Friday, March 4, 2005

Episode 18 - Tony & Leo's Kidnapping

SCENE ONE - David & Marcie's Car

David & Marcie have the money and are helping Stacy carry it to the corner. Along with them is an entourage of other police officers who have surrounded the area and are carefully hidden as they would be for any sting operation. The money is placed in plastic trash bags and placed at the intersection of Cimerron & Princeton streets, which coincidentally is the corner where The FonDuLac Hotel sits on.

MARCIE (To David & the other officers via two-way radio as she & Stacy walk back to the car): Okay, the trap is set.

DAVID (Returning Marcie's transmission): Copy.

Marcie & Stacy reach the car a few seconds later. Marcie jumps in the passenger seat. Stacy gets in the back seat right behind Marcie. David is at the wheel.

MARCIE: Anything?

DAVID: Nope. Not since you left it.

All 3 lie in wait

SCENE TWO - Iraqi Taxi Cab - Baghdad, Iraq

Tony & Leo are in the back of a Baghdad taxi cab being driven by an Iraqi citizen. As we pick up the scene now, Leo is busy untangling himself from his bedding and trying to figure out what the heck is going on as he spews forth cuss word after cuss word at Tony, who is laughing his head off.

LEO (To Tony rather angrily): You owe me big time. I fuckin' own you.

Tony just laughs Leo's comments off.

LEO (Just now sitting up and looking out the window): Where the fuck are we?

LEO: What the fuck do you mean? Who the hell is this guy?

TONY: Whoa. You mean you've never been in a taxi cab before?

LEO: A taxi cab? What the fuck? I'm getting out.

Leo opens the door but the cab is on the freeway doing about 50 MPH. Leo quickly shuts the door.

TONY (Realizing Leo's predictament): Uhh...I don't think you really want to do that.

LEO (Realizing he's gonna have to wait): Gen. Breyton put you up to this?

TONY: Yep. But not the cabbie part though. That was mine and Tyrone's idea.

LEO (To the cab driver): Pull over.

TONY (Before the driver can do anything): No don't do that.

LEO (To Tony): How do we even know we can even trust this guy? (To the cab driver again) Pull over man.

TONY (To the cab driver again): No don't. It's okay man.

The cab driver keeps right on going as though they weren't there as Tony showers him with what little money he has.

TONY (Pointing to a road sign and talking in his best Barney Rubble drawl): Baghdad International Airport. Next Right. (Spotting the plane) And there's the plane.

LEO: I'm not getting on that plane. But I am getting out of this cab when we get there.

Tony notices the cab driver going past the airport

TONY (To the cab driver): Yo dude....You missed the exit.

IRAQI CAB DRIVER: It's construction. Not to worry though.

TONY: Well get off at the next exit then.

The cab driver complies, but doesn't back track to the airport. Instead, he pulls into an adjacent parking lot. Once he sees the other men, he stops the car

TONY: Hey, what are you doin' man? Take us to the airport.

The cab driver exits the vehicle. A moment later, Leo & Tony see the other vehicles and realize they are in danger.

TONY: Ohh fuck.....A trap.

Leo & Tony attempt to leave the vehicle but are confronted by several armed thugs, two of whom point their weapons right at Leo & Tony's heads with the barrel located right between the eyes.

LEO (Realizing what's just happened and at a near whisper with his hands in the air): Ohh fuck.

SCENE THREE: Channel 4 Studios - Lobby Area

Greg is waiting in the lobby of the Channel 4 studios when Stephanie exists the elevator. As we pick uip the scene, we see Stephanie in the elevator just as it reaches the lobby floor. The elevator door opens almost immediately.

STEPHANIE (Trying to act pleasantly surprised to see Greg and smiling): Hey there Romeo.

GREG (Noticing Stephanie's flirtatious smile): Hey there. Thought I might take my favorite girl out to dinner. How 'bout it?

STEPHANIE (Unsure if she wants to go out): I dunno

GREG (Knowing what Stephanie's problem is): Well babe, you can't dwell on the problem with Mark Devereaux and your sister forever ya know. So how 'bout it?

STEPHANIE: (Knowing that Greg's right and sighs to that effect): Yeah....You're right. Let's go.

SCENE FOUR - The FonDuLac Hotel

Cassandra is in her room with Baby Christopher when she decides to leave her room to get a quick bite to eat. Knowing she can't afford the food at restaurant & bar, she makes plans to go to one of the fast food joints across the street.

CASSANDRA (To Baby Christopher, who just makes coddling and cooing noises): I'll be back in a flash sweetie.

After counting her money in her purse, she immediately heads for the door. Once on the other side, she ensures that the door is locked. She then heads for the elevators and ultimately out the door. While enroute to her destination, she notices the trap David & Marcie set for whomever its intended for (she doesn't know it's a trap). Not knowing it's a trap, she decides to check it out.

DAVID (Looking in the binoculars from inside the car): Well.....Well.....Well. What do we have here? He asks as he hands the binoculars over to Marcie.

Marcie can see Cassandra daning around and showing off the money as if it was something she just found or she had just won the lottery, but most everyone else on the sidewalk is rather cynical if they react at all.

MARCIE (Still trying to keep a naked eye on her as she hands the binoculars over to Stacy): I think we may have just found out culprit. Stacy?

STACY (Looking into the binoculars): That's the bitch who was at my doorstep last night.

DAVID (Wanting to be sure before he and Marcie move in with the calvary): You certain of that?

STACY: I'd swear to it on Leo's uniform if I could.

DAVID: Let's go.

MARCIE (To the other officers on the radio): Move in NOW. Move in.

David & Marcie bolt across the street both yelling things like "Freeze", "Put the money down", etc. as they do. Cassandra, not knowing what's going on, refuses to comply at first. She is ultimately shoved into the side of a squad car by Marcie as she plows into Cassandra after crossing the street. Marcie then puts handcuffs on Cassandra.

SCENE FIVE - Terrorist Headquarters - Somewhere in Iraq

The Terrorists have just arrived with Tony & Leo. This whole scene takes place with the characters speaking Arabic

TERRORIST #1 (To the leader upon arrival and in arabic): We're brought two of them, your majesty.

LEAD TERRORIST: Ahh.....Two is even better.

LEO (In English to the terrorists): You'll never get away with it.

LEAD TERRORIST (In English - To Leo): We already have. Feeble, narrow-minded American.

The Lead Terrorist then signals to his pals to take Tony & Leo back to their waiting cells.

LEAD TERRORIST (To the computer technician in Arabic): The trial will proceed in two hours. I want the servers to be ready.

TERRORIST COMPUTER TECHNICIAN (In Arabic): Yes sire. They will be.

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