Thursday, November 11, 2004

Episode 02 - The Ghost Of Steve Farley

SCENE ONE - The Main Wedding Area of Leo & Stacy's house (who are hosting Brad & Jen's wedding) where all the guests are sitting. It's in the back yard with a patio. There's a slight crisp chill in the late-fall November air as the guests all chatter and await the arrival of the bride and groom.

"Looks to be pretty big crowd". Steve says.

"Yeah". Stephanie nods as she knew all along this would be the case.

"Shouldn't we like move everything indoors?" Leo asks. "It's getting pretty chilly out there" He adds.

"I totally agree with you, but Stace and Jen don't want it that way". Rob says. "I've even tried talking to Trish about it, but all she does is keep telling me to ask Stace since you and she are hosting this thing". He adds.

"Well....*I'm* gonna have a talk with my darling Stacy now". Leo adamantly says. "I don't think mother should be out in this weather at her age, especially for a wedding". He adds.

"Heh...Good luck getting THAT past Jennifer and her army". Rob says with a tone of sarcasm in his voice.

"I won't bother asking Jennifer. THE LAST thing SHE needs to worry about is something that WE OURSELVES should be handling". Leo says.

"What's the problem now guys"? Steve asks.

"What's the problem?" Leo sarcastically asks. "Dude....Have you even been outside?" He continues. "The weather is the problem. ITS TOO COLD out there for a wedding". Leo adds.

"I know..." Steve says as he rolls his eyes. "But that's what Jennifer wants. It's HER wedding. We have to abide by HER wishes NO MATTER HOW unreasonable they may seem". Steve says.

"Yeah...But do you honestly think it's a good idea to have mother out there at her age - FOR THIS?" Leo asks. "I don't. And since I'm the medic around here, I'm gonna do something about it." Leo adamantly says.

"Okay. But don't say I didn't warn you". Rob says

"Don't worry. I won't even mention it". Leo says.

David & Marcie, Cedarville's finest detectives from the Cedarville PD, arrive, relieved in knowing that they haven't missed a thing yet.

"Hey David.....Hey Marcie". Rob says. "Don't bother taking off your coats unless you want to catch a cold". He sarcastically, but truthfully adds.

"Ohh....Why not?" David asks (Marcie looks a little surprised)

"Because the wedding is outside". Rob says.

"Outside? In THAT weather? You've got to be joking". David says.

Rob gives David & Marcie a look that indicates he wishes he *was* joking as he leaves to mingle with other guests.

"What kind of couple would subject their wedding guests to an ARCTIC wedding?" David asks to anyone who would listen.

"You forget David. JENNIFER is the bride of THIS wedding". Marcie sarcastically points out.

"Well I've heard of SNOW WHITE & THE SEVEN DWARFS but this is going a little too far if ya ask me". David says.

"I know" Marcie says.

"But look at it this way. At least we don't have her at the station here".

"Heh...True. But you know as well as I do that being married hasn't stopped her from hitting on every man she sees". David says.

"True". Marcie says.

"I was beginning to think the lieutenant was NEVER gonna let us out of there!". Marcie says, trying to change the subject.

"Had I known the wedding was gonna be out in THIS, I'd have never bothered to come". David says.

"Ohh quit your complaining and SUCK UP!". Marcie says.

"I'm not complaining" says David.

"Well you're at least being a WUSS then". Marcie says.

"Whatever". David says. "This reminds me of that stakeout we had last year. Remember?". He adds.

"You mean the stakeout where Troy got shot?" Marcie asks.

"Not that one, but it too comes to mind". David says.

"Whatever" Marcie says.

SCENE TWO - Just inside Leo & Stacy's house. Greg & Stephanie are talking

"So what have you and Courtney been up to the last several months?" Stephanie asks.

"Ohh.....Seeing the world. You know. London.....Paris.....The Carribean......The Virgin Islands. Been just about everywhere but the Middle East". Greg says.

"Really? WOW. I bet Courtney must've been DROOLING over all the photography chances she had". Stephanie says

"How so". Greg asks, paying only half-attention to what Stephanie had just said

"YOU KNOW. Big Ben. The Eiffel Tower. The lands of PARADISE...." Stephanie says while giving the look of trying to jog Greg's memory

"Ohh...Yeah....yeah". Greg says. "We have LOTS of pictures on board the yacht". He adds

"You sure don't seem very excited at it.". Stephanie says.

"It's not that. I'm just not that much interested in photography. That's all". Greg says "What have YOU been doing lately?". He adds

"Ohh....You know. Exposing crime, corruption, irresponsible corporate executives, anything else that rips of consumers.". Stephanie says.

"Ahh yes....All in an effort to save the world and grab the big headlines". Greg sarcastically says

"Well....I don't know about the saving the world part, but yes.....Basically the same job I've had".

"Now that we've had an election recently, I take it you've also been after crooked politicians recently too, eh?". Greg says with a joking smile

"Well that's mostly WCDR's part, but yeah....I've been called on do that lately too". "Funny thing is I've never quite been able to umm....'connect the dots' as it were. But I'm still trying." Stephanie says

"Remind me to be as far away from Cedarville as I can possibly get when you do, eh?" Greg sarcastically says.

"Okay". Stephanie says while half-giggling

"I wonder where Brad is" Greg says as he looks at his watch. "He should be coming out any minute now". Greg says "He said he needed to go frashen up before things got started. I think I'm gonna go check on him. Be right back" He adds.


SCENE THREE - Jennifer heads back to her room where Steve is waiting

"You have to leave" Jennifer frantically says.

"But Jen....I wanna be with you". Steve says.

"Don't you see? My hopes of marrying Brad are over!" Jennifer says, still frantic.

"You only LIKED Brad. You never LOVED him like you love me" Steve says.

You don't get it do you? I NEVER loved you."

"But just five minutes ago, you were quick to make love to me. In fact, you BEGGED me to make wild, passionate love to you. Now, look at you. You're worried that Brad will tell everyone else and before you know it, you've retained the reputation you've ALWAYS had. The reputation of being THE TOWN SLUT.

Jennifer backhands Steve in the face

"OUCH!" "What was THAT for?"

"YOU snuck onto Stace & Leo's property (i.e. THIS HOUSE). YOU found a ladder and climbed to my window....." Jennifer says.

"And YOU let me in." Steve says, intentionally interrupting Jennifer "And THAT is what Brad will no doubt assume and remember". He adds

"And to think IT WAS YOU who stood by me through my trial". Steve says "And when I left town to start over with a new slate, it was YOU who betrayed ME by....."

"I BETRAYED YOU ?????" Jennifer interrupted "I wasn't the one who suddenly left town to, as you put it, 'start over with a new slate'. I wanted to go with you, but YOU DUMPED ME!!" She adds. "What was I supposed to do? Wait till you came CRAWLING back to me begging for forgiveness?". She adds, now in tears. "GET OUT. GET OUT NOW". "I don't EVER wanna see you again". She says rather demandingly.

Hearing all the shouting, Stacy walks in

"What the hell is going on? Are you okay Jen?" Stacy asks, not having spotted Steve yet

Stacy then notices Steve and now has a look of shock on her face

"What THE HELL are YOU doing here? Stacy asks, still in shock

"Better yet....HOW did you get in here?" "I handled the invitation list and I *know* YOUR NAME wasn't on it". Stacy asks, demanding an answer

Jennifer tries to look innocent through her teary eyes, but Stacy sees right through it

"Or did you have a little 'help'?" Stacy asks as she scowls rather suspiciously at Jennifer as she taps her foot, puts her hands on her hips and awaits Steve's answer and wondering if David and/or Marcie are in the crowd somewhere outside.

SCENE FOUR - Inside the house. Greg is looking for Brad, but is joined by Trish, Leo, Rob, and mother Margaret.

"Hey Greg...Something wrong?" Trish asks

"Possibly". Greg answers. "You haven't seen the lucky groom for whom I'm supposed to be Best Man around anywhere, have you?"

"No." Leo says. "In fact, the last time I saw him, he had just left you. I gathered you and he were finalizing things". Leo adds.

Trish, Leo & Rob all nod in agreement with Leo

"Not really. But he did say he wanted to freshen up before things got started though. But that was some several minutes ago". Greg says

"Maybe he's still freshening up". Trish says

"Or maybe he got a case of COLD FEET". Rob jokingly said.

"Ohh....And like you - SOMEONE WHO'S NEVER BEEN MARRIED BEFORE - would know" Trish playfully says

Rob tries to ad lib his way out of answering the question

"Well anyway....Have any of you seen my wife around?" Leo asks

"Come to think of it....No". Greg says, remembering she and Leo were together earlier along with Rob and Stephanie

"Maybe they snuck out on us and got hitched" Rob says, trying to be a comedian

"Ohh....:P~~~~~~" Trish says as she sticks her tongue out at Rob in response to what he just said.

Brad appears, but not where Greg can see him

"Well....I think I had better find Brad and get an update as to when he might be ready" Greg says as everyone else looks at Brad with great concern

"Looks like you won't have to go very far" Trish says while at a loss as to why Brad is stumbling around

"Ohh?" Greg asks as he notices everyone looking over his shoulder

"MY GOD!" Greg says

Everyone rushes over to Brad's aid as he tries to catch his breath. Leo puts his Army Medic training to use by taking charge

"Grab that chair Trish" Leo commands, pointing to a chair (Trish complies)

"Take it easy Buddy. Just breathe nice and slow". Leo says as he guides Brad to the chair Trish put in place for him (Brad) to sit in.

Brad's condition is still lethargic and his breathing is VERY labored. He can barely talk

"Don't try to talk now. Just breathe

Leo grabs Margaret's oxygen tank hose and gently removes it from her head and puts it on Brad

"Leo.....WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!? For God's sake, that's mom's oxygen." Trish says in a freaked manner

"Brad needs it more than I do right now". Margaret says "I'll survive without it for the immediate time being". She adds in her usual New Yorker attitude

"Just breathe nice and slow buddy. Everything is going to be alright now". Leo nursingly says just as if Brad was a patient of his in a military helicopter in the Middle East.

"Yeah....Do what Leo says man" Rob says as he cheers Leo on.

Slowly but surely, Brad catches his breath and can now talk. When Leo thinks Brad no longer needs the oxygen, he returns the hose back to Margaret. By this time, everyone who had been outside in the cold came inside only to find Brad in his current state. Rob sees the gathering crowd and attempts to play PR man by telling them he'll have an update as soon as he gets more information.

"Now, what the hell happened" Trish asks

"Trish....Give him time to compose himself" Rob says

"It's okay man" Brad says, still weary from his experience

"Brad, you went to the bathroom to freshen up. What happened?" Greg asks with great concern

"You told me to go into the FIRST DOOR ON MY RIGHT, didn't you?" Brad asks, still trying to return to a normal feeling

"Yes. That's right. I believe that's what I said". Greg said

"Ohh....NO!" Trish says, knowing that the first door on Brad's right WAS NOT the bathroom

"Well.....I went inside that door and......"

Brad starts to break down and cry

"And WHAT Brad? Greg asks.

"I her room.....WITH ANOTHER MAN.....(really crying now)"

"What were they doing?" Greg asks

(Trish fears the worst now)

"KI....KI....KISSING" Brad says as he struggles to get the word out.

"Ohh man" Greg says as he rolls his eyes

"Can you tell who this man was or who you thought you saw, Brad?" Leo asks

"It was.....It was......It was.....STEVE. I.....I.....I saw THE GHOST OF STEVE FARLEY". Brad says, crying heavily now as he becomes a basket case.

Everyone in the house is now in a state of shock

"I'm gonna go find Jennifer - And hopefully Stacy too" Trish says "God only knows what that man has done now". She adds.

"Hold on Trish.....Maybe it's not as bad as it seems. Let's not panic here alright." Greg says

"Yo Greg (waves hand in front of Greg's face)....We have an AX MURDERER in THIS house and YOU are telling me there's NO reason to hit the panic button?????" *HHHHHEEEELLLLLOOOO*". Trish says as she puts her fingers to her forehead and extends them outward while processing what she just heard and trying to come up with a rational reason not to panic

(Trish leaves the room headed for Jennifer's room. Greg looks like he's just clued in on a few things since he married Courtney and now lives on his yacht as Stephanie gives him a "RENT-A-CLUE" look before she joins Trish)


* Steve has been caught, what will he do?

* Will Stacy buy Jennifer's innocence or will she finally become tired of supporting Jennifer every time she screws up?

* The Wedding Aftermath - What will happen to Brad & Jennifer


* Will Greg & Stephanie rekindle their passion for one another or is what they have now just a one-night stand?


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