Friday, December 31, 2004

Episode 08 - Cassandra Heads For Cedarville

SCENE ONE - Months have gone by since the last episode. As Spring reaches full bloom, we see Cassandra Whitmore at home with her baby boy Christopher. As we zoom in on them, we see they are preparing for a plane trip.

"We're going to go see daddy" Cassandra says.

Christopher sees a picture of what appears to be Leo in uniform and says in his usual baby talk "Da Da" as he points to Leo's picture.

"Yes. That's your daddy", Cassandra excitedly says, almost giggling in the process. "Won't he be surprised to see us too, especially after all these months" she says to herself in a sarcastic manner as she hugs Christopher.

"Yep. Daddy's little secret will be exposed. Or I'll expose him!", she says with a smile and almost vengefully.

SCENE TWO - Baghdad, Iraq - Leo's quarters.

Leo and his buddies are sleeping after a long day's work. While he is sleeping, Leo starts dreaming of the reception he may have given what he knows about Cassandra and what she's capable of doing now that she's back in the states.


"It's good to be back home again", Leo says as he and Stacy kiss.

"I missed you" she says.

"Missed you too babe" he says.

"Really?" she says with more authority. "Well, to be honest, WE ALL missed you", she says as she opens the door with Cassandra and Christopher standing just inside.

Leo fumbles for words in respose to the sight before him

Leo is seen tossing and turning in his bunk bed as we continue.....

"Aren't you going to introduce us?" Stacy sarcastically asks.

"Hi there lover boy" Cassandra says as she puckers her lips for a kiss and blows it out towards him and waves her hand as she holds a sleeping Christopher in her arms.

"Ehh.....Stace......I honestly don't know who this woman is", Leo says, trying to cover up his story.

"Don't be so coy Leo. You don't think I know? How long did you think you could hide this from me?". Stacy adamantly says.

"GET A DAMN CLUE LEO. You got this woman pregnant, didn't you?", Stacy says.

"NO. I don't even know who she is". Leo says, still trying to cover his ass.

"Well she seems to know YOU". Stacy says.

"Quite well in fact" says Cassandra as she walks up to him, still with Christopher in her arms.

"What's the matter Leo? Cat got your tounge?" Cassandra sarcastically says as Stacy walks into the house.

"What the hell are you doing here? How long have you been here?" Leo demandingly asks.

"You don't remember our little 'dirty secret' done in the back of that Apache helicopter?" Cassandra asks.

"I remember." Leo admittingly says as he looks at Christopher "Whose kid is this?" he continues, feeling really nervous.

"Why....Dear lover boy.....He's YOURS". Cassandra says. "Meet your son Christopher", she continues. "Doesn't he look just like you?"

"No....No....NO he doesn't". Leo kneejerkingly says. "Take him away".

"What's wrong Leo? Truth hurts, doesn't it?", Cassandra tauntingly asks.

"Ohh sure. Just as soon as your attorney and mine both draw up paperwork for a little something called CHILD SUPPORT" says Cassandra.

"Afterall, we wouldn't want to put a damper on the big parade & BIG HERO'S WELCOME honoring Cedarville's BEST with something as 'petty' as this, now would we?", Cassandra says.

"Get off my property NOW before I call the police and have you charged with bribery, blackmail, extortion and anything else they can think of" Leo demandingly says

"Ohh...BY ALL MEANS....DO call the police", Cassandra says. "If you do, I'll have you charged with being a DEADBEAT DADDY" she sternly continues. "If that happens, there's NO WAY IN HELL ANYONE will show up at Town Square for your 'big hero's welcome because NO ONE WILL GIVE A DAMN".


Leo is now tossing and turning in his bunk so hard he's awakened his buddy, Tyrone, who was sleeping above him.

"No" Leo repeatedy says as Tyrone reaches him wondering what's going on.

"Yo...Leo....Wake up dude" Tyrone says. "Wake up". he continues (Tyrone continues this until Leo wakes up)

"Ty" Leo finally says. "What the hell happened man? Where are we?", Leo continues.

"We're still in Iraq and you were having a bad dream or something". "You alright", Tyrone asks with concern.

By this time, Tony, who is Leo's other buddy, also wakes up.

"What the hell is going on over there? I'm dogged tired", Tony says as he tries to go back to sleep.

"Nothin' man. 'Tis okay. Leo just had a bad dream. That's all" Tyrone says.

"Whatever. Just go back to sleep". Tony says facing the pillow which his head is also resting on.

"Wanna talk about it?" Tyrone asks Leo.

SCENE THREE - Chippequah Memorial Hospital

Jennifer is seen sleeping in bed. She has a bandage wrapped around her head. Just outside her room, siblings David, Marcie and Stephanie have just arrived after being told of her being treated there as a result of being brought in by a "Good Samaritan". She had no ID on her person and her purse had never been recovered. The hospital had been treating her as a Jane Doe until they learned otherwise. Unfortunately, Jennifer doesn't realize her name isn't "Jane". She is under the care of Dr. James Mathieson. Stephanie, David, Marcie and Dr. Mathieson are joined by Investigator Trombley from the State Police.

"Thank you for coming", Dr. Mathieson said

"You think you have been treating my sister Jennifer, correct?" Marcie asks.

"Not only do we think, but we also now KNOW that Jennifer is here".

"I don't understand", Stephanie says with a puzzled look on her face.

"The DNA sample which you gave us was traced and matched to a Jane Doe being treated here in Chippequah", Investigator Trombley said.

David, Marcie and Stephanie all look excited.

"Y...Y....You mean Jennifer's here?" David excitedly, but inquisitively asks.

"Yes". Dr. Mathieson says.

"Wait....Wait....Wait. How do you know this?" Marcie asks. "We've been searching high and low for her", she continues. "Better question....How long has she been here?" she persistingly asks.

"She's been here since the accident". Dr Mathieson says. "That would be just about six months" he continues.

"So....Why are just now finding all this out?" David asks

"Because up until the last couple of months....January or February or so....There was no suitable place on Jennifer where we could get a usable DNA sample to send to proper authorities such as yourselves to cross reference to missing persons cases", Dr. Mathieson said.

"Right. But it's now May Dr. umm...." Marcie says, trying to remember Dr. Mathieson's name.

"Mathieson", Dr. Mathieson said. "And I can only assume that with all the missing persons everywhere, there was little doubt it would take time to trickle down to the right person.", he continues. "We thought we had a match a few other times before, but...." Dr. Mathieson says

"I see", Marcie says, interrupting him.

"Do you suppose we could see her?" Stephanie curiously asks.

"Yeah, but there are a few things you should know first", Dr. Mathieson says.

"Okay....Like what?" David asks

"We think Jennifer has amnesia", Dr. Mathieson said. "Basically put, she has no memory", he continues.

"Doc, what do you mean she has no memory?" David asked.

"Just that". Dr. Mathieson responds.

Stephanie, David and Marcie all look puzzled. Investigator Trombley is emotionless.

"To give you an example of what I mean, one of the nurses told me when she (Jennifer) was asked what her name was, she had to look at her chart before she could answer the question", Dr. Mathieson continues. "This was when she was still known as a Jane Doe and her chart had that name on it", he adds.

"Ever since then, she thinks her name is Jane. Jane Doe", Dr. Mathieson continues.

"Ohh brother", Marcie exclaims as David rolls his eyes and Stephanie sighs and shakes her head.

SCENE THREE - LaGuardia Airport, New York City

Cassandra Whitmore and her son Christopher are going through security.

"Next please" says one of the TSA Agents at the checkpoint. Cassandra approaches.

"Walk through the metal detector please" says TSA Agent #1 Cassandra complies. The metal detector beeps as she's waking through.

"Maam, I need you to please go through your pockets and place anything that's metal into this tray", the agent says.

Cassandra embarrassingly rummages through her pockets, but doesn't find anything metal, but then it hits her that her military issue dog tag and necklace around her neck would trigger the detector.

"I think these are the culprits", Cassandra says, pointing to her dog tag and necklace.

"Please remove them and put them in the tray", TSA Agent #1 says as she brings out the search wand to do a manual scan.

"Just to make sure there's nothing else, I'm going to search you using this device, okay?", the agent says.

"I assure you I'm not a terrorist", Cassandra says as she embarrasingly spreads her arms out. "In fact, up until a few months ago, I was fighting terrorists in the Middle East as an active military officer", she contends.

"We're sure you have been, but we need to make sure you don't have any contraband in your possession", TSA Agent #2 says. "Since you've been out of the country and among our armed forces in the Middle East, are you aware of the latest items which you can and cannot take on board an aircraft?" TSA Agent #2 asks as her partner completes the manual check

"Ohh yes. I downloaded the latest list from the TSA website. Thank you", Cassandra said.

"Well, it looks as though you could be right Maam", TSA Agent #1 says. "But let's do this first...Please step back through the detector and then back towards me" the agent continues.

"C'mon lady", a tourist way back in the line exclaims. Cassandra ignores the remark and complies with the agent. The detector beeps again.

"Next, I will need to check your baby's carriage for any metal items that may be hidden there. Please undo the straps and lift your child up so I can see", says TSA Agent #1. Cassandra complies. The agent finds nothing.

"Now I will do a quick scan of the baby", TSA Agent #1 says as she hovers her wand scanner over and around Christopher. He begins to cry.

"Oooo....It's okay sweetie. The lady is just doing her job", Cassandra says, trying to reassure Christopher while giving the TSA Agent a glare that says that''s ALL she'd better be doing.

"I'll still be able to fly out today, right", Cassandra asks with concern.

"As far as we can tell, yes you will, but you'll just need to undergo a more complete screening", the Agent says, trying to relieve Cassandra of her concerns. "I'm going to mention the dog tags and necklace on this ticket that I'm about to give you so then this way the next screener will know about them ahead of time, All you'll need to do is to give the ticket to the screener at the next checkpoint", the Agent continues.

"Once you do that, then just simply follow the instructions they give you and repeat the process until you have cleared all checkpoints, okay?", the Agent said.

"Thanks", Cassandra said as she takes the ticket.

"Have a safe trip. Next please", TSA Agent #1 says as Cassandra grabs her luggage and moves on to the next checkpoint.

SCENE FOUR - Leo's quarters - Baghdad, Iraq

"I had this dream that Cassandra told Stacy about our affair and the baby", Leo says to Tyrone in an almost whispering fashion so that Tony can sleep. "The thing is, I haven't told her myself", he continues.

"Dude....Like I keep tellin' ya, you're playing with fire", Tyrone says. "And one of these days, you're going to be left wondering why she hasn't called you or emailed you or nothin'. Know what I mean?", Ty continues.

"I know man, but HOW do you just simply tell your wife that you HAD an affair with another woman who just happened to have been serving your country with you AND gave birth to your child?", Leo asks. "Lemme know when you come up with an answer for that one matchmaking genius", he continues.

"Hey...Lemme know when you guys are going to go back to sleep so I can expect to be able to do the same", Tony frustratingly exclaims as he tries to go back to sleep.

Tyrone dims his locker light and redirects it away from Tony.

"Well....All I'm gonna say is you had better tell her", Ty said. "You know Cassandra is back in the states and you know she can do WONDEROUS things to ruin what's left of your marriage" he continues.

"Man Ty, Leo....Talk about it TOMORROW. Go back to sleep dudes. 0500 is fuckin' early and I'm getting fuckin' pissed", Tony adamantly cries out.

"We'll talk about this tomorrow Ty. I need to get back to sleep myself", Leo says.

Ty shakes his head as he stands up, turns off his locker light and climbs back into bed.

SCENE FIVE - Chippequah Memorial Hospital

"So, what you're telling us is she probably won't even know who we are?" Stephanie asks

"Not just probably", Dr. Mathieson says. "She won't know who you are", he exclaims

David, Marcie & Stephanie try to absorb all the information Dr. Mathieson has given them.

"Remember, she has no memory, which means she won't know either of you or anyone else she's been with before either", Dr. Mathieson continues

"So, what can we do?" Marcie asks. "How can we help her?"

"You can help her simply by being there for her", Dr. Mathieson responds. "You can also help her with photos of people (ideally during happy occasions such as a wedding for example)", he continues.

"We can rule out wedding pictures", Stephanie exclaims, interrupting Dr. Mathieson. "Those don't exactly back fond memories", she continues.

"Well, I'm sure you'll come up with something else then", Dr. Mathieson says.

"I don't know about the girls but uhh....I'd like to see her if that's possible", David says.

"I think that can be arranged, though I should remind you....She won't know you", Dr. Mathieson says. "It'd be like visiting the room of a complete stranger", he adds.

"If that's what you want to do, I'd be happy to set it up", Dr. Mathieson continues.

"Of course. Please do. We all want to see her", Stephanie says.

"Well then, in that case, just give me a few minutes with umm..."Jane" so I can prepare her and then you can see her, okay?", Dr. Mathieson offers.

"Fair enough", David says. "Unless there's anything else, we'll be in the waiting area", he continues.

"That's it", Dr. Mathieson responds.

David, Marcie & Stephanie leave Dr. Mathieson's office followed by Dr. Mathieson himself, who's seen talking with a nurse at the nurses station on the floor.

SCENE SIX - Acme Airlines Flight #499 - NYC/LaGuardia To Cedarville

Cassandra has made her way past the rest of security and is now on board the plane that will take her and her son Christopher to Cedarville.

"It won't be long now sweetie", Cassandra says as Christopher is looking all around the aircraft and making verbal baby noises.

"Daddy's in for a big surprise", she continues. "A REAL big surprise", she adds with a devilish eyebrow-raising smile.

On The NEXT Edition Of Against The Storm

* Cassandra arrives at Leo & Stacy's house. Can Leo prevent a marital disaster in time by telling Stacy about Cassandra? Will he confess his infidelities to Stacy? Will Stacy FINALLY tell Leo about the baby SHE is carrying or will her insecurities get the best of her once again?

* David, Stephanie & Marcie visit Jennifer. Will Jennifer remember them or has she lost her memory?

* Will Greg & Courtney's marital woes come to a head?

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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Episode 07 - The Search For Jennifer

Before we begin with today's episode, we first need to make a public
apology for a serious error in judgement which was made and later corrected
in our last episode. Towards the end of our last episode, there were
direct references to a place that another soap is set in. The author of
ATS DID NOT seek permission to use such a reference nor even consulted the
writer of that soap so that Jennifer's accident could somehow be written
into the soap (if the writer so chose). The soap involved was BEHIND
CLOSED DOORS and the reference that was made was to JLN, a place on BEHIND
CLOSED DOORS. Although such references WERE subsequently removed from the
epiGuide update, the ATS Forum, and the episode itself, the damage was
done. As such, the writer of that show has (apparently and perhaps quite
obviously) banned ATS from participating in ANY of the forums and other
activities associated with BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. We at ATS feel the actions
taken by BEHIND CLOSED DOORS were appropriate given the mistake we
made. If they had done the same thing to us, we're sure they' wouldve
expected similar action. As a result of our mistake and VERY POOR
execution of judgement, the only thing left is to apologize publicly for
our actions. We promise to NEVER repeat this again. We also apologize to
you, our loyal readers as well as those of BEHIND CLOSED DOORS any
embarrassment our actions may have caused.

With that, here is today's episode of AGAINST THE STORM

SCENE ONE - Channel 4 newsroom. Two months have passed by. It's now
approaching the New Year. Stephanie is on the telephone talking to one of
her connections who is also an acquaintance of Jennifer's. She, along with
David & Marcie have been searching tirelessly for Jennifer since she
disappeared Thanksgiving weekend.

STEPHANIE (to the person on the telephone) - Are you sure you haven't seen
her? When was the last time you talked to her? Ohh....Okay. Say listen,
if you do ever hear from her, PLEASE have her call me. Better yet, get the
411 on her whereabouts and you call me yourself. Okay? Got
it? Yeah. Okay. Bye.

(Her boss Roger walks up)

ROGER - Any luck yet?


ROGER - Well....I know your frustrated about your sister's disappearance
and all, but Steph, I need you on other stories too.

STEPHANIE - I know....I know....I know. But it just seems like this whole
thing with Jennifer's disappearance and the State Police finding a car
similar to hers shortly afterward seems more than *a little* suspicious.

ROGER - I know. But Steph.....What are you going to do if they don't find
her? Have you thought of that?

STEPHANIE (adamant) - I don't want to think about it Roger because I *am*
going to find her.

ROGER (wishing her luck) - Well....Okay. But in the meantime, will you AT
LEAST consider working on some of these other stories? We're getting
CREAMED by the other stations in town on these - most notably by Channel 7,
who broke this story (Handing her the story outline in question).

(Roger lays down a bunch of papers that appear to be story outlines for
Stephanie to follow-up on)

STEPHANIE - Yeah, I guess I can.

ROGER - Good. By the way, I mean YOU work on them. Don't just push them
off onto one of the cub reporters. Got it?

STEPHANIE (rolling her eyes in sarcasm) - Yes. I got it.

ROGER - Alright. I'll expect something for the 5:00 PM newscast tonight on
each of them.

STEPHANIE - (trying be reassuring even though she knows Roger isn't buying
it) - Don't worry, you'll have it.

ROGER - Okay.

(Roger walks away as Stephanie picks up the telephone)

SCENE TWO - Stacy's home office. Stacy runs a Real Estate Investment
business out of her home. She is on the phone with Trish, who is in her
office that's in her apartment where she runs an interior decorating
business. Stacy is looking at an email she got from Trish on her computer.

STACY (talking to Trish on the telephone) - Ohh....That wallpaper would
look NICE in the bathroom of that house.

TRISH (talking to Stacy on the telephone) - Yeah, I thought so too when I
saw it. There's another one. Did you get it?

STACY - Yeah, but that one doesn't look too good. It wouldn't look right
in any one of my properties.

TRISH (with a disgusting look on her face) - Ewwww....I suppose you're right.

(Trish's call waiting beeps)

TRISH (noticing the call waiting beep) - Oop....Got another customer on the
line. Can I call you back?

STACY - Tell you what, I'll call you later.

TRISH - Okay.

(Trish then answers the incoming call as Stacy hangs up. A few minutes
later, the phone rings. Leo, who is now stationed with troops in Baghdad,
Iraq, is on the other end).

STACY (picking up the telephone and assuming it's Trish) - Wow....That was

LEO (perplexed) - Huh?

STACY (apologetic and noticing the caller ID) Oh my god. Sorry
sweetie. Thought it was Trish.

LEO (laughingly) - Hahaha. I haven't been Trish for as long as I can
remember. Happy New Year babe.

STACY (with a giggle) Happy New Year to you too sweetie. I miss you.

LEO - Miss you too babe. Also wanted to call and wish you a belated Merry
Christmas too. Tried to call several times and left some messages, but
apparently you've been pretty busy.

STACY - Yeah. Sent you a few emails, but I guess you were probably out or

LEO - Yeah. So how's everything back home? Have they found Jennifer yet?

STACY - Nope. Stephanie says they're still looking. Nobody seems to have
a clue.

LEO - Ohh geez. Say hey, do me a favor. Next time you talk to Stephanie
or Marcie, tell 'em how sorry I am to hear about Jennifer. That's sad. I
mean, I know she's not perfect, but I certainly wouldn't want to wish
something terrible on her.

STACY - I know. Brad's taking it pretty hard.

LEO - Why is HE taking it so hard?

STACY - Because he's the last known person to have seen her alive. And
according to Marcie, he's THE prime suspect in her disappearance. Anyway,
enough of that kind of talk. Lord knows you see and hear enough of that
where you are. I'm sure THE LAST thing you need to hear is the same o'
same o' happening in the homefront.

LEO - Well...When you see what I see every day, it's easier to take when
news of it comes from the homefront.

STACY (with a smile) - Well....I was kinda hoping we could change the
subject to ohh...say....little sweet nothings.

LEO (imagining what Stacy means by that comment and smiling) -
Ohhh....Ho....Ho....Ho. Yeah baby.

(Stacy and Leo exchange sweet talk over the phone for several minutes)

STACY - So, when ya comin' home?

LEO - Not sure babe. They're thinking it might be May or June. We've all
got a little betting pool on when our deployment will end.

(Stacy hears the call waiting beep and sees that Trish is calling back)

STACY (laughing at Leo's last comment) - I can imagine. Say hey, I'd you
know I'd LOVE to talk some more but I'm on my office phone and Trish is
trying to call me. We're working on a project together. Myabe we can get
together via videophone sometime?

LEO - Aww babe....Let Trish go to voice mail. But yeah, we should hook up
sometime. Can't wait to see you. How 'bout New Year's Eve your time?

STACY (smiling at the mention of New Year's Eve) - It's a date. See you
then. Love you.

LEO - Love you too babe. Bye.

STACY - Bye.

(Stacy hangs up the phone after Leo does and then proceeds to return
Trish's call)

SCENE THREE - The crash site. David & Marcie are on site talking to the
accident investigators for the State Police as they try to piece together
what may have happened to Jennifer. They are walking the site just as
though it were a homicide investigation back in Cedarville.

DAVID - So this is where you found the car matching the description of
Jennifer's, eh?


MARCIE - And you're sure there was ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NO form of
identification around, huh?

INVESTIGATOR TROMBLEY - Heh...If there were, don't you think we would've
recovered it by now?

MARCIE (apologetic) I'm sorry. I suppose you're right.

DAVID - Well.....From what Brad said, she did have her purse with her.

INVESTIGATOR TROMBLEY - If she did, it must've fell out. If that happened,
her cards can be anywhere - AND EVERYWHERE. Problem is FINDING them in
this thick tall brush.

DAVID - What about her license plate?

INVESTIGATOR TROMBLEY - Nothing more than a mangled piece of twisted
metal. Assuming what we found WAS a license plate, we sure as heck can't
read any of the numbers now. If we were able to, we wouldn't be standing
here having this conversation as we'd just simply run the plate and contact
the next of kin on record.

MARCIE - That would be either me or Stephanie.


MARCIE - Yes. My sister Stephanie. She's a reporter at Channel 4 in

INVESTIGATOR TROMBLEY - Well I'm gonna be blunt with you. Whoever took her
either took her to a hospital outside of Cedarville or they're trying to
"play doctor" as it were by "healing her the natural way" if you get what I

DAVID - Unfortunately we do. And without any form of ID on her, she's a
Jane Doe wherever she is

INVESTIGATOR TROMBLEY - If that's the case, my advice at this point would
be to use Channel 4 to make a plea for anyone who has seen her to call
you. Basically what I'm saying is TAKE TO THE AIRWAVES because that's
really the best shot you have.

MARCIE - What about all of her other papers like her registration, proof of
insurance, etc.

INVESTIGATOR TROMBLEY - If they still exist, they're out there -
SOMEWHERE. 'Fraid I can't be more specific than that. We've had
bloodhounds searching high and low for the victim and/or any form of ID we
can stumble across since we arrived on scene. That was over two months
ago. At this point, as far as my boss is concerned, the victim was able to
get up, walk away, get help, but never reported the accident.

DAVID - So even if she is found, she's still going to hit up for failing to
report an accident.

INVESTIGATOR TROMBLEY - As far as my boss is concerned, yes.

MARCIE - What about you?

INVESTIGATOR TROMBLEY - Personally, I think something just doesn't sit
right with the explanation my boss wants me to put in my final report. I
think she was taken. Probably by Good Samaritans who didn't know who she
was and couldn't find any ID on her who then simply dropped her off at the
nearest hospital and let the doctors try to figure out who she was.

DAVID - Or....

INVESTIGATOR TROMBLEY - Or she could've been taken by a group of these
"naturalists" who think they can cure someone simply by using old fashioned
methods dating back to the caveman days or whatever. Either way, it's not
good. And assuming that either is the case, she certainly isn't or wasn't
in any position to report the accident. Assuming of course that your
missing persons case IS the accident victim we're looking for.

MARCIE - One final question. Do you believe she might've been run off the

INVESTIGATOR TROMBLEY - Hard to tell. We can't even get anybody to come
forward to tell us what they saw.

DAVID - So this is pretty much a cold case for you guys, right?



INVESTIGATOR TROMBLEY - None that we could use.

MARCIE (shaking her head) - This is weird. This is all too weird.

DAVID - Honey, I'm sure these guys did all they could.

MARCIE - I wish I could be convinced of that.

DAVID (trying to explain Marcie's behavior) - You'll have to excuse my wife
Lt. Trombley. Since the person we're looking for is her sister, this case
is a little "personal" if you know what I mean.

INVESTIGATOR TROMBLEY - Of course. Best of luck in finding your
sister. Unfortunately though, I'm gonna have to file my report as per my
boss' orders. I had hoped I might one final clue to solving this. But I'm
afraid we're no closer now than we were when we were first dispatched
here. What a waste.

MARCIE - Well....You have our number if you should ever come up with anything.

INVESTIGATOR TROMBLEY - Yep. Sure do. I'll see to it you guys get a ring
even if I have to do it myself. Ready to go Pete?

PETE - I've been waiting on you buddy.

DAVID - Well....Thanks for the time.

INVESTIGATOR TROMBLEY - No problem. Good luck.

(The two investigators drive off. David & Marcie head back to their car)

SCENE FOUR - Brad's Apartment. Brad is seen lying on the couch taking a
snooze. He is dreaming about seeing Jennifer with Steve and the argument
he had with her two days later


Brad opens the door, thinking he's walking into the bathroom, but is
shocked to see Steve & Jennifer kissing. He says nothing, but is stunned
into virtual immobility. His breathing becomes labored as he is filled with
rage. As such, he tries to talk, but can't speak. He's trying to say
Jennifer's name, but can't get past the J in her name. Overwhelmed with
shock, Brad leaves the room, but Jennifer, still caught up in her lust and
passionate necking with Steve, hears the door close.

"Why did you stop Jennifer". Steve asks.

"I thought I heard the door close", she says.

"Now you imagining things". Steve says.

"NO. I swear I heard the door shut", she says as she approaches the door to
open it.


(Brad is seen tossing and turning on the couch)

BRAD DREAM SCENE TWO - The confrontation he & Jennifer had in his apartment
the day of her accident

SCENE THREE - Brad's apartment. Brad is seen answering a knock on his
door. He opens it and finds Jennifer on the other side.

BRAD - What do YOU want?

JENNIFER - I came to tell you how sorry I am. Can I come in?

(Brad lets Jennifer into his apartment, though he's at a loss as to why he

BRAD - If you think I'm just gonna say "all is forgiven", YOU ARE SADLY

JENNIFER - I know. But Brad, I still love you?

BRAD - LOVE??? You don't even know THE MEANING of the word.

(Jennifer starts to cry)

JENNIFER - But Brad....

BRAD - You know, I don't even know WHY I even let you in. YOU are the one
who RUINED WHAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE **OUR** WEDDING by letting Steve in the

JENNIFER - I didn't even know he was in town. And even if I did, I
certainly wouldn't have invited him to the wedding, much less let him into
my dressing room.

BRAD (sarcastic) - Well you sure did a GREAT job of keeping him out.

(Jennifer is really crying now)

JENNIFER - Ohh....Brad.....PLEASE......

BRAD (shaking his head) - You know...I can't even believe you. Then again,
maybe everyone was right. Maybe YOUR REPUTATION OF WRECKING MARRIAGES
*DOES* speak for itself. I don't even know why I even thought I actually
had a chance with you. Yeah, I was just setting myself up for a big fall

JENNIFER (out of desperation) - Brad....I LOVE YOU. I never wanted to hurt

BRAD - Yeah....Well you sure did one hell of a job trying to prevent it in
the first place. THAT is what you should've done.

JENNIFER - I love you.

BRAD - Is that all you can say?

JENNIFER - I'm sorry. I'm so so so sorry.

BRAD (nodding his head) - Yeah....Well....GET OUT. GET OUT BEFORE I THROW

JENNIFER (really desperate now) Brad....Please.....

Farley. As far as I'm concerned, the two of you can elope. Either way, I
don't give a fuckin' shit anymore. GET OUT.

(Jennifer opens the door and walks out sobbing in tears)


(Brad is now sitting up. His breathing is heavy. He looks as though he
just had a nightmare)

BRAD (Talking to himself) I've got to stop being so hard on myself &
blaming myself. I know I had nothing to do with her disappearance. But I
just can't get it out of my mind.

SCENE FIVE - An Internet Cafe - Baghdad, Iraq. Leo & a few of his buddies
are enjoying their meals and each other's company when another group of
soldiers approach just as Leo finishes telling a joke.

LEO (finishing his joke) - ....And that's why the pimp and the hooker got
married. Get it?

(Leo & his buddies laugh their heads off)

MIKE (who's with the group joining Leo & his buddies and chuckling about
what he thinks he heard) - What's this about a pimp and a hooker?

LEO - Ohh....nothing. Just BS.

LAUREN - Heard you were back here, but didn't believe it until I saw you
just a few seconds ago.

LEO - Yeah. I'm back to my ol' "Johnnie Appleseed" self. No more feeling
bogged down with married life.

BUTCH (one of Leo's buddies) - You really don't mean that, do you? From
the pictures you've shown me of your girl, she's a BABE.

LEO (with pride) - Believe me - NO ONE knows that better than me. But what
she don't know 'bout what I do here ain't gonna kill her.

MIKE - I dunno 'bout that man. If you keep playing with fire, you're
eventually gonna get burned.

LEO - If I do, I do. Given what we face, I think I have a right to do
pretty much what I want.

(Butch and Mike look at each other knowing what they both are thinking)

BUTCH - Well....Time for me to go. Gotta go on patrol. Comin' Joe?

JOE - Yep.

(Butch & Joe leave as Mike heads to another part of the cafe)

LEO - So what brings you here babe?

LAUREN - For starters....Lunch. Bartender, menu please.

LEO - Surely you didn't come all the way down from Tikrit just for lunch.

LAUREN - No. Figured I'd hook up with hubby back home while I was here.

LEO - Really?


LEO - Seen Cassandra around lately? She's my "home-away-from-home"
babe. You know.

LAUREN - Nope. Last I heard she was sent home.

LEO - Sent home? Really? Why?

LAUREN (stunned) - You don't know?

LEO (looking as if he needs a clue) - No.

LAUREN - You don't remember you and her romping around in the back of an
Apache Helicopter on your last night here last summer?

LEO - Oh my god, how could I forget? Best sex I ever had.

LAUREN - Yeah.....Well about two months later, I tried looking for her for
something I needed her for and that's when she told me she was being sent home.

LEO - Did she say why?

LAUREN - Oh yeah. And how....

LEO - Okay. So tell me.

LAUREN - Leo....She's pregnant. And YOU, my dear friend, are the proud
father to be. Congratulations Mr. Appleseed.

(Mike and several of Leo's other buddies are cheerful and rooting him on as
Leo begins to see his free-wheeling life crumble before him as camera fades
to black)

ON THE NEXT EDITION OF "Against The Storm"

* Leo's "military mistress" Cassandra makes her debut - And future travel
plans to Cedarville

* David & Marcie pitch the idea of an on-air plea on Channel 4 to
Stephanie, but how will her boss Roger Thornton take it?

* With his free-wheeling lifestyle on active duty crumbling, will Leo tell
Stacy about Cassandra? Will Stacy finally tell Leo about her pregnancy?


Friday, December 17, 2004

Episode 06 - The Confrontation

SCENE ONE - It's now the morning after Thanksgiving. Leo & Stacy's House -
Leo & Stacy have just woke up. However Stacy feels ill. Stacy is seen
groggy and dragging herself into the kitchen where Leo has just finished
cooking breakfast.

LEO - Mornin' baby. Want some bacon & eggs?

STACY (feeling sick to her stomach) - No thanks sweetie. I don't feel very
good today

LEO - What's the matter? You've NEVER turned down bacon & eggs given the
way I cook 'em.

STACY - I doubt I could eat 'em no matter who cooked 'em today. Must've
been something I ate yesterday. *Oooooo* Where's the Antacid when we need it?

LEO - Could also be the flu. You know how bad that stuff is going around.

STACY (Acting as though she doesn't care buty wants to be cured - FAST) -
Maybe. I dunno. Then too, I think I must've missed my period.

LEO (Ears perked at that sound, but cautiously excited) - HONEY! Y-Y-Y-You
mean.....W-W-W-we own A NEST? A-A-A b-b-b-bun in the oven?

STACY - I dunno. I got one of those home pregnancy tests the other day at
the store. I think I'll go adminster that. That'll give me SOME freakin'

LEO - Tell ya what. I'll drop you off at Dr. Mercer's on my way to Ft.
Cedar this morning. How's that?

(Stacy looks at him as if to show TREMENDOUS gratitude and thanks for his
offer and then drags herself off into the bathroom)

SCENE TWO - GREG & COURTNEY'S YACHT - Greg has just walked over to the
breakfast table. Courtney enters the room with the morning paper - And a
"special surprise" for her man

GREG - Mornin' babe. So, what's in the news today?

COURTNEY (non-chalantly) - Ohh nothing special. Another soldier gets
killed in Iraq. A car bomb goes off in Israel. Ohh....I see another
politician in Washington calls it quits and - GET A LOAD OF THIS - It
appears that someone with your handwriting seems to be writing letters to
his ex from literally every corner of the world.

(Courtney sarcastically smiles as she plops down the newspaper and the
overseas postal receipts with Greg's handwriting for the letters he knows
were addressed to Stephanie)

GREG (stunned by the sight of the receipts) - Where did you get these?

COURTNEY - I found them while rummaging through the stacks of postal
receipts the other day.

(She looks a little surprised at Greg's stunned look)

COURTNEY (Half-laughing) - Whoa? Did you HONESTLY believe you could
actually keep them a secret by hiding them from me?

GREG (Trying to regain his composure and downplay the truth) - You know
I've written HUNDREDS of these things. I *do* run a business, you know.

COURTNEY (picking up one of the receipts and proceeds to read the address
on it) - Right. But what "business" could you POSSIBLY have with Stephanie
Blanton of WCDR-TV Channel 4 news?

(One of their two children, little two year old Aaron McFadden, is heard
crying in the distance)

COURTNEY (Hearing Aaron's call off in the distance) - Coming sweetie!

GREG (knowing he's been caught) - Alright. You know WHY I wrote those
letters? Because I LOVE STEPHANIE. And near as I can tell, she still
loves me. I also want to break off this JOKE of a "marriage" we have. You
don't love me any more than I love you. You SEDUCED me into having sex
with you. You then BLACKMAILED me to get married once you learned you were
pregnant with Aaron. You had the option of getting an abortion. In fact,
I even gave you some money to get one. But YOU CHOSE NOT TO. Instead, you
chose to have Aaron and alas...HERE WE ARE. Two people who are married,
but HARDLY in love with one another.

(Courtney slaps Greg in the face)

GREG (smarting from the slap) - And then if that wasn't enough, YOU WANTED
MORE. You had to get pregnant AGAIN to reinforce the issue.

(Courtney starts to walk out of the room)

GREG - (continuing) Ohh yes...DO tend to Aaron. But keep this in
know I can. All the beatings and other forms of abuse you doled out to the
kids over the last couple of years is enough to make ANYONE cry. But you
know something? I'm going to find a way out. And when I do, I WILL TAKE
THOSE KIDS WITH ME. Take THAT to the bank.

(Courtney gives Greg a smirk as she walks out of the room)

SCENE THREE - Brad's apartment. Brad is seen answering a knock on his
door. He opens it and finds Jennifer on the other side.

BRAD - What do YOU want?

JENNIFER - I came to tell you how sorry I am. Can I come in?

(Brad lets Jennifer into his apartment, though he's at a loss as to why he

BRAD - If you think I'm just gonna say "all is forgiven", YOU ARE SADLY

JENNIFER - I know. But Brad, I still love you?

BRAD - LOVE??? You don't even know THE MEANING of the word.

(Jennifer starts to cry)

JENNIFER - But Brad....

BRAD - You know, I don't even know WHY I even let you in. YOU are the one
who RUINED WHAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE **OUR** WEDDING by letting Steve in the

JENNIFER - I didn't even know he was in town. And even if I did, I
certainly wouldn't have invited him to the wedding, much less let him into
my dressing room.

BRAD (sarcastic) - Well you sure did a GREAT job of keeping him out.

(Jennifer is really crying now)

JENNIFER - Ohh....Brad.....PLEASE......

BRAD (shaking his head) - You know...I can't even believe you. Then again,
maybe everyone was right. Maybe YOUR REPUTATION OF WRECKING MARRIAGES
*DOES* speak for itself. I don't even know why I even thought I actually
had a chance with you. Yeah, I was just setting myself up for a big fall

JENNIFER (out of desperation) - Brad....I LOVE YOU. I never wanted to hurt

BRAD - Yeah....Well you sure did one hell of a job trying to prevent it in
the first place. THAT is what you should've done.

JENNIFER - I love you.

BRAD - Is that all you can say?

JENNIFER - I'm sorry. I'm so so so sorry.

BRAD (nodding his head) - Yeah....Well....GET OUT. GET OUT BEFORE I THROW

JENNIFER (really desperate now) Brad....Please.....

Farley. As far as I'm concerned, the two of you can elope. Either way, I
don't give a fuckin' shit anymore. GET OUT.

(Jennifer opens the door and walks out sobbing in tears)

SCENE FOUR - Michelle's House. She and Rob are still in bed after a night
of fruitful lovemaking. Rob is seen lightly kissing Michelle as she awakens

MICHELLE (smiling) Mmmmm...

(Michelle opens her eyes and sees Rob kissing her lightly on the shoulder)

MICHELLE (smiling and groaning in approval) Good morning lover boy.

(Rob looks up to see Michelle's beautiful smile)

ROB (smiling) - Good Morning my sexy beautiful love goddess.

MICHELLE (giggling) - I love it when you call me that.

(Michelle turns over to lay flat on her back as she looks up at her man)

ROB - A beautiful sight like yours is what I'd like to wake up to EVERY

MICHELLE (giggling) - Really?

ROB - Hell yeah.

MICHELLE - What do you see when you see a smile like mine?

ROB - Beauty. Lots of it.

MICHELLE - Well right now I've got morning mouth. My mouth feels like paste.

ROB - I don't care. It all looks BEAUTIFUL to me.

(Michelle giggles as Rob starts kissing the nipple of her breast. This
leads to another round of lovemaking, only much more gentle since neither
one of them have much fuel left in the tank to begin with)

SCENE FIVE - The Cedarville PD Squad Room - David & Marcie have just
arrived at work for another day on the job.

DAVID (To Desk Seargeant Walt "Bex" Bexley as he and Marcie arrive) -
Mornin' Bex.

BEX - Mornin'

MARCIE - Any mail for us today Bex?

BEX - Nope, but if I were you, I'd stay as far away from the captain as I
could possibly be today.

DAVID - Ohh? Why is that?

(Captain Pete Marshall approaches)

CAPT. MARSHALL - My oh my. How nice of you two to actually make it into
work today. Too bad you're about TWELVE HOURS late.

(David & Marcie look at each other with puzzled looks on their faces)


CAPTAIN - Don't tell me you haven't heard.


CAPTAIN - It's all over the front page of today's Cedarville Tribune. Oh
yeah.....Channel 4 is all over this too. Got a call from THE MAYOR. It's
about those amrored car robbers you buffoons have been supposedly

MARCIE - Captain, you KNOW how closely we've been working with The Feds on

CAPTAIN - Yeah....I know that, but THE MAYOR doesn't. Hell, I'm even
getting calls from City Council members. You know as well as I do that
politicians don't understand police work. All they know and understand is
THEY WANT THESE SOB's CAUGHT. And The Trib as well as Channel 4 are BOTH
eating this up.

DAVID - Oh brother...

CAPTAIN - My thoughts EXACTLY. I don't know what you two are doing to help
the feds, but whatever you're doing, STEP IT UP. I WANT THESE THUGS GIFT

DAVID - (knowing there's only so much the Cedarville PD can do in this
case) Yeah....yeah....yeah. Got it.

(Marcie nods)


MARCIE - Yes sir.

(Captain Marshall walks away and heads back to his office)

DAVID - I wish criminals would learn to take the Holidays off.

MARCIE - If they did, do you think we'd still have a job?

DAVID - You really don't want me to answer that, do you?

SCENE SIX - Leo & Stacy's House. Stacy is in the bathroom taking a home
pregnancy test

STACY (Talking to herself) - It should be long enough now. Let's see.

(Stacy looks at the results and sees the sign that she really is pregnant)

STACY (confused and still talking to herself) Could I really have a bun in
the oven? Could I really be pregnant? How do I break the news to
Leo? He's going overseas and I may never see him again.

(Stacy tosses the test aside)

STACY - Maybe it's just as well I do pay Dr. Mercer a visit today. Perhaps
she can confirm this.

LEO (shouting from another room) - Stace....Ready to go?

STACY (answering Leo's call) - Coming.

SCENE SEVEN - Channel 4 Newsroom. Stephanie has just arrived at work for
another day on the job

KARYN (To Stephanie as she walks in the door) - Good Morning
Stephanie. How was your holiday?

STEPHANIE - Good Morning Karyn. My holiday was a *little* more than I
bargained for, but it was all good. How was yours?

KARYN - Ohh....You know. The usual.

STEPHANIE - I bet Michael was pigging out on that turkey. Say hey...Is
Roger in yet?

ROGER (approaching) - Yes I am. And YOU are just the person I've been
looking for.

(Roger & Stephanie walk over to Stephanie's desk)

STEPHANIE - About those robbers right?

ROGER - Yep. Pulled another one early this morning.

STEPHANIE (as she takes her seat) - Yeah. Read about it. What's with
those guys down at City Hall & the PD anyways?

ROGER - You of all people should know the answer to THAT one. Isn't your
sister working the case for the PD?

STEPHANIE - One of them, yeah.

ROGER - So....Why not giver her a call?

STEPHANIE - Because I already know for a fact that all she'll do is tell me
that they're working on the case (which I already know anyway) or she'll
tell me nothing at all In other words - NO COMMENT.

ROGER - Well Stephanie, we have to keep the heat on them SOMEHOW.

STEPHANIE - Yeah, well something tells me we won't have to keep the heat on
city officials. I think the mere thought of $275,000 being stolen from the
employee credit union is enough incentive alone to give us SOMETHING
besides the usual PR crap.

ROGER - I hope you're right.

STEPHANIE (To Roger as he leaves) - Trust me on this one. I am.

SCENE EIGHT - Outside Cedarville Memorial Hospital. Leo has just dropped
Stacy off there.

LEO - Hey. I'll give you a call later when I know what's going down, alright?

STACY - Okay.

(Leo drives off. Stacy walks into the hospital)

SCENE NINE - Jennifer's car. It's now later in the day. Jennifer is seen
endlessly wandering around town trying to clear her head. She eventually
sees the highway headed out of town and a sign that says JLN). She debates
as to whether or not she wants to take it even though the roads in and
around Cedarville and surrounding areas are still VERY slick and icy from
the recent storm.

JENNIFER (reaching a decision and talking to herself) - FUCK IT. Maybe if
I get out of this dump for awhile, I might get my head on straight.

(She gets on the highway and is seen traveling several miles and heading
out of town. Just as she leaves the outskirts of town, she then starts to
daydream about the last 48 hours had Steve not interfered with her plans to
marry Brad as well as other things that have made people dislike her)

WEDDING [NOTE - For the sake of brevity, I am pasting this part of the
scene together using applicable snippets AS THEY WERE ORIGINALLY WRITTEN in
previous episodes with NO episode identification. You can see all the
episodes in their entirety simply by scrolling down]

"You know how much I want you" Steve lustfully says.

"But Steve...I'm getting married".

"Marriages have never stopped you before. Steve sarcastically says.

"Steve....What if Brad should walk in?", Jennifer asks with great concern.

"And ruin his marriage to you? You know how supersticious Brad is when it
comes to those things" Steve says. "That's what makes him a wimp". He

"But you are a woman. And I know you want a real man like me". Steve says.

"No one I know of makes love the way you do. That's what turns me on to
you. I'm crazy about you". She says.

"Fine then. Marry me and not Brad. Leave him out of it". Steve says. "You
know you love me". He continues.

Jennifer looks at Steve as though he's captivating her. She knows she wants
Steve, but she also loves Brad as well and knows that he will be hurt if
she told him the truth about her feelings.

"Deep down in your heart, you like Brad, but you don't love him". Steve
continues. "Not the way you love me". He says.

Jennifer starts to cry.

"Oh God...." She says, trying to regain her composure as she looks at Steve
with lust.

"I can't stand it anymore! Kiss me! Kiss me! Kiss me!". Jennifer says as
she and Steve embrace lustfully and kiss each other endlessly.

Brad opens the door, thinking he's walking into the bathroom, but is
shocked to see Steve & Jennifer kissing. He says nothing, but is stunned
into virtual immobility. His breathing becomes labored as he is filled with
rage. As such, he tries to talk, but can't speak. He's trying to say
Jennifer's name, but can't get past the J in her name. Overwhelmed with
shock, Brad leaves the room, but Jennifer, still caught up in her lust and
passionate necking with Steve, hears the door close.

"Why did you stop Jennifer". Steve asks.

"I thought I heard the door close", she says.

"Now you imagining things". Steve says.

"NO. I swear I heard the door shut", she says as she approaches the door to
open it.

"You're just being ridiculous. If there was somebody there, they're long
gone by now". Steve says as Jennifer starts to open it.

"Somebody might have seen us" Jennifer says as she peeks down the hallway
and notices what appears to be Brad stumbling and staggering into the next

Jennifer doesn't pursue

"Oh my God....Brad saw us! What should I do? What *am* I going to do?" she
nervously thinks and utters to herself.


(Jennifer is still seen driving, but her eyes are welling up with tears as
her daydream continues)


"You have to leave" Jennifer frantically says.

"But Jen....I wanna be with you". Steve says.

"Don't you see? My hopes of marrying Brad are over!" Jennifer says, still

"You only LIKED Brad. You never LOVED him like you love me" Steve says.

You don't get it do you? I NEVER loved you."

"But just five minutes ago, you were quick to make love to me. In fact, you
BEGGED me to make wild, passionate love to you. Now, look at you. You're
worried that Brad will tell everyone else and before you know it, you've
retained the reputation you've ALWAYS had. The reputation of being THE TOWN

Jennifer backhands Steve in the face

"OUCH!" "What was THAT for?"

"YOU snuck onto Stace & Leo's property (i.e. THIS HOUSE). YOU found a
ladder and climbed to my window....." Jennifer says.

"And YOU let me in." Steve says, intentionally interrupting Jennifer "And
THAT is what Brad will no doubt assume and remember". He adds

"And to think IT WAS YOU who stood by me through my trial". Steve says "And
when I left town to start over with a new slate, it was YOU who betrayed ME

"I BETRAYED YOU ?????" Jennifer interrupted "I wasn't the one who suddenly
left town to, as you put it, 'start over with a new slate'. I wanted to go
with you, but YOU DUMPED ME!!" She adds. "What was I supposed to do? Wait
till you came CRAWLING back to me begging for forgiveness?". She adds, now
in tears. "GET OUT. GET OUT NOW". "I don't EVER wanna see you again". She
says rather demandingly.

Hearing all the shouting, Stacy walks in

"What the hell is going on? Are you okay Jen?" Stacy asks, not having
spotted Steve yet

Stacy then notices Steve and now has a look of shock on her face

"What THE HELL are YOU doing here? Stacy asks, still in shock

"Better yet....HOW did you get in here?" "I handled the invitation list and
I *know* YOUR NAME wasn't on it". Stacy asks, demanding an answer

Jennifer tries to look innocent through her teary eyes, but Stacy sees
right through it

"Or did you have a little 'help'?" Stacy asks as she scowls rather
suspiciously at Jennifer as she taps her foot, puts her hands on her hips
and awaits Steve's answer and wondering if David and/or Marcie are in the
crowd somewhere outside.


(Jennifer is still seen driving but is now fighting back her tears as her
daydream continues)

JENNIFER DAYDREAM SCENE ONE - PART THREE - Setting the same as before

STACY - Well....Are either of you gonna answer me or am I gonna have to
play guessing games?

JENNIFER (With a look of guilt on her face as Steve gives her an
intimidating look) - I......I.....I let him in.

STACY (Looking at Jennifer) - Why am I not surprised?

JENNIFER - I didn't want to.

STACY (Sarcastically) - Ohhh Suuure Jen. You didn't want to. You "never"

STEVE (Trying to offer an explaination of his own) - Well if you must know

STACY (With authority) - SHUT UP!! I'm NOT even talking to you!

Trish walks in and looks squarely at Steve as she enters with her eyes
bulging and her arms folded across her chest. She walks over to him as she

TRISH (With a half-shocked look on her face) - Well.....Well.....Well. Look
what the cat (turning to look at Jennifer) dragged in. Wouldn't have
believed it if Brad hadn't said anything. Who's ship did you sail in on
Steve? Greg's yacht?

TRISH (Before Steve could answer) - Ohh....WAIT....Or did you "stowaway" on it?

STEVE (Adamantly) - Greg NOR his yacht had ANYTHING WHATSOEVER to do with
my arrival in town or being here.

STACY (Sarcastically with a smirk and rolling eyes) - I don't believe it.
For once he actually says something that's TOTALLY believable.

TRISH - So Steve.....What REALLY brings you ALL THE WAY back to Cedarville
from WHEREVER THE HELL you came from? Certainly couldn't be a new life.
Afterall...Virtually everyone knows all the bridges you burned here.

Steve remains silent, thinking the question isn't even worthy of a
dignified answer. Trish turns to Jennifer (who's still trying to maintain
her look of innocence) as she says....

TRISH - And WHAT could've POSSIBLY prompted you to be so DUMB & STUPID as
to LET HIM IN??? And PUH-LEAZE....Spare us the argument that you didn't,
because we both know otherwise.

Stacy gives Jennifer a look of agreement with what Trish had just said.
Jennifer is still trying to maintain her look of innocence, though it is
weakening under the mounting pressure of Trish's contant barrage of
questions and other comments which Jennifer knows Stacy has no defense for
because Stacy is saying EXACTLY what Trish is, only Stacy is doing it with
looks on her face

TRISH - I mean....WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??????????

TRISH (Continuing her verbal assault) - Do you have ANY idea the condition
Brad is in right now????? HE IS A BASKET CASE.

Trish turns to look at Steve

TRISH - And YOU.......I can't begin to put into words how I feel about you.
There's not a single word in the English language that PERFECTLY descrbes
what I think of you. In fact, I don't believe there's a word in the English
language that PERFECTLY describes what ANYONE IN CEDARVILLE outside of THE
SLUT (once again turning to look at Jennifer and then back to Steve again)
thinks of you.

STEVE - Are you through?

TRISH (Looking squarely into his face and toe-to-toe with him, almost
mumbling and turning her head from side to side with a frown on her face) -
Not even close.

STACY (Thinking she's seen and heard enough and looking at Steve) - I think
it's time you leave Steve - NOW!

STEVE - And if I don't?

TRISH - Then I'll get David & Marcie to HAUL YOU ASS OUTTA HERE (now
toe-to-toe with Steve herself) And FEED YOU TO THE WOLVES AT THE CITY JAIL

Stacy gives Steve a "Go Ahead - Call My Bluff" look while still standing
toe-to-toe with him and looking sqaurely into his eyes with fire in hers

STEVE (Looking at Stacy and then at Trish, who was cheering Stacy on with
her looks) - Well then.....We wouldn't want that, would we?

STEVE (Looking at Jennifer) I'll see you later?

JENNIFER (Looking anywhere but at Steve) - Don't count on it.

Stacy & Trish both smirk at Jennifer's response as if to show cynical
disbelief as Steve walks out of the room, but not before getting looks from
Stacy & Trish on his way out

STACY (Looking at Jennifer) - Now....As for YOU. I'm THROUGH supporting
you. I'm THROUGH with lending you my shoulder to cry on each & every time
you screw up. I'm THROUGH being USED by you. I've had it. Leo & I
*GENEROUSLY* offered to host YOUR wedding here AND YOU BLEW IT. No more
Jennifer. I've had it with you. I don't care WHAT you do anymore. You have
but TWENTY MINUTES - STARTING RIGHT NOW - To be OUT of that dress and OUT
OF THIS HOUSE. Understand?

Jennifer looks at Trish for sympathy, but gets none. In fact, Trish gives
her even more demeaning looks in response thinking that Stacy is being
MIGHTY generous in giving Jennifer the courtesy of being able to change
clothes before leaving as opposed to throwing Jennifer out of the house
while still in her bridal outfit.

JENNIFER (Reluctantly accepting her punishment) - Will you at least unzip
the back of it for me?

Stacy responds by not only unzipping the zipper, but tearing it in her
non-chalant attempt to help Jennifer out of the bridal dress

JENNIFER (Hearing the tearing noise) - You didn't have to RIP IT.

STACY (Non-chalantly) - Not MY problem Jennifer. YOU were the one who blew
the chance at a decent married life. Not me.

Stacy walks out of the room followed by Trish


(Jennifer is seen once more driving and fighting off even more tears as her
daydreaming continues)

JENNIFER DAYDREAM SCENE ONE - PART FOUR - During the Reception at the wedding

LEO (Announcing to all in the room) - COME & GET IT. The food is ready.

The guests all line up, but Greg & Stephanie hold out, unsure if they'll
even stick around. Meanwhile Jennifer emerges with her bridal dress in
hand. She lays it down and attempts to get in line

TRISH (Spotting Jennifer trying to get in the food line) - What do you
think you're doing?

JENNIFER - What does it look like I'm doing. I'm getting a bite to eat
before I go.

Stacy walks up

STACY (With authority) Ohhhh....NO YOU AREN'T. You are LEAVING *NOW* Missy.

David & Marcie, two of Cedarville's finest detectives from the Cedarville
PD, turn their heads

STACY (Continuing) YOU ruined the wedding. Brad is in the next room. And
I'll be DAMNED if I'm gonna let you ruin WHAT'S LEFT of today and tonight
by allowing YOU to remain here. Haven't you done enough damage for one day?

ROB (walking over with a smirk on his face as he faces Jennifer) - Maybe
she feels like she needs to add salt to the wound.

STACY - Well either way Jennifer - YOU ARE NOT STAYING. You've worn out
your welcome here. GET OUT NOW.

Stacy turns to look at David & Marcie. Marcie responds with a look that
says she'll take care of Jennifer and will see to it she leaves the
premises. Jennifer does nothing.

MARCIE - You heard her. Time to go Missy. Let's go.

Marcie grabs onto Jennifer's arm


MARCIE (With authority) LOOK PRINCESS. You've got a choice. You can either
leave on your own accord or come with us. Your choice.

MARCIE (Continuing) - Though I should warn you. If we have to drag you out
of here by force, we won't be taking you home. WE WILL TAKE YOU TO JAIL. We
don't wanna have to do that. We hate the paperwork. We'd also hate to see
you with a criminal record. But if we have to forcibly remove you....

JENNIFER (Interrupting, but not happy) - ALRIGHT. I get the point. But I
paid for part of this reception too, ya know.

MARCIE - NOT our problem Princess. Take it up with Stacy SOME OTHER TIME.
Now, if you don't mind....

Marcie points to the door

MARCIE - See the door Jennifer? WALK THROUGH IT.

Jennifer picks up her dress and proceeds to leave, but not before one last
parting shot

JENNIFER (Looking at Trish, who just happens to be nearby) - Tell Brad I
still love him

TRISH - I'm NOT going to tell Brad ANYTHING - YOU FUCKIN' WHORE.

Jennifer shamefully and reluctantly leaves with tears streaking down her face


(Jennifer is still seen driving, but now she's also whimpering, but alas
she presses on as her daydreaming continues)

JENNIFER DAYDREAM SCENE TWO - Brad's apartment from earlier in the day

BRAD - What do YOU want?

JENNIFER - I came to tell you how sorry I am. Can I come in?

(Brad lets Jennifer into his apartment, though he's at a loss as to why he

BRAD - If you think I'm just gonna say "all is forgiven", YOU ARE SADLY

JENNIFER - I know. But Brad, I still love you?

BRAD - LOVE??? You don't even know THE MEANING of the word.

(Jennifer starts to cry)

JENNIFER - But Brad....

BRAD - You know, I don't even know WHY I even let you in. YOU are the one
who RUINED WHAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE **OUR** WEDDING by letting Steve in the

JENNIFER - I didn't even know he was in town. And even if I did, I
certainly wouldn't have invited him to the wedding, much less let him into
my dressing room.

BRAD (sarcastic) - Well you sure did a GREAT job of keeping him out.

(Jennifer is really crying now)

JENNIFER - Ohh....Brad.....PLEASE......

BRAD (shaking his head) - You know...I can't even believe you. Then again,
maybe everyone was right. Maybe YOUR REPUTATION OF WRECKING MARRIAGES
*DOES* speak for itself. I don't even know why I even thought I actually
had a chance with you. Yeah, I was just setting myself up for a big fall

JENNIFER (out of desperation) - Brad....I LOVE YOU. I never wanted to hurt

BRAD - Yeah....Well you sure did one hell of a job trying to prevent it in
the first place. THAT is what you should've done.

JENNIFER - I love you.

BRAD - Is that all you can say?

JENNIFER - I'm sorry. I'm so so so sorry.

BRAD (nodding his head) - Yeah....Well....GET OUT. GET OUT BEFORE I THROW

JENNIFER (really desperate now) Brad....Please.....

Farley. As far as I'm concerned, the two of you can elope. Either way, I
don't give a fuckin' shit anymore. GET OUT.

(Jennifer opens the door and walks out sobbing in tears)


(Jennifer is now sobbing uncontrollably as she continues her driving, which
is now VERY erratic. She starts to weave in an out of various lanes
causing what few cars there are on the highway to hit their brakes, honk
their horns, etc. She eventually winds up driving off into a ditch, but in
a VERY remote area. Her car rolls and rolls and eventually comes to a rest
on its top with Jennifer still trapped inside and unconcious. A spark
generates a small flame, but is currently not in a position to threaten her
life. Her car is seen bottom up from above with NO ONE within miles
around. In fact, she is now several miles out of town and closer to Chippequah, a small town about 70 miles away from Cedarville, than she is to Cedarville itelf).

SCENE TEN - Cedarville Memorial Hospital - Dr. Andrea Mercer has just
examined Stacy for her ailment and ran a battery of tests and has returned
with the results

DR. MERCER - Well....You don't have any serious medical problem. But I do
have news which I think will make your day.

STACY - About THE ONLY thing that will make my day today doctor is if I'm
told my husband Leo will be here for the Holidays.

DR. MERCER - Well....I'm afraid that's YOUR department. But the news I
have involves your husband as well.

STACY - How so?

DR. MERCER - Well....You know that test you administered yourself before
you arrived?

STACY - Yeah.

DR. MERCER - Well....The test you took here just confirmed your own findings.

(Stacy looks emotionless even though she and Leo have been trying FOR YEARS)

DR. MERCER - In other words Stacy - You're pregnant.


NOTE - Due to my falling behind in episode writing, we will zap forward a
few weeks in time so that we may catch up with the season, hence the
super-long episode (Hopefully this will be planned out better next year and
in the future). There will be more storylines (and continuation of some
current ones) as well as more cast members introduced ON THE NEXT EDITION

Saturday, December 4, 2004

Episode 05 - Thanksgiving Show 2004

SCENE ONE - Leo & Stacy's Bedroom - It's now bedtime in Cedarville. The
guests have all gone home. Stacy is in bed reading when Leo walks into the

STACY (wanting Leo to tell her the truth) - That was Ft. Cedar on the phone
earlier tonight, wasn't it?

LEO (not wanting to discuss the matter with Stacy) - I don't want to talk
about it tonight baby.

STACY (aggrevated) - How come you just didn't tell 'em you weren't going?

LEO - You just don't simply tell the UNITED STATES MILITARY that you aren't
going to serve or WHEN OR WHERE you're going to serve. They tell you. And
when they tell you to jump, you ask WHEN & HOW FAR. That's the way it works.

STACY - They're FAR TOO DEMANDING if you ask me.

(Leo shrugs his shoulders)

STACY - You know we've NEVER been apart for the Holidays.

LEO - I know. But babe, it's NOT like I get a thrill out of it either.

STACY - I'm beginning to think you do.

LEO (lying in bed trying to go to sleep) - Just turn out the light.

STACY - I will as soon as I finish this chapter I'm reading.

LEO - Well....Read the thing then. Then PLEASE turn out the light. I'm
tired and I want to get some SLEEP.

(Stacy shakes her head and returns to her reading)

SCENE TWO - Outside Stephanie's house - Stephanie is sitting in the
passenger seat of Greg's car as they pull up. Greg stops the car in front.

GREG - Here you are.

STEPHANIE - Thanks. I had a wonderful time tonight.

GREG - I did too. I think we cleared a lot of air between us.

STEPHANIE (somewhat skeptical) - Did we?

GREG - I think we did. We finally admitted our feelings for....

STEPHANIE (interrupting) - No. Don't. (looking at Greg) Please
don't. It's too soon for that. I like the idea of us just being
friends. But....

GREG (interrupting & looking at Stephanie) - I love you Steph. Aside from
the two kids Courtney and I share, I love YOU more than anything in the world.

STEPHANIE (trying to control herself) - I love you too Greg. But I
can't....I won't.....come between you and Courtney.

GREG - Courtney seduced me. You know that. I feel like such a fool for
going out with Courtney that one time. If I could only take it all back.

STEPHANIE - Please Greg. It's too late.

GREG - But that just it. It's NOT too late. Look....We can even start
anew. You know....A fresh start.

STEPHANIE - But that's EXACTLY what I *don't* want to do right now. And
YOU are in NO POSITION to do it even if you wanted to. What we had was
WONDERFUL. But that's in the past. Things are different now.

(Greg sighs as he looks down in shame)

STEPHANIE - I'll see you tomorrow?

GREG - Yeah.

(Greg smiles as Stephanie leaves)

GREG MEMORY SCENE ONE - TWO & A HALF YEARS AGO - Greg & Stephanie during
their relationship in the aftermath of one of their passionate love-making
sessions in their bedroom while they lived together in the same house his
car is currently (in 2004) parked in front of

STEPHANIE (To Greg, who's curled up in bed next to her) - I love you.

GREG - I love you too sweetie

(Greg lightly kisses Stephanie on her right shoulder)

GREG (continuing with a near whisper) - You're so special to me. I love
everything about you.

STEPHANIE (Turning over on her back and smiling) - I feel the same way
about you.

GREG - I've had this "dream" involving the two of us.

STEPHANIE - (Turning over onto her back and smiling as she looks squarely
at Greg) - Hmm....

GREG (smiling and looking down at Stephanie) - It's about you and me - us -
being married (happily so I might add) living in this house with a couple
kids, a dog, a cat

STEPHANIE (interrupting and partly giggling) - A hamster.

GREG (with a chuckle and a smile) - Yeah. But if this were only a couple
years from now, I think the kids would be just a little too young for a

STEPHANIE (smiling) - True. But there'd be enough love in this house to go

GREG (jokingly) - There'd be enough love churning out of this house to

STEPHANIE (giggling and jokingly) - True. Not only that, but the city
would probably give this house LANDMARK STATUS as it would be known as THE

(Both Greg & Stephanie laugh and giggle at Stephanie's comment)

(Stephanie caresses Greg's face)

STEPHANIE (continuing and looking straight into Greg's eyes with passion
and smiling) - Seriously though....To think I almost fell in love with
Steve. Glad I didn't. These last several months have been the most
wonderful of my whole life. Spent over 30 years looking for "Mr.
Right". Looks as though I've found him in YOU Greg.

GREG - You deserve so much better than Steve could ever be and could ever
bring himself to provide. Just ask.....

STEPHANIE - Shhh...Enough about Steve. Everything is SO PERFECT between us.

(The words SO PERFECT echo over and over again as things fade to.....)

GREG MEMORY SCENE TWO - TWO YEARS AGO (and only a few short months later than scene one) Greg & Stephanie in the living room of (what is
now) Stephanie's home. He had told her about his "one night stand" with
Courtney before, but didn't even address the issue of sex. Faced with
Courtney's pregnancy AND the fact that DNA tests proved he was the father
of her (what later turned about to be) twin children, Greg, with flowers in
hand, had just broke the news of Courtney's pregnancy and their talk of
marriage to Stephanie.

STEPHANIE (with a look of shock on her face) - Courtney is WHAT?!?!?!?

GREG (emotional but firm) - Pregnant.

STEPHANIE (trembling) - And YOU are the father?????????? ARE YOU

(Greg looks down at the floor in shame)

STEPHANIE (finding it hard to keep her composure) - I don't believe

GREG (subtlely begging for forgiveness while looking half-shocked and
thinking Stephanie understood his earlier explanation of the events) - I
told you. Courtney and I had a ONE NIGHT STAND.


GREG - MY GOD. I **NEVER** wanted this to happen.


GREG (Breaking down and nearly crying) - I'm telling you I **NEVER** wanted
this to happen. You've got to believe me.

STEPHANIE - THE ONLY thing I'm going to tell you is GET OUT & DON'T EVER

(The words GET OUT echo over and over again as we return to the present
with Greg still parked out in front of Stephanie's house as a policeman,
curious about Greg, walks up to Greg's car door)

POLICEMAN (tapping on the window with his baton) - Hey....

(Greg, feeling groggy, rolls down the window)

GREG - Yes officer....

POLICEMAN - Are you okay?

GREG - Umm....Yes officer. I'm fine. Just dropped off a friend of mine at
this house. Just thinking about her I suppose.

POLICEMAN - Well....Okay.....

GREG - Thanks for stopping by and asking officer.

(Greg restarts the car in preparation to pull away)

POLICEMAN - No problem. Have a safe drive home.

(Greg drives off as the policeman heads back to his squad car)

SCENE THREE - Stephanie's bedroom (and Greg & Courtney's yacht) - Greg,
Courtney & Stephanie are all in bed and dreaming. Stephanie is seen
sleeping in her bedroom - and dreaming like this......

STEPHANIE DREAM SCENE ONE - At some possible point in the future - Greg &
Stephanie are seen kissing and madly making love to each other on Greg &
Courtney's yacht in the bedroom he and Courtney share.

GREG (Lustfully as he kisses Stephanie over and over again) - God...How I
love you. How I've been such a fool. It's YOU I want. Not that other
girl Courtney.

STEPHANIE (Just as lustfully) - Shut up and kiss me. Make love to me.

(Stephanie thinks to herself what a fool she was for not pursuing Greg till
now even though he was married to Courtney and is the father of their two
kids. She does this as she breathes heavily in and out as Greg kisses and
fondles every inch of her beautiful nakedness)

GREG (To Stephanie) - God....I want you.

STEPHANIE (lost in ecstasy & talking via breathing) Take me.....TAKE

(Stephanie is almost crying in ecstasy when Courtney walks in)

COURTNEY (with a look of rage) - YOU. I knew it. I *KNEW* IT.

(Greg & Stephanie suddenly give Courtney their undivided attention)

COURTNEY (still raging) I just KNEW the two of you would pull a stunt like
this. I expected something like this out of you, Stephanie. You're just

(Greg & Stephanie don't know what to do next)

COURTNEY (Now looking at Greg) - But YOU Greg....YOU ARE A CLEVER, SLIMEY,
SCUMBAG SON OF A BITCH. But....I got a cure for BOTH of you.

(Courtney surprises both Greg & Stephanie by raising a .45 caliber handgun
and aiming it at them at point blank range)

STEPHANIE - (Fearing for Greg's life & screaming) NNNNNNOOOOO.

(Courtney pulls the trigger several times as she empties it.)

(In reality, Stephanie is seen sitting up in bed looking around in fear as
Courtney discharges the gun in her dream, only to realize that it was only
a bad dream. Greg is seen doing the same thing in his bedroom on board the
yacht).[Greg fears for Stephanie's life & screams in his end of their
"Joint Dream"]

COURTNEY (still half asleep with her head still on her pillow) - Are you okay?

GREG (still sitting up) - Yeah. Must've been a bad dream.

COURTNEY (thinking to herself) - I know EXACTLY what that was if it
involved Stephanie.

(In Greg & Stephanie's "Joint Dream", Courtney is seen blowing the smoke
from the barrel of the now-empty gun as Greg & Stephanie each see each
other wounded and covered in blood as Courtney laughs in a villainous
manner and leaves the room. In reality, Courtney just smiles and goes back
to sleep).

SCENE FOUR - Thanksgiving Day. Leo & Stacy wake up to a wonderful aroma
coming from the kitchen, courtesy of Brad, who, in light of his ordeal just
roughly twelve hours before, had spent the night and is now seen in the
kitchen making breakfast (and, of course, a mess :) )

LEO (looking pleasantly surprised) - Well....well....well. Brad, you
didn't have to do this.

BRAD - It was the least I could do.

STACY (noticing the sticky gooey mess on her countertop) -
Umm...Yeah. Making a mess was THE LEAST you could do?

LEO (totally unaware of the mess Stacy is referring to & looking at) -
Stace....It's THE THOUGHT that counts babe.

BRAD - Yeah. Besides, it's not a "mess". It's BREAKFAST.

(Stacy takes one good long look at the slop that appears to be maple in
flavor by taking her spoon and raising it to above eye level. She does
this with an increasingly nauseating disgusting look on her face that's
BEGGING to say "You call THIS "breakfast" as she notices a long line of
what appears to be some sort of maple flavor slop that runs from the side
of her spoon all the way down to the bowl where the stuff came from)

STACY - (feeling grossed out) - Good thing we're spending Thanksgiving over
at Trish's place.

(Brad looks somewhat offended)

STACY (apologetically) - Ohh....I'm sorry Brad. I just got things on my
mind today. It's wonderful what you did. Thanks.

(She pushes the bowl of slop away)

BRAD - You mean things like Leo's orders? And....Umm....No problem (I think).

STACY - It's alright. And yeah. It's those stupid orders Leo got.

BRAD - Well....Umm....I *think* I'm the *wrong* guy to take that up with
(looking at Leo, who had just retrieved the morning paper from outside)

LEO - (feeling cold) Brrr....

STACY - Is it cold outside?

LEO (humorously sarcastic) - No. I just thought I'd turn myself into A
FREAKIN SNOW STATUE by walking outside with only my robe and slippers on.

STACY - Umm....Yeah. Okay. Next question.

BRAD - I think I'll turn on the TV. Who knows....The parades might still
be on.

SCENE FIVE - Trish's place. Trish is in the kitchen cooking up a
Thanksgiving storm when she realizes she needs to baste the turkey.

TRISH (To herself) - Oww...Time to baste the turkey again.

(She frantically rushes over to the oven to rescue the turkey when the
doorbell sounds. She has one of those "singing" doorbells like this)

DOORBELL (singing) "HI....HO. THE BITCH IS DEAD" (tune similar to the one
in the movie "The Wizard Of Oz")

TRISH (horrified at that tune) OH MY GOD. I forgot to change the tune
FROM HALLOWEEN. I don't want people to perceive me as being DEAD
today. I'd better change that.


TRISH (yelling to whomever is at the door) - COMING.

(She opens it and finds David & Marcie outside)


MARCIE (excited, but sarcastic as she and David are both standing outside
in the cold) - YOU TOO (Now let us inside).

DAVID (laughing) Ohh...Ho...Ho. Marcie.

TRISH (excited, but apologetic and laughing) - I'm sorry guys. WHAT AM I
DOING?? WHERE ARE MY MANNERS?? Come on in. Make yourselves at home.

MARCIE - Thanks.

DAVID (noticing the wonderful aroma coming from the kitchen) - Cookin' up a
Holiday storm, eh Trish?

TRISH (giggling) - Yeah. Just one sec. Need to change that doorbell tune.

MARCIE (sarcastic) - I heard that tune when I rang it just a little while
ago. I was beginning to think we'd need to come in WITH OUR GUNS DRAWN.

TRISH (laughing) Ohh....Nnnoooo. I figured I'd try one of those doorbells
that "sing" as opposed to ring. I got one that has some cute one-liners
programmed into it. I just forgot I still had the one FROM HALLOWEEN still
set as the one that people hear. Sorry if I scared you guys. Didn't mean
to do that.

MARCIE (laughing & now spilling a gut) - Ohh....Don't worry 'bout it. Just
THE THOUGHT of a "singing doorbell" gives me the creeps.

DAVID (sinister-like) - Well hun...There's ALWAYS Christmas.

(Marcie gives him a look that just begs to say "Don't even THINK about
getting one of those!" David, meanwhile, turns on the TV in hopes of
catching the opening kickoff of the football game).

ON THE NEXT EDITION OF "Against The Storm"

* Brad & Jennifer meet for the first time since the botched wedding. What
will happen?

* Stacy comes down with a case of "morning sickness" the day after
Thanksgiving as Leo heads off to Fort Cedar. Could IT be?

* Courtney confronts Greg about the postal receipts. How will he react?