Monday, January 30, 2006

Episode 27 - The Rally For Trish

SCENE ONE - Thomas Monroe's Hotel Room - FonDuLac Hotel

Towards the end of our last episode, Michelle just ran into her father at the FonDuLac Hotel. As we pick up the scene now, she is wondering why her father is in Cedarville to begin with

MICHELLE (Still stunned, but pleasantly surprised at seeing Thomas) - What are you doing here? What brings you to Cedarville? How'd you even find me?

THOMAS (Surprised himself) - Well actually I wasn't expecting to, but since somebody mentioned you owned the place and I'm here for the convention, I figured the least I could do is say hello to my darling princess.

MICHELLE (With a suspicious look on her face) - Really?

THOMAS (Mystified at Michelle's suspicion) - Of course. What other motive could I possibly have?

MICHELLE - Ohh I dunno. It's just that last time I checked, you were always the opportunistic one. At least you were that way when I was working at Monroe Enterprises.

THOMAS - Sweetie, when you were working for the company, you were always the one with all the bright ideas.

MICHELLE - And YOU were always the one to criticize me over them over them even though the rest of the board thought that they were great ideas and we should explore them. In fact, not only did you criticize me for them, you shot most of them down COLD.

THOMAS - You know I've always been somewhat conservative when it came to spending the family money.

MICHELLE - Yes, but I have to wonder....

THOMAS (Mystified as to what Michelle could be wondering about) - About what?

MICHELLE (Now with a look of cynicism on her face) - Are you in town just for the convention or for some other reason?

Thomas looks at Michelle with a stunned look on his face as if to wonder what she's accusing him of

SCENE TWO - The Law Offices Of Stanley A. Finch

Cassandra has just walked arrived at Stanley's office at his request to discuss her case against Leo's Estate. Upon arrival, she spots Debbie Stevens, a bitter rival from her military days, smitten with him. Towards the end of the scene last time, Debbie leaves the office. As we pick up the action now, she is just outside Stanley's office in the lobby area with her head leaned as far up against the wall as she can possibly get it as Cassandra & Stanley are in his office discussing Cassandra's case.

CASSANDRA - So you really think there's a chance the case is winnable.

STANLEY - Yes. Absolutely. That said though, I'm not gonna lie. It's gonna be an uphill battle.

CASSANDRA - I love uphill battles. More challenging.

Stanley looks at her as if to say she must be crazy

STANLEY - Better you than me. But in order to make things easier, we're gonna have to play the spin game.

Outside in the lobby, Debbie leans up against the wall & perks her ears at the sounds emitting from Stanley's office


STANLEY - We're gonna have to show that he was an unfit father due to his military commitment.

CASSANDRA (Sarcastic) - Yeah. That's gonna go real well with his family.


SCENE THREE - Cedarville Memorial Hospital

When we last left the hospital, Stephanie had identified to herself that the mysterious person in the ER being treated by her Gynecologist as being her best friend Trish Martin. as we pick up the action now, she is on her cell phone in an attempt to call Michael who, unbeknownst to her, is at the police station with his cell phone turned off.

STEPHANIE (To herself with her cell phone up her ear as she hears Michael's phone ringing) - C'mon Michael pick up

After several more seconds of waiting, she hangs up

STEPHANIE (Dialing another number on her phone) - Oh well. My name and number are on his caller ID. He'll call back - I hope.

Meanwhile at the Cedarville Police Station, Trish's boyfriend Michael Carlotti has just arrived. As we pick up the scene now, he has just told them he hadn't seen Trish either, which is news that just adds fuel to the fire of suspicion that David has had all along about something terrible either has happened or is happening to Trish while and as just helplessly sits at his desk.

DAVID - You haven't seen Trish either?

MICHAEL (Surprised) - What do you mean by the word either

MARCIE (Trying to downplay the whole thing as being insignificant, but failing miserably in the process) - Nevermind....

MICHAEL (Sensing that Marcie is trying to hide something) - No....No....No. If you guys know something, I wanna know about it.

After a few more minutes of David & Marcie trying to explain themselves (And confusing Michael in the process), a phone call comes into Marcie's desk. On the other end of the line is Stephanie from the hospital.

MARCIE (Answering the phone) - Detective Grant

STEPHANIE (Via her phone from) - Hi Marcie, it's me.

MARCIE (Pleasantly surprised to hear from Stephanie, but also wondering why Stephanie is calling her at work too) - Hi Stephanie, what's up?

STEPHANIE (Not sure just how to break the news) - Well....I'm not sure how to say this, so I suppose I should just come right out with it.....

MARCIE (Getting suspicious) - Come right out with WHAT? Stephanie, what's going on?

David's ears begin to perk up at the intensity of Marcie's phone conversation with Stephanie. Michael looks over with interest too, thinking it may have something to do with Trish

STEPHANIE (Breaking the news) - Okay, it's like this. I'm here at Memorial and....I think I just spotted Trish on a stretcher in the ER.

MARCIE (Reeling from the news) - What? ARE YOU SURE?

STEPHANIE - Yes. I'm not sure what's going on or who else to call. Is Michael there?

MARCIE (Still reeling from the news) - Yeah he is. Have you been able to speak to Trish?

STEPHANIE - No. They're still treating her. I didn't know who else to call.

MARCIE - No. You did the right thing by calling us. Listen, we're on our way there now. Incidentally, how did YOU come across this?

STEPHANIE (Trying to sound convincing) - Just by luck.

MARCIE (Not totally convinced at Stephanie's explaination). Yeah....Okay. Listen, we're on our way now.

STEPHANIE - Okay. See you later. Bye.

Stephanie waits for Marcie to hang up her phone before closing her cell phone. After she does so, she reopens it. This time it's to call Brad & Stacy. Meanwhile back at the police station, David & Marcie are both seen leaving with Michael. The Captain meanwhile just looks on as they depart the squad room, hoping that David & Marcie don't do anything stupid.

SCENE FOUR - Thomas Monroe's Hotel Room - FonDuLac Hotel

Thomas Monroe has just been accused by his own daughter (Michelle Monroe) of possibly coming to Cedarville under false pretenses which Michelle fears isn't in her best interests. As we pick up the scene now, Thomas is still reeling from the assumption just as Rob strolls in.

THOMAS (With a look of surprise on his face) - Sweetie, what on earth would make you assume such a thing?

MICHELLE (Making an argument, quoting words Thomas didn't say) - You said it yourself. You're an opportunist.

THOMAS (Correcting Michelle on her argument) - No sweetie. You were the one who said THAT
MICHELLE (Now trying to render it irrelevent anyway) - Well whatever. I just....I just don't.....I just have.....I just have to wonder if you aren't somehow here with an ulterior motive in mind.

THOMAS (Trying to put an end to Michelle's suspicions once and for all) - Sweetie, I have no ulterior or motives or hidden agendas. All I want to do is attend the convention and spend some time with you. Now, if that's too much to ask, then I can simply check into another hotel and come here only for the convention.

MICHELLE - No....No....No. You don't have to do that. I just (Trying to come up with the right words) don't wanna feel like I'm somehow being taken advantage of.

Rob clears his throat in order to get Thomas & Michelle's attention as Thomas gives Michelle a hug to reassure her he has no plans of destroying what she has built for herself.

ROB (To both Thomas & Michelle in announcement form) - Umm....Excuse me, but the convention is about to start.

MICHELLE (To Rob as Thomas turns around) - Thanks Babe. By the way, I don't believe the two of you have met. Rob, meet Daddy. Daddy, meet my boyfriend - And sweet lover - Rob.

Thomas walks over to shake Rob's hand as Rob gleefully offers it

THOMAS (While shaking Rob's hand and somewhat smiling) - Michelle speaks highly of you. Pleased to meet you.

ROB (Blushing, somewhat laughing & trying to downplay the whole thing) - Heh...Well....Pleased to meet you too. As for speaking of you, I'm afraid she didn't mention a thing.

MICHELLE (Sensing her cue to leave so Rob & Thomas can have a man-to-man talk) - Umm....I think I'll tend to our guests. I'll see the both of you later.

Michelle winks blows a kiss at Rob and blows another daughter-like kiss at Thomas as she leaves

SCENE FIVE - Cedarville Memorial Hospital & Stacy's House

Our beloved Investigative Reporter Stephanie Blanton, who was acting on her nose for news, has just told Marcie that she thinks she's spotted Trish in the ER, unbeknownst that David & Marcie think she might have been the victim of a kidnapping stemming from the her prescence at the convienence store which was robbed the night before. As we pick up the scene now, she's attempting to reach Brad. She tried his apartment, but not too surprisingly, she wasn't able to reach him there, so now she's dialing Stacy's number in the offshoot chance he'll be there instead.

BRAD (Complimenting Stacy on the breakfast he just finished eating and smiles as he pats his now-stuffed stomach) - Boy, you sure know how to cook.

STACY (Blushing and trying to downplay her talents) - Aww.....

The phone rings. Stacy goes to answer it.

STACY (answering the phone) - Hello...

STEPHANIE (From the hospital with a sense of urgency) - Stace, it's me Steph. Is Brad there?

STACY (Detecting Stephanie's sense of urgency) - Yeah he is. Why?

STEPHANIE - Can you put him on for me?

STACY (Mystified by the urgency of Stephanie's request) - Sure.

Stacy returns to the table where Brad is sitting.

STACY - It's for you.

BRAD (Thinking it's just Michelle calling from the hotel) - Probably just Michelle. You know how she is.

STACY - I'm afraid it isn't.

Brad now gets suspicious.

BRAD - Well, who else could it be?

STACY - It's Stephanie. She sounded kinda urgent.

BRAD (Mystified) - Alright.

Brad walks over to the phone and picks up the receiver.

BRAD (To Stephanie on the phone) - Hey Steph. What's up?

STEPHANIE - Brad....I don't know how to tell you this.....

BRAD - Tell me what?

STEPHANIE - Unless I'm missing something here or am mistaken, I think I just spotted Trish on a stretcher here in the ER at Memorial.

BRAD (Thinking Stephanie's simply mistaken and there's really nothing to worry about) - Well maybe you're just simply mistaken.

STEPHANIE (Not thinking she is) - Something tells me I'm not. I called Marcie a few minutes ago and she's on her way here as I speak along with David & Michael.

BRAD (Now really mystified and realizing the magnitude of the situation) - MICHAEL???

STEPHANIE - Yeah. Look Brad, I don't know how serious this is or what's all happened, but I think you'd better get over here.

BRAD (Now desperately trying to figure out what to do since he knows Michelle is expecting him at the hotel soon) - Alright. I.....I.....I'll....Be over there as soon as I can. Did you say the ER at Memorial?

Stephanie confirms the location

BRAD - Alright. I'll see you when I get there. Bye.

STEPHANIE - Okay Brad. Bye.

Brad hears Stephanie hang up her phone and then hangs up the phone himself

Stephanie hears Brad hang up the phone at Stacy's house and then closes her cell phone. Meanwhile back at Stacy's house, Brad gets a sickening feeling that something is indeed wrong.

STACY (Wondering what Stephanie wanted) - What'd Steph want?

BRAD (Letting his sick feeling show and reeling from the news he just received) - Trish is in the hospital.

STACY (Detecting Brad sick feeling) - WHAT? No way.

BRAD (Trying unsuccessfully to find another way to put it) - Way. According to her, she's in the ER on a stretcher.

STACY (Now feeling the effects of the news herself) - Did Stephanie say how bad Trish's condition was?

BRAD - No. She just said she thinks she spotted her in the ER.

STACY (Trying to brush off the news as being a simple mistake) - She has to be mistaken.

BRAD - Apparently not. She called Marcie and she said that she along with David & Michael were on their way to the hospital as we spoke.

Brad now realizes he's gonna have to do something

BRAD - Look, I'm headed over to the hospital now. Can you call Michelle at the hotel and tell her what's going on? She's expecting me to be there for the convention and I don't want her wondering where I am.

STACY - No. We're going to the hospital together. If Trish is in the hospital, she needs as many of her friends at her side as possible. Afterall, she was at my side when I needed someone as a result of my mourning Leo dieath. We'll call Michelle while en route.

Stacy runs off to grab her purse and other things she normally takes with her when she leaves the house

BRAD (Mainly to himself, but still within earshot of Stacy) - Sure. Works for me.

SCENE SIX - Cedarville High School Student Parking Lot

When we last left this scene, Aruba's girlfriend Ashleigh and a few of his friends have just shown up in an effort to stick up for Aruba. As we pick up the scene now, the bullies start turning their attention to Ashleigh.

BULLY #4 (Strutting towards Ashleigh in a macho-like manner in an attempt to impress her) - Well....Well....Well. Look what we have here....

The other bullies in the group start flirting with her as Bully #4 starts caressing her

BULLY #4 (Continuing as he caresses her) - My, you're so beautiful. Sexy too. Wanna go out sometime?

The other bullies in the group laugh as they can see Aruba's building fury. Meanwhile in response, Ashleigh rudely brushes Bully #4 off.

ARUBA (Releasing his fury) - YOU LEAVE HER OUT OF THIS.

BULLY #4 (Sarcastic & with a Michael Chicklis-like smile as he returns to standing toe-to-toe with Aruba) - Ohh yeah sssuuuurrreee. Just as soon as you move that bomb of yours away from my CLASSIC car.

ARUBA - I tell you there's NOTHING in my car that even resembles a bomb.

BULLY #4 - And I tell YOU that your girlfriend here has an awfully nice figure.....

Bully #4 forces himself onto Ashleigh and wildly makes out with her as the crowd cheers on. In response, Ashleigh kicks Bully #4 in the stomach and then grabs him and tosses him over her shoulder in a judo-like fashion, causing him to land on the ground as he's still trying to recover his breath. She turns to the rest of the group, but they just simply fall silent as staff starts to approach the scene.

All this & more on the NEXT edition of AGAINST THE STORM


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