Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Episode 04 - Leo's Orders

SCENE ONE: The Kitchen of Stacy & Leo's house where Brad & Jennifer's
wedding was to be held. Leo is seen picking up the telephone. Meanwhile
Lieutenant Jake Stafford is at his office at Fort Cedar, one of two
military bases located in and around Cedarville. Stafford is on the phone
with Leo.

LEO (picking up phone) - Hello?

LT. STAFFORD (over the phone) - Is Lt. Leo McFadden there please?

LEO - Speaking. Who is this?

LT. STAFFORD - Lt. McFadden, this is Lt. Jake Stafford at Fort Cedar. I'm
afraid I have some news you're not gonna wanna hear, especially at this
time of the year.

(Leo fears this is the one call a soldier dreads the most)

Stacy, Rob, Stephanie, Trish, Greg, David, Marcie & Brad are all in the den
(where the reception is) talking about the phone call Leo just got

STEPHANIE (Trying to remain optimistic) - Now Stace...We don't KNOW that's
the case. They could be calling for A THOUSAND reasons.

STACY (Trying to face reality) - Steph, you really mean well but you just
don't understand. A phone call from a military base to an enlisted man on
leave can only mean one thing. ORDERS FROM HEADQUARTERS. That spells
DEPLOYMENT with a capital D.

STACY (resigning herself to the worst possible scenario) - And to think I
thought we were gonna have a nice Holiday Weekend too. *Awwww*

TRISH - Either way Stacy, they're not going to send Leo overseas NOW with
the holidays coming up. That'd SUICIDE. (Looking at
Stephanie) Stephanie ought to know the PR spin. She sees and hears it all
the time.

(Stephanie giggles)

Back to Leo, who's on the phone with Lt. Jake Stafford from Fort Cedar

LEO (Non-Chalantly and uncaring as he rolls his eyes) - Okay.....Let's have it.

JAKE - You are to report here within the next 48 hours for re-deployment to
Iraq. Failure to do so WILL result in your court marshall.

LEO - Alright....Who signed the orders.

JAKE - The Pentagon.

JAKE (continuing) - I really didn't want to bring this news to you
Leo. Especially at this time of year, but.....

LEO (Interrupting) - Yeah....yeah....yeah. You needn't say
anymore. Anything else?

JAKE - Nope. See you in 48 hours. Happy Thanksgiving. (Rolls eyes)

LEO (Sarcastically) - Yeah. Thanks a lot.

(Leo hangs up the phone after Jake hangs up on his end)

LEO (continuing) - Thanks a hell of a lot Mr President. You sure know how
to WRECK people's holidays. How in the world am I gonna break the news to
Stacy? We've NEVER been apart for the holidays. Not even after 9/11.

(Brad walks in)

BRAD - Bad news, eh

LEO - Yeah. Just got deployment orders. One hell of a way to send someone
happy holiday wishes.....

BRAD - Well....Look at this way. Think of all the other men & women in the
military WHO ARE COMING HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS. You're doing them a favor.

LEO (Sarcastically) - Gee Brad. Thanks for RUBBING MY NOSE IN IT.

(Rob walks in)

ROB - Rubbing your nose into what Leo?

BRAD - Leo just got deployment orders.

LEO (cringing) - Don't announce it to the whole freakin' world. Stacy's
out there somewhere.

BRAD (feeling offended) - Well....Sorry. Guess I'll go back to my little
corner like a good little boy and go back to moping now....

LEO - Aww...Forget it. I'm the one who should be sorry. Here I am moping
because of a phone call I got while YOU just had your love life come
crashing down around you.

BRAD - Forget it man. Ain't your fault. Besides, I shouldn't be surprised
at ANYTHING *she* says or does anymore. HOW in the world I was so FOOLISH
into trusting and believing in her, I'll NEVER know. (Shakes head)

SCENE TWO - Greg & Stephanie decide to leave together

STEPHANIE (To Greg) - What do you say we blow this joint and get some REAL
dinner at the Fond Du Lac?

GREG (surprised) - Sounds like a FABULOUS idea.

(Greg grabs his coat from Stephanie's hand)

TRISH - You two leaving on us?

STEPHANIE - Yeah. We figured we'd have our own little 'private' reception.
(winking and smiling at Greg)

TRISH - Ohh....well. Okay then. You two have fun.

GREG - Thanks for the invite guys. Had a WONDERFUL time even though it was
a ceremony from hell......

TRISH - Yeah, but I must admit I've been watching the two of you.

STEPHANIE (smiling) - Ohh really?

TRISH (smiling) - Yep. And I think there's something there. You two have

DAVID (smiling) - I agree

MARCIE (smiling) - So do I.

GREG - Well then....I guess we'll just have to plea guilty as charged,
won't we? (Looking at Stephanie, who winks at him and waves as the two of
them leave)

TRISH - Bye now.

MARCIE - We had better get going too. I'll see you guys later?

TRISH - Yep.

MARCIE - Great. Well....Bye now (David waves as he and Marcie leave)

ROB - Everyone's leaving huh?

TRISH - Yeah, and I think it's about time I get out of here too. Looks
like it might snow any minute now.

STACY - Okay. Thanks for EVERYTHING you did today Trish. You're a REAL

TRISH (Downplaying Stacy's comments) - 'Twas nothing. Although getting the
shock of my life didn't help, but we made it.

STACY - True. (Looking at Rob) Don't tell me YOU are leaving too...

ROB - Gotta. Otherwise I won't make it home tonight so I can spend
Thanksgiving over at Michelle's tomorrow.

STACY - Alrighty then. Send Michelle our love.

TRISH (At the door) - Michelle? Who's Michelle?

STACY - Rob's girlfriend.

TRISH - Ohh....okay. Well....seeya.

SCENE THREE - Greg & Stephanie at the Fond Du Lac Restaurant, which is a
trendy restaurant that was just opened by Jake's younger sister Michelle

WAITER - Welcome to the Fond Du Lac. Smoking or Non-Smoking?

GREG - Non-Smoking

WAITER - Right this way (grabs a couple menu pamphlets from the front area)

(Greg & Stephanie follow the waiter to their table)

WAITER (Handing the order pamphlets to Greg & Stephanie) - Can I get you
anything like some water, an appetizer....

STEPHANIE (Interrupting the waiter as she looks at the menu) Nothing for
me. Thanks.

GREG (Looking at the menu) - I'll have a scotch on the rocks please.

STEPHANIE (changing her mind) - Make that two.

(The waiter jots the order down on his notepad and walks off)

GREG - Nice little place, isn't it?

STEPHANIE - Yeah. Very trendy.

(Greg notices Steve & Jennifer walk in)

GREG - Don't look now but they're at it again (referencing to Steve & Jennifer)

STEPHANIE (Looking up) Ohh....No. Oh well. This *is* afterall a PUBLIC
restaurant. We'll just ignore them.

(The waiter returns to Greg & Stephanie's table)

WAITER - Would you care to place an order now?

(Greg & Stephanie both look over the menu one last time before making their
final selection)

GREG - Yes. I'll have the Fillet Mignon Du Lac

WAITER - Okay. And you madame?

STEPHANIE - I'll have this grilled chicken meal here (showing the menu to
the waiter with her finger pointed to her selection).

WAITER (smiling) - That's the Grilled Chicken Du Lac. MARVELOUS meal

STEPHANIE - Great. That's what I want then.

WAITER - Anything else?

(Greg & Stephanie remain silent)

WAITER - Okay. It'll be about 20 minutes.

(The waiter takes the menu and walks away)

STEPHANIE - So REALLY, what HAVE you been up to? Surely you don't expect
me to believe that you and Courtney are this happy, go-lucky couple who
goes gallavanting around the world on some stupid yacht. Seriously, what's
going on? Why rehash the feelings we had for each other? Why bring up all
our memories from the past? They're happy ones and I want to keep them
that way.

GREG - Because no matter where we stand, I LOVE YOU. I always will. And
even if I can't be married to you, I can't hide the feelings I still have
for you. I just can't do it.

STEPHANIE - You hid them long enough to get married to Courtney.

GREG - You know why that had to be done. I did it for my kid which
Courtney was going to bring into the world.

STEPHANIE - But you can't do it for Courtney herself. How convienent. I
wasn't ready to commit, so you ordered yourself a MAIL ORDER BRIDE and
wound up with Courtney.

GREG - Things between Courtney and I just took off. I never even imagined
how fast and furious they would end up. And I certainly didn't think I'd lose YOU
in the process.

STEPHANIE - Well....Losing me is EXACTLY what happened Greg. You know that.

GREG - I know. And admittedly, there are times when I feel like I keep
shooting myself in the foot and often find myself wondering WHAT IF. WHAT
IF I had married you and not Courtney. That's mainly why I wrote all those

STEPHANIE - Well....I'm not gonna lie. I still have feelings for
you. They're not the same as before, but they're there nevertheless.

GREG - So....Do you forgive me?

STEPHANIE - If I didn't forgive you, do you think we'd be sitting here
having this conversation now? But I haven't forgotten what you did
though. You hurt me. I felt like a big chunk of my heart was ripped
out. I love you too Greg. Bur right now, I just can't say it's the same
way that you love me. I need time and space to sort out the feelings I
have for you. I just can't pick up where we left off, ya know?

GREG - Yeah. I know.

(Steve & Jennifer, sitting at the bar, spot Greg & Stephanie sitting at
their table. Steve strolls over followed by Jennifer, who fears trouble
lies ahead)

STEVE (To Greg & Stephanie) - Well....well...well. If it ain't the rich
man CHEATING ON HIS WIFE with Channel 4's finest reporter.

JENNIFER (Pleading with Steve) - Steve, let's just leave 'em alone.

GREG (on the defensive) - Well if ain't Cedarville's SERIAL WIFE KILLER who
just BLEW INTO TOWN just as EVERYONE thought he had left for
good....Ohh....And what's this (now looking at Jennifer), then TOWN
SLUT? You sure know how to pick 'em Steve. I'll give you that much credit.

STEPHANIE - Greg....Let's not create a scene here.

GREG (Looking at Steve squarely in the eye) - Stephanie gave some pretty
wise words Steve. Now, why don't you and Little Miss Muppet run along so
WE may eat OUR curds and whey - IN PEACE?

STEVE - You know Greg, when I heard that you and the princess broke up, I
couldn't believe it at first. Afterall, thanks to the princess and her
so-called "reporting" which was really a trial AND execution in the media,
it did seem that, for awhile, I was on my way to the chair while the two of
you were on your way to the altar.

STEPHANIE - Right Steve. And you know EXACTLY why that was.

GREG - What are you trying to accomplish with this INSIDEOUS public
confrontation here Steve? Can't get enough humiliation on your own in
private? Why DID you come back to Cedarville anyway?

STEVE - Perhaps the same question should be asked of you Greg. Why did YOU
come back to Cedarville?

GREG (Now toe-to-toe with Steve) - Because UNLIKE YOU, I *have* friends and
loved ones here. YOU HAVE NO ONE except THE SLUT (Looking at Jennifer)

(The waiter walks up with Greg & Stephanie's orders, but also notices the
scene the altercation at Greg & Stephanie's table is creating)

WAITER - I'm afraid I must ask that if you're going to have such a intense
conversation that you do so outside as you ARE creating a scene here. In
the meantime, here are your orders. Bon Appetite.

GREG (To the waiter) - Thank you.

(The waiter leaves)

STEPHANIE (To Steve) - You heard the man. Leave.

STEVE - I don't recall him saying that

MICHELLE (out of nowhere) - No, but *I* will. And since I own this little
establishment, MY WORD IS LAW (Looking at Steve). And UNLESS you want me
to summon the law, you WILL comply. BOTH OF YOU (noticing Jennifer trying
to hide as if she were playing possum). DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?

STEVE (To Michelle) - Crystal. (Looking at Greg and still standing
toe-to-toe with him) - This isn't over yet. Not by a long shot.

(After a quick glance at Stephanie, Steve leaves, followed by
Jennifer. Michelle returns to what she was doing)

SCENE FOUR - Greg & Courtney's Yacht. Courtney is rummaging through their
postage receipts to throw out old ones when she stumbles across a small
stack of them with Greg's handwriting for letters addressed to Stephanie

COURTNEY (Curiously surprised and disturbed and talking to herself in an
almost vengeful manner) - What the hell is this? I thought he was over
Stephanie. What are you doing Gregory? You BETTER NOT be trying to go
after MY HUSBAND Stephanie or (with GOD as my witness) you WILL regret

ON THE NEXT EDITION OF "Against The Storm"

* Will Leo tell Stacy about his Deployment Orders? How will she react?

* Do Greg & Stephanie REALLY have a future now that they've admitted where
they stand? Will Greg come clean and explain the letters to Courtney? How
will she react?

* Will Steve give Greg & Stephanie any further problems by drudging up the
past? What is Steve's REAL motive for returning to Cedarville? Will he
once again try to profess his love for Jennifer? How will Jennifer react?

* Will Brad confront Jennifer about what he saw?

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