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The Story Of Debbie Stevens

Debbie, as you may have gathered by now, is hardly a sweet little angel. In fact, as you're about to see, even her own mother never thought very highly of her when she was alive. But unlike Cassandra Whitmore (And despite what her now-dead mother might've thought of her), Debbie has morals.

Debbie's problems however are the bloodlines that she and her mother share and HER JUDGEMENT. She's not very good at thinking BEFORE she acts or takes action and, as we've all witnessed so far, she's also one to not let go of grudges so easily. As such, she has a tendency to want to inflict as much pain on her intended victim as possible. Problem with that is, as you're about to see, her pain-inflicting actions can also sometimes have unintended consequences (Such as hurting other people IN ADDITION to her intended victim).

Her mother was a street hooker whose specialty was standing on street corners turning tricks (When she managed to avoid getting busted for prostitution that is). As such, her "profession" of choice eventually caught up with her as one night, she was murdered by one of her many johns who decided he was going to use her as his personal sex slave. When he was done, he dumped her body in a nearby dumpster where she was later found. David & Marcie worked the case, found the perpetrator who committed the crime, and managed to get him locked up where he still remains today.

Her problem with her judgement (Or should we say LACK OF GOOD judgement) has more often than not landed her in trouble with quite a few people EVEN THOUGH she maintains a large group of friends (Many of whom either know of or have been caught in the cross-hairs of some of her actions).

With that out of the way, we bring you [b]The Story Of Debbie Stevens[/b] & her involvement in the sordid story of Leo & his womanizing behavior. We start with [b]Episode 58 Scene One[/b] as Debbie meets Mark & his photographer at The FonDuLac Restaurant.

[i]My, you sure got here in a hurry[/i], Debbie says, admiring Mark's timing.

[i]You know me. I don't like to miss a good story[/i], Mark replied. [i]So my darling, what's the scoop on Leo?[/i], he asked.

[i]Not so fast. First some business, if you know I mean[/i], Debbie exclaims, expecting payment for the story.

Mark chuckles. Debbie chuckles back with her hand out expecting money to be put in it.

[i]How 'bout you tell me what the scoop is and I'll determine how much its worth?[/i], Mark offers, chuckling at first

[i]How 'bout we do half and half?[/i], Debbie counteroffers.

[i]How 'bout the meter is ticking as we speak[/i], Mark puts it bluntly

[i]Well, since you put it THAT way...[/i]

Debbie gives Mark a little teaser. When he feels he has enough, he asks Debbie to stop and tells the photographer to start rolling. With that, the interview begins and Debbie spills the guts of her love life for all of Cedarville to see and hear.

After the interview, the three have appetizers and then part ways. Debbie goes back to the meeting to attend the reception while Mark & the photographer head back to the station. While en route back, Mark is thinking he may just have the bombshell of the year.

Getting back to Debbie, she arrives at the reception, but not long after that, she has yet another "visit" from her mother, who has been dead for years after her body was found in a dumpster after one of her many "happy customers" got through using her as his sex slave (One of the many cases which David & Marcie worked and solved). This took place in [b]Episode 58 Scene Four[/b]

[b][i]My oh my oh my. Like mother like daughter I see[/b][/i], says the ghostly spirit of Margaret, Debbie's dead mother.

[i]Wha...Who's there?[/i], Debbie asks, thinking she heard a voice.

[b][i]Why it's your mother[/b][/i], Margaret's ghostly spirit says.

[i]Nnnn....No. My mother's dead. I'm hearing things.[/i], Debbie responds

[b][i]I'm right here. You can't escape me[/b][/i], Margaret's ghostly spirit says.

[i]That's just a facsimilie replication of mother's voice. It isn't the real thing[/i], Debbie tells herself reptitively as she pours herself a cup of punch.

[b][i]I'm not a facsimilie replication sweetie. I'm in your every waking thought and dream. You know that[/b][/i], Margaret's ghostly spirit says.

[i]No you're not. I don't know who you are, but this isn't funny. Just go away[/i], Debbie says as she gathers a small plateful of munchies, which are part of the self-serve ala carte food area of the reception.

[b][i]Stop trying to deny who you are sweetie. You may be able to fool your so-called "friends", but you can't fool me. Remember, I'm your mother. I'm in your every waking thought and dream.[/b][/i]Margaret's ghostly spirit says.

[i]So GET OUT of my thoughts and dreams then[/i], Debbie responds

[b][i]So you couldn't hack it on the street, eh? You just HAD to join the military[/b][/i] Margaret's ghostly spirit says.

Debbie doesn't respond.

[b][i]So tell me, How's the fuck? Is the fuck any better with the military boys as opposed to the average john I fucked around with? You know, I hear many of these bases have streets on them. Have you tried hanging out on one of THOSE street corners while turning tricks?[/b][/i], Margaret's ghostly spirit asks.

[i]I'm NOT like you mother. NEVER have been. NEVER will be.[/i]

[b][i]NEVER say never sweetie. Bloodlines ALWAYS have their ways of BITING YOU IN THE ASS[/b][/i], Margaret's ghostly spirit says.

[i]Yep, you oughta know. That's how come I've alive and you're dead. I'm not a FUCKIN' whore like you and grandma were[/i], Debbie sarcastically retorts.

[b][i]Don't you EVER talk about your grandmother like that. I'm here to defend myself so I can take it. But I don't EVER want to hear you talk that way about your grandmother. ONCE a slut ALWAYS a slut sweetie. Your grandmother was one, I was one, and YOU, my darling, are merely next in line. It's just a matter of time before those raging hormones of yours explode[/b][/i] Margaret's ghostly spirit adamantly responds.

[i]NOT if I can keep from it or have any say in the matter. Listen just do me a favor and GO AWAY[/i], Debbie says, now in frustration as she begins to hear people walking into the reception hall.

[b][i]I told you, I can't. I'm your mother. I'm in your every waking thought and dream. I can't leave them because I know you're always thinking about me - Especially now that you're showing your true colors of being the slut I've always thought you were. You've got the talent to turn tricks if you really wanted to do it. You don't think I've seen you in that mess hall in Afghanistan? How 'bout that one in Iraq? THINK AGAIN SWEETIE. You had them boys just BEGGING you let them squeeze those giant boobs of yours. You know, the ones your now-thankfully dead husband gave you? Why even I was getting horny. In fact, I seemingly recall three or four of those boys wanting to breed you gangbang-style and use you whenever they needed to "fulfill the need" and/or to make babies with you. Basically, they only wanted you for your giant boobs, your ass and that tight sweet pot of honey you have between your legs. In other words, they wanted you to be their bitch while they got their jollies off. (Chuckle) Yeah, you're a true slut alright. A chip off the ol' block[/b][/i], Margaret's ghostly spirit says, chucking and smiling as she recalls some of the memories.

[i]JUST GO AWAY MOTHER!!!!![/i], Debbie screams in frustration, slamming her food and drink down on the floor as she does so.

Just then, Stacy walks in and sees Debbie in her anguish

[i]Debbie...Are you alright?[/i], Stacy asks with a stunned, yet puzzled look on her face and noticing that Debbie looks like she'd just seen a ghost.

[i]Yeah. Let's have the reception and get the fuck out of here[/i], Debbie responds as she tries to collect herself from the out-of-mind, out-of-life, out-of-body experience she just endured.

Later on in Scene Six, Stacy tried to press Debbie on the matter....

[i]Who were you talking to?[/i], Stacy asked

[i]Nobody[/i], Debbie responds.

[i]Didn't sound like much of a 'nobody' to me[/i], Stacy countered. [i]Doesn't look like it either[/i], she continued.

[i]You wouldn't know[/i], Debbie countered.

[i]Try me[/i], Stacy challenges

[i]Just this guy I've been dating[/i], Debbie makes up in an effort to end the conversation.

[i]I see[/i], Stacy responds, thinking she's just been fed a bunch of BS [i]I didn't know there were any guys who go by the name of 'mother'[/i], she continues

[i]Huh?[/i], Debbie questions, wondering what Stacy is even talking about.

[i]When I walked in here, you were referring to your mother as you slammed your food and drink on the floor and you said something to the effect of "go away"[/i], Stacy responds [i]Care to go into it?[/i], she continued

[i]Not particularly[/i], Debbie said [i]And I would prefer that you not blab it all over the place either[/i], she continued

[i]Okay, but I don't understand....[/i], Stacy responds

[i]Look, I know you're trying to be helpful and just trying to be a friend and all, but as far as I'm concerned, I don't have a mother. I never did have anyone to call 'mother' and I never will have anyone to call 'mother'[/i], Debbie exclaims

[i]But Deb, EVERYONE has a mother and they love us very much[/i], Stacy said

[i]Not mine. If you ask me, they should've left her in that dumpster she was found in. That was the PERFECT place for her.[/i], Debbie retorts [i]Look Stace, I know you're just trying to be a friend, but beyond this place and the things about me which I've already brought up in our meetings, you don't know JACK SHIT about me. So let's just DROP the subject while we ARE still friends.[/i], Debbie says, insisting on ending the conversation

[i]Okay sure[/i], Stacy says [i]Look, I'm sorry. I just got a little too pushy and obviously stuck my nose where it didn't belong. I'm sorry[/i], Stacy apologetically says

[i]It's okay[/i], Debbie says [i]Having a whore who spent more time standing on street corners turning tricks than she did being a real mother to me isn't something I'm exactly proud of[/i], she continued

[i]I understand[/i], Stacy said

[i]No Stace, I don't think you do. At least not in full anyway.[/i], Debbie responds [i]Listen...About not telling anybody, I'm serious. I don't want anybody else to know. this is to be just between you and me. Our little secret. Okay?[/i], Debbie says as she asks for Stacy's respect in the matter.

[i]Alright, I'll respect your wishes. Besides, I think the LAST thing we need to do is to give our resident gossip columnist Maxine Greenwald something to blog about if you know what I mean.[/i] Stacy sarcastically, yet humorously responds.

[i]Heh yeah so VERY true....As if she doesn't have enough to blab about as it is.[/i], Debbie says

Debbie & Stacy giggle & laugh at the notion of that as the scene ends.

Meanwhile, back at the Channel 7 studios, the newscast is just about to begin. During the newscast, Michelle arrives at her newly-purchased condo which she and fiancee Rob now call home after a long hard day at work running the hotel. She flips the TV on to watch the news. She normally watches Channel 7 even though she knows their tablodish-style approach of presenting the news almost always drives Rob NUTS (He hates tabloid news). As she goes about the business of doing her thing, which is normally taking off her shoes, grabbing a drink (Usually a glass of wine), and preparing to unwind, the story of Debbie's interview is coming on.

During the report, Rob arrives at home himself and goes to join his wife-to-be. He spots her in the Entertainment Room with her eyes glued to the TV. He calls out to Michelle, who tells him that he should come see what she's watching. Rob does so. His first reaction is the Channel 7 logo at the bottom of the screen and tells her to look at the source and that only Channel 7 would stoop to such a low level to get a story for their newscast.

Just then, the report goes into Debbie's admitting she had an affair with Leo. Rob & Michelle had met Debbie before when all the military families had a big support convention in Cedarville, but they had NO idea that she had ANY connection TO LEO. With that, Rob suddenly picks up the phone. Michelle asks who he's calling. She tells her he's calling Brad. Brad picks up the phone on his end. Rob asks what channel they were watching for the news. Brad said they were watching their usual source for news, which is none other than Channel 4, the station that Stephanie Blanton works for. Rob tells him to flip it to Channel 7. Brad asks why. Rob tells him to just do it and quickly because the report was about to come to an end. He does so, though he still wants to know what's going on.

No sooner does he ask that question, Channel 7 broadcasts a teaser as to what they plan to air during their 10:00 PM newscast. Brad is shocked at what he sees as are Rob & Michelle. Brad then asks Rob if they recorded the report. Rob relays the question to Michelle, who says no. Brad relays her answer to Brad, who acknowledges and tells them to get over to their house so they can figure out how to break the news to Stacy. Rob says that he and Michelle are on their way and hangs up the phone. Brad hangs up the phone on his end.

While Rob & Michelle are en route to the house, Brad calls Stephanie and asks her if she knew anything about the Channel 7 broadcast. She said she heard something about it, but the info. she had was either second or third hand since she was on the air herself on Channel 4, though she did note the pickup of buzz in the newsroom that apparently came as a result of the report. Brad asked Stephanie if there was ANY way she could get the video of the broadcast that's supposed to go on the air at 10:00 PM. She said it was highly unlikely at this point as that would mean either taking or destroying all the backup copies of the video as well. And even then, doing so would be at the risk of getting caught and hauled off to jail. But she said she'd pull a few strings and call in a few favors and see what she could do to help as she knows that if ANY part of what she'd been hearing on the matter through the grapevine that's the Channel 4 newsroom so far is true, Stacy would surely be devastated.

With that assurance from Stephanie, Brad hung up the phone. His next call was to Greg. He said he saw it and was shocked by the revelation. Brad told him to head on over and said that Michelle, Rob & Stephanie were also on the way over. Greg asked if Stacy was going to be there, but Brad said no, figuring that Stacy might wanna spend some time with Trish Martin, who had her own woes with the trial of those who attacked her going on. He also said that Stephanie was gonna do what she could to pull some strings over at Channel 7 so she could get an advance copy of the video of what they plan to feature during the 10:00 PM newscast. Greg said he was on his way over and hung up. Now he just had to hope and pray Stacy chose to stop by Trish and Michael's place for a bit before coming home as that would give him at least SOME time for he and everyone else to figure out how they were gonna break the news to Stacy - IF they can even get up the gumption to do it.

No sooner had he got off the phone with Greg, the doorbell rang. It was Rob & Michelle. Brad of course let them in. Eventually everyone showed up. Stephanie got the advance copy she wanted, but not before calling Mark Girardeau on the carpet as well as a few choice names and blackmailing a producer by threatening to go public with some "dirt" she "dug up" on him (She also made the same threat against Mark even though the dirt against either of them never truly existed). Greg was the last one to show up.

Suffice to say, the group watched the video (Which turned out to be the rest of the interview just as Mark told Stephanie) and they were even more shocked at the revelation.

[i]Well at least she came clean[/i], Greg said

The rest of the group didn't agree.

[i]I wonder just how many more skeletons she's hiding in her closet that she doesn't want anyone to know about[/i], Stephanie curiously says

[i]Well Steph...You're the one with the resources[/i], Michelle says [i]Put your investigative talents to work and do some digging of your own. That's what you're good at.[/i], Michelle continued. [i]Who knows, you might even show that Mark Girardeaux a thing or two - As if you haven't already.[/i], she adds.

Stephanie smiles at the idea of that.

[i]Well that all fine great and dandy, but in the meantime, what the fuck do we do about this video?[/i], Brad asks

[i]I say we don't tell her[/i], Rob responds

[i]Ohh come on man. THIS VIDEO IS GOING TO BE ON THE 10:00 PM NEWS TONIGHT.[/i], Brad exclaims

[i]Heh - A newscast on a station which, BY YOUR OWN ADMISSION Brad, Stacy can't even stand MUCH LESS will care about watching.[/i]Rob responds in a near chuckle at the beginning and in a manner that doesn't tell him anything new.

[i]Well I for one am not about to sit idly by and watch my sister's plate get any fuller that what it already is. She just got through dealing with what's-her-name who wanted to get her hands into Leo's estate. THE LAST thing she needs at this point is THIS. Not when Trish could all the Rocks of Gibraltar she can get right now.[/i], Greg said.

[i]Well fine. I say we tell her. If Trish needs a female Rock of Gibraltar, that's what Marcie is there for. If there's ONE thing Stacy DOES NOT need to do is get caught up in, that would be someone else's problems.[/i], Brad responds.

[i]But Brad, don't you see, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT SHE NEEDS. She needs some involvement in things which don't include her, yet things in which she can still be of some help.[/i], Greg responds

[i]Steph, you've been pretty quiet on this. Care to add anything?[/i], Brad asks

[i]Not particularly[/i], Stephanie says [i]Because I know either way, this is going to DEVASTATE her.[/i], she continues

[i]Look folks, the simple fact of the matter is this - WE NEED TO REACH A DECISION HERE. Are we going to tell her about this video or not?[/i], Michelle responds, breaking in, trying to end the debate on the issue. [i]I personally don't care either way[/i], she continues.

[i]I say no, mainly for many of the same reasons Greg pointed out[/i], Rob responds.

Michelle whips out a notepad.

[i]Fine. I'll put you down as a "no"[/i], Michelle says to Rob as she begins the task of keeping count of the votes.

[i]Greg?[/i], Michelle calls out.

[i]No.[/i], Greg responds

[i]Brad?[/i], Michelle calls out as she marks down Greg's "no" vote.

[i]ABSOLUTELY YES![/i], Brad emphatically responds.

Michelle marks down Brad's vote.

[i]Steph?[/i], Michelle calls out.

[i]I may as well vote "no" too because I know that either way, Stacy's going to be devastated when she sees this.[/i], Stephanie says.

Michelle records Stephanie's "no" vote on her notepad.

[i]Well guys, three "no" votes to one "yes" vote.[/i], Michelle says [i]Looks like the "no's" have it. I just hope we can live with ourselves[/i], she continues

[i]You know you CAN lock the vote with your own[/i], Greg responds.

[i]I know I can.[/i], Michelle says [i]But to be honest, I'm split right down the middle on this. Half of me says tell her while the other half of me says *don't* tell her.[/i], she continues [i]So given that, I'll just go with the majority - And hope & pray this doesn't come back to bite me in the ass.[/i], she adds.

[b]MORE LATER....[/b]

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