Monday, December 5, 2005

Episode 19 - Holiday Show 2005

SCENE ONE - Star Burst Coffee House

Brad is seen typing on his laptop as Rob walks in and walks up to the bar where Brad is sitting. Brad, who has been up all night, is working on an email to a "Dear Abby" like newspaper columnist, but is struggling to find the words to put in the body of the message.

ROB (Trying to be cheerful): Good Morning. Merry Christmas.

BRAD (Sounding kinda tired and depressed): Maybe for you.

Brad has felt rather depressed ever since Leo's death (see my post here on the EpiGuide for more info.). He's got one girl (Jennifer) chasing him, but he on the other hand is interested in Stacy. But he has also developed a close friendship with Jennifer & is wrestling with whom he loves he loves the most. He's also having to deal with Stacy's desire and wish to not be "rushed" into a relationship, but is having a hard time hiding his feelings for her.

ROB (Unchagrined): Still living that fantasy of yours, eh? (Noticing the screen of Brad's laptop on the other side of Brad's lattee) Ohh....What's this?? Dear Eppy.......

BRAD (Snapping the screen of his laptop from Rob's view): None of your damn business!

ROB (Concerned about Brad's mental state): Dude, you need help.

CLAUDIA (Owner of the Coffee House who just happens to see Rob & Brad talking): Hey guys. Merry Christmas. What can I get you Rob?

ROB (Noticing Brad's lattee): I'll have what he's having.

CLAUDIA (To her helpers in the back): One lattee.

Rob hands her a $10 to cover the cost. Claudia returns with his change.

BRAD: I'm writing one of those advice columists, Rob.

ROB (Cynical): Heh...You think somebody from the newspaper is going to help sort out your love life? Dude, I think I know the answer. It ain't rocket science. Jennifer's got the hots for you. Stacy's got baggage - And now a kid and....

BRAD (Interrupting): ....You don't think I've got a chance in hell with Stacy despite everything we've done together. Is that it?

ROB: I didn't say that...

BRAD: You didn't have to.

(Claudia returns with Rob's lattee)

CLAUDIA: Sorry I took so long. Here's your lattee Rob.

ROB (To Claudia): Thanks.

SCENE TWO (Part One) - Stacy's House

Stacy and Trish are sitting at the kitchen table talking over cups of coffee as Trish is trying to talk Stacy into getting out and not being so anti-social (which Stacy denies being). Two of the things being discussed are the big Annual Christmas Banquet at The FonDuLac benefitting the homeless in Cedarville and the Annual Christmas Party for the Cedarville's underprivleged and disadvantaged children, also at The FonDuLac. As we pick up the scene, Trish just popped the idea her going to help out at the Christmas Party for the kids.

STACY (adamant): C'mon....There is no way I am going to that event.

TRISH (Begging): Why not? Think of all the fun you'll have.

STACY (With a look of shock on her face & sarcastic): FUN?!?!?!? Ohh yeah I can see it now. Don't mind me kid. My daughter just lost her daddy. But glad to see you have your daddy here though.

TRISH: It doesn't have to be that way.

STACY: Well I'm sorry Trish, but it is.

Trish shakes her head as Stacy storms out of the kitchen.

Cue ATS Alternate Open as camera focuses on at Trish's somewhat surprised look

SCENE TWO (Part Two) - Stacy's House
TRISH (Talking to herself): I've got to get her involved in something.

(Trish's cell phone rings)

TRISH: Hello.....Ohh hi Michelle. Boy am I glad you called. I think I know of someone who can be of a lot of help to you over the next few days. Can we get together?

SCENE THREE - Stephanie's House

Stephanie & Greg have had yet another night's worth of passionate lovemaking. As we pick up the scene, Greg is seen in the kitchen as he finishes cooking breakfast for Stephanie, who is just waking up. Little does she know she's about to receive breakfast in bed. Greg is surprised to see Stephanie awake when he walks in with the tray.

GREG: Good Morning Sunshine.

STEPHANIE (Smiling as she sees the tray): Well is this a pleasant surprise. Good morning.

GREG: Figured you'd want to have breakfast in bed for a change.

STEPHANIE: Aww....You shouldn't have.

GREG: 'Tis no problem at all. Besides, it gives me an excuse to see that beautiful smile of yours.

STEPHANIE (Smiling rather flirtatiously at Greg's remark): You're just saying that because we....ummm.....did it for the first time since.....when???

GREG: Too long ago for me to even remember.

STEPHANIE (Looking at Greg and still smiling at him): I think it lifetime ago.

GREG (Now looking down at Stephanie, who is laying down on the bed with Greg on & the tray set aside): I know it was another lifetime ago.

As the two of them put the tray aside, the look as though they want to resume their lovemaking.

SCENE FOUR - Star Burst Coffee House

Jennifer (pictured above), along with Deidre, Danielle, and Sharon, all friends of Jennifer's and students at Cedarville University, are at the Star Burst Coffee House, which is not far from campus and is the only WiFi HotSpot that is anywhere near campus. As we pick up the scene, the girls are seen talking about Jennifer and her dilemna with her desires to go after Brad, totally unaware that he's just across the room sitting at the bar.

DEIDRE: The two of you will never make it Jen. Remember what happened last time?

JENNIFER: Yeah, but I'm a little more wiser now.

(Deidre, Danielle & Jennifer notice Sharon pulling out her laptop)

DANIELLE (To Sharon): What are you doing? I thought we were on Christmas vacation.

Danielle is one of those people who are cynical about the Internet in general and, as such, is not knowledgeable that The Star Burst Coffee House is a HotSpot for Wireless Internet access or how to get on it if she knew how or wanted to.

SHARON (Responding to Danielle's question but totally forgetting Danielle's lack of knowledge of the Internet): I'm going shopping.

JENNIFER (Not sure of what Sharon is talking about): Ehhh....What are you talking about? You're logging onto your computer. Not going into a store.

DEIDRE (Who is just as knowlegeable about the Internet as Sharon is): Ahh....But you can shop on the Internet just as easily as you can in a mall.

Sharon nods as she winks at Jennifer & Danielle as they notice Brad at the bar

DANIELLE (Still cynical): Ohh...Just how are you going to "pay" for your "purchases", pre tell?

SHARON (Whipping out one of her many credit cards): With PLASTIC. How else?

DEIDRE (To Jennifer): Don't look now, but guess who's here....

SCENE FIVE - The FonDu Lac Hotel - Grand Ballroom

Michelle is in the Grand Ballroom of the hotel making final preparations for the Annual Christmas Party for underprivleged children, an event that, along with the Annual Christmas Banquet, is a tradition in Cedarville that is almost considered sacriligious to miss. As we pick up the scene, she is seen directing the staff in the setup and configuration of the Grand Ballroom.

MICHELLE (Pointing to one of the staff members and the direction of where she wants them to go): Over there. Yeah.

Michelle continues to direct people until Trish enters with Stacy childishly in tow.

STACY (Acting childish as Trish is dragging her inside): I'm telling you for the last time, I'm not doing this.

Michelle stops what she is doing when Trish & Stacy enter

MICHELLE (To Trish & Stacy): Hey guys. Glad you could help.

Stacy looks and acts as though this will be THE WORST Christmas she's ever had while Trish prepares to help pitch in

STACY: I'm not the one helping.

TRISH (Insistingly but playful): Ohh yes you are.

Trish hands Stacy an elf's uniform as she tries to come up with excuses as to why she shouldn't be helping out at all and tries to come up with more when Trish tosses her the uniform.

TRISH: You need more socialization. In other words, you need to get out more.

Michelle nods in agreement with Trish

STACY (Having reached the boiling point): No. What I really need is for two of my best friends to leave me the fuck alone.

Stacy causes a scene as she slams the uniform down to the floor and storms out of the room, leaving Trish & Michelle scratching their heads and worrying more about Stacy

SCENE SIX - Stephanie's House

Greg & Stephanie have just finished their breakfast and another round of lovemaking. As we pick up the scene, the two of them are in the bedroom talking.

STEPHANIE (Admiring the amount of lovemaking she and Greg did): I didn't think I missed being with you that much. WOW.

GREG (Also admiring the lovemaking he and Stephanie did): I know the feeling. (Now looking at Stephanie) It's been way too long baby. I want you. I need you.

STEPHANIE: I need you too. But I know I can't have you if you're married to Courtney.

GREG: I know, which is why I have a proposal.

STEPHANIE (Raising her eyebrows and smiling somewhat in perked excitement): Mmm....

GREG: We elope as soon as my divorce is final.

Stephanie laughs at the suggestion in complete surprise

STEPHANIE (A little, but pleasantly, surprised by the suggestion and even chuckes at it): You're kidding.

GREG: Nope. I'm not Steph. I love you. I want to be with you. I want to have kids and grow old with you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

STEPHANIE: I want to do all those things too. But now is just not the time.

GREG (Reitering that he knows he can't marry Stephanie until his divorce with Courtney is final): I know that. Which is why I want to wait till my divorce with Courtney is final before we proceed with any plans of our own babe.

Greg exits the bedroom and goes into the bathroom

STEPHANIE (Thinking to herself, but smiling nonetheless as she sips her cup of coffee): He's only kidding. He's got to be. Ahh...But I suppose there's no harm in being a hopeless romantic. Then again, getting married to him before his divorce with Courtney would be sweet revenge considering the fact the bitch stole from me in the first place. Hmmm.....

SCENE SEVEN - Sun Burst Coffee House

In our last scene here, Jennifer (pictured) & her friends Deidre, Danielle and Sharon walked into the coffee house and took a table. In the middle of their conversation, Jennifer spots Brad sitting at the bar. As we pick up the scene, Jennifer begins to act like a High School teenager rather than the mature college student that she is.

DANIELLE (Puzzled and perplexed at what Jennifer is doing): Jennifer, what are you doing?

JENNIFER (Trying to slide under the table but failing): Cover for me. Don't let him see me. It's important

SHARON (Feeling Jennifer's feet around her own across): Ohh don't be silly. And get your feet away from me. (Sharon is sitting across the table from Jennifer).

JENNIFER: I don't want Brad seeing me. He knows I love him.

The other three girls are left scratching their heads as another one of their friends, Matty, who works at the coffee house as a waitress, walks up to their table to take their order

MATTY: Hey guys. Can I take your order?


* Will Brad confront Stacy about his feelings for her?

* Will Jennifer confront Brad about her feelings for him or will she chicken out once again?

* Cedarvillians "re-discover" the power of mistletoe and later the power of dating on New Years Eve.

All this & more on the NEXT edition of AGAINST THE STORM.

Cue ATS Standard Close

See you all next time. :-)

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