Friday, January 14, 2005

Episode 10 - Leo Gets Caught

SCENE ONE - Gen. Breyton's office - Baghdad, Iraq

As we open this episode, we see General Breyton in his office doing some paperwork when his phone rings.

"Gen. Breyton here", he announces to the person on the other end of the line.

"Sir, there's a Lieutenant Leo McFadden here to see you", Melinda, his secretary, exclaims.

"Huh?", Gen. Breyton says, not immediately remembering he had ordered Leo to stop by his office after breakfast.

"He says you ordered you ordered him to stop by", Melinda says

"Uhhh....Ohhh...YES...Yes....Yes. I remember now", Gen. Breyton says, now remembering his earlier conversation with Leo. "Send him in", he orders.

"Yes sir. Right away sir", Melinda responds.

Gen. Breyton hangs up the phone. A few seconds later, Leo walks in.

"You wanted to see me sir?", Leo asks.

"Close the door", Gen. Breyton says.

"Yes sir", Leo says as he closes the door behind him.

"Do you have any idea WHY I asked you to see me?", Gen. Breyton asks, thinking Leo has some idea. "Any clue at all?", he continues.

"Because you ordered me too?" Leo asks, looking and sounding as though he might be missing the point.

"Lt., would it be safe to say that you're umm....shall we", Gen. Breyton asks.

Leo looks dumbfounded and totally lost

"I'm not sure I know what you mean sir", Leo responds

"I mean sexually", Gen. Breyton says, getting to the point

Leo struggles not to laugh in front of Gen. Breyton, but can't help himself as he sort of smiles and lets out a few chuckles.

"Sir, off the record?", Leo asks as he composes himself and assuming their conversation was somehow being recorded as per usual military protocol.

"We're not even on the record Lieutenant - yet", Gen. Breyton responds.

"Okay then.....Sir, no disrespect meant, but I don't think that's any of your business", Leo exclaims, stopping short of getting personal with Gen. Breyton.

"When it comes to the men and women on this battlefield and where their minds are focused, believe me, IT IS my business", Gen. Breyton exclaims in response

"Umm....Okay", Leo says, still trying to figure out where Gen. Breyton is taking the conversation.

"Now....Umm....I see a lot of things on this base", Gen. Breyton says. "I also HEAR a lot of things too", Gen. Breyton continues before Leo could respond if he so chose

"Much of what I hear is just stuff for the rumor mill", he continues.

"But what's NOT destined for the rumor mill is what I've been hearing about two soldiers of equal rank IN MY COMMAND having sex while in the back of an Apache Helicopter.

"Well I should think that would be a pretty serious offense sir", Leo says "But I fail to see what that has to do with me sir", Leo continues.

"Well, that's a bit of a surprise", Gen. Breyton says "Because EACH & EVERY time someone on base brings up the subject within my earshot, YOUR NAME IS THE FIRST ONE THAT COMES UP!", Gen. Breyton exclaims

This sends a jolt through Leo as he thinks of all the potatoes he will be stuck peeling for the next week for the mess hall cooks.

SCENE TWO - Waiting Room - Chippequah Memorial Hospital

"I've got an idea", Marcie says

"What's that?", Stephanie asks

"Let's test her memory loss", Marcie says

"How will we do that", Stephanie asks

"Easy", Marcie says. "Be blunt with her", she continues.

David looks up from the magazine he was reading and looks at Marcie as though she herself has lost her mind

"Are you crazy?", David asks "You saw how she reacted", he continues

"David, what have we got to lose?", Stephanie asks. "Afterall, we are dealing with Jennifer, you know", she continues

"Yeah, but even so, did either of you notice that dazed look on her face", David asks. "Not even she is capable of faking something like that and make it look real", he continues "We're total strangers to her", David exclaims "She doesn't remember us", David says

"Either that or she doesn't want to", Stephanie says with a bit of cynicism.

"Right", Marcie says. "But we won't know that until we test her", she continues

"I think you're both insane, but I'll go along with it", David says "Somebody has to be there to do damage control", he continues

"Great then. Let's go.", Marcie says "We've only got 10 more minutes until visiting hours are over for the day", she continues as she grabs her stuff and heads for Jennifer's room. David relunctantly follows as Stephanie follows Marcie.

SCENE THREE - Gen. Breyton's Office - Baghdad, Iraq

"Now then, I can't do anything about the past or things which aren't reported to me", Gen. Breyton says, knowing he has Leo's full and undivided attention "But I can do something about now and the future and things which I have knowledge of".

Gen. Breyton's secretary Melinda sticks her head in the door.

"Sir....Gen. Fulcher is on line 3", Melinda says.

"Not now Melinda", Gen. Breyton says "Take a message", he orders.

"Sir, if you have a phone call.....", Leo says, getting Melinda's attention just as she acknowledges the order and starts to close the door. He then starts to make a leave, knowing he doesn't want to hear what Gen. Breyton may have in mind.

"ATTENTION", Gen. Breyton barks out, getting both Melinda, even though she's a civilian support worker, and Leo to react and respond to authority.

"First off....", Gen. Breyton says, noticing the scene he's caused "Melinda....While I admire your respect for military protocol, you're not military. Therefore, you do not need to stand at attention", he adds

Melinda resumes normal civilian stance and exhales breath as though she was intentionally holding it in during her attempt at standing a full military attention.

"On top of that, you are dismissed and have your orders. Carry them out", he says.

She closes the door as she leaves.

"Now as for you McFadden....", the Gen. continues "You wouldn't happen to know a woman named Cassandra Whitmore, would you?"

"Sir, yes sir", Leo answers in a tone of regret, but still at full military attention

"She's the second name that came up", Gen. Breyton says. "From what I hear, the two of you had quite a romp in the back of that helicopter", the Gen. adds.

"Sir, yes sir", Leo says, still in the same regretful tone

"Well...I would imagine you've been told by now that she was sent home due to pregnancy", Gen. Breyton says.

"Sir, yes sir", Leo says in a bit more normal voice

"It's also my understanding that you're married, correct?", Gen. Breyton asks

"Sir, yes sir", Leo repeats, this time knowing he's been caught

"Does your wife know about your "tryst' with Lt. Whitmore?", Gen. Breyton asks

"Sir, off the record?", Leo requests.

"Okay, but at ease now", Gen. Breyton responds

"It's none of your business sir", Leo exclaims

"As I said before McFadden, when it comes to the men and women under my command in this battlefield, whatever personal matters they are pre-occupied with IS my business", Gen. Breyton responds.

Leo now knows he's at the mercy of Gen. Breyton and looks as if he's begging for it.

SCENE FOUR - Chippequah Memorial Hospital

"Girls....Lemme call Brad first", David says

"Do you honestly think Brad is going to want any part of Jennifer?", Stephanie says

"Won't know unless we ask", David says as he whips out his cell phone.

"You're probably right. But Brad's probably still at The FonDu Lac working", Stephanie says, anxious to see Jennifer again

"We don't have much time sweetie", Marcie says as David dials up the number to The FonDuLac Hotel, where Brad works as Manager.

"Hello?", Brad says

"Hey Brad, it's me", David says

"David, what's up? Did you guys find Jennifer?", Brad asks

"Yeah we did, but there's a problem", David says

"Oh yeah, what could that be?", Brad sarcastically asks

"She has no memory", David tells Brad

"Sweetie, time's a wastin", Marcie whispers in David's ear. David brushes her off.

"Yeah....Just like her", Brad sarcastically says "That's what she wants you to believe", he adds

"Yeah....Well for what it might be worth to you, we're here at Chippequah Memorial Hospital and Marcie, Stephanie and I are about to test her memory loss. Marcie's idea. If you can bring yourself to come on down and help us out, it'd be much appreciated", David says

"Yeah....Well no offense dude, but if she's down in Chippequah, she can stay there for all I care as I'm through with her", Brad exclaims.

Before David can get another word in edgewise, we hear a clicking sound coming out of David's phone that's indicative of Brad hanging up on David.

"Now can we go in and try things MY way?", Marcie asks

"Yeah", David says "So much for a Plan B", he adds.

We now find Jennifer in her room laying down when David, Marcie & Stephanie walk in. Stephanie and Marcie have skeptical looks on their faces. David is emotionless.

"Hello again", Jane/Jennifer says "I'm afraid I still don't know who you are", she adds.

"You can cut the crap now Jennifer", Marcie exclaims

Jane/Jennifer has a look of surprise on her face.

"What? Excuse me?" she says

"Do you have any idea how many people who were worried about you Jennifer?", Stephanie angrily asks "ANY idea at all?", she continues

"I don't know what you're talking about", Jennifer/Jane says, now fearful of what might happen next

"We're talking about the accident", Marcie says "Was it an accident or did you try to kill yourself?" she continues "Do you have ANY clue as to the harm to our family you've caused?", she adds

"We've been worried sick over you", Stephanie says "We didn't know where you were", she continues "Why didn't you call? Why didn't you have someone here at the hospital here call us?" she adds

"I swear I don't know you", Jane/Jennifer says, now crying "I don't know....", she says as she's breaks down in tears.

Dr. Mathieson walks in and sees Jane/Jennifer in tears.

"You need to leave - NOW", Dr. Mathieson commands

"We were only testing her memory loss", Marcie says

"She has a history of lying, doctor", Stephanie says "We had to put her through this to find out if she's lying to us or not", she adds

"I could've told you that myself", Dr. Mathieson angrily responds "I thought I made myself perfectly clear to you when I said she had no memory", he continues "Now, please leave before I call security", he adds

"Of course", David says, dragging the two ladies out with him.

"Well....That went worse than I thought it would" David sarcastically says, rubbing things in even further as he, Stephanie and Marcie stand outside Jennifer's room looking in as Dr. Mathieson comforts Jennifer "Are you happy now?", David asks, looking mostly at his trembling wife Marcie. Stephanie is in tears too.

"Please David....Just shaddup. Just shut the fuck up", Marcie says, pleading with him to not rub things in further as she wipes away her tears.

"Let's just get out of here and go back to the hotel. Okay?", Stephanie pleads

"We should've done that in the first place while we were ahead", David says. "Let's go", he adds as the three of them look for the elevators.

SCENE FIVE - Leo & Stacy's Home

Stacy is seen sitting in her rocking chair with the remote control to the TV in her hand. She's channel-surfing in ann attempt to find something good to watch, but is getting frustrated with every channel change she makes.

"Ugh....There's NOTHING good on TV tonight", Stacy says to herself as she presses the OFF button on the Remote Control "Maybe I'll pop in a DVD or something", she says.

Suddenly the phone rings.

Rrrrriiiinnnngggg.....Rrrriiiinnnngggg the phone shrieks in its high pitched pulse tone as Stacy walks over to pick up the receiver.

"Hello?", she says

"Hey Stace, it's me, Brad", Brad says on the other end of the line, calling from the hotel where he works

"Ohh...Hi Brad. What's up?", Stacy asks

"Ohh...Not much", Brad says in response. "What's up with you?", he curiously asks

"Not much. Bored as hell. Nothin' on TV. Was just gonna pop in a DVD when you called", she says

"Well...How 'bout I stop on by then know.....just talk? You know....Just bullshit", Brad offers "I'm off in about 30 minutes, so do you suppose I could see you in 45?", he asks.

"Sure." she says. "I don't see anything wrong with that", she continues.

"Great. See you then", Brad says

"Sure. Come on over.", Stacy says.

She hangs up the phone after Brad disconnects on his end and just gets sat down again when the doorbell rings.

Ding Dong, the doorbell cheerfully sounds. Stacy goes over to answer the door.

"That can't possibly be Brad", she says to herself. "Oh well...Maybe it's Trish", she continues as she reaches the door.

She then looks through the peephole, only to find it's a woman she doesn't know with what appears to be a baby. Stacy tentatively opens the door.

"May I help you?", Stacy asks

"Is this Leo McFadden's house?", Cassandra asks with a surprised look on her face.

"Who are you?", Stacy asks, demanding an answer

"I'm Cassandra Whitmore", Cassandra says "I'm the mother of his son".

She then brings Baby Christopher out.

"This our little boy Christopher. Doesn't he look just like Leo?" Cassandra asks batting her eyebrows and smiling as Stacy looks down at Christopher, wanting to deny the looks, but unable to do so.

As the episode closes, Stacy looks as though she's been punched in the gut as Cassandra continues to smile and rapidly bat her eyebrows.


* Stacy confronts Leo about Cassandra. What will he say? What will Gen. Breyton do now that Leo's caught?

* Will Brad rethink his position on Jennifer? We he try to help her regain her memory?

* Greg & Courtney have another meeting, but this time with lawyers in tow. What will happen?

Don't miss the next exciting episode.

See you all next time. :-)

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