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Episode 150 - Political Tensions Hit Cedarville

A NOTE FROM THE WRITER: After repeated attempts to "speed up" the what-should-now-be-LONG-expired storylines over the last few years (And FAILING MISERABLY in the process every time!), I have decided and reached the conclusion that THE best to achieve that goal at THIS point would be to simply move ahead and press forward with the show in time a few years.

This presents me with the opportunity to roll out NEW storylines NOW rather than to wait until sometime in the future which I think we can all safely agree that will NEVER come thanks to the MANY RL challenges and issues I've had to face over the last few years. It also presents me with the opportunity to introduce new characters to go along with these new storylines as well as return some old ones for anything ranging from the renewing of old storylines with new vigor and vitality to new storylines altogether.

So with no further adieu, I now present to you THE LATEST episode of AGAINST THE STORM!! Enjoy!!


SCENE ONE - Cedarville University - Student Union Cafeteria

It is lunchtime as Jennifer Blanton, her sorority sisters & a few other friends all sit down to have lunch. They are all sitting at one table. Meanwhile Natalie Jenkins, who came into being as a Test Tube baby enters.

Jennifer's sorority sisters nor her other friends have much (If any) use for Natalie at all (This is largely because of her "Miss High & Mighty Goody-Two-Shoes" pompant and arrogant attitude. In other words, when it comes to Natalie Pittman, think MODERN DAY VALLEY GIRL!!).

FYI ALERT But EVEN WITH Natalie's negative persona & how because of how Natalie came into being, there's a VERY human side to her story too, which you will see being played out over these next coming days, weeks & months. END FYI ALERT.

But because of all the things Natalie has done via her negative persona to attempt (Albeit with short-term success, if any at all I might add) to drive a wedge between Jennifer and her now long-time beau Brian Johanssen, who plans to marry Jennifer once they both graduate (He has proposed to her, but they agreed to wait till they graduated to actually tie the knot even though all their friends and other loved ones think they're CRAZY to put it off out of concern that things could change that would make them fall OUT of love).

As we pick up the scene now, Natalie has just stopped right at the table where Jennifer & Co. are sitting

JENNIFER (Not surprised at ANYTHING Natalie says or does nowadays since she's practically seen it all from her) - What the fuck do you want?

NATALIE (Feeling offended) - Is THAT the way to treat A HUMAN BEING???

MONICA (One of Jennifer's sorority sisters rather snobbishly) - It's THE PERFECT way to treat YOU. And, not that you really care, but it's NOT because you were conceived in some fuckin' lab either.

NATALIE (Shrugging off & dismissing Monica's comment as insignificant & irrelevant as she really doesn't care nor believe it anyway) - Fine. Be that as it may. But I was wondering if any of you have seen Brian today.

Jennifer suddenly stops her eating & almost gags on the chicken breast sandwich she was holding in her hand as she looks up at Natalie with a VERY suspecting look on her face.

JENNIFER - And WHY pretell should ANY of us tell YOU of ALL people something like THAT???

NATALIE - Because he did what most REAL people tend to do by accidentally leaving his backpack in Biology class.

FYI ALERTNatalie & Brian are both majoring in Biology END FYI ALERT

NATALIE (Now rearing the ugly side of her personality as she holds Brian's backpack by her thumb & forefinger and later looks at it as if it contained a foul odor) - But if you'd rather that he not get it, I could always "burn" it.

JENNIFER (Getting up & just wanting to take it so Natalie would simply GO AWAY as she says firmly & sternly) - Well...Okay. You can give it to ME - NOW!! You little bitch. 'Cause I just KNOW you're up to

SOMETHING & it ain't no good. And when it ain't no good, people generally get hurt.

Jennifer offers her hand to accept Brian's backpack as we go to...



SCENE ONE - Cedarville University - Student Union Cafeteria (CONTINUED)


NATALIE - Last time I checked, YOU had like NO USE WHATSOEVER for Brian. I think I'll pass. Somehow I don't think Brian would want his ex-girlfriend like handing his stuff.

JENNIFER (Correcting Natalie's so-called "knowledge" as she's ALWAYS had to do - ESPECIALLY when it comes to Brian) - Well last time *I* checked, 1). That is **NOT** your decision to make because 2). I am

**NOT** his "ex" ANYTHING - HOW MANY times have I corrected you on this now? I've lost count. 3). Brian has ABSOLUTELY **ZERO** use for you and 4). Because of 1)., 2)., & 3)., if there's ANYONE Brian wouldn't trust his stuff with, THAT WOULD BE **YOU**. Now hand the bag over or leave it here at the table. But regardless of what you do, you ARE NOT getting any closer to Brian than this table, so you're just

gonna have to DEAL WITH THAT & ACCEPT IT.

Natalie looks over at the rest of Jennifer's party, but doesn't get any sympathy or even empathy for that matter. she winds up leaving the bag at the table and leaves to join her own friends

MONICA (Noticing the growing crowd over at the table where Natalie is) - I can hardly believe a slut like her ACTUALLY has friends.

JENNIFER (Whose back is turned to what Monica is seeing as Jennifer resumes her eating) - Yeah. And most of them are the frat brats who just love the quick fix if ya know what I mean.

MONICA (Nodding in agreement) - Exactly. The type of man who sees a chick for only ONE thing - S-E-X.

Just then, one of the others in Jennifer's group of friends, Kelly Mashburn, has just completed some work on her computer using the cafeteria's free WiFi connection to the Internet

JENNIFER - So, did you manage to get that assignment done Kelly?

KELLY (Exhausted & closing her laptop PC) - Ugh. I cannot believe I actually managed to DROWN MYSELF IN MY HOMEWORK during that episode with Natalie - AND AM STILL ALIVE TO TELL ABOUT IT.

Doesn't she EVER learn anything?

MONICA (Looking at Kelly rather strangely) - You're asking US that question?

KELLY - You're right. How silly of me. 1). We ARE talking about NATALIE here and 2). Because it's Natalie, I doubt even HER TEACHERS would know the answer to that one.

Everyone at the table laughs in agreement as they enjoy the rest of their lunch hour together


SCENE TWO - Cedarville High School - Janitor's Office


Head Janitor Mr. Carl Hedgeworth is working in his office when several boys who work for him in their after-school hours as they learn how to make an honest living by doing janitorial duties walk in. This is in response to his request to see them. Mr. Hedgeworth (Or "Mr. H." as the students like to call him as he's so popular) happens to be a politically Right-Wing fascist and self-proclaimed "Right-Wing Anarchist" and has developed quite a reputation with the Cedarville PD as such. But NOT to the extent as he is about to do so in this scene.

The students for their part are not only Mr. H's employees in after-school jobs, but they're also known to lean extremely to the politically Right on the school's Varsity Debate Team and have a reputation in the school district of

RESOUNDINGLY outsmarting EVERYONE they've encountered on the political Left so far.

As we pick up the scene now, the students, Mark, Andy & Steve, are about to find out why Mr. Hedgeworth called them into his office.

MARK (To Mr. Hedgeworth as he, Andy & Steve enter) - You wanted to see us?

MR. HEDGEWORTH - Yes. Come right on in.

The boys enter the office and close the door behind them

MR. HEDGEWORTH - Now you boys have developed quite the reputation of dealing with the clueless Liberals in the school district, haven't you?

STEVE (Wondering where the discussion is leading to) - Well yeah, through our work on the varsity Debate Team, but....

MR. HEDGEWORTH (Interrupting Steve) - Exactly, but you also know that this city has a HUGE Towelhead population, right?

ANDY (Just as perplexed as his two fellow students are) - Yeah but...

MR. HEDGEWORTH (Interrupting Andy) - What does this have to do with the price of beans in China or your after-school jobs here, I know. But THIS is an IMPORTANT job boys. THIS is something that the politicians (Even the most loyal ones to our humble cause) would cringe at.

The three students look at each other as if to ask "What is he talking about?"

MR. HEDGEWORTH (Noticing the perplexed looks on the boys faces) - Do you remember when this school had A SHITLOAD of them Towelheads?

ANDY - Heh...Yeah.

MR. HEDGEWORTH - Well several things happened to make them leave. Some graduated. Some were forced to move out of the area because of other mitigating circumstances and some will say they were "forced out". The latter is likely because of your bullying them and our troops (Now smiling) umm....shall we say....Takin' care of business by KICKIN' SOME TOWELHEAD BOOTY over in Iraq & Afghanistan....

STEVE - I think I get the picture, but where is this leading to?

MR. HEDGEWORTH - Simply put, there's ONE Towelhead who's still here. I think you all know EXACTLY who I'm referring to. You guys have tried EVERYTHING IMAGINABLE to get rid of him, yet he's still here. But I've come up with a plan that will do away with him ONCE AND FOR ALL.

MARK (Appearing interested) - What's the plan Mr. H? I'll try ANYTHING to get rid of him at this point as he ALWAYS parks his fuckin' bomb next to my classic '57 Chevy EVERY STINKIN' DAY and I'm TIRED of him doing it.

MR. HEDGEWORTH (Smiling) THAT IS THE SPIRIT NOW!!! As for the plan, it's simple. Just assemble the parts for a pipe bomb and put it in the Boiler Room.

ANDY (Stumped) - But where does the Towelhead fit in?

MR. HEDGEWORTH - You guys will come up with a way to push, pull, and/or DRAG HIM kickin' and screamin' if you have to over to the Boiler Room.

STEVE - How do we get him down there without getting caught?

MR. HEDGEWORTH - You don't. I'll give you access to the outside entrance.

STEVE - What about the guard? He's DEFINATELY bound to get suspicious.

MR. HEDGEWORTH - I'll keep him busy. He and I are pals anyway.

MARK - Okay, but once we get the Towelhead inside the Boiler Room, what are we supposed to do with him?

MR. HEDGEWORTH - Use whatever force and means neccessary to get him to place the pipe bomb underneath the big boiler. Believe me, you can't miss it.

MARK - What about our DNA being on the bomb parts when its found in some form?

MR. HEDGEWORTH - Well, if you're as smart as I think you are, you'll pre-assemble the bomb BEFORE arriving at school. This way, the steam will dust off any old DNA like a baseball umpire dusting off home plate during a ballgame.

STEVE - And the Towelhead's DNA?

MR. HEDGEWORTH (Smiling) Will be all over it.

MARK - So what do we do once he bends over and starts sliding the bomb under.

MR. HEDGEWORTH - Get the hell out of there like bats out of hell.

ANDY - What about the Towelhead?

STEVE - Yeah. He can name us if he's caught.

MR. HEDGEWORTH (Smiling) - Ahh but WHO in their right mind is gonna believe a fuckin' Towelhead standing next to a boiler with a pipe bomb WITH HIS DNA ALL OVER IT under the boiler in the Boiler Room? I don't know of anyone. Do you?

MARK (Smiling & Devilishly Laughing) - I like THIS plan. This CAN work. Thanks Mr. H. When do you want us to do this?

MR. HEDGEWORTH - Tomorrow if possible.

MARK (Confident & Cocky) - Then tomorrow it is as tomorrow will be THE LAST time he will be parking his bomb next to my '57 beauty.


SCENE THREE - Brad & Stacy's House


Brad Martin & Stacy McFadden are married now. As such, they are now obviously living together on a full time basis. FYI ALERT They decided to do so on a last second "spur-of-the-moment" thing once

Stacy was able to convince the courts to let her have sole custody of the last memoir of Leo's legacy - that being his son Christopher since his natural mother Cassandra Whitmore is still serving time in the penal stockade at Fort Cedar for illegally obtaining a sample of Leo's DNA so she could have proof of Leo being Christopher's biological father. END FYI ALERT

As we pick up the scene now, Brad & Stacy are enjoying a nice lunch together before Brad heads back to the hotel where he expects to have a long night since there will be a gala event for a Presidential candidate at The Fon Du Lac later in the evening.

BRAD (Asking Stacy what she thinks of the candidate who's coming to town) - So what do you thing of the guy?

STACY (Responding in what many so-called real life political "experts" might consider to be "realistic") - Does it really matter what *I* think of a particular candidate anymore? I mean seriously, all you need to have is enough money and you can just simply **BUY** your way into the White House. Holding an election has just merely become a constitutional formality these days.

BRAD - You really don't believe that, do you?

STACY - Do you really think your vote **ACTUALLY** counts Brad?? Earth to Brad....My sweetie - IT DOES NOT. There **USED** to be a time in which a person's vote **ACTUALLY** meant something. But not anymore. All that's needed nowadays to get into public office is M-O-N-E-Y and lots of it.

BRAD - Well I'm still a firm believer that a person's vote still means something.

STACY - Fine sweetie. You have your opinion and I have mine. Thankfully we live in a country where both of us are still entitled to each other's opinion. But honey, sooner or later, you're going to realize that your opinion is a figment of your imagination and that reality dictactes what I've said and believed all along for the last several years.

Just then, a political ad for the presidential hopeful appears on TV

PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE IN TV AD (In a quoted statement from a previously recorded speech) - I will bring about CHANGE and restore HONESTY & DIGNITY to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

STACY (Responding to the quote) - Didn't the last presidential candidate who **BOUGHT** his way into 1600 Pennsylvania say something similar to that? Hmm...Lookie what he did. He turned the world's tallest buildings into a great big pile of rubble and has thus far been linked to more deaths than **ADOLPH HITLER** - And HE was nothing more than **A CRAZED LUNATIC** who should **NEVER** have been elected into power in the first place. And THE SCARY part is THAT IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!!! I'm just barely scratching the tip of the iceberg of some of the things that's happened since our current President first took office.

BRAD (Noticing Stacy's obvious cynicism & criticism) - You're so cynical & critical of politicians these days. You've gotta learn to give 'em a break and pat 'em on the back for the good things they HAVE done Stace.

STACY - Brad, you would be too if *YOU* had a loved one who was repeatedly being sent into a war we have **NO BUSINESS** being in in the first place. Sorry sweetie, but while I respect your opinion and love you because you at least have one, I can't possibly agree with it. Nor can I possibly expect you to agree with mine unless you've actually lived in my shoes the last several years.

BRAD - But sweetie you know I've right at your side the whole time and certainly since Leo's death.

STACY - But it's NOT the same thing. (Now fumbling for a way to explain the point she trying to make to Brad, but is at a loss for words) It's too complicated to explain to you in a way you could possibly understand. So you're just gonna have to trust me on this on Brad. It's NOT the same thing.

BRAD (Wanting to just simply agree to disagree and not push the matter any further) - Alright. It's quite clear that when it comes to this subject, we obviously have two very different opinions and that is just simply not going to change. So how about we call a truce and just simply agree to disagree.

STACY (With a smile) - Now THAT, my dearest loved one, I will MOST CERTAINLY agree to.

Stacy & Brad begin to hug one another, but just then Brad notices his watch and realizes he has to leave and get back to the hotel

BRAD - Whoa! I'd better get the fuck outta here and get back to the hotel before Michelle decides to have my head served up on a platter for being late. See you later?

Brad & Stacy manage to get in a quickie kiss just as Brad heads out the door

STACY (As she sighs, shrugs her shoulders and lets her knees buckle down to the sofa) - Yeah. Laters.

As the scene ends, Stacy's own two year old daughter can be heard crying in the background as she awakens from her nap while Stacy picks up the remote control for the TV and starts channel surfing


SCENE FOUR - Cedarville PD Crime Lab - CSI Adam Romano's Workstation


Adam Romano is a CSI for the Cedarville PD Crime Lab. As we pick up the scene now, Adam, a graduate of the Cedarville University School Of Criminal Justice and old acquaintance and flame of Natalie Pittman during his college days, is busy at work when Natalie walks in

FYI ALERT Another reason why Adam & Natalie were forced to break things off between the two of them is the fact that Adam is now legally considered to be an adult while Natalie is still legally considered to be a minor under State Law EVEN THOUGH she's a Senior in college. END FYI ALERT

NATALIE (With a smile) - Hey there

ADAM (Returning the smile with one of his own) - Wow. Don't you look gorgeous. Long time no see babe.

NATALIE (Blushing, but trying to be modest - however not succeeding) - You know I *ALWAYS* look gorgeous.

ADAM (Admitting that he knows she's right and being somewhat macho about it as he walks over to her to give her a hug) - Well yeah, but still...

Natalie & Adam exchange hugs

ADAM (Continuing) - So what's up? What brings you by here?

NATALIE - Personal project.

ADAM - Ohh...Well...What can I do to help?

NATALIE - Well you know I was born in know....a lab, right?

ADAM (Recalling her mentioning it to her) - Well yeah. I remember you mentioning it quite a few times.

NATALIE - Well now I've reached the decision that now is just as good of a time as any to at least start the search for my parents.

ADAM (Perplexed) - What do you mean?

NATALIE (Looking at Adam with a "RENT-A-CLUE" expression on her face) - Well you know. The two people who...umm.... decided it was best to "donate" me to modern medicine & science as if I were just some "thing" rather than a real person with emotions and feelings when the sperm & eggs were mixed together.

ADAM - Ahh...I follow now. But are you sure that's such a hot idea? I mean, suppose they don't want to see you.

NATALIE - That's the chance I'll have to take. But I'd like to AT LEAST be able to have the chance to get to know them or AT LEAST get the chance to MEET them.

ADAM (Trying to be realistic) - Nat, they may not wanna see you. Worse yet, they themselves may not want that.

NATALIE - I know. That's what the Genealogist told me.

ADAM - You working with one.

NATALIE - Yeah. She's looking up my family tree as I speak.

ADAM - Cool. So what do you need me for?

NATALIE - Well you've got access to all kinds of information about them, right?

ADAM - Eh...If they're in the system, yeah.

NATALIE - Well don't you have access vehicles, right?

ADAM - Well yeah. I have access to the Motor Vehicle database.

NATALIE - Well you could pull it from there, couldn't you?

ADAM - It's possible. But Nat, if a person doesn't want to be found or doesn't want anyone that they're alive, there's lots of ways to achieve that and do so legally.

NATALIE (Sighing) - What if we were able to come up with names?

ADAM - That'd help, but if it's a common name like JOHN SMITH, that's too common as there's THOUSANDS of people out there with that name.

NATALIE - Ahh...But only one that's in the family line.

ADAM (Almost laughing) - It'd have to be one very lucky needle in one helluva haystack Nat.

NATALIE - Who knows? Stranger things have been known to happen.

ADAM (Sighing) - Okay. You get me some names and anything else that you and your Genealogist friend believe might be helpful and I'll see what I can do.

NATALIE (Smiling, knowing that she's got his support) - Great.

ADAM (In his now-usual typical CSI fashion) - I can't promise you any results Nat.

NATALIE - Just promise me you'll try. Okay?

ADAM - For you? Yeah?

NATALIE - Thanks again sweetie.

ADAM (Smiling) - Yeah.

Natalie starts to leave

ADAM (Verbally Catching Natalie as she leaves & smiling rather fondly) - Hey...

NATALIE (As she turns around) - Yeah?

ADAM (Smiling) - Great seeing ya again. Talk to ya later.

NATALIE (Smiling rather fondly in return) - Likewise. Well...Thanks again. Talk to ya later.

Natalie walks out as Adam looks on as the scene comes to an end


SCENE FIVE - The FonDuLac Hotel - Grand Ballroom


Owner & now Hotel Diva Michelle Monroe is busily preparing the Grand Ballroom for the HUGE reception for Presidential candidate Congressman Gary Wheatley who is a very close personal friend of hers even though he has refused her many campaign monetary contribution offers.

As we pick up the scene now, she is frantically directing staff to do various tasks as she runs around looking as though she were a chicken with her head cut off and as she pulls her hair out wondering where "Mr. No Problem in a situation like this" Brad Martin is

MICHELLE (Out of frustration & looking at her watch) - UGH!! I'm gonna KILL him!!

Just then, Brad enters the room, but quickly sees that facing Michelle is going to be THE LAST thing he's gonna wanna do, but it won't matter now as she sees him

MICHELLE (To Brad as she storms up to him) - WHERE HAVE YOU FUCKIN' BEEN?? Do you realize I've been running around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to get this place in order for the reception tonight?

BRAD - I was having lunch with Stacy. Remember? I knew I wasn't gonna be able to have dinner with her due to the reception, so we chose to have lunch instead. I thought we talked about all this.

MICHELLE - Well I wasn't neccessarily counting on staying over there as long as you did.

BRAD (Sarcastically & feeling somewhat underappreciated for all the work he DOES do at the hotel) - Sorry. Maybe next time I'll stay shorter or better yet, skip having lunch with my wife altogether just so I can be here to serve your Royal Highness when you decide to play host to such big events.

MICHELLE (Just wanting to end the confrontation) - Just get the registratation area set up, please...

BRAD - Alright.

MICHELLE - Thank you.

Brad heads over to the area marked REGISTRATION and starts coordinating things over there. Meanwhile, Michelle returns to her traffic directing when Rob enters with Congressman Wheatley, who is getting the grand tour of the hotel

ROB - Michelle my dear love, may I present to you old friend CONGRESSMAN Gary Wheatley.

MICHELLE (Charmed) - Congressman

CONGRESSMAN WHEATLEY - YOU Michelle can call me Gary.

MICHELLE (Still charmed) - Okay GARY

CONGRESSMAN WHEATLEY (Giving his personal review of the hotel as the two of them sit at one of the many tables in the room) - I cannot believe that YOU built this FANTASTIC & EXQUISITE hotel. I would've figured it would be something your father would have a hand in.

MICHELLE (Flattered) - Aww...Thanks. But as I'm sure Rob has probably told you by now, Daddy had nothing to do with it. It was all my own idea.

CONGRESSMAN WHEATLEY (Admiring Michelle's work) - And a GREAT one at that. The stuff you have proven that CAN be done if you apply yourself is truly amazing. A sight to behold.

MICHELLE (Smiling) - Well it's a sight that I hope will be here for many generations to come.

CONGRESSMAN WHEATLEY - As do I. (Now looking at his watch) - Well, now that I've had the grand tour, I'd better get back upstairs and finish preparing for the reception tonight. Nice seeing ya.

MICHELLE (Smiling as Congressman wheatley gets up) - Likewise. (Just before Congressman Wheatley exits the room) - Ohh hey!! One more thing. KNOCK 'EM DEAD!!

Congressman Wheatley sticks his thumb up in a cheerful fashion as Michelle smiles & looks on as the scene draws to a close


SCENE SIX - Mark's House


It is now after school hours and the boys have agreed to meet at Mark's house to plan out their devious plot since his parents are both out of town on business for their respective employers and the person in charge of looking after him in their absence, who BTW is their neighbor, is busy at work herself. As we pick up the scene now, Mark & his two cohorts are in the family garage gathering stuff they think they can use. They're also discussing other things.

ANDY - And what if we get caught?

MARK - Trust me, if we do what Mr. H. said to do, we ain't gonna get caught. There's NO WAY that's gonna happen. There'll be too much confusion and chaos.

STEVE - He's right man. We ain't got any worries in the world man.

ANDY - I'm just think about the WHAT IF..... You know?

MARK - Dude....Stop being such a wuss. Now let's see what else we can use here.

The three spot a bunch of miniature PVC pipes in a box

STEVE (Admiring the number of pipes in the box) - WHOA!! We could make use of these. Think you can use your knowledge of science to make a bomb with these Andy?

ANDY (Looking into the box himself) - FUCK YEAH!!! And I wouldn't even have to cut them down to size either. They're PERFECT.

MARK - Then let's get right to work.

The three try to look for other things in the garage they can use, but are unsuccessful. They then try the basement, but have no luck. Next they check out the stuff at Steve's house. Steve's dad is an electrician.

They grab stuff to make a timer and other electrical things. Next they move on to Andy's house. Andy's mom is an explosives expert who, ironically, owns a demolition company whose biggest client just happens to be - AL FAHEED CONSTRUCTION INC.. As we pick up the scene again, Mark & Steve notice the Rolodex on the desk of Andy's mother and are curiously thumbing through it.

STEVE (Pulling out Khalil Al Faheed's business card from the Rolodex) - Well....Well....Well. What do we have here? A TRAITOR!!

ANDY (Trying to downplay it as just being part of his mother's business) - It's just my mom's business.

MARK - Well obviously. YOUR MOTHER FUNDS & PROVIDES SUPPORT FOR TERRORISTS. Wake up & smell the coffee man.....

ANDY - My mom does her own thing. So does my dad.

STEVE - So what does HE think about all this?

ANDY - He's a Wall Street dude. He's too fuckin' busy traveling all over the whole damned world strikin' multi-zillion dollar deals as he kisses the ass of his fuckin' boss. He could give a shit about me & mom. We could fall off the face of the Earth and he wouldn't notice it.

MARK - Don't tell me he travels to the Middle East.

ANDY - Naah. That much I can tell you. He mainly travels to Europe, but on occasion he'll also travel to the Far East.

STEVE - Well we better check to see what we can find here and get the fuck out before his mom comes home.

MARK - Yeah you're right. We'd better get started. (Now admiring all the tools of the explosives trade & deviously grinning from ear-to-ear) - That Towelhead has NO idea what he's in for or what's in store for him.





* The plot by Mark, Andy, Steve & Mr. Hedgeworth enters its next phase

* Natalie gets news about her parents, but it's NOT what she expected.

* Trish struggles & has a fight with her two year old daughter

* Presidential Candidate & Congressman Gary Wheatley makes his prescence known



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