Thursday, November 18, 2004

Episode 03 - The Fallout

SCENE ONE - The Den at Stacy & Leo's house where the wedding between Brad & Jennifer was supposed to take place. Everyone is now located there and chatter of shock and disbelief has arisen as Brad made the announcement that he thought he saw Steve Farley, once thought to have left town several months ago for a new life after being acquitted of murder charges stemming from the death of his 2nd wife Alexis, kissing Jennifer and making love to her while in her room. We see Trish leaving the den for the one place where Steve could possibly be if he was indeed in the house - Jennifer's room to find Steve & hopefully Stacy as well, who is thought to have disappeared.

DAVID (With a look of shock and surprise on his face) - Steve Farley - HERE??? Who would've thought?.....

MARCIE (Also with a shocked look on her face) - I know. It's a shock to me too.

SCENE TWO - Jennifer's Room just before Trish walks in

STACY - Well....Are either of you gonna answer me or am I gonna have to play guessing games?

JENNIFER (With a look of guilt on her face as Steve gives her an intimidating look) - I......I.....I let him in.

STACY (Looking at Jennifer) - Why am I not surprised?

JENNIFER - I didn't want to.

STACY (Sarcastically) - Ohhh Suuure Jen. You didn't want to. You "never" do. But you're DUMB & STUPID ENOUGH TO DO IT ANYWAY.

STEVE (Trying to offer an explaination of his own) - Well if you must know Stacy....

STACY (With authority) - SHUT UP!! I'm NOT even talking to you!

Trish walks in and looks squarely at Steve as she enters with her eyes bulging and her arms folded across her chest. She walks over to him as she says.....

TRISH (With a half-shocked look on her face) - Well.....Well.....Well. Look what the cat (turning to look at Jennifer) dragged in. Wouldn't have believed it if Brad hadn't said anything. Who's ship did you sail in on Steve? Greg's yacht?

TRISH (Before Steve could answer) - Ohh....WAIT....Or did you "stowaway" on it?

STEVE (Adamantly) - Greg NOR his yacht had ANYTHING WHATSOEVER to do with my arrival in town or being here.

STACY (Sarcastically with a smirk and rolling eyes) - I don't believe it. For once he actually says something that's TOTALLY believable.

TRISH - So Steve.....What REALLY brings you ALL THE WAY back to Cedarville from WHEREVER THE HELL you came from? Certainly couldn't be a new life. Afterall...Virtually everyone knows all the bridges you burned here.

Steve remains silent, thinking the question isn't even worthy of a dignified answer. Trish turns to Jennifer (who's still trying to maintain her look of innocence) as she says....

TRISH - And WHAT could've POSSIBLY prompted you to be so DUMB & STUPID as to LET HIM IN??? And PUH-LEAZE....Spare us the argument that you didn't, because we both know otherwise.

Stacy gives Jennifer a look of agreement with what Trish had just said. Jennifer is still trying to maintain her look of innocence, though it is weakening under the mounting pressure of Trish's contant barrage of questions and other comments which Jennifer knows Stacy has no defense for because Stacy is saying EXACTLY what Trish is, only Stacy is doing it with looks on her face

TRISH - I mean....WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??????????

TRISH (Continuing her verbal assault) - Do you have ANY idea the condition Brad is in right now????? HE IS A BASKET CASE.

Trish turns to look at Steve

TRISH - And YOU.......I can't begin to put into words how I feel about you. There's not a single word in the English language that PERFECTLY descrbes what I think of you. In fact, I don't believe there's a word in the English language that PERFECTLY describes what ANYONE IN CEDARVILLE outside of THE SLUT (once again turning to look at Jennifer and then back to Steve again) thinks of you.

STEVE - Are you through?

TRISH (Looking squarely into his face and toe-to-toe with him, almost mumbling and turning her head from side to side with a frown on her face) - Not even close.

STACY (Thinking she's seen and heard enough and looking at Steve) - I think it's time you leave Steve - NOW!

STEVE - And if I don't?

TRISH - Then I'll get David & Marcie to HAUL YOU ASS OUTTA HERE (now toe-to-toe with Steve herself) And FEED YOU TO THE WOLVES AT THE CITY JAIL - FOR TRESPASSING.

Stacy gives Steve a "Go Ahead - Call My Bluff" look while still standing toe-to-toe with him and looking sqaurely into his eyes with fire in hers

STEVE (Looking at Stacy and then at Trish, who was cheering Stacy on with her looks) - Well then.....We wouldn't want that, would we?

STEVE (Looking at Jennifer) I'll see you later?

JENNIFER (Looking anywhere but at Steve) - Don't count on it.

Stacy & Trish both smirk at Jennifer's response as if to show cynical disbelief as Steve walks out of the room, but not before getting looks from Stacy & Trish on his way out

STACY (Looking at Jennifer) - Now....As for YOU. I'm THROUGH supporting you. I'm THROUGH with lending you my shoulder to cry on each & every time you screw up. I'm THROUGH being USED by you. I've had it. Leo & I *GENEROUSLY* offered to host YOUR wedding here AND YOU BLEW IT. No more Jennifer. I've had it with you. I don't care WHAT you do anymore. You have but TWENTY MINUTES - STARTING RIGHT NOW - To be OUT of that dress and OUT OF THIS HOUSE. Understand?

Jennifer looks at Trish for sympathy, but gets none. In fact, Trish gives her even more demeaning looks in response thinking that Stacy is being MIGHTY generous in giving Jennifer the courtesy of being able to change clothes before leaving as opposed to throwing Jennifer out of the house while still in her bridal outfit.

JENNIFER (Reluctantly accepting her punishment) - Will you at least unzip the back of it for me?

Stacy responds by not only unzipping the zipper, but tearing it in her non-chalant attempt to help Jennifer out of the bridal dress

JENNIFER (Hearing the tearing noise) - You didn't have to RIP IT.

STACY (Non-chalantly) - Not MY problem Jennifer. YOU were the one who blew the chance at a decent married life. Not me.

Stacy walks out of the room followed by Trish

STACY (With disgust) - OOOOOOOOO......The things she does.

TRISH (Equally disgusted) - I know girl. I know. She just doesn't learn.

SCENE THREE - In the den a few minutes later. Trish & Stacy have since returned and, at Brad's request, have told Rob to make the following announcement..........

ROB - Ladies & Gentlemen.....As I'm sure you've probably gathered by now, there will be NO WEDDING today. We apologize for any inconvience this has caused. We know many of you came from long distances. We're prepared to address those issues with the plans that were originally outlined. However, we will still have the reception for those willing to stay. The caterers are setting up right now and we should be good to go with some FREE FOOD shortly. If you do not wish to stay or can't stay, we certainly understand. We love/like you anyways. Thank you for coming and once again, apologies for any inconvience this has caused anyone. Thank you.

GREG (To Stephanie) - Well....No wedding What do you say we blow this joint and go out to dinner? I hear there's a new restaurant in town that just opened up. Ever heard of the Fond Du Lac?

STEPHANIE - You've GOT to be kidding. Dinner - WITH ME? An old flame? ANYWHERE?

GREG - Sure. Why not? Ever heard of PLATONIC FRIENDSHIPS??? That's what I think of you as. A platonic friend.

Stephanie blushes

STEPHANIE (With a smile) - I'm flattered you even think of me that way. I hadn't even thought that way about you.

GREG (Laughing) - I know.


GREG (Nudgingly) C'mon.....Just for ONE night?

STEPHANIE - Well I dunno.......I'll think about it.

GREG - Don't take too long.

LEO (Announcing to all in the room) - COME & GET IT. The food is ready.

The guests all line up, but Greg & Stephanie hold out, unsure if they'll even stick around. Meanwhile Jennifer emerges with her bridal dress in hand. She lays it down and attempts to get in line

TRISH (Spotting Jennifer trying to get in the food line) - What do you think you're doing?

JENNIFER - What does it look like I'm doing. I'm getting a bite to eat before I go.

Stacy walks up

STACY (With authority) Ohhhh....NO YOU AREN'T. You are LEAVING *NOW* Missy.

David & Marcie, two of Cedarville's finest detectives from the Cedarville PD, turn their heads

STACY (Continuing) YOU ruined the wedding. Brad is in the next room. And I'll be DAMNED if I'm gonna let you ruin WHAT'S LEFT of today and tonight by allowing YOU to remain here. Haven't you done enough damage for one day?

ROB (walking over with a smirk on his face as he faces Jennifer) - Maybe she feels like she needs to add salt to the wound.

STACY - Well either way Jennifer - YOU ARE NOT STAYING. You've worn out your welcome here. GET OUT NOW.

Stacy turns to look at David & Marcie. Marcie responds with a look that says she'll take care of Jennifer and will see to it she leaves the premises. Jennifer does nothing.

MARCIE - You heard her. Time to go Missy. Let's go.

Marcie grabs onto Jennifer's arm


MARCIE (With authority) LOOK PRINCESS. You've got a choice. You can either leave on your own accord or come with us. Your choice.

MARCIE (Continuing) - Though I should warn you. If we have to drag you out of here by force, we won't be taking you home. WE WILL TAKE YOU TO JAIL. We don't wanna have to do that. We hate the paperwork. We'd also hate to see you with a criminal record. But if we have to forcibly remove you....

JENNIFER (Interrupting, but not happy) - ALRIGHT. I get the point. But I paid for part of this reception too, ya know.

MARCIE - NOT our problem Princess. Take it up with Stacy SOME OTHER TIME. Now, if you don't mind....

Marcie points to the door

MARCIE - See the door Jennifer? WALK THROUGH IT.

Jennifer picks up her dress and proceeds to leave, but not before one last parting shot

JENNIFER (Looking at Trish, who just happens to be nearby) - Tell Brad I still love him

TRISH - I'm NOT going to tell Brad ANYTHING - YOU FUCKIN' WHORE.

Jennifer shamefully and reluctantly leaves with tears streaking down her face

STACY (Feeling relieved) THANK GOD.

STEPHANIE - I thought she'd NEVER leave. Imagine HER NERVE. And to think the "loves" Brad.

Stephanie shakes her head as Trish and Stacy don't look the least bit surprised at ANYTHING Jennifer says or does. Leo walks over

LEO - The ONLY one she TRULY "loves" is HERSELF.

STEPHANIE - I doubt she even loves herself.

Trish & Stacy nod in complete agreement

LEO - By the way honey. Found that ladder our self-invited "guest" used. Took it down and put it in the garage where it belongs.

STACY - I thought it was IN the garage

LEO - So did I. But apparently the guys who put up the siding yesterday must've accidentally left it out.

Rob hears one of the phones ringing and answers it.

ROB (Talking to the person on the phone) Hello......Yes......Umm....Just a minute.

He puts the phone down and walks over to Leo

ROB - It's for you. It's a Seargeant Stafford from Fort Cedar. He says it urgent.

LEO (Looking at Stacy as she knows all too well what this call means) - I'll take it in the kitchen.

ROB - Okay

STEPHANIE (Asking curiously) - What could THEY want?

STACY - There's only ONE possible thing. TO PASS ALONG DEPLOYMENT ORDERS.

Stacy looks on as if what was left of her evening has just been flushed right down the drain


* What does Fort Cedar want with Leo? Could they be Deployment Orders as Stacy fears?

* Will Brad confront Jennifer

* How will Courtney react to Greg's platonic "friendship" with Stephanie? Will she view it as a threat to her marriage with Greg?


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