Saturday, October 23, 2004

Episode 01 - Brad & Jen's Wedding

SCENE ONE - Outside Main Reception Area - Brad & Greg are talking.

"Well Brad....Today's your BIG day. Almost ready?", an excited Greg says.

"Yeah", Brad laughingly says. "But I'm a little nervous though".

"I was that way too". Greg says reminiscingly. "I imagine Marcie was that way too. But you'll do fine".

"Heh...I hope".

"Trust me, everything will be fine". Greg says as though he had looked through a crystal ball.

"I'm gonna go freshen up before we get started". Brad says.

"I think that's a good idea". Greg says.

"Uhh....Which way to the bathroom?" Brad asks.

"First door on your right". Greg answers.

"Thanks". Brad says.

Brad leaves. Trish, Leo, Stacy, Stephanie & Rob enter and see Greg standing.

"GREG!" Stephanie surprisingly but pleasantly says. "What are you doing here? When did you arrive in town?" She asks as she prepares to embrace for a hug

"Ohh....Last night". Greg says.

"How come you didn't call or send an email or something?" Stephanie asks.

"Steph....". Trish says, figuring that if Greg had wanted his prescence known to Stephanie, he would've done so.

"That's okay Trish." Greg laughingly says. "Besides, it's NOT like we're enemies or something" He continues.

"But to be honest, I wanted to make it a surprise for you". Greg announces.

"Hymph....Well you sure did that" says Stephanie laughingly.

Trish & Leo, knowing that Greg & Stephanie would want to be alone for awhile, walk to another part of the reception area to mingle with arriving guests.

"So...Really....Who's ship did you sail in on?" Stephanie cynically asks"

"My own". says Greg. "Remember, I *do* own a yacht, ya know". He continues.

"Yeah....But I thought you blew town once you got hitched with Courtney" says Stephanie.

"I did" Greg says. "Courtney is back home holding down the fort" He continues. "You know...With the kids and all....".

"Ohh....I see". Stephanie understandingly says.

"So what brings you here?" Greg asks.

"I've been living in town for the last 18 months" says a perplexed Stephanie, wondering if Greg thought she had left town after their relationship ended.

"Ohh...I'm sorry. I thought you had....umm....". Greg says.

"Nope." Stephanie unintentionally interrupts. "Been here all my life. I don't believe in running away when the going gets rough. You of all people should know that".

"You're right". Greg says, knowing he's just been corrected.

SCENE TWO - Jennifer's Room. Jennifer & Steve are talking. Jennifer is facing Steve, who is facing the door.

"You know how much I want you" Steve lustfully says.

"But Steve...I'm getting married".

"Marriages have never stopped you before. Steve sarcastically says.

"Steve....What if Brad should walk in?", Jennifer asks with great concern.

"And ruin his marriage to you? You know how supersticious Brad is when it comes to those things" Steve says. "That's what makes him a wimp". He continues.

"But you are a woman. And I know you want a real man like me". Steve says.

"No one I know of makes love the way you do. That's what turns me on to you. I'm crazy about you". She says.

"Fine then. Marry me and not Brad. Leave him out of it". Steve says. "You know you love me". He continues.

Jennifer looks at Steve as though he's captivating her. She knows she wants Steve, but she also loves Brad as well and knows that he will be hurt if she told him the truth about her feelings.

"Deep down in your heart, you like Brad, but you don't love him". Steve continues. "Not the way you love me". He says.

Jennifer starts to cry.

"Oh God...." She says, trying to regain her composure as she looks at Steve with lust.

"I can't stand it anymore! Kiss me! Kiss me! Kiss me!". Jennifer says as she and Steve embrace lustfully and kiss each other endlessly.

Brad opens the door, thinking he's walking into the bathroom, but is shocked to see Steve & Jennifer kissing. He says nothing, but is stunned into virtual immobility. His breathing becomes labored as he is filled with rage. As such, he tries to talk, but can't speak. He's trying to say Jennifer's name, but can't get past the J in her name. Overwhelmed with shock, Brad leaves the room, but Jennifer, still caught up in her lust and passionate necking with Steve, hears the door close.

"Why did you stop Jennifer". Steve asks.

"I thought I heard the door close", she says.

"Now you imagining things". Steve says.

"NO. I swear I heard the door shut", she says as she approaches the door to open it.

"You're just being ridiculous. If there was somebody there, they're long gone by now". Steve says as Jennifer starts to open it.

"Somebody might have seen us" Jennifer says as she peeks down the hallway and notices what appears to be Brad stumbling and staggering into the next room.

Jennifer doesn't pursue

"Oh my God....Brad saw us! What should I do? What *am* I going to do?" she nervously thinks and utters to herself.


* Brad describes to everyone else what he saw. Will there be a confrontation?

* What is it that bonds Greg & Stephanie together? Platonic Friendship or true love?


Stay tuned..... :)

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