Saturday, May 5, 2007

Brad/Stacy/Leo/Cassandra/Debbie Storyline

Producer's Note: This is the first - And hopefully last - storyline update.
Whenever these updates occur, they will be a synopsis of storylines in
an effort to bring the number of episodes current with real time.
In addition, they will also bring each of the storylines current as well.
Think of them as a filling in of the gaps as it were. This update
will go back to October 2004 and will cover the following three years to
the present.

That said though, it is my goal to see to it that the updates are few and far between in lieu of
actual episodes. As such, updates will only be used whenever there
has been no episode posted within 3 weeks of the date of the previous episode.
This will also help the bringing about of new ideas and plot twists, etc.
in a more timely manner and keep from taking up several episodes just for
one day in real time. The update will be posted after the episode
in the works is posted. If in the event no episode is in the works,
an update will be posted in lieu of an actual episode in order to keep
things fresh while an episode is being prepared.

Updates will also be used during times in which I will have to take a leave of absence from writing
the show for an extended period of time. They will be posted either before or after the absence at my discretion.

One final footnote, there are references to episodes which don't actually exist. That is because
I have no desire to create episodes for what should've been old storylines by now. However, these references are only done for the exceprting of specific scenes.

With all that out of the way, here's the update on the Brad Martin/Stacy McFadden/Leo McFadden storyline you've all been waiting for.....


As already posted in an early episode, Leo gets his deployment orders. In late November, he actually lands in Iraq. Shortly upon arrival, he picks up with his Johnny
Appleseed-like ways when he's not on patrol rescuing people. Meanwhile
back in Cedarville, Stacy lets Leo sweet talk her into believing that she
is his one and only even though he knows nothing could be further from
the truth. Meanwhile, with Leo gone, Stacy rekindles her flame with
Brad, which has been kind of an off and on thing.

During his deployment, Cassandra Whitmore makes her prescence known. In December, Leo was
kidnapped and ultimately killed. Three days after the killing, Stacy is told of Leo's death by military officers at her home. She is devasted by the news. After the officers leave, the phone rings. Stacy
answers it. Brad is on the other end. He senses Stacy received some bad news. He asks her what it was. After several minutes, he manages to get her to break down and tell him. Once she does,
he is taken aback by the news and asks her if it was true. She tells him that not only was it true, but the two officers from Fort Cedar who broke the news to her had just left some five minutes before he had called.

He tells her he'll be over in a few minutes and immediately hangs up.

As minutes turn to hours and hours turn to days, the rest of Cedarville (Except Jennifer Blanton,
who has her own issues to deal with) is told of the news of Leo's death. With Stacy in shock over the news, Trish tries to get her through Christmas by trying (albeit feebly) to get her involved with the annual Christmas Party for Cedarville's needy, which Michelle Monroe generously hosts every year at The FonDuLac Hotel in the Grand Ballroom. She tried this in an effort to get Stacy's mind off of Leo's death.

Several days after everyone is told of Leo's death, Leo's body arrives at Fort Cedar. The Mayor
of Cedarville decides to give Leo a state funeral comparable to that of President John F. Kennedy (He's known to do this whenever someone from Fort Cedar or Cedarville is killed while serving in the Middle East). After the funeral, Stacy & the McFadden family have their own private burial service, after which Leo is put to rest in military fashion. This occured on New Year's Eve.


2005 starts out with Stacy still coping with the loss of Leo. Meanwhile Brad has been dealing
with issues of his own. With Jennifer recovering from amnesia, David, Marcie & Stephanie are working with Jennifer to regaining her memory. Eventually it boils down to Brad being forced into the fray since it was Brad whom she saw last before her accident. After some persuading from Marcie & Stephanie, Brad reluictantly joins them. Brad & Jennifer first start out with some small talk, but then as time goes on and as her memory starts to return, Jennifer starts to piece everything together. Brad eventually catches on to this as he detects that Jennifer is trying to win him over again. The two eventually decide that it's best for both of them if they simply split up.

Meanwhile, back to Stacy. By summer, Stacy eventually begins to come around and ultimately realizes that life must go on. To back this up, she becomes more involved in the support group which she had been a member of since shortly after the year began. However, her troubles are far from over as Cassandra Whitmore eventually hires an attorrney named Stanley A. Finch. A few days later, Cassandra is told that she has a case of possibly being able to collect from Leo's estate (Which Stacy is the legal trustee of) DESPITE the manner in which she managed to obtain a sample of his DNA (She stole it from a medical lab on base where she allegedly (albeit allegedly) Leo conceived a baby while on deployment duty in Iraq while Leo was stateside. That baby is none other than her son Christopher Whitmore, whom she proudly showed off during her visit to Stacy's house.

Cassandra arrived in Cedarville shortly after receiving clearance to travel by her doctor in the wake of her giving birth just a few weeks earlier).

A few days later, Stanley files papers with the civilian family courts, who then serve a copy to
Stacy. Understandably furious over the matter - And at the urgency of her half-brother Greg - She hires Mitchell Claymore to represent her in the matter. A few days after this, she comes face to face with Cassandra in a court of law for the first time. Here's an outtake from Episode 36 dated June 25, 2005....

EPISODE 36 - SCENE FOUR - Cedarville District Court - Family Court Division

Stacy & Cassandra have both arrived at the courthouse. With Stacy are Brad & Trish
as well as her attorney Mitchell Claymore and her half-brother Greg McFadden.
With Cassandra are her son Christopher and her attorney Stanley Finch.
Brad & Trish decide to find seats in the courtroom and the two attorneys
decide to meet with the judge in chambers before the hearing to discuss
some legal issues. This leaves the two of them alone. As we
pick up the scene now, the two of them are seen just looking at each other.
Cassandra looking like a mother who, as she once put it, just simply wants
what's right for Christopher while Stacy looking at Cassandra VERY
suspiciously with an eyes-down look as if she thinks Cassandra is little
more than a golddigger whom she can't wait to squash like a bug.
Beyond that, the tension between the two of them is so thick, you can easily
cut it with a dull knife.

STACY (Finally breaking the silence between the two) - So you're the fuckin whore who's trying
to come after my ex-husband's estate, eh?

CASSANDRA (Defending herself from Stacy's accusations) - I only want what's best for my son - And Leo's.

STACY (Still looking at Cassandra with the aforementioned eyes-down look) - Right. Do you really
expect me to believe that?

CASSANDRA - I don't care what you believe.

STACY (Now letting her fury against Cassandra show) - You're nothing more than a fuckin' golddigger.
And to think you brought your baby here? What kind of mother are you?

CASSANDRA (Showing just how much of a mother she is) - Please watch your language around my son.
If he were your son and you were in my shoes, you wouldn't want me foaming at the mouth in front of him, now would you?

STACY (Now nose-to-nose and toe-to-toe with Cassandra with a "Go-To-Hell" look on her face) - Well
that's exactly why I didn't bring my daughter with me. She is THE ONLY child in which Leo is the father of.

CASSANDRA - Really? My I can see you are in for a rude awakening, aren't you?

STACY (Wondering what Cassandra could be talking about) - Just what the fuck are you talking about? Not that you would probably know anyway....

CASSANDRA (Wondering just how dumb & clueless Stacy really is) - Do you think I'm THE ONLY woman Leo has fucked? You don't even know the man you so proudly & courageously call your "husband"

STACY - Well since you apparently know him so fuckin' well, suppose you educate me then.....

CASSANDRA - Ohh that will be no problem at all.

STACY (Sarcastic) - Yeah right. I'll believe that when pigs grow wings and fly.

CASSANDRA - Well they have grown wings and they are flying. You just don't see it yet.

STACY (Still looking at Cassandra with the very same aforementioned eyes-down look, only more
cynical than ever) - No because what I see is nothing more than a fuckin' golddigger. A golddigger I will take great joy in squashing like a bug.

CASSANDRA - Once again I reiterate....Please watch your language around my son. If he were
your son and you were in my shoes, you wouldn't want me foaming at the mouth in front of him, now would you? If you can't do anything else, then please respect this very reasonable request.

STACY (Referring to Christopher) - Alright. But I won't do it for you. I'll do it for your son. Why? I just feel sorry for him.

CASSANDRA - Why? You have a funny way of showing it.

STACY - Because he has you for a mother. Fuckin' slut.

CASSANDRA - You know, I've had just about enough of your foaming at the mouth. I think I'll
go find my seat in the courtroom.

Cassandra points in the direction of the ladies restroom, which she passed en route to the courtroom

CASSANDRA (Continuing as she points in the direction of the ladies restroom) - By the way....The
ladies restroom is that way. You may want to take the time to wash your mouth out - With soap - Before going into the courtroom yourself. You need it.

Cassandra departs for the courtroom. As she does so, Stacy gives Cassandra the finger

STACY (To herself as she's still holding up the finger) - I'll decide where I want to go, fuckin'
bitch. I don't need you telling me what to do or where to go.

Meanwhile, the two attorneys tried to see the judge, but were turned away by his staff. Stanley
decides to present his issue in open court and instructs the staff to inform the judge to that affect. They do. Shortly after the hearing is started, the judge then asks to present his issue, which is a motion to allow the stolen DNA sample into evidence, stating that despite how it was obtained, it was crucial to get to the bottom of the issue as to
whether Leo is Christopher's father or not by saying that it might help. When asked how it was obtained, Stanley admitted it was through "questionable means".

To no one's surprise, this drew an objection from Mitchell. He had known that Stanley wanted
to present something but not something like that. The judge directed both attorneys to his chambers. In chambers, the judge humored himself by having Stanley explain why he should allow it to be admitted into evidence, but all Stanley did was simply reiterate that it might help determine who Christopher's father really is. Mitchell wondered if
His Honor was seriously considering Stanley's "insane" motion. The judge said no. Back in open court, he told Stanley to obtain a sample of Leo's DNA through legal means. Stanley then requested permission
to exhume Leo's body in order to obtain the sample. Again, Mitchell vehemently objected and everyone - Especially Stacy - were shocked at the gall and audacity at Stanley for making such a request (Everyone including
Stacy thought Stanley was a shister of a lawyer or something). The judge however denied Stanley's request, stating that there are less extreme ways of getting a sample than that and ordered Stanley to get to work on it.

After a few minutes more, the hearing was over and the courtroom emptied out. As Cassandra
was leaving with Christopher, Stacy just looked at her as if to express her sorrow for Christopher having Cassandra for "A poor pathetic excuse" of a mother (She even said those words too in Scene Seven of the above episode) as Episode 36 drew to a close.

Stanley's next course of action took him to the military courts, where he filed papers to obtain
a DNA sample from Leo's personnel files. Naturally, Stacy was served with papers to this affect. Mitchell said that she didn't need to attend the hearing since he was her representative. She told Mitchell that she was going to be there regardless.

Suffice to say, Stacy was. However Cassandra wasn't. This was because she was told by Stanley
that she didn't need to be there. As such, she remained confident that Stanley would get the evidence they needed and decided not to attend. This would prove to be significant as the reason why will be spelled out later.

Anyhow, Stanley plead his case to the military courts. At each level, the request was refused,
citing everything ranging from privacy issues to the courts simply deciding not to hear the case at all when it appeared on their dockets. After exhausting all avenues in the military courts, Stanley obtained copies of the transcripts of his attempts to obtain the DNA sample via orders from the military courts and filed a motion with the same civilian court to have Leo McFadden's body exhumed for sole purpose of obtaining the DNA sample needed. A hearing on the matter was scheduled for the following week and Stacy was once again served with papers to this affect.

The hearing went down like this in a scene from Episode 40 dated July 23, 2005.....

EPISODE 40 - SCENE TWO - Cedarville District Court - Family Court Division - The Courtroom Of The Honorable Judge Charles B. Hackett III

The hearing is about to get underway. Both Stacy & Cassandra seat themselves on their
respective sides of the courtroom next to their attorneys without saying a word to each other. As we pick up the scene now, court is about to be called to order.

BAILIFF (Hollering in his usual declaratory announcing fashion) - All rise. This court is
now in session. The Honrable Judge Charles B. Hackett III presiding.

Judge Hackett enters the courtroom and takes his seat behind the bench.

JUDGE HACKETT (Getting down to business) - Be seated. Unless there's any objection, let the record reflect that all parties in this case are present and accounted for.

The room is silent.

JUDGE HACKETT (Continuing) - Hearing no objection, it is so ordered.

Judge Hackett now turns to Stanley Finch

JUDGE HACKETT (Continuing & now addressing Stanley) - Mr. Finch, I am told you have been unable to obtain the DNA sample you have long requested via legitimate means and are renewing your motion to have the body of Mr. Leo McFadden exhumed for the sole purpose of obtaining that sample. Am I correct?

STANLEY (Addressing the court & answering Judge Hackett's question) - Yes your honor. You are correct.

JUDGE HACKETT - Do you realize what you are asking me to do?

STANLEY - Yes your honor, but as you can see from the transcripts we've provided for your review,
we have essentially been left with no other alternative.

JUDGE HACKETT (Now turning to Mitchell Claymore, who is Stacy's attorney) - I assume you object to this, Mr. Claymore?

MITCHELL (Addressing the court & answering Judge Hackett's question) - Vehemently your

JUDGE HACKETT - Alright. Let's hear your argument Mr. Claymore.

MITCHELL - Well first and foremost your honor, the mere thought of exhuming the body of any
soldier is BLASPHEMY in and of itself. Secondly, I don't believe this court has the jurisdiction to order it exhumed. As such, if Mr. Finch really insists on pursuing this case, I would ask that the court surrender custody of this case to the military family court system, which is where it belongs in the first place. If they order Mr. McFadden's body exhumed, then I don't believe there's anything we can use to argue the matter with.

Stacy looked up from her seated position at Mitchell began to wonder just whose side he was on

STANLEY.(Before Judge Hackett can get a word in edgewise and before Mitchell can continue with his argument) - Your Honor, if I may interject here, we have prepared papers to be filed with the military family courts, however since the case was first filed here, we felt obligated to file here first before approaching the military courts with the matter.

JUDGE HACKETT - Well, far be it for me to step on the toes of the military courts HOWEVER
before I just simply defer the matter to the military courts, let's take a recess while I do some consultation to see what my options are. As such, we will take a lunch break after which a decision will be made.

With that, Judge Hackett declared the court in recess.

In Scene Five of Episode 40, Judge Hackett determined that the best place for the case was
the military family court system and ordered that all transcripts and other materials be transferred to the military family courts. Stanley backed this up by filing papers with the military family courts requesting that Leo McFadden's body be exhumed. Not surprisingly, Stacy was served
with papers from the military family courts to address the matter. A hearing on the matter was scheduled for the following week.

That hearing went down during Episode 46 dated September 3, 2005. At the hearing, Stanley
presented his motion to the judge in the courtroom. Mitchell once again objected, insisting there have to be less extreme ways of getting to the bottom of the matter. Stanley countered by demonstrating and outlining the number of ways in which he has attempted to obtain a sample
and the number of times he has been turned down in both the military & civilian courts. The judge then asked Mitchell why she shouldn't grant Stanley's motion. Mitchell argued that the mere thought of exhuming the body of a dead soldier is in and of itself blasphemic and immoral even if it's for the benefit of finding out if he's the father of some kid. After arguments were over and after a brief recess, the judge decided to rule in favor of the plaintiff by granting Stanley's motion and ordered Leo's body exhumed.

Needless to say, Stacy was not happy, but Mitchell tried to put a positive spin on it by quickly pointing out how this could work out to their advantage by putting an end to the
question once & for all. Even with that, she still wasn't happy that it was ordered. Cassandra was not at the hearing, but was overjoyed when Stanley phoned her with the good news. He also pointed out that it would take a few days for the body to be exhumed, obtain the DNA sample
and for it to be examined but in the meantime, she needed to submit a sample of Christopher's blood so that it could be compared to Leo's DNA.

She immediately brought Christopher into Memorial to have the sample taken. The sample was then transferred to the hospital in charge of examining Leo's DNA. The doctors completed their report and forwarded a copy of it to the courts 72 hours later. A week after that, a hearing
was scheduled and all parties were served with papers to that affect.

That hearing took place during most of Episode 54 dated October 29, 2005. Along with the
lawyers were both Stacy & Cassandra as well as Christopher. The judge started out by calling things to order. After that, the hearing went down like this....

EPISODE 54 - SCENE THREE - Fort Cedar Judiciary Center - Family Courts Division - Judge Frances L. Merrick's courtroom

The judge has just called things to order. As we pick up the scene now, she is about to review
the contents of the report submitted to her by the independent medical facility regarding the paternity of Christopher Whitmore

JUDGE MERRICK - Unless there's any objection, let the record reflect that all parties involved are present and accounted for.

Silence briefly reigns throughout the room

JUDGE MERRICK (Continuing) - Hearing nothing, the record will so reflect the presence of all parties involved. That out of the way, I have here a copy of the paternity
test report. Would a Dr. James Carmichael please step up to the witness

Dr. Carmichael stands up and approaches the witness stand. As he does, he is intercepted
by a court officer who swears him in. After being sworn in, he then takes his seat on the stand.

JUDGE MERRICK (Addressing Dr. Carmichael) - Dr. Carmichael, I will ask you some basic questions regarding the contents of the report after which both Mr. Finch & Mr. Claymore will be given an opportunity to ask questions of you. Do you understand?

DR. CARMICHAEL (Answering Judge Merrick's question) - Yes your honor.

Judge Merrick then instructs the court staff to furnish Dr. Carmichael with a copy of the paternity test. As they do, both Stanley & Mitchell dig out their copies.

JUDGE MERRICK - Dr. Carmichael, you have before you a copy of the paternity test in question, do you not?

DR. CARMICHAEL (After quickly reviewing the report) - Yes I do, your honor.

JUDGE MERRICK (Referring to his signature at the bottom of the report) - Turning to the bottom of
the report, is that your signature?

DR. CARMICHAEL - Yes it is, your honor.

JUDGE MERRICK - So by your submitting oral testimony today coupled with this report complete with
your signature, you attest to the fact that it is a true and accurate account
of the paternity test administered, do you not?

DR. CARMICHAEL - Yes your honor. I do.

JUDGE MERRICK - Would you please read the part referring to who is Christopher Whitmore's biological
father for us please.

DR. CARMICHAEL - Sure. Given all of this, it is the conclusion of this group of medical physicians
that the biological father of one Christopher Whitmore can be none other than one Lt. Leo McFadden.

Stacy tried to look shocked like the rest of the courtroom was but deep down inside, she was having
trouble doing so. Cassandra meanwhile briefly glanced over at Stacy, but beyond that was all cheers and smiles.

JUDGE MERRICK - And what was done to reach this conclusion?

DR. CARMICHAEL - We took a blood sample from Lt. McFadden's body and compared it to the sample we
received from Christopher Whitmore.

JUDGE MERRICK - And what were the results of that test?

DR. CARMICHAEL - It was a perfect match.

Cassandra was having trouble containing her joyous feeling, though Judge Merrick doesn't even see it

JUDGE MERRICK - Thank you. But remain on the stand. Mr. Finch and/or Mr. Claymore may have some
questions for you. Mr Finch....Any questions for this witness?

STANLEY - None your honor.

JUDGE MERRICK - Mr. Claymore....

MITCHELL - Thank you your honor. Dr. Carmichael, just how did you manage to get a blood
sample from a dead man?

DR. CARMICHAEL - Blood doesn't die. It simply ages.

MITCHELL - And just how were you able to establish paternity based on "Aged blood", Dr. Carmichael?

DR. CARMICHAEL - Well...Succinctly put Mr. Claymore....Today's DNA testing capabilities are far more
complex than they were....say.....five or ten years ago. In fact, there's a new medical wonder in the world of DNA testing coming out every

MITCHELL - That's nice to hear Dr. Carmichael, But how does that relate to this case?

DR. CARMICHAEL - It relates because of the network of filtering systems which can be employed to determine
anything from paternity to who committed a crime. And some of these are all intertwined and interconnected with one another.

MTICHELL - I see. And was this the only option available to you and your staff to establish

Stanley stands up to object and wondering where Stanley is heading with his examination of Dr. Carmichael

STANLEY - Your Honor, where's he heading with all this?

JUDGE MERRICK - I'd like to know the answer to that as well, Mr. Claymore.

MITCHELL - I'm getting to that part, your honor.

JUDGE MERRICK (Annoyed and stern) - Then GET TO IT, counselor...

MITCHELL - Yes your honor. Does the witness get to answer my previous question?

JUDGE MERRICK (Frustrated) - Yes.

Judge Merrick instructs the court reporter to read Mitchell's last question so Dr. Carmichael can
answer it

DR. CARMICHAEL - To answer your question, yes it was.

MITCHELL - Why was this?

DR. CARMICHAEL - Because the body had decayed so much that we determined that the only usable DNA
there was left was blood. And, as I indicated before, it was aged.

MITCHELL - So, let me if I have this straight. You and your staff examined the body for usable
DNA & determined that the only usable DNA there was left was aged blood. Correct?

STANLEY (Objecting to the neccessity of the question) - Your Honor...

JUDGE MERRICK - Overruled. The witness will answer.

DR. CARMICHAEL - That is correct.

MITCHELL - As such, you took a sample of this aged blood, ran it through your redundant network of filtering
systems, compared it to Christopher Whitmore's own blood & came to the conclusion that it was a perfect match. Correct?

DR. CARMICHAEL - Again, correct.

MITCHELL - And that's why we are here today. Correct?

STANLEY (Begging the court for mercy) - YOUR HONOR...

JUDGE MERRICK - Mr. Finch, I sympathize with your wanting to speed up these proceedings by moving
things along as I share that same sentiment. Mr. Claymore, the witness will be allowed to answer the question however THIS LINE OF QUESTIONING
IS OVER. Do you understand me - OVER. It has outlived it's usefulness. In other words - Layman's Translation - MOVE ON!!!

MITCHELL - Yes your honor.

JUDGE MERRICK - Dr. Carmichael, please answer Mr. Claymore's last question.

DR. CARMICHAEL - Yes. That is why we are here today.

MITCHELL - Thank you. I have no further questions.

CASSANDRA (Quietly uttering sarcastically to herself and out of earshot of Judge Merrick) - Thank god.

Judge Merrick asks once again if Stanley has any questions of Dr. Carmichael. Stanley says no. Dr. Carmichael is excused.

Judge Merrick then asks the lawyers if they wish to call their own witnesses. Both indicate they have no witnesses to call and choose to rest their case on the testimony of Dr. Carmichael. Judge Merrick then announces that there would be a lunch break after which a ruling is expected to be issued. Before
the break, Judge Merrick makes one last call for any final business. There is none and with that, the case is in recess.

In Episode 55 dated November 5, 2005, court is back in session. Judge Merrick calls things to order and then announces a ruling has been decided. The session
goes down like this....

EPISODE 55 - SCENE FOUR - Fort Cedar Judiciary Center - Family Courts Division - Judge Frances L. Merrick's courtroom

Court has just been called to order & Judge Merrick has just ordered everyone to take their seats. As we pick up the scene now, she has had the record reflect the prescence of all parties involved and is ready to render her decision

JUDGE MERRICK - Having just heard the uncontested, yet very tedious and meticulous testimony of Dr. James Carmichael, it is usually the policy of this court not to question medical science in determining issues such as these beyond the very basic questions I asked of him earlier. Therefore, since modern medical
science has determined that Lt. Leo McFadden is the father of Christopher Whitmore, then this court shall not dispute it. In short, it is the ruling of this court that Lt. Leo McFadden is indeed the father of Christopher Whitmore. As such, it is the order of this court that the estate of Lt. McFadden, which Stacy McFadden is the legal trustee of, shall pay child support to a trust in Christopher Whitmore's name.

Stacy looks disappointed while Cassandra is all smiles and kisses Christopher softlty on the cheek

JUDGE MERRICK - However, there's more.

Both Stacy & Cassandra are left wondering what else could there be. Meanwhile, to the astonishment of everyone, Military Police enter the courtroom

JUDGE MERRICK (Turning rather scornfully towards Cassandra) - Ms. Whitmore, when you took that DNA sample out of that medical lab in Iraq, you committed a felony military offense. As such, and after an investigation into the matter, it has been brought to the attention of the court that a warrant was issued for your arrest. This court is obligated to honor and execute that warrant.

CASSANDRA (Standing up and pleading with Judge Merrick) - NO!! There has to be some mistake.

JUDGE MERRICK - I assure you Ms. Whitmore, there is no mistake.

Cassandra remains standing with her mouth hung open as if it were an airport hangar with the tip of her tongue as a runway for flies. Stacy meanwhile quickly glances over at Cassandra and visually gloats.

CASSANDRA (Turning to address Stacy) - Ohh you would like to see me get hauled off to jail, wouldn't you? Fuckin' bitch.

MITCHELL (Softly spoken in an near-singing fashion, figuring that Judge Merrick is intelligent enough to see what Cassandra's doing without bothering to explain himself) - Your honor...

JUDGE MERRICK - Ms. Whitmore - SIT DOWN. Your objection Mr. Claymore is sustained.

Cassandra complies with Judge Merrick's order.

CASSANDRA - But your honor, I am inactive military. I have a General Discharge.

JUDGE MERRICK - Correction Ms. Whitmore. You HAD a General Discharge. The person who signed off on those papers was reprimanded for failure to notice the
arrest warrant in your file. As such, you NEVER WERE discharged. In addition, by stealing that DNA sample, you violated Lt. McFadden's CONSITUTIONAL
RIGHT TO PRIVACY as well as COMPROMISED DOCTOR/PATIENT CONFIDENTIALITY and a host of other charges stemming from that. Add that to the fact that you were NEVER technically discharged to begin with, you are also being charged with GOING A.W.O.L. from your unit as well.

CASSANDRA - But your honor

JUDGE MERRICK - Mr. Finch, I would advise you to advise your client to not say another word.

STANLEY (To Cassandra) - She's right. Let me take care of this. Okay? Please?

CASSANDRA (Still in shock) - Okay. But just do it. Please.

STANLEY (To Judge Merrick) - Uhh...Your Honor, as her lawyer, I would like to see a copy of that warrant.

JUDGE MERRICK - I'll do better than that. I'll have one of the MPs here serve you with the original.

Judge Merrick directs the MP with the warrant to give it to Stanley, who looks at it rather grim-faced as the MP returns to his post.

JUDGE MERRICK (Continuing & wanting to get back to the issue at hand) - As you can see Ms. Whitmore....Given all of this, I have no choice Ms. Whitmore but to remand you to the custody of the Fort Cedar Military Police Division where you shall remain until such time as you can then be transferred to the Fort Cedar Penal Stockade where you will sit as you await court martial.

CASSANDRA (Nearly crying at this point) - NO.....NO....NO.....

Cassandra looks at Stanley as she begs of him to do something

CASSANDRA (Continuing) - Stanley....DO SOMETHING Don't just stand there.

STANLEY - Cassandra, what DO you expect me to do about this warrant here? I can't do anything about it. You're just gonna have to rough it for awhile till I can file papers in the right court. I'm sorry, but those are the facts.

JUDGE MERRICK - As for your son Ms. Whitmore, he will be turned over to the Fort Cedar Social Services Division who will, as they usually do, work closely with the civilian Social Service agencies in finding a suitable temporay home for him until more permanent arrangements can be made since you obviously won't be able to be a suitable parent to him yourself while in the stockade awaiting court martial. In addition, he will have a legal advocate appointed to
represent him on his behalf. The court will go along with whomever Social Services retains to represent Christopher as I no need or desire to be nit-picky with regards to that.

Cassandra just looks utterly devasted while Stacy on the other hand couldn't much more happier.

JUDGE MERRICK (Continuing & feeling relieved of having to break the news to Cassandra) - Now with that dreadful business out of the way as I hate splitting families up like that, is there any other business before this court?

STANLEY - Your Honor....I would like it known for the record that we intend to file papers with the appropriate court regarding the warrant against my client.

JUDGE MERRICK - Noted. But it doesn't change the fact that she is under arrest Mr. Finch nor does it change the obligations of this court with regards to
the warrant either.

STANLEY - I realize that your honor. Thank you.

JUDGE MERRICK - Any other business before this court?

Silence briefly reigns throughout the room

JUDGE MERRICK - Hearing none. This case is adjourned. Will the MPs please take Ms. Whitmore into custody and remove her from the courtoom. Thank you.

Judge Merrick then taps the gavel to officially end the hearing. As she does so and before she heads back to chambers, Cassandra leaps from the plaintiff's table and lunges forward towards Judge Merrick. As she does this, Cassandra acts like a Paris Hilton-like spoiled little rich brat and is also very
childish as she uncontrollably swings her body around. But that only results in her getting wrestled to the floor and ultimately handcuffed by the MPs, who are wearing formal, non-combat clothing like all the MPs in the Judiciary Center except for the ones in charge of guarding the entrances
do. Meanwhile, uniformed MPs are brought in to keep the side of the courtroom where Stacy is at their seats. This is mainly done for
their safety. However as the plain-clothes MP3s drag Cassandra out of the courtroom, Cassandra has a few choice parting words for Stacy as Cassandra is dragged past her.

CASSANDRA (Yelling as she stands in front of Stacy being held on both sides by MPs) - This isn't over you fuckin' bitch. DO YOU HEAR ME - THIS IS NOT OVER.

The MPs then finally manage to drag Cassandra out of the courtroom.

STACY (Although meant for Casandra if she were still in front of her, she sarcastically says it to herself as Cassandra is dragged from the courtroom) - Yeah right. See you in your next life. Fuckin' slut.

Just then, Marcie Grant, who's been at Stacy's side as the friend she's always been, approaches her.

MARCIE (Thinking Stacy may be in need of some comfort) - Hey Sweetie....Don't let her get to you like
that. Don't give her that kind of control.

STACY - Ohh not to worry, I'm not. In fact, I haven't felt more empowered in a long time. Let's get the fuck out of here..

Meanwhile, another woman whom Stacy has called "friend" has an agenda of her own in this sordid story. Enter Debbie Stevens. She is another one of Leo's many
military mistresses with whom he's done it with while away on deployment duties. Only she was the last woman Leo had an affair with before
Cassandra dug her claws into him and fell for him hook, line & sinker. Although Debbie never did get pregnant as a result of her tryst with Leo, she's always had it in for Cassandra ever since she found out that it was she who "lured" Leo away from her. All this without even knowing that Leo was already a married man. This was the case with every woman Leo was in bed (Or as will be demonstrated later on in Cassandra's
case, wherever else he & Cassandra could find a spot all to themselves) he did it with.

Why & how was this possible? Simple. He NEVER had his wedding ring on his finger when he was "doing it" with the other women. As such, unless he had previously told them that he was married (Which was VERY rare), the women he had affairs with NEVER KNEW HE WAS WAS MARRIED.

Anyhow, getting back to Debbie....Debbie has been in contact with her reporter friend-turned-lover Mark Girardeaux from Channel 7. Channel 7 is widely known throughout Cedarville as being THE SLEAZIEST news operation in town. In fact, some think Channel 7 is so sleazy and tabloidish that they make even The
National Enquirer look like a small-time, low budget freebie cultural weekly newspaper.

Her plan? To shed light on Leo for being the two-timer he was when it came to women and to specifically get back at the one woman who stole him from her at a time in which she didn't even know he was married to begin with. That woman being none other than bitter enemy #1 - CASSANDRA WHITMORE.

How was she going to carry out her plan you ask? By going on television and telling all INCLUDING coming clean about her own involvement with Leo.

In any case, after Stacy told Debbie during a support group meeting about Cassandra being hauled off to jail, Debbie was overjoyed with the news, but didn't want to let on her connection to the case. After the support group meeting was over, she placed a phone call to Mark, who was doing his thing at the station.
The conversation went like this in Episode 57 dated November 19, 2005...

EPISODE 57 - SCENE EIGHT - Fort Cedar Ladies Auxiliary Hall

Stacy just broke the news about Cassandra's arrest to the whole group shortly upon her arrival at the group's weekly meeting. As we pick up the scene now, the meeting has just finished and most everyone, including Stacy, are in an adjacent room having refreshments. Meanwhile Debbie Stevens comes up with
an excuse to momentarily step away while she checks on her messages and such, but what she really has on her mind is something totally different.

DEBBIE (To Mark Girardeaux via her cell phone) - Hi sweetie, it's me. Got a minute?

MARK (To Debbie via his desk phone in the Channel 7 newsroom) - Yeah, but we'll have to make it quick as I'm just about to go out on an assignment.

DEBBIE - Well you've got another one. It's on.

,MARK (Knowing what it is when Debbie talks) - Listen sweetie.....

DEBBIE (Cutting Mark off before he can get another word in edgewise) - No YOU listen. You've always wanted to get the dirt on Leo & Cassandra, haven't you?

MARK - Well yeah, but....

DEBBIE - No buts. However I will give you a little extra incentive.

MARK - I'm listening. What is it?

DEBBIE - Well according to a friend of mine in our little support group I've told you about a few times, it seems as though our little miss good two-shoes "friend" has landed into something of a legal "tiff" with the military.

MARK - What kind of legal "tiff" are we talking about?

DEBBIE (Bluntly put) - She's under arrest and is currently being held in custody here on Fort Cedar on a host of charges.

MARK (Intrigued & raises his eyebrow) - Hmm....

DEBBIE (Trying to entice Mark) - Are you smelling a story NOW sweetie?

MARK - Sounds juicy.

DEBBIE - Meet me at the FonDuLac Restaurant in 15 minutes for the rest of the story.

MARK - On my way.

DEBBIE - Great. See you then.

Debbie flips her cell phone shut and puts it back into her purse

DEBBIE (To herself in a devilish tone of voice & referring to Cassandra Whitmore the whole time) - NOW I've got you right where I want you - Fuckin' tramp. By the time I get through with you, even the guys in the stockade will want to do it with you gangbang-style. You're such a fuckin' easy target. It's little wonder why Leo fell for you. Then again, fortunately for you, he was a fuckin' two-timer anyway. But even that gave you no right to take him away from me - Or Stacy for that matter. At least I'll owe up to taking him away from Stacy. Too bad you're too fuckin' brainless and too much of a fuckin' bimbo to do the same thing. You make even Paris Hilton & Brittney Spears look like Nancy Reagan & Laura Bush. And the best part of my plan is, unlike Stacy & the legal system, you won't even know what hit you till it's too late. Fuckin' whore..

Episode 57 ends with the above scene.

There's more on Debbie in the story on her (Which will be in a seperate post)

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