Saturday, December 4, 2004

Episode 05 - Thanksgiving Show 2004

SCENE ONE - Leo & Stacy's Bedroom - It's now bedtime in Cedarville. The
guests have all gone home. Stacy is in bed reading when Leo walks into the

STACY (wanting Leo to tell her the truth) - That was Ft. Cedar on the phone
earlier tonight, wasn't it?

LEO (not wanting to discuss the matter with Stacy) - I don't want to talk
about it tonight baby.

STACY (aggrevated) - How come you just didn't tell 'em you weren't going?

LEO - You just don't simply tell the UNITED STATES MILITARY that you aren't
going to serve or WHEN OR WHERE you're going to serve. They tell you. And
when they tell you to jump, you ask WHEN & HOW FAR. That's the way it works.

STACY - They're FAR TOO DEMANDING if you ask me.

(Leo shrugs his shoulders)

STACY - You know we've NEVER been apart for the Holidays.

LEO - I know. But babe, it's NOT like I get a thrill out of it either.

STACY - I'm beginning to think you do.

LEO (lying in bed trying to go to sleep) - Just turn out the light.

STACY - I will as soon as I finish this chapter I'm reading.

LEO - Well....Read the thing then. Then PLEASE turn out the light. I'm
tired and I want to get some SLEEP.

(Stacy shakes her head and returns to her reading)

SCENE TWO - Outside Stephanie's house - Stephanie is sitting in the
passenger seat of Greg's car as they pull up. Greg stops the car in front.

GREG - Here you are.

STEPHANIE - Thanks. I had a wonderful time tonight.

GREG - I did too. I think we cleared a lot of air between us.

STEPHANIE (somewhat skeptical) - Did we?

GREG - I think we did. We finally admitted our feelings for....

STEPHANIE (interrupting) - No. Don't. (looking at Greg) Please
don't. It's too soon for that. I like the idea of us just being
friends. But....

GREG (interrupting & looking at Stephanie) - I love you Steph. Aside from
the two kids Courtney and I share, I love YOU more than anything in the world.

STEPHANIE (trying to control herself) - I love you too Greg. But I
can't....I won't.....come between you and Courtney.

GREG - Courtney seduced me. You know that. I feel like such a fool for
going out with Courtney that one time. If I could only take it all back.

STEPHANIE - Please Greg. It's too late.

GREG - But that just it. It's NOT too late. Look....We can even start
anew. You know....A fresh start.

STEPHANIE - But that's EXACTLY what I *don't* want to do right now. And
YOU are in NO POSITION to do it even if you wanted to. What we had was
WONDERFUL. But that's in the past. Things are different now.

(Greg sighs as he looks down in shame)

STEPHANIE - I'll see you tomorrow?

GREG - Yeah.

(Greg smiles as Stephanie leaves)

GREG MEMORY SCENE ONE - TWO & A HALF YEARS AGO - Greg & Stephanie during
their relationship in the aftermath of one of their passionate love-making
sessions in their bedroom while they lived together in the same house his
car is currently (in 2004) parked in front of

STEPHANIE (To Greg, who's curled up in bed next to her) - I love you.

GREG - I love you too sweetie

(Greg lightly kisses Stephanie on her right shoulder)

GREG (continuing with a near whisper) - You're so special to me. I love
everything about you.

STEPHANIE (Turning over on her back and smiling) - I feel the same way
about you.

GREG - I've had this "dream" involving the two of us.

STEPHANIE - (Turning over onto her back and smiling as she looks squarely
at Greg) - Hmm....

GREG (smiling and looking down at Stephanie) - It's about you and me - us -
being married (happily so I might add) living in this house with a couple
kids, a dog, a cat

STEPHANIE (interrupting and partly giggling) - A hamster.

GREG (with a chuckle and a smile) - Yeah. But if this were only a couple
years from now, I think the kids would be just a little too young for a

STEPHANIE (smiling) - True. But there'd be enough love in this house to go

GREG (jokingly) - There'd be enough love churning out of this house to

STEPHANIE (giggling and jokingly) - True. Not only that, but the city
would probably give this house LANDMARK STATUS as it would be known as THE

(Both Greg & Stephanie laugh and giggle at Stephanie's comment)

(Stephanie caresses Greg's face)

STEPHANIE (continuing and looking straight into Greg's eyes with passion
and smiling) - Seriously though....To think I almost fell in love with
Steve. Glad I didn't. These last several months have been the most
wonderful of my whole life. Spent over 30 years looking for "Mr.
Right". Looks as though I've found him in YOU Greg.

GREG - You deserve so much better than Steve could ever be and could ever
bring himself to provide. Just ask.....

STEPHANIE - Shhh...Enough about Steve. Everything is SO PERFECT between us.

(The words SO PERFECT echo over and over again as things fade to.....)

GREG MEMORY SCENE TWO - TWO YEARS AGO (and only a few short months later than scene one) Greg & Stephanie in the living room of (what is
now) Stephanie's home. He had told her about his "one night stand" with
Courtney before, but didn't even address the issue of sex. Faced with
Courtney's pregnancy AND the fact that DNA tests proved he was the father
of her (what later turned about to be) twin children, Greg, with flowers in
hand, had just broke the news of Courtney's pregnancy and their talk of
marriage to Stephanie.

STEPHANIE (with a look of shock on her face) - Courtney is WHAT?!?!?!?

GREG (emotional but firm) - Pregnant.

STEPHANIE (trembling) - And YOU are the father?????????? ARE YOU

(Greg looks down at the floor in shame)

STEPHANIE (finding it hard to keep her composure) - I don't believe

GREG (subtlely begging for forgiveness while looking half-shocked and
thinking Stephanie understood his earlier explanation of the events) - I
told you. Courtney and I had a ONE NIGHT STAND.


GREG - MY GOD. I **NEVER** wanted this to happen.


GREG (Breaking down and nearly crying) - I'm telling you I **NEVER** wanted
this to happen. You've got to believe me.

STEPHANIE - THE ONLY thing I'm going to tell you is GET OUT & DON'T EVER

(The words GET OUT echo over and over again as we return to the present
with Greg still parked out in front of Stephanie's house as a policeman,
curious about Greg, walks up to Greg's car door)

POLICEMAN (tapping on the window with his baton) - Hey....

(Greg, feeling groggy, rolls down the window)

GREG - Yes officer....

POLICEMAN - Are you okay?

GREG - Umm....Yes officer. I'm fine. Just dropped off a friend of mine at
this house. Just thinking about her I suppose.

POLICEMAN - Well....Okay.....

GREG - Thanks for stopping by and asking officer.

(Greg restarts the car in preparation to pull away)

POLICEMAN - No problem. Have a safe drive home.

(Greg drives off as the policeman heads back to his squad car)

SCENE THREE - Stephanie's bedroom (and Greg & Courtney's yacht) - Greg,
Courtney & Stephanie are all in bed and dreaming. Stephanie is seen
sleeping in her bedroom - and dreaming like this......

STEPHANIE DREAM SCENE ONE - At some possible point in the future - Greg &
Stephanie are seen kissing and madly making love to each other on Greg &
Courtney's yacht in the bedroom he and Courtney share.

GREG (Lustfully as he kisses Stephanie over and over again) - God...How I
love you. How I've been such a fool. It's YOU I want. Not that other
girl Courtney.

STEPHANIE (Just as lustfully) - Shut up and kiss me. Make love to me.

(Stephanie thinks to herself what a fool she was for not pursuing Greg till
now even though he was married to Courtney and is the father of their two
kids. She does this as she breathes heavily in and out as Greg kisses and
fondles every inch of her beautiful nakedness)

GREG (To Stephanie) - God....I want you.

STEPHANIE (lost in ecstasy & talking via breathing) Take me.....TAKE

(Stephanie is almost crying in ecstasy when Courtney walks in)

COURTNEY (with a look of rage) - YOU. I knew it. I *KNEW* IT.

(Greg & Stephanie suddenly give Courtney their undivided attention)

COURTNEY (still raging) I just KNEW the two of you would pull a stunt like
this. I expected something like this out of you, Stephanie. You're just

(Greg & Stephanie don't know what to do next)

COURTNEY (Now looking at Greg) - But YOU Greg....YOU ARE A CLEVER, SLIMEY,
SCUMBAG SON OF A BITCH. But....I got a cure for BOTH of you.

(Courtney surprises both Greg & Stephanie by raising a .45 caliber handgun
and aiming it at them at point blank range)

STEPHANIE - (Fearing for Greg's life & screaming) NNNNNNOOOOO.

(Courtney pulls the trigger several times as she empties it.)

(In reality, Stephanie is seen sitting up in bed looking around in fear as
Courtney discharges the gun in her dream, only to realize that it was only
a bad dream. Greg is seen doing the same thing in his bedroom on board the
yacht).[Greg fears for Stephanie's life & screams in his end of their
"Joint Dream"]

COURTNEY (still half asleep with her head still on her pillow) - Are you okay?

GREG (still sitting up) - Yeah. Must've been a bad dream.

COURTNEY (thinking to herself) - I know EXACTLY what that was if it
involved Stephanie.

(In Greg & Stephanie's "Joint Dream", Courtney is seen blowing the smoke
from the barrel of the now-empty gun as Greg & Stephanie each see each
other wounded and covered in blood as Courtney laughs in a villainous
manner and leaves the room. In reality, Courtney just smiles and goes back
to sleep).

SCENE FOUR - Thanksgiving Day. Leo & Stacy wake up to a wonderful aroma
coming from the kitchen, courtesy of Brad, who, in light of his ordeal just
roughly twelve hours before, had spent the night and is now seen in the
kitchen making breakfast (and, of course, a mess :) )

LEO (looking pleasantly surprised) - Well....well....well. Brad, you
didn't have to do this.

BRAD - It was the least I could do.

STACY (noticing the sticky gooey mess on her countertop) -
Umm...Yeah. Making a mess was THE LEAST you could do?

LEO (totally unaware of the mess Stacy is referring to & looking at) -
Stace....It's THE THOUGHT that counts babe.

BRAD - Yeah. Besides, it's not a "mess". It's BREAKFAST.

(Stacy takes one good long look at the slop that appears to be maple in
flavor by taking her spoon and raising it to above eye level. She does
this with an increasingly nauseating disgusting look on her face that's
BEGGING to say "You call THIS "breakfast" as she notices a long line of
what appears to be some sort of maple flavor slop that runs from the side
of her spoon all the way down to the bowl where the stuff came from)

STACY - (feeling grossed out) - Good thing we're spending Thanksgiving over
at Trish's place.

(Brad looks somewhat offended)

STACY (apologetically) - Ohh....I'm sorry Brad. I just got things on my
mind today. It's wonderful what you did. Thanks.

(She pushes the bowl of slop away)

BRAD - You mean things like Leo's orders? And....Umm....No problem (I think).

STACY - It's alright. And yeah. It's those stupid orders Leo got.

BRAD - Well....Umm....I *think* I'm the *wrong* guy to take that up with
(looking at Leo, who had just retrieved the morning paper from outside)

LEO - (feeling cold) Brrr....

STACY - Is it cold outside?

LEO (humorously sarcastic) - No. I just thought I'd turn myself into A
FREAKIN SNOW STATUE by walking outside with only my robe and slippers on.

STACY - Umm....Yeah. Okay. Next question.

BRAD - I think I'll turn on the TV. Who knows....The parades might still
be on.

SCENE FIVE - Trish's place. Trish is in the kitchen cooking up a
Thanksgiving storm when she realizes she needs to baste the turkey.

TRISH (To herself) - Oww...Time to baste the turkey again.

(She frantically rushes over to the oven to rescue the turkey when the
doorbell sounds. She has one of those "singing" doorbells like this)

DOORBELL (singing) "HI....HO. THE BITCH IS DEAD" (tune similar to the one
in the movie "The Wizard Of Oz")

TRISH (horrified at that tune) OH MY GOD. I forgot to change the tune
FROM HALLOWEEN. I don't want people to perceive me as being DEAD
today. I'd better change that.


TRISH (yelling to whomever is at the door) - COMING.

(She opens it and finds David & Marcie outside)


MARCIE (excited, but sarcastic as she and David are both standing outside
in the cold) - YOU TOO (Now let us inside).

DAVID (laughing) Ohh...Ho...Ho. Marcie.

TRISH (excited, but apologetic and laughing) - I'm sorry guys. WHAT AM I
DOING?? WHERE ARE MY MANNERS?? Come on in. Make yourselves at home.

MARCIE - Thanks.

DAVID (noticing the wonderful aroma coming from the kitchen) - Cookin' up a
Holiday storm, eh Trish?

TRISH (giggling) - Yeah. Just one sec. Need to change that doorbell tune.

MARCIE (sarcastic) - I heard that tune when I rang it just a little while
ago. I was beginning to think we'd need to come in WITH OUR GUNS DRAWN.

TRISH (laughing) Ohh....Nnnoooo. I figured I'd try one of those doorbells
that "sing" as opposed to ring. I got one that has some cute one-liners
programmed into it. I just forgot I still had the one FROM HALLOWEEN still
set as the one that people hear. Sorry if I scared you guys. Didn't mean
to do that.

MARCIE (laughing & now spilling a gut) - Ohh....Don't worry 'bout it. Just
THE THOUGHT of a "singing doorbell" gives me the creeps.

DAVID (sinister-like) - Well hun...There's ALWAYS Christmas.

(Marcie gives him a look that just begs to say "Don't even THINK about
getting one of those!" David, meanwhile, turns on the TV in hopes of
catching the opening kickoff of the football game).

ON THE NEXT EDITION OF "Against The Storm"

* Brad & Jennifer meet for the first time since the botched wedding. What
will happen?

* Stacy comes down with a case of "morning sickness" the day after
Thanksgiving as Leo heads off to Fort Cedar. Could IT be?

* Courtney confronts Greg about the postal receipts. How will he react?

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