has just wandered over to where Channel 7 reporter Mark Devereaux, who had just ended a live report, is standing after learning that he plans to air a follow-up story on Jennifer

MARK (acting cheerful): Well....Top O' The Morning Stephanie.

STEPHANIE (not the least bit amused or in the mood): Don't patronize me Mark. You know why I'm here.

MARK (trying to act stumped and clueless): Really?

STEPHANIE: Yes. Does your planned story with my sister Jennifer ring a few bells?

MARK (acting as though his memory was just jogged): Ohh....That little thing.

STEPHANIE (sarcastically mocking him): Yes....That little thing.

DEWAYNE (yelling at Stephanie from the remote unit): Stephanie.....Eight minutes.

MARK (hearing Dewayne's call and wanting to avoid a confrontation): Shouldn't you be getting ready to go on the air?

STEPHANIE (not falling for Mark's trick): That can wait.

MARK: Look Stephanie....

STEPHANIE (getting to the point): Who the fuckin' hell do you think you are? Who's your source at the hospital? And just what right do you think you fuckin' have to get information on my sister? Neither I nor my sister or my brother signed anything to allow the hospital to release information on Jennifer.

MARK: Jennifer did.

STEPHANIE (looking shocked and wondering what he's talking about): What??

MARK: Her doctor tells me that despite her obvious condition, she's perfectly capable of making her own decisions.

STEPHANIE (looking really surprised & pissed now): Mark....HELLO.....She has amnesia for God's sake. She's in no condition to be exploited especially by someone the likes of you.

DEWAYNE (again yelling from the remote unit): Steph....Five minutes.

Stephanie ignores Dewayne even though she hears him

MARK (looking surpised): Exploited? Stephanie, the only way I plan to spin this is as a human interest story.

DEWAYNE (sounding really worried now): Steph...Four minutes. C'mon. You'd better get over here.

STEPHANIE (knowing she has to go): I have to go, but this isn't over yet. Not by a long shot.

MARK: As far as I'm concerned, it is. Her doctor says she's perfectly capable of making her own decisions and she's agreed to do an interview. And since she signed the release herself, I really don't see the problem with it. Now, you tell me where the ethics issue is.

DEWAYNE: Steph.....

STEPHANIE (frustrated at Mark): You're disgusting.

Stephanie walks back to the Channel 4 live remote unit and prepares to go on the air as Mark shakes his head.

SCENE THREE - Cedarville International Airport - Acme Car Rental Agency

Detectives David & Marcie Grant from the Cedarville PD are investigating the various reports the PD has received about a female claiming to be the mother of a child fathered by someone in the Armed Forces in Iraq


DAVID (flashing his badge as Marcie does the same): We're here on official business.

CLERK: I'll do what I can to help. What do you need?

MARCIE: Do you have a 2005 Mazda XLS with this licence plate number?

Marcie shows the number to the clerk.

CLERK: I wouldn't know, but I'll look it up though.

The clerk enters the number into her computer and retrieves the record she has.

CLERK: It appears we do, but I show that it's currently rented.

DAVID: We need to know who the renter is.

CLERK (looking disappointed): I'm afraid I can't give you that information without a warrant of some kind.

DAVID (pulling out a $20 in an effort to emprovise by trying to make a score): Would this help?

The clerk is tempted to accept it, but decides the better of it

CLERK: I'm not that cheap.

DAVID (disappointed, but not surprised): Well then, I guess we'll just have to return with a warrant then.

CLERK (candidly): I guess you will.

CLERK (continued): Anything else I can help you with?

DAVID (dsappointed): Nope. We'll be back.

David & Marcie leave the counter

SCENE FOUR - Cedarville Courthouse

Greg & Courtney's divorce hearing has just begun and Greg's attorney, Mitchell Rogers, is trying to introduce Greg's videotapes into court as evidence

COURTNEY'S ATTORNEY: Look Your Honor, they've tried this before. They've tried painting my client as an unfit mother. And look what it got 'em. They wound up leaving the courtroom with their tails tucked between their legs.

MITCHELL: Your Honor, this is new evidence. It has never been introduced before. We have a right to be heard on this.

JUDGE: Approach the bench.

Mitchell and Courtney's attorney both comply with the judge's request

JUDGE: Alright Mr. Rogers, just what is this new evidence.

MITCHELL: They're videotapes Your Honor.

Courtney's attorney rolls his eyes into the back of his head

COURTNEY'S ATTORNEY (acting as though he's reminding the judge): Your Honor, tapes can be doctored.

JUDGE: I'm well aware of that counselor. However if these tapes provide any evidentary proof of Defense Council's accusations, this court would be remiss if it didn't consider it.


JUDGE: As such, I will view these tapes in my chambers and return with my decision.

COURTNEY'S ATTORNEY: You can't be serious....

The judge looks at Courtney's attorney as if to say he is serious

COURTNEY'S ATTORNEY (throwing his arms up in the air, but convinced the tapes are doctored): Okay....

JUDGE: When we end this, court will stand in recess pending my return. Mr. Rogers, I expect you to hand the tapes over to the court clerk who will then in turn bring them to me.

MITCHELL: No problem sir. We have the tapes here.

JUDGE: Good. In that case, step back.

The two lawyers comply

JUDGE: Defense Council is instructed to turn over the evidence they wish to introduce to the court. I will then view it in the privacy of my chambers where I will make my decision as to whether or not the tapes are admissable.

COURTNEY'S ATTORNEY (standing up): Your Honor....Objection.

JUDGE: Noted Council

Courtney's attorney sits back down.

JUDGE: If there's no other objection, court stands in recess.

The judge waits for a few seconds, but hears nothing. He then bangs the gavel to signal the call to recess

BAILIFF: All rise.

Everyone rises as the judge leaves

SCENE FIVE - Leo's Quarters - Baghdad, Iraq

LEO: Look....I don't need you starting in on me too. It's bad enough I got Gen. Breyton on my back

TYRONE: Me starting in on you is exactly what you need man.

LEO: What's that supposed to mean?

TYRONE: You're a damn coward. You can't even tell your wife the truth. You don't even have any fuckin' clue what you're doin' to your wife. I feel sorry for her. And on top of that, you lied to her and the cops.

Leo looks surprised as he wonders how Tyrone found out about the incident at the Comm. Center

TYRONE (continuing): Whoa. You don't think I don't know what happened at the Comm. Center?

LEO (knowing the whole base must know by now and uttering to himself): Ohh fuckin' shit.

TYRONE: It's all over base dude.

LEO (thinking he's talking to himself): That private couldn't keep his fuckin' shut, could he? He just had to blabber it all over base.

TYRONE: Yeah. I suppose you could blame it on on him. Whatever. But still, you don't get it, do you?

Lt. Anthony (e.g. Tony) Romano walks in

TONY: Ohh....Sorry. Just came in to get my stuff. I'll come back.

TYRONE: 'Tis okay man. Just talkin' to Leo dude.

TONY: Why do you even bother man? Talkin' to him is like talkin' to a brick wall.

LEO (To Tony): C'mon man.

TONY (walking up to his face): No, make that a lying, cheating, scheming, son of a bitch brick wall who's more afraid of his wife than he is of bullets and mortar fire.

Leo punches Tony in the face just as Gen. Breyton walks in. Tony falls to the floor

GEN. BREYTON (To Leo): That will be enough.

Tony gets up, smarting from the punch he got from Leo

SCENE SIX - Brad's Apartment

Brad is seen watching the morning news on Channel 4 as he prepares for his trip to Jennifer's apartment when he gets a knock on the door. On the other side of the door is Trish & Michael, who, at Trish's insistence, have been making the rounds as Trish re-introduces everyone to Michael

BRAD: Hey.

TRISH: Hey yourself. Good morning. Headed out?

BRAD (scratching his head): Uhh...I'm about to. Come on in.

TRISH: Thanks

Trish & Michael walk inside Brad's apartment

TRISH: We'll only be a few minutes. I'd like you meet someone.

BRAD (pointing to Michael): Him?

Trish smiles

TRISH: Do you remember Michael Carlotti?

BRAD (feeling as though he just got surprised): Holy fuckin' shit. You're Michael?

MICHAEL (scratching his head): Uhh....Last time I checked. Yes.

BRAD (shaking Michael's hand and still feeling surrpised): How long has it been? Y...Y....You've changed.

MICHAEL (trying to downplay the whole thing): Uhh....It's been awhile. And yes, I've changed. But looking at you, you've changed too. Last time I saw you, you were School. Weren't you?

BRAD: Uhh....Something like that. Wanna beer? Got a few.

MICHAEL: Uhh....Well no. Actually I have a meeting I need to be getting to in a few minutes. Can I take a rain check?

BRAD: Here ya go.

Brad hands Michael a blank piece of paper

MICHAEL (chuckling): Uhh....Looks like rubber to me. But yeah, I'll take it.

TRISH: Say hey....Have you heard anything from David, Marcie, or Stephanie on Jennifer yet?

BRAD: Spoke with David last night. I assume Marcie was with him As for Stephanie.....

Brad, Trish and Michael turn to the TV where Stephanie can be seen reporting from Chippequah

SCENE SEVEN - The FonDuLac Hotel

David & Marcie got the warrant to get the information they needed from the Car Rental agency and are now about to confront Cassandra

HOTEL CLERK: Can I help you?

MARCIE: We're here on official police business

David & Marcie flash their badges

HOTEL CLERK: Uhh....Okay. How can I help you?

DAVID: Do you have a Cassandra Whitmore registered here?

HOTEL CLERK: Lemme look it up.

The clerk looks up Cassandra's name on the computer and finds the information he needs

HOTEL CLERK (continues): Yes we do.

MARCIE: Great What's her room number

The clerk looks reluctant to divulge that information, but David brandishes a warrant addressed to the hotel

DAVID: We have a warrant if you need assistance.

David hands the warrant to the clerk

HOTEL CLERK: Uhh....Just a minute.

The clerk places a phone call summoning his supervisor to the front desk

HOTEL CLERK (To His Supervisor): Uhh...These people handed me this warrant and are seeking the room number of one of our guests.

The Supervisor examines the warrant and discovers it's valid and instructs the clerk to provide them with any requested information.

HOTEL CLERK: The room number is 613. You can take these elevators (pointing to the main elevators).

DAVID: Thank you.

Meanwhile in Cassandra's room, Cassandra has just finished changing Christopher's diaper and has just sat back down on the sofa when the there's a knock on the door. She gets up to answer it, but is a little surprised since she's not expecting anyone

CASSANDRA (opening the door just enough to see David & Marcie on the other side): Yes. Can I help you?

MARCIE: Are you Cassandra Whitmore?

CASSANDRA (curious): Who's asking?

MARCIE: I'm Lt. Marcie Grant and this is my partner Lt. David Grant. We're from the Cedarville Police Department. May we come in?

David & Marcie show their badges as Cassandra is shocked and surprised and left wondering what she did to get the attention of the police


* Brad joins the effort in helping Jennifer regain her memory. Will she remember their argument the day she disappeared?

* David & Marcie confront Casandra about her visit to Stacy's house

* The judge finishes reviewing the tapes. Is Courtney's goose cooked or does Greg even have a case?

* Stephanie continues to confront Mark about his planned story on Jennifer for Channel 7 and tries to make plans to stop it from airing.

* Steve gets wind that Michael is back in town and reminds him of the past.

* Gen. Breyton lowers the boom on Leo.

Don't miss the next exciting episode.

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